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Cquote1 Fear not, for you will suffer no more. Sleep peacefully and I will usher you into utopia. Cquote2
The Herald

The Herald of Death is a powerful being that resides within the Hyperverse, serving Ka, the Great Wheel of Being. They are said to be in charge of the life-span and eventual death of every mortal. However, they do not choose when a person dies, rather, they sense when a person's life-span is nearly over, and simply go to complete the cycle of life and death.

Physical Description

A tall and wholly androgynous being, The Herald somewhat resembles Ka's disguised form.



With the birth of mortal life came the advent of eventual death. In order to keep the souls of those mortals who had passed from being lost, Ka decreed that a Herald be created in order to guide their souls to the Hyperverse.


Base Stats
Spcl. AtkGreat
Spcl. DefSuperior
Other Stats

Fitting in with The Herald's peaceful nature, they have a highly defense-oriented style of "combat". Boasting superior defense against energy-based abilities, and lower yet still formidable defense against physical attacks, The Herald is incredibly difficult to take down in a fight. More often than not, The Herald generally doesn't like to fight, using their divine defenses to shrug off attacks and counter with utility-based techniques designed to dissuade the enemy from attacking further, often by inflicting status conditions.

On the rare occasions where they are roused into action against an aggressor, they are still fairly powerful in terms of offense, but not as powerful as some of the other higher beings of the Hyperverse (I.E The Elemental Gods and Ka himself). Even all of the White Cherouvs working together can outclass The Herald in terms of offensive power.


Being aligned with Soul energy, The Herald is resistant to Chaos energy.


Being aligned with Soul energy, The Herald is weak to Psychic energy.

Friends and Foes






The Herald is a gentle and peaceful creature, refusing to fight whenever they can help it. They only fight if someone attempts to greatly disturb the balance between the Purpose and the Random (usually if someone who must die a Purposeful death is being targeted for a Random one, or, seen recently, if a Troll (namely Dismal) dies an alarmingly high number of deaths within the timespan of a year). They can exit the Hyperverse and into our world whenever they please, although they often make themselves invisible whenever they do this. They show themselves to very few people.

Highly empathetic, The Herald is drawn to those who are dying while in terrible pain, and tries to relieve their suffering as quickly as possible. They are also drawn to children who are dying, and, once again, does their best to ease their fear and suffering.


  • Mortals passing away peacefully and painlessly


  • Violent death
  • Mortals dying in agony

Biggest Fears



  • The Herald sounds exactly like the Tuurngait from the Penumbra series, with their voice fluidly shifting from male, to female, and everything in between; the voice fits the fact that The Herald is both androgynous and genderless.
  • This character also came from a desire to have a "Death" character that wasn't a scythe-wielding grim reaper, but rather a gentle and comforting being, one who guides the dead to a peaceful afterlife.
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