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The Hunter's Motto

The Hunters Corps is a group of individuals, often Huntstonian-born, that possess a level of mastery in the mystic art of Huntstonian Magic and are the primary forces in the island of Huntstonia. As such, they make up a good portion of the island's population.


Those who have graduated from the Hunter Academy after finishing their training in the art of Huntstonian Magic as well as other essential skills are considered as official Hunters, regardless of rank. However, the differences in skill, power, and magical ability of each Hunter are often apparent depending on their rank. That said, there have been rare cases of lower-ranking Hunters exhibiting overall power and skill comparable to that of a recently-promoted Master Hunter, at the very least.

Becoming a Hunter

The minimum age requirement for one to enroll in the Hunter Academy, regardless of circumstances, is approximately ten years old. Of course, another requirement is passing the Hunter Entrance Exam, in which the examiners assess the innate potential to become a Hunter that the applicants possess.

Should they fail to meet standards, they are not accepted into the Hunter Academy but are welcome to try again the following year. Should they pass, however, they are then accepted into the Hunter Academy and will begin their training in a few months time alongside the rest of the accepted applicants.

The trainees are then taught to hone the several fields of skill that are necessary for a Hunter to possess, with the two most important skills being their aptitude with spellcasting and combat - both armed and unarmed. They go through this process for four years, with each year of training slightly increasing in difficulty.

Near the completion of their fourth year in the Hunter Academy, the trainees are given a Final Exam in which they must pass in order to graduate and be officially recognized as a Hunter. From there, they begin contributing to their hometowns by participating in various missions while continuing to hone their spellcasting and combat skills, as well as developing their discipline and character, both as an official Hunter and as an individual.

Hunter Ranks

  • Trainee Hunter - not actually an official rank, Trainee Hunters refer to students of the Hunter Academy, meaning they are currently training in the art of spellcasting, as well as combat and other physical skills.
  • Junior Hunter - the lowest official Hunter rank, Hunters who have attained this rank mean they have graduated from the Hunter Academy and are now ready to begin participating in jobs or missions. Of course, Hunters classified under this rank still have much to learn. Windy Von Fang, having recently graduated just before the story proper, is classified under this rank in The Huntstonian Chronicles.
  • Elite Hunter - a Hunter who has gained a good deal of experience and maturity, and possesses great skill in their spellcasting, tactics, and leadership. Because of this, they can be occasionally appointed as second-in-command or even the leader of missions they are sent on when necessary. Being relatively more experienced - on top of having been in the same batch of applicants, Glacier Von Fang and Voltage Bouncealot have both achieved this rank. The same could have been said for Ricky Carraway, but he had achieved the rank at a much later period of time than either of them - only mere weeks before Aqua Von Fang did.
  • Master Hunter - a Hunter with incredibly high skill in the art of Huntstonian Magic and are often appointed as commanders in most missions they are sent on. Some of the more-experienced Hunters falling under this rank have even been assigned as mentors for up to three Junior Hunters to continue their training. Rocky Mackintosh is said to be one of the youngest Hunters to achieve this rank in recent history.
  • Sage - the highest possible rank for any Hunter to attain, Hunters who have attained this rank are generally considered to be not only the most powerful, but also the wisest. It is because of this that they are also considered the leaders of their respective towns from each region in Huntstonia.

Other Classifications

  • Auftrag des Königs Stolz - an organization of Hunters that serve as Castle Reinhardt's royal guard, they have personally gained the favor of the Reinhardt bloodline and granted the honor of becoming part of this organization.
  • Specialist Hunter - a Hunter with Master Hunter-level ability in a specific field or skill, making them especially handy in certain missions. Aloe Vera Mackintosh is considered one such Hunter due to her amazing marksmanship and uncanny skill with her bow.
  • Rogue Hunter - a classification given to any Hunters who have committed several atrocious crimes, such as violating the Hunter Charter, and/or have gone missing, among others.


The Hunter Charter

As a general rule of thumb, all official Hunters are expected to follow these seven primary principles, which make up what is known as the Hunter Charter. Violation of any one of these principles in any way, shape, or form is considered a grave crime against all of Huntstonia.

  1. Hunters must defend the people of Huntstonia, even with their life, against all threats.
  2. Once one is made an official Hunter, their status as one cannot be revoked for any reason. However, Hunters of higher rank can be demoted or even banished from their home as punishment should they commit certain atrocities.
  3. A Hunter is not permitted to use their authority and status for their own personal advantage or gain in any way, shape, or form.
  4. Regardless of their personal circumstances, all Trainee Hunters are to complete the full four-year course in the Hunter Academy before becoming a full-fledged Hunter.
  5. Hunters must not combat other Hunters with the intent to kill. The only exceptions are when the Hunter being hunted has violated the Hunter Charter or other Huntstonian Law, or when doing so is necessary for self-defense.
  6. All Hunters are obligated to respond to their duties and commitments as a Hunter, regardless of whether or not they have left their homeland and have begun a new life elsewhere.
  7. Regarding all matters not explicitly stated or when necessary, the word of the current head of House Reinhardt is to be regarded as part of the Hunter Charter.


Formation of the Hunters

Long before the epic battle with the dark sorcerer, Damien, several discussions between plenty of sorcerers of the land that would become Huntstonia regarding the sharing of their knowledge of controlling the elements to the common-folk of the land and let them use it as they will have been held.

However, not a single one of those meetings have ever ended with a clear and concise decision, for several arguments and quarrels were prone to being prompted throughout each meeting. Some of these arguments ended up becoming more violent than others, and a few lives were put at risk because of it

These frequent meetings between the sorcerers would go on for several years, until shortly after Lord Reinhardt took the burden of watching over the people of his home as their ruler. It was then that he decided that he, as well as the other sorcerers that remained, could not protect their home on their own. Thus, the decision to form the Hunters was finally agreed upon upon the conclusion of this last meeting.



As majority of the Hunters are residents of Huntstonia, they share the same religion as the rest of the Huntstonians, in that they hold a strong faith and belief towards the Reinhardt royal bloodline. Needless to say, they also sometimes pray to the seven sorcerers who helped the ancient Lord Reinhardt defeat Damien several millennia ago in their times of need.

Base of Operations

Majority of the known Hunters within the world are found in the island of Huntstonia, where the Hunter Academy - a program that people have the option of participating in should they wish to become a Hunter - is located. As such, most official Hunters are known to reside and perform their duties on the island nation.

However, there are some Hunters that have long since moved out of the island for their own reasons, which vary from person to person. While they are free to do as they please should they take this path, they are still obligated and expected to respond to their duties as a Hunter whenever the situation calls for it not only in their homeland of Huntstonia, but also in their new home.


  • In case no one has noticed, much of the Hunter Ranks shown above are structured similarly - not necessarily similar in name, mind you - to the official ninja ranks from Naruto, of all things.
  • The name of "Autfrag des Königs Stolz" is German for "Order of the King's Pride".
  • Some principles mentioned in the Hunter Charter are adapted from some of Hunter Bylaws from Hunter × Hunter.
    • Some of these rules also bear similarities to a few rules from the Warrior Code from the Warriors series of novels.
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