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The Hell Gate is a prison designed to save lives from Spawns true form.


  • Spawn the Shade
  • The Shadow Sirens


  • Victor in the form of Hell's Blessing a sword that shares the power of all trapped in the Hellgate.
  • James in the form of Hell's Sentence, a blaster that traps weakened foes inside the gate.


The door of The Hell Gate can hold power equal to a black hole for six months (giving it the nickname of "Gate of Half years rest") but can be used to contain other beings as well. It also Drains the powers of its prisoners constantly allow it to hold prisoner any being weaker than its intended one indefinitely.


Originally created by Spawn as a precaution, the Hell Gate is a prison built to hold Spawn in his unsealed form. After spawn split his being into the three celloids. Only Neo and the Shadow Sirens knew of its existence. And since the Shadow Sirens never left their planet only Neo had a use for its power. Neo revealed it to Victor without knowing it, and later the Shadow Sirens told James of it when he visited their planet. James and Victor both used it but Neo never made use of it outside of threats. It was last used to contain the Perfect Nightmare long enough to split it apart into its former entities.

About the Gate

  • If an actual black hole were to be placed inside the gate, then the door would be destroyed once it had been unlocked.
  • The only known beings with the power to break through the door are Spawn and Victor but both of them would have to use all their strength for six months to break it.
  • In the visions shown by the Shadow Sirens the gate is a giant door in the center of an inferno, chained shut with an eye made of reddish black flames in the center.
  • The gate of Hell is not actually in hell but in the center of a galaxy sized sun known as "Ojo Del Diablo".
  • It is impossible to open the gate from the outside due to the heat surrounding it. Users of the gate can teleport people in and out of it as long as they aren't in it.
  • If all of the Shadow Sirens were placed within the gate the collection of them could open the gate, but would not survive the heat of the sun.
  • Spawn could survive the heat forever because he is made of a similar type of fire.
  • Victor claims to be able to survive the heat just as long, but has never stayed longer then a second so this is most likely a bluff.
  • Inside the Hell Gate, there is a black void and the voices of those the prisoners have killed can be heard chanting. This was Spawns way of reminding himself of his evil deeds, Victor says the chanting was so loud that he went deaf for a few hours. Spawn said the chanting was only so loud so he couldn't sleep.