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Not to be confused with The Hell Gate or Roleplay:The Hellfire Ghosts.

Krieg by DredgeTH

Krieg with the Hell Prizm shard in hand, by DredgeTH on dA

Cquote1 So... much... power... I was a fool to have not taken it sooner. Cquote2
Krieg describing the Hell Prizm's power

The Hell Prizm is a powerful gem used for evil ends three times in a row. Imbued with the power of manipulating reality, it is a dangerous weapon in the wrong hands.


The Hell Prizm looks to be an enormous hexagonal prism, with pyramid-like ends and a glowing orange light in the center. This light occasionally glows with intense brightness when the powers of the Prizm are in use.

After being shattered and reconstructed, it retains his hexagonal shape more or less, but its fragments are now floating instead of being put together. When it grows too unstable from the Destroyer's machinations, it transforms into a swirling orange rift.

When Krieg acquires the Hell Prizm Shard when he returns after five years, it is set in his forehead akin to a crown. When Krieg transforms into War, it glows bright red.


There have been a total of five characters who have (ab)used the Hell Prizm for their own selfish ends. Their misuse has also damaged it either directly or indirectly.

  • Sigma the Tyrant - used it to open rifts to the light realm of Mobius and attempt to subjugate the light world in a quest for power. Failed when the Prizm was shattered and the Dark King killed.
  • Nevan the Basilisk - Sigma's lover. He shared some of its power with her so she could be as strong as him, and also dominate the Snakebite
  • Raiden - used it as means to stand on equal ground against Sigma and, by extension, anyone who has (mis)used its terrible power. His motive is, by far, the least nefarious among the five.
  • Derek Gate - found the shards near where the Σ Colossus' body lay, and reconstructed the Prizm in order to fuel his Cybermals and ultimately exact his revenge on GUN. Failed after being killed by Blitz and having the reconstructed Prizm shattered into a single tiny gem.
  • Krieg the Hollow Blitz - stole the Hell Prizm Shard after a five-year absence and began his campaign to eradicate mortalkind. Failed when Zagan tore it from his head and crushed it, destroying all traces of the Prizm for all eternity.

Properties and Powers


The Hell Prizm is the only thing keeping the Dark Dimension from collapsing. It is an integral part of the dark realm's stability, and so is very valuable.

It appears to exhibit the power to manipulate reality and the space-time continuum, as when Blitz decided to tell Shadow and co. to race off in the car during a botched trade with the Destroyer and ran after them, the Prizm tore up the ground beneath their very feet. However, since it was only recently reconstructed at that point in time, it was also unstable and caused "time break" events, slowing everything down to a crawl. This gave Blitz enough time to save Shadow's vehicle before it crashed into things during their escape.

However, a nasty side effect happens to any mortal that dares to manipulate it - over time, the corrupting energies of the Prizm will begin to deteriorate the user's mental state, and the more power they use, the less sanity they'll have left. Prolonged use will even shorten the mortal user's lifespan dramatically, making it even more dangerous to use.

As a shard

When in the hands of Krieg as a tiny shard, its reality bending properties are enhanced, allowing the Hollow to rip and tear the ground and nearby buildings apart to crush his foes. As well, it boosts his base traits, making him even more of a menace.



When The Dark Dimension came into being, it slowly but steadily grew into an unstable and rapidly deteriorating realm that would collapse in on itself if something wasn't done. As things looked bleak, a solution was found by the man who would soon become the First King, and that solution was to create a crystal and imbuing it with the combined power of the Dark Dimension residents in order to bring stability to the dark realm.

The plan had worked - the Dark Dimension, while still unstable and prone to earthquakes, lightning, and warp portals, was no longer in danger of collapsing. The giant crystal granted the Dark Creatures within a chance at relatively normal life...

Surge of Shadows

However, several millions of years later, when the Sigma, the younger brother of the current king, Rho, began his uprising, he usurped his brother and took the Hell Prizm for himself. A year after he began his reign of terror, the Dark King then siphoned just enough power from the crystal to open portals into the light realm, and send his troops through to extend his reach over Mobius.

However, it was this power that consequently doomed Σ as well - for while he gained immense strength, his immortality was linked with the giant gem. Its shattering during his battle with the heroes back in his castle meant he was vulnerable even in colossus form, allowing Lightning to destroy his physical core and finish him off. After that, the shards were scattered around where the now-deceased Sigma had collapsed...

The Cybermal Onslaught

Two years later, its shards were recovered and reconstructed into the crystal by none other than a disgraced GUN Scientist calling himself "The Destroyer". The giant gem, once rebuilt, allows his cybernetics research to explode in development, and the Destroyer, eager to test his research, kidnaps Mobians for his dark designs...

During the course of the Destroyer's campaign, however, the Hell Prizm proved to be too much for him to handle alone, prompting him to craft a drone known as EVE. This drone could also harness the Prizm's power, prompting GUN to send Team Thunder to The Velzen Plains where she was being escorted by some of the Destroyer's men and capture her as part of a counter-trade upon finding this out from Twintwist. The Destroyer, upon hearing of EVE's capture, was left enraged and immediately hacked into GUN's communications servers again in a frantic attempt to get EVE back.

However, Blitz then informs him of the group's planned counter-proposal between them and him - EVE and the remaining six Chaos Emeralds - which had been previously collected, with the seventh being in the Destroyer's hands - for full assurance Edge's safe release. Furious, but feeling the wolf had backed him into a corner, The Destroyer accepts the counter-proposal and says they will begin the trade at the Port.

Meanwhile, the Destroyer had also made an external suit that could allow him to fully harness its power known as the Atlas. After powering up his suit, he proceeds to fire up his World Remolder, a weapon fueled by the Chaos Emeralds that would turn everything on Mobius into Cybermals once fired, and and head into the city.

However, the Destroyer and his weapon are eventually defeated and destroyed, and the Hell Prizm's power eventually coalesces into a single tiny shard. Realizing the potency of the jewel, Shadow says they should keep it locked up for a while. Blitz agrees, and the small shard is locked away for three years...

Savage Retribution

However, the Shard is stolen when Krieg returns from the Endless Void and manages to pilfer it from its safe, and uses its power to further his own goals. It allows him to subjugate the Hell Creatures within the Endless Void, and also bend the fabric of reality to crush his foes.

The Shard is finally shattered when one of his former soldiers, Zagan, manages to defeat War in his fortress by landing his most powerful move, the Hand of Punishment, which sears into Krieg's soul and forces him to realize all the pain he's caused throughout his onslaught and forces him down into the ground, defeated.

Before leaving the fortress, Krieg suddenly reappears again, turning out to not be completely affected by the Hand. Blitz, deciding to end him for good, tells the others to run. Though reluctant at first, they ultimately follow Blitz's orders and escape.

After a long battle, Blitz defeats Krieg, but is left with no way to escape. However, the Hand of Punishment finally affects Krieg completely, enabling the Hollow to realize the truth of Blitz's words from 5 years ago. Blitz, confused, questions this. The wolf's hollow explains that his hatred for him had blinded him for so long, he had not been able to realize his mistakes.

To seal his remorse, he uses the last of his power to open a Gateway outside the castle and decides to stay behind, intending to make up for his crimes. When asked by Blitz if they'll meet again, Krieg responds:

Cquote1 There's no place for me here. I've caused so much torment and anguish... all because I was blinded by my own hubris... but I'm willing to pay for my crimes... I'll do my time in the Void, and I'll stay as long as I am required to. Maybe someday, I'll return... but you won't see me as a vengeful murderer. What you will see... is up to the future to decide. Cquote2
Krieg after Blitz asks him if he'll return someday

The two wolves then part ways... With this, the threat of the Hell Prizm is ended. For all eternity.


  • The Hell Prizm is inspired by both the Energy Controllers in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes and the power of Limbo in DmC: Devil May Cry.
    • Its time-slowing properties are also a shout-out to the Time Break ability in Sonic and the Secret Rings.
  • It was originally going to be much smaller, but this was changed.
  • The Hell Prizm Shard in Krieg's forehead vaguely resembles the crown Scourge the Hedgehog wore when he transformed into Super Scourge in the Archie comics.
  • The Dark Prizms resemble the Hell Prizm slightly.
  • The Hell Prizm's ability to warp and degrade the sanity and well-being of mortals just by being nearby is similar to how people are turned insane or transformed into Necromorphs thanks to the Markers in the Dead Space series.
  • It's implied throughout the series that the Hell Prizm gained sentience at some point, and subtly influenced the various Big Bads of the series to obey its commands. How this came to be, and what it truly desires, is unknown.