Note: This is an invite-only roleplay. We pretty much already have most of the plot down, so if you would like to join, please at least read what we already have before deciding to join in. Thank you.


Those with supernatural powers and abilities, called "Gifted", have been captured, tortured, and even killed just for being a little different. An evil organization led by Kable has been hunting down members of the Gifted for their own nefarious purposes. One blue hydrokinetic hedgehog was the start of all the trouble, and with the help of the allies she has gathered, she hopes to end it. Will she and her friends discover their goals? Or will infighting and corruption doom them all?



Frost the Wolf





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Involved Characters

Reens the Hedgehog (RR)

Xavier the Hedgehog (Xoph)

Natalie Walker (Nitro)

Kable (& Kabletech) (Skyblade)

Kris and Kelsie the Flying Squirrels (RR)

Cinder the Tenrec (Xoph)

Elizabeth the Horned Owl (Xoph)

Jakob the Maine Coon (RR)

Static the Cat (Frost)

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The Gifted Ones/Part 1

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