This is an article about The Genesis Series, a series of stories created by Julia Finitevus!

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Creator: Julia Finitevus

The Genesis Series is a group of upcoming fanfictions featuring the Genesis Freedom Fighters fighting against Dr. Eggman and his newly formed Egg Chaotic Presence, a secret organization involved in the revival of Perfect Chaos.

Series Overview

Taking place two months after the role play "Sonic Universe Fanfiction Story 1: Dr. Finitevus, Post Genesis Wave", this series features groups such as the Genesis Freedom Fighters, the Destructix and more. The series first starts off with Dr. Finitevus vanishing under the radar, leaving the Genesis Freedom Fighters to fight Doctor Eggman on their own. Only question is if they have what it takes to stop him on their own.

The next few stories will feature the Destructix as they attempt to adjust to life in the Prime Zone. But with many villains looking for vengeance on them, Scourge has to take the group at a whole new level in an attempt to survive. However, some people just won't quit...



  • Part of the Genesis Series takes place some time before DUBSTEPxSonic's Sonic Genesis Fan Game Series. The game takes place somewhere in between.
  • Most of the stories will be created in a random order, and can also be read in random order (not including two-part story arcs or the final three-part storyline).
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