This page is not completed and is still being written!The Goat Saga is a roleplay series revolving around the pieces of an ancient evil goat being killed and coming together, reviving him in the process.

Roleplays in the series

The Beginning, origin story

The origin story of the goats is usually featured in every roleplay they appear in. This is the origin story:

Thousands of years ago there was an evil goat that threatened Mobius. As his power grew no one had the bravery to stand up to him except one brave young man. The man crafted a mystical bow of light to stop the threat. The villainous goat learned of the bow's properties and threatened to destroy the world early unless the brave young man would challenge him in a one-on-one showdown. The man, with the incomplete bow in hand went to the showdown where they had a long and gruesome two day battle. When the man lost his edge in battle he fired the bow and arrow at the goat with perfect shot. The shock of the impact killed the man and since the bow was incomplete it didn't kill the goat but it split him into many pieces and he could only rise again when all the pieces were slain....

The attack on the Fa-La-Stu

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