The Haunted Warehouse is a fan-fiction written by TempKitsempt, it is unknown if anyone else will be joining in this story.


In the middle of the night, Cassandra was kidnapped by someone unknown, this person left a note in her room so someone would come looking for her, to find someone to test the abandoned warehouse, but someone has expaned it underground, but of course, Temporal being who he is, prepares himself for what he would consider being his biggest adventure ever, the search for Cassandra Kitsempt has begun, and to find the people behind it, or else her life is forfeit.


Temporal Kitsempt

The Teenage Cat on the search for his artificial daughter created by Dr. Eggman, he will do what ever is needed to rescue her, and attempt to expose the bad guy(s) to G.U.N.

Cassandra Kitsempt

An Artificial Life-form created by Dr. Eggman to combat Temporal Kitsempt, but defected from him, and joined with Temporal to stop Robotnik, but she is Temporal's daughter and was kidnapped by unknown people, and stuck in a warehouse of unknown location.

Sariah the Scorpion

The Main Villain of this story, she loves to test people to their limits, even if it means killing them, and she has heard the story's of the cat with extreme power, and of course wanted to see how much power he has, by kidnapping Cassandra, she triggered Temporal to chase after her, and stop her.

Raien the Skunk

A skunk with a very stinky attitude, has teamed up with Sariah, to test to evil limits, but he is unknown what her true motive is, but he sure does know what his "motive" is.


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