"The Ghost Girl"
The Ghost Girl
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Nikki the Hedgehog: Adventures on Arcadia Island

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September 15, 2015

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The Ghost Girl
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The Ghost Girl is the third episode of the Nikki the Hedgehog: Adventures on Arcadia Island series. It first premiered on September 15, 2015 on Cartoon Network.


After Nikki and her friends receive a report of a ghost girl spotted in the village center, the team decide to investigate by sleeping out.



For the transcript of this episode, see The Ghost Girl/Transcript.
It was a cool, clear sky night in Arcadia. Villagers were closing up shop as usually, and it was pretty quiet. While Brittany was putting away her jewelry in her shop, she looked up and saw what appeared to be a female echidna sitting on the fountain. The echidna was looking down at the water, and her body seemed to glow from the moon’s light. Britt called over to the girl, causing her to jump up. As she ran off, her entire body faded away, causing Britt to scream.

The next morning, Nikki and her friends went to Café de Classio for breakfast, each of them getting a strawberry smoothie. Starlight was talking about her recent project, the extreme gear, but much better than her prototype. An anime-styled flashback occurs where Nikki is testing her extreme gear by sliding down the side of the Arcadia Mountain, but the engine fails and she goes speeding down the side and crashes.

The episode returns to reality, Starlight explaining how with the new extreme gear, you can travel even faster, fly for a short amount a time, and impress your friends with amazing air tricks. While they’re talking about it, Britt runs up to them out of breath. She pulls up a chair, telling them about the apparent ghost girl she saw last night. Most of the group seem interested in this ghost girl story, except for Starlight, saying that she does not believe in ghosts. Everyone is surprised by her reaction, and Nikki proposes that they camp out in the village center and look out for the ghost. Quickly, Starlight says she won't participate, Nikki questioning if she's actually afraid of ghost. Starlight denies this, Ryder comforting her by saying he'll protect his. The team then accept the challenge to see if this ghost is real.

Before their camp out, everyone packs a small back and set up their sleeping bags near the sidewalk across from the fountain. Nikki was setting up a fire, using her pyrokinetics to light the sticks. Vexx said that she was cheating, Nikki retorting that this wasn't a real camping trip. All four friends gathered around the campfire, making smores and telling spooky ghost stories.

Nikki told a story about a beautiful princess ghost who was searching for her true love. The ghost girl lived in a beautiful mansion with two ghost butlers, but still was not happy. One day, Ghost Girl left the mansion in a mobian form, searching for love. But when the ghost girl searched the town for a boyfriend, she did not find anyone that she truly had feelings for. But finally, there was a boy that she had interest it, and she took his interest as well. Starlight interrupted, saying the story wasn't very scary. In the end, Nikki ended it by saying the ghost girl turned the boy into a ghost as well, wooing to make things creepy.

Before anyone could make another comment, Vexx whispered to them to look at the fountain. Everyone turned around, and there was the ghost girl from before staring into the fountain, splashing her hand in the water and singing a soft tune. Nikki jumped up, running towards the ghost girl. Her friends yelled at her to stop, but she was long gone. The ghost girl noticed Nikki run towards her, but failed to get away as Nikki grabbed her arm.

The girl pleaded for Nikki not to hurt her, and was recognizably an echidna. Nikki told the girl to calm down, and asked who she was. The girl introduced herself as Iris.


  • The Ghost Girl was originally the sixth episode in the series.
  • This is the first episode to introduce an echidna into the show.
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