The Hopstick clan was a powerful family with not one but two genetic abilities: Rear Sensor and Power Chomp. A mysterious murderer had killed everyone in the clan. That is, everyone but a young Frederick the Rabbit. It was of the strongest and oldest clans in the world.


Early Years and Foundation

The Hopstick clan once was part of the Fourside Kingdom. Their roots were in defense either part of the army which would become the Zerkers or assasins and mercenaries who would grow to become the Ninja. After King Ju took the throne he declared it law that one's house must be of 99.9% Fourside Content which angered the mercenaries whose houses were filled with goods they received in missions in other countries. When they refused to throw away their valuables King Ju sent his best knights to burn their houses. The mercenaries were enraged and enlisted the help from the army. The army though loved being pampered by the King so they initially refused the homeless mercenaries pleads and begs. As the years passed though, the ties between the King and the army had dwindled. The King knew this and had secretly began killing people in/tied to the army so if there was an uprise, he'd be able to fight it off.


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Remembering the Hopstick Clan

Some of the army knew this but they didn't care, they were addicted to the good life and it was way to hard to give it up. The little of the army left had finally snapped when the King had demanded that the army fight fairly against other armies. This would have the army not outnumber another army, ambush, focus and beat on one opponent, or use any super powerful abilities. The army finally joined up with the mercenaries who were doing fairly well for homeless people due to thier ability to steal. With the assasin's help the group stole several scientific documents on DNA and a select few warriors injected themselves with a serum that allowed them to steal other people's abilities.

With the swords and katanas in hand the military charged at the kings castle and were almost able to make it to the throne room but they were pushed back by the royal guards. The group hoarded all the shops thye could find, stole six boats and set sail away from the kingdom; not wanting to be executed.

Foundation, Eradication, and Split

After a long and grueling three months of sailing the army, now dubbed the United Enemies of Ju, had finally reached an island big enough to live on. It was winter and the group set up houses but soon everyone began dying. By the end of the first month on the faraway island the population had depleted to about 50% the original number. No one knew the problem or what to do about it. They simply theorized it might be an airborne disease so everyone separated and went to their own side of the island.

When Spring finally came along the remaining number of settlers now 20% had met at the center of the island. It turns out their theory was half correct, it was indeed an airborne disease but one group of people were immune to it, rabbits. Due to this the remaining survivors were all rabbits. Discovering this the group banded together and named themselves the Hopstick clan and declared that the island be called Rabare.

The group though didn't get along very well so they split. The mercenaries and assassins renamed themselves The Ninja Branch of the Hopstick Clan and moved to the East side of Rabare while the army and navy renamed themselves The Zerker Branch and moved to the west side of Rabare. The center of the island was only to be used for holidays, weddings and funerals.

Days of the old, trips to other countries and the War of the Land

The Branches since then stayed away from each other for the most part but when they did come across each other there would always be some sort of conflict. They would though help each other out if there was a natural disaster of some sort, to try and make sure there are still a sufficient number of members remaining left.

One day a group of Zerkers came back with a lot of foreign goods. When the rest of the clan were curious as to how they got them they told them they simply killed some people for a king. After discovering this a large number of Hopsticks decided to set sail for other countries and help them with assassination jobs, to earn extra goods, cross-breed with royalty and just to make a name for themselves.

The Ninja however, became furious towards the Zerker because they used the Zerker Coat of Arms while on missions while the Zerker were enraged towards the Ninja because the Hopstick clan were known as "sneaky and agile assassins" a criteria of the Ninja Branch. The two became so angry they had a war with each other to see who deserved the name of Hopstick. Due to the clan being powerful casualties took longer to gain but it was still numerous. The war lasted for 54 days and 59 clan members had died due to this.

The Great Eruption, Great, Wave and The Merge

Roughly fifty years after the War of The Land The Tethees Volcano had erupted spewing molten lava and wiping out two minor Zerker villages and one major village. Two weeks after this occurred a giant wave wiped out the entirety of the West end of the Island, the castle. half the height of The Teethees Volcano, and an appalling number of Zerkers. Meanwhile, on the East Side of Rahare, invaders had scaled Mt. Carrot and had burned down the Grand Dojo and several other dojos, resulting in an estimated 8 ninja deaths.

The Hopstick clan knew if they were to survive the needed to put their differences aside and band together. They decided to create a large dojo with a classy, Victorian design, designed to house the whole clan. Due to this, the other dojos were left abandoned. The Hopstick Clan adopted the Zerker's practice of acting like one big happy family and never doing anything solo.

Later Years, Bridge Project, alignment with G.U.N. and Second Eradication

The later years of the Hopstick Clan are commonly referred to as the most successful years of the clan since this is when they banded together and worked as a team. Do to this each of their assassin missions were completed. This made the clan very happy and they became less vicious and more friendly towards one another and other people. So popular with other people in fact that rabbits from other countries were practically begging to join them. GUN became impressed with The Hopstick's Clan strength and asked if the Clan would like to be part of GUN and they agreed, the strongest becoming aligned with GUN. The Hopstick Clan was considerably smaller and easier to manage.

The Hopstick Clan also became interested in building and travel so they began created three bridges to different countries. Only one was finished while the other one's construction simply took too long and the others construction simply kept getting pushed back until the Clan's demise.

Eleven years ago after Frederick got walked to his dojo from baseball practice at night he noticed something was very wrong. The door was open, the door was never supposed to be left open. He went inside and saw his family members dead, bodies everywhere, he was horrified then he heard screaming from the kitchen. He rushed in only to find the mysterious attacker had finished killing his mother and was fighting his father who was sick that day. Frederick attempted to help his dad but he was commanded to run far away from home and never to look back. With tears in his eyes, Frederick listened to his dad's final plea and fled the dojo only to be stopped by the mysterious attacker only a few blocks away from home. The attacker began beating Frederick, though not enough to kill him, he wanted to torture the boy.

Right when the man was about to finish him off his little sister appeared from nowhere and shielded her brother killing herself in the process. Enraged Frederick shot a fireball at the attacker but with no avail, he punched Frederick in the gut. Frederick was saved by police sirens from Foxuu which caused the murderer to flee, marking the end of the great clan of Hopstick.

Present Day

Present day the only person on the island is Frederick. He usually lives at the GUN base near Station Square and Yellow GUN base though he comes home and usually stays for a month. Here he trains to become the strongest member of the clan ever. He visits the great graveyard north of his dojo to grieve. He writes in his journal at the Great Beach. He gets drunk drinking Wine and Champagne. He is at constant search for the Sacred Weapons and the Saurian Branch but to no avail. At GUN though, he is looking for multiple find Hopstick's killer.


Prior to how the clan is today there were two branches that separated the Hopstick Clan: The Zerker Branch and Ninja Branch. There is also a legendary Saurian branch but there is no evidence that it existed.


Enraged with Ninja's sneaky and untrustworthy ethics the army and the navy decided to move to the West Side of Rahare to get away from those thievish ninja. The Zerker were loud, rude, rash, and powerful and unlike the Ninja had a code of honor in which went directly against how the Ninja operated. Even though the Zerkers are commonly remembered as powerful brutes with all brawn-no brain they are shown to like the finer things in life and seem to enjoy elegant things, a trait which would show up after the merge in ALL of the Hopstick clan. The Zerkers were extremely powerful and simply got in a group and based their enemies into oblivion, got in a group and sent large shock waves or energy at their foes are got in a group and simply bit their enemies. Whatever the Zerkers did, they did it as a big happy family unlike the Ninja's who tended to work alone as it helped them blend in.

The Zerkers had access to the island's only Volcano which they would use to make tools such as swords, knives and plates (but mostly swords). The Zerkers preferred the element of lightning due to how destructive it can be to forests, the main habitat of the Ninja Branch.

Unlike The Ninja Branch the Zerker Branch had users who still possessed the ability Power Chomp which allowed them to steal their enemies abilities by eating some of their flesh. This is how the Hopstick clan gained so many abilities. When the Hopstick Clan would leave for other nations the Zerkers would gain abilities while the Ninja impressed their clients with their assassination skills. The Zerkers also perfected the use of the move Outrage, an attack where the user simply unleashes a deadly hurricane of savage blows. They also perfected the move, Bite and Crush due to the Power Chomp.

The Zerkers lived in villages that contained about twenty houses each, a market and a small square where ones could do battle with each other. They were ruled by the strongest member of the family who got to live in a large fortified castle near the sea.

The Zerkers mostly ate wild game (pigs, dears, ducks, etc.) and fruit. Due to their love of food they were excellent Wine makers and tasters. Their Wine has been regarded as one of the best in Mobius unfortunately Frederick is in fierce possession of the family recipe and he won't give it to you unless you're a beautiful or classy women in his eyes. They were also said to have the best bacon.


Not satisfied with Zerker's brutish and controlling ways the mercenaries and assassins moved to the East side of Rabare and dubbed themselves Ninja. The Ninja were calm, cool, and collected and unlike the Zerkers weren't rash though they didn't know much about the land as the Zerkers and thus hindered their strategies. The Ninja specialized in sneaking, stealing, and killing people swiftly and secretly. The Ninja had the ability to appear out of nowhere and possessed a large supply of tools to help them get out of sticky situations. Most of their metal tools were borrowed from the Zerkers but they did not use Metal much. They heavily relied on wood and as such they commanded the element of grass.

After about five generations of training the developed the genetic ability Rear Sensor which allows them to sense what's behind them, allowing them immunity from ambush. When the Hopstick Clan would leave for other nations the Zerkers would gain abilities while the Ninja impressed their clients with their assassination skills and thus the Hopstick Clan is mostly known for the ability Rear Sensor.

The ninjas ate mostly fish and leaves as their primary diet and as such developed an addiction to Caviar in which they would put in their salad, drinks, drugs and even their hollow logs for good luck.

The ninjas primarily lived in grass or mountain dojos far away from each other. In these dojos they would hone their skills and live in constant watch of attackers who would want to train. It was possible though, to move to the grand dojo atop the great mountain, which offered absolute protection from trainers. The person who lived in the Grand Dojo would become the ruler of The Ninja Branch.


The legend of the Saurian Branch is passed down from generation to generation but most of the Clan believed it to be nothing more than a fairy tale. There were little to no records in the Zerker's files about this Branch and The Ninja tribe's (though more numerous) records were all kept in the Grand Dojo which was burned down. Supposedly, Rabbits weren't the only ones immune to the disease, according to legend reptiles were immune as well. Not wanting to join the mammals the reptiles who dubbed themselves the Saurian decided to move north and live in a cave there. According to legend the cave was mostly water and the Saurian happily prospered there. It's said that the two other branches could sometimes hear the Saurian's roar late at night. It's said that the Saurian's thrive to this very day but Frederick has searched several times for them with no avail.

It's said that they ate wheat products and deep seafood.

Rahare Island

This is the island where the Hopstick Clan resided. It is fairly large at 268,820 square miles, not counting the two bridges. The East side of the island is heavily forested, pretty much all of the east side being forest except for the large beach near the south. Northeast of the island is a small chain of mountains where the Ninja used to live and where the current dojo resides. The temperature is cool at best with the average being in the high sixties, early seventies in the spring and high fifties early sixties in the winter. North of this chain of mountains is a mountain of 5,141 ft named Carrot Mountain where the Grand Dojo was held before it was burned down.



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Theme of the Island's West Side (Currently)

West Side of the island was fairly rocky with it's own extremely small chain of mountains and hills. Where there wasn't rock there was grass with several plains and grassy hills where the Zerker would set up their villages. Near the sea was a large fortified castle that looks similar to Windsor Castle. It was also known to be very fertile and due to this the Zerkers were able to grow various fruits. After the Great Wave the West Side became almost completely obliterated and what remained was a large beach. The most famous feature of the West Side though and possibly the whole island, is the Volcano called the Teethee that still stands today. It is 19,341 ft in height and it's last eruption was 10 years ago.

The Center of the Island (Now the West Side) is simply a large plain. With a large church-like building in the center that was used for funerals and weddings. The center was shown to be large but not large as the East or West Side. Due to the absolute flatness of the plain the Zerkers could see to the East Side with ease and vice-versa. An alternate name for the Center of Rahare is Gentle Plains.

The North of the island is a large wheat field.


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Theme of the Center of the Island and North Side


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Alternate theme of the North and Center of the Island

There are three bridges on Rahare. One on the northern end of the project which hoped to connect the island to Station Square but was never completed due to how long the bridge needed to be and due to the Clan being wiped to near extinction, the bridge is incomplete at only twelve miles and a half of brick road. The second bridge is actually complete and it connects the island to the hidden (by fog) island of Foxuu. It is ten miles long. The third bridge is at the south side of the island and is only twenty feet long, it is unknown what this bridge was designed for.


The Hopstick clan reproduced at an alarming rate. Some instances where the next generation is nearly double of the last. One instance being after the first eradication when only the rabbits survived, there were only 100 or so survivors left. After the first year, this number nearly tripled. After the merge though, their reproduction rate had slowed down tremendously, only about 20-30 new members per generation. It's shown that the Hopstick clan accepted and practiced polygamous relationships.

The Lucky One

The prodigies of the Hopstick Clan. It's said that every five-hundred years a member of the Hopstick Clan will be born of great intelligence and strength that will usher the clan into greatness. They are known to be the masters of multiple elements and are praised as being near unstoppable. Each Lucky One has one oddly colored foot. The current lucky one is ironically, Frederick the Rabbit due to this the last of the clan is also the best of the clan (not by BEING the clan if they were alive he'd be the best).

Sacred Weapons

The Hopstick Clan possess several powerful weapons that they call the Sacred Weapons. They stored these weapons in temples, free for anyone in the clan to long as they could survive the booby traps set to detour invaders. There are four sacred weapons with four respective temples.

  • Lightning Zerker Sword-A large buster-sword like weapon hidden in the temple deep inside The Teethee Volcano. The sword had a yellow hilt and dull gray blade. The blade constantly sparks with electricity. The sword is dull so it's mainly used to crush opponents, use lightning-based attacks, and send electrical shock-waves at the enemy. A downside is that the user must use both hands to wield the sword. A second effect of it is the power of healing the user. The dungeon has lava based traps.
  • Ninja Mystical Star- A gray metal ninja star that is covered with strange, circular leaves at the tips. It is hidden in Mt. Carrot, only accessible via a secret passage. The Star can make copies of it's self *though each copy is the size of a normal ninja star) and homes in on enemies. When released from the user's hands the star becomes invisible. When thrown the star emits a loud whistling sound. The ninja star is large but if the user is skilled enough, it can be used with one hand or the user could simply change the Star's size to the size of a normal ninja star. The downside of it is when it's hit by fire the star becomes useless for two minutes. A second affect of it is the power of healing the user. The dungeon has ice based traps.
  • Hopstick Glove of Death- A lone sparkling glove that grants the user the power of gravity and psychic. The glove was hidden in the Zerker Castle but due to it being underwater the Hopstick Glove of Death is near impossible to obtain. The glove allows the user to decrease, increase, destroy, over reverse the gravity of a mile radius. This aspect of changing gravity is hard to master and the large radius makes it a very tricky weapon to handle. It also has the power to cause migraines and insert painful images in the opponents mind. The dungeon features torture traps and water traps.
  • Hopstick Power Rifle- A rifle hidden somewhere in the sand of the West Coast beach. The dungeon is hard to find due to the fact that you'll suffocate and die if you dig for it at the wrong spot. This is the most recent weapon created due to it being made after the merge. It fires large bullets of light, darkness, wind, grass, poison, fire, ice, water, lightning, and ground in that order. The rifle has unlimited ammo but you have to reload after four shots. A second affect is that after every round of elements you have the ability to shoot cure energy. The dungeon is loaded with quick sand traps and stairways similar to

Saurian Weapon

If the Saurian really did thrive they had a secret weapon of their own. It's rumored to be called the Fang of Fate and when inserted into the users mouth their bite force is octipled and when bitten the opponent becomes horribly poison. It's possible to inject healing medicine into a person if the user feels like it. The dungeon, if there is any, is unknown but assumed to be very jungle-like.


The Ninja's would wear ninja clothing, the colors depending on where they were. The Zerkers would wear Victorian, Roman, and ancient European clothing. After the merge the group would wear an unusual blend of both Branches. Hay pants with elegant silk shirts. They would also design their own weird clothing like chain-mail worn atop fishnets and metal pants wore without shirts or shoes.


The members of the Hopstick Clan were tall and muscular. Their long legs allowed them to hop high and run fast. They males have short hair and large chests and abs while the females were very furry with muscular thighs and large breasts.


  • Frederick the Rabbit-The only surviving member of The clan. He's rude arrogant, stubborn, powerful, intelligent, and a control freak. He doesn't have much friends and doesn't accept anyone who reaches out for him, all of this due to that fateful day 11 years ago. He's close to becoming the strongest of the clan and won't quit training. He's a part of G.U.N and is currently looking for his Clan's killer. He controls the elements of fire, ice and has psychic abilities. He is the last Lucky One.


  • The Branches are based on the ancient Mu tribes of Mega Man Star Force 2: ZerkerXNinja/ZerkerXSaurian
  • The Hopstick Glove of death was based on Micheal Jackson's.
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