The Heist Crew are a group of armed and highly-trained bank robbers, consisting Wolf, Dallas, Chains and Hoxton. They are strongly based off of the video game Payday: The Heist. The group is led by an unseen character, Bain, the leader of The Heist Crew.


Dallas, Hoxton, Wolf and Chains all wear their flashy clothing, but they also wear latex gloves in order to not leave any trace. They also wear their respective masks to conceal their identities. They also wear armor vests to protect themselves from incoming attacks and also carry a variey of bags, such as the loot bag, ammo bag and doctor bag. All four characters have different appearances, aside the outfits.

Character Description


  • Age: ?
  • Gender: Male
  • Height: ?
  • Weight: ?
  • Species: ?
  • Occupation: Leader of The Heist Crew, Tactician
  • Weapons: N/A

Bain is the leader of The Heist Crew, providing the team with specific objectives, as well as advices and warnings of incoming attacks. Bain always monitors the heist 24/7, even while not performing the heist. He is never seen in person, making him a mysterious character. Prior of becoming the leader, he was also a bank robber. He is also appreciative of the crew, regardless of the outcome and will have his connections to free four of the crews if they are taken into custody by law enforcement. It is unknown how he monitors the crew's mission.


  • Age: ?
  • Gender: Male
  • Height: ?
  • Weight: ?
  • Species: ?
  • Occupation: Helicopter Pilot
  • Weapons: N/A

Alex is the helicopter pilot for The Heist Crew, responsible for dropping off items during the heist, as well as extracting the team to either completing their mission or to escape if the situation becomes out of hand. Like Bain, Alex is never seen in person. Although a skilled helicopter pilot, he often makes mistakes by dropping items in the wrong area that would hinder the objectives, which can force the four crew emembers to try and retrieve it while under fire. Despite his constant mistakes, Alex is proved to be a valuable pilot to asess the mission.


  • Age: 42
  • Gender: Male
  • Height: 4' 11"
  • Weight: 97 lbs.
  • Species: Bulldog
  • Occupation: Hitman (formerly), Bank robber (currently)
  • Weapons: B9-S (Handgun), Brenner 21 (Primary), Mark 11 (Secondary)

Dallas is the first member of The Heist Crew, also the oldest of the crew. Prior to joining, he was a mob who worked with local mobsters before a shootout ensued, leaving Dallas as the lone survivor from a large gunfight. He eventually went into hiding by running an underground firing range, where trained gunmen, along with Dallas himself, perfect their aiming skills. Bain found Dallas to be a useful member as Dallas voluntarily joins The Heist Crew in an effort to pull off successful heists and earn lots of payment.


  • Age: 37
  • Gender: Male
  • Height: 4' 9"
  • Weight: 95 lbs.
  • Species: Wombat
  • Occupation: Military veteran (formerly), Bank robber (currently)
  • Weapons: Bronco .44 (Handgun), AMCAR-4 (Primary), Locomotive 12 G (Secondary)

Chains is the second member of The Heist Crew, who is known for being discharged at different military bases due to his trigger-happy nature. He was also a juvenile deliquent in different detention centers due to his erratic behaviour and even run towards danger in an effort to cheat death, which he succeeded many times, even claiming to be invincible. As mentioned, Chains has been discharged from many different military duties due to his personality; he had also commited robberies with other mercenary groups during missions. No matter the danger, Chains will always run towards them and making sure to cheat death, even if it means getting himself killed. Chains was later recruited by Bain, knowing that any successful heist can reward him and the others greatly.


  • Age: 30
  • Gender: Male
  • Height: 4' 9"
  • Weight: 92 lbs.
  • Species: Husky
  • Occupation: Bank robber (currently)
  • Weapons: STRYK (handgun), Reinbeck (Primary), Compact-5 (Secondary)

Hoxton is the third member of The Heist Crew, and the youngest of the crew. At a young age, he had fought his own brothers, bullies in different schools and other rival supporters. He is also known for intimidation among different people when it comes to dealing with debts he is facing to prevent the loan sharks from ever confronting him. His first robbery was at a convenience store, in order to make a quick buck at the age of 19. Hoxton also speaks with a cockney accent. He was later recruited as the third heister for the crew by Bain, who had found him to be beneficial for his intimidation and force other law enforements to surrender. Hoxton is also known to be a sharpshooter, capable of wielding a shotgun and can take down any target from long to medium range, whereas on short range can be proven deadly at the hands of Hoxton.


  • Age: 34
  • Gender: Male
  • Height: 4' 10"
  • Weight: 89 lbs.
  • Species: Coyote
  • Occupation: Software development employee (formerly), Law-abiding citizen (formerly), Bank robber (currently)
  • Weapons: Crosskill .45 (handgun), AK (Primary), GL40 (Secondary)

Wolf is the fourth member of the Heist Crew. Originally a law-abiding citizen, he grew up in a wealthy city up until the economic turmoil from his software development company as all but one clients have left due to the decline in cash flows Wolf had kept with from his loans. Eventually, his only client decided to pull out and resulting in his company to face under bankrupcy, thus living his life homeless with his unnamed wife and two children. Eventually, he spiraled into a breaking point of his mental breakdown and pursued his career in performing various action movies and eventually moving onto his criminal career. He is recruited by Bain, hoping that his money problems will save him from being homeless again by performing dangerous heists. Wolf also sometimes speak Swedish.


Each of the characters have different personalities, such as Bain, who retains his cool-tempered nature, even when spotting dangers ahead, but can easily snap if the objectives were not met by the heisters. Despite this, he never blames his crew, be it failing the missions or being arrested by law enforcement. He also has a dislike for Alex, the helicopter pilot, and blames him for making frequent mistakes, although he still considers him as the best pilot there is. The four heisters have varying personalities, such as Chains' recklessness, Dallas' shortness of breath, Wolf's constant fear of specialized enforcement units and Hoxton's intimidation among law enforcement officers.

They do not seem to be allied with other groups, be it with the heores or villains, nor do they take any kindly for them, as it would interfere with their heist missions, or end up being swindled into thinking they assissted the wrong group(s). The four always watch out for each other, even helping each other if caught in a massive gunfight, even shouting at each others' names to have them assist on objectives.


While they do not posses any types of abilities, they are highly proefficient in firearms, capable of taking down a large number of law enforcements with pinpoint accuracy with their raw firepower. They can also use deployable items, such as the doctor bag (which can heal their wounds upon getting shot too many times), ammo bag (which can replenish the users' ammunition), trip mines and sentry guns. They do not kill civilians, but rather, tie them up with cable ties as hostages. If one of the heisters are taken into custody, they can have the hostages traded to free the jailed heister in order to continue with their mission. Even if one or three heisters are jailed and the other heister completes it, Bain will have some connections in order to negotiate to free the other jailed heisters. They can also use some variety of tools, such as the drill and the saw to open up safes and vault doors.


Despite being highly-skilled robbers, their traits are offset by its numerous cons. Heisters have limited number of cable ties in order to tie up civilians as hostages and if one of the heisters accidentaly kills a civilian, they will receive penalties, thus giving Bain a difficult time negotiating to free the heisters. Doctor bags, along with ammo bags, are limited and can become empty if used a couple of times. Sentry guns also have limited ammunition and they must be carefully placed as they cannot be picked up and placed in different areas, and it cannot replenish ammunition as well. Furthermore, sentry guns does not always detect law enforcement thanks to its limited radius detection. Once it runs out of ammo, it will be completely useless and become vulnerable to be destroyed.

Although heisters can revive themselves with syringes while they are incapacitated, the process of reviving them can take a while, which leaves themselves at risk of incoming attacks. Dallas' weaknesses can include shortness of breath, which can give him a difficult time catching up with others; Chains' weakness involves his constant recklessness, often running straight into a line of fine and getting himself severely injured. Despite being "invincible", this is not always the case as he has been incapacitated from attempting to take down a large number of law enforcement officers head on several times; Wolf's main weakness is his constant fear of special units as this can be tedious for him to stay focused, especially while aiming with his weapons; while Hoxton is classified as a sharpshooter, his shotgun, despite being used for long range purposes, are offset by the large number of law enforcement that could eventually overwhelm him, as well as the slow reload time. Also, their movement speed can gradually lower from all the cash inside the loot bag; the more cash is being carried, the heavier it becomes and will slow them down unless if handed to another heister for the others to provide cover.

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