Golden Shark fresh shape

The Golden Shark (edited model of a AC4 brig ship)

The Golden Shark was a pirate ship that first appeared in Sonic: Pirate Adventures and it's spin off Pirate Adventures: the Blood ship. It is a brig ship commanded by Captain Ironclaw, an ancestor of Cyo the Lion and has a crew of seven people.


It is a stolen brig that as it's name imply a gold-painted shark figurehead on the bow. The flag of the ship has a skull with two paw marks on it.


At some point in life, Ironclaw and his crew stole and renamed a brig ship after crafting onto a shark model on the bow of the ship. The ship was primarily used in missions to rescue slaves and take the slave trader's treasures or even find treasures.

During a battle against a sea monster, the pirates were forced to blow the ship up and it was sunk in the depth of the seas when blown in half. Thanks to Ironclaw's trusted trader, they acquired a identical brig ship and a new golden shark was made.

Golden Shark flag

The flag of the ship.

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