The Galephani Saga (ゲイル·ザ·ヘッジホッグ:時間と空間を旅しよう!) (Geiru za hejjihoggu: Jikan to kūkan o tabi shiyou! (Gale the Hedgehog: Journey through Time and Space!))

This is the story of the love hate relationship between Gale the Hedgehog and Stephani Bell. After their rocky start in Roleplay:The Great Quest for the Galactic Rings the two's relationship is uncertain but still repairable though the road to love isn't covered in roses for Gale. Read on to see if he triumphs... or if he fails.

Prologue: The world doesn't hate you Stephani...

The last scene of the mentioned roleplay...

Gale: Yeah. What’s up? I can't believe Stephani tried to persuade me into joining with her. If only she was good. It's a shame.

  • off on a mountain*

Cariko: *punches a hole in the cliff* she BETRAYED ME *punches 3 more holes*

Endac: what did you expect......

Cariko:.......leave me Dragonbane, i still don't trust you either

Endac: can trust me, you’re the instigator


Endac: fine *disappears* could you, wench.......grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrRRRRRRRRRRRAH *punches another hole in the cliff*

Electron: Ehem

Cariko:......*turns around*, oh you........what do you want

Electron:(Mood Swing, Eye crackling with rage)

Stephani: (At Cariko) Wow you’re such a loser. What did you expect? I'm not really all gushy so stop your whining brat!

Drakon: Easy

Cariko:...........*a dark red aura surrounds him* i trusted you, you wench, and what do i get in return, A KNIFE IN THE BACK, YOU TRY TO OBLITERATE ME AND EVERY OTHER MALE ON THIS PLANET............WHY?! *turns around and his eyes are glowing red* I THOUGHT I COULD TRUST YOU, YOU B**CH YOUR THE FIRST PERSON I COULD EVER TRUST AND YOU CHEAT ME *draws his sword thats now on fire* WHY?!

Stephani:Don't get so emotional trust no one cares about me...they always make fun of me they don't care about me so I had to trick you all to get the rings.

Gale: *Over hears* That’s not a good reason.

Stephani:HA! Every boy wants me to die they all hate me! That's a great reason!

Gale: I don't. All life is valuable to me.

Gale: Stephani, You need to stop living in the past and return to the present. I did, and even though I'm still depressed about being single, I still find the strength to trust my friends and help those in need. You can too.

Stephani:History only repeats itself. The world will never change..same goes for the people in it.

Drakon:(Appears next to Stephani)

Stephani:What do you want?

Gale: Not true, the world Can change. It just takes somebody worth willing to change it.

Stephani:No one is willing to change it....everyone's to selfish.

Gale: I'm not. I can change it. I know how to change it. *fuses Aurora Spirit Gale and Blood Nova Gale to make a new Super Form, that makes him look like his normal form*

Drakon: I die for your safety Steph.

Stephani:Just..SHUT UP! (Runs away)

Gale: Forgive me, Stephani. *traps her in a psychic orb and brings her back*

(Sharp Hissing)

Stephani:(The orb breaks and she runs away again)

Gale: *looks around* What is that?

Rouge Xenomorph:(Jumps on Stephani)

Gale: *tackles Rouge Xenomorph* GET AWAY FROM HER!!!!!.

(It was only one)

Rouge Xenomorph:(Bites Gale)

Gale: *creates a glock and katana, shooting the Rouge Xeomorph in the head and stabbing the katana into its throat, then its heart, then it's lungs, unfazed by the bite as it heals*

(A Xenomorphs blood is acidic)

(The acid falls on Gale but is as effective as water, as he pulls it off of Stephani and finishes it off with a Chaos Blast)

Gale:*sigh* I hate those things.

Darien: Ditto (Loads a Sniper Rifle)

Gale: *helps Stephani up* You okay?

Darien:(Tosses Gale a Rifle)

Gale: *grabs it and it becomes an automatic Shotgun, straps it to his back, and creates two Dual Glocks and Dual Uzis* I'm an Ultimate Life form. I always carry my glocks.

Darien:Yeah but (Picks up a Minigun)

Gale: I did need some new artillery. *picks up an Assault rifle known as the Saw and starts walking into the night*

(Stepahni is nowhere to be seen)

Chapter One:Enter the Confusing world of Galephani

Gale: *walking through Chaos City*

Stephani:(Bumps into him)HEY WATCH IT!

Gale: Oh sor- *sees its Stephani* Well, I it isn't my old friend, Stephani the Doubter.

Stephani:Would you get lost!? It's only practical to doubt after what happened in my life!

Gale: Still the same. Always thinking nothing can change.

{C (Your can edit the Galactic Rings RP still or are you waiting for Dark?)

Stepahni:I waited for change all my never happened.

Gale: *chuckles* You don't get it do you. Change can be right in front of you. My pal Twist told me he met you.

Stephani:Twist...grrr we were friends. Then when I called him cute her ran away! GRRR! That idiot! THERE IS NO CHANGE! Everyone hates me! They'll keep teasing me until I eliminate them!

Gale: He ran away because he was shy. He was young. He's more mature now and what about your friends? What about me? I=I

Stephani:First off,your not my friend and second the time he ran away from me was like two months ago!

Gale: *chuckles* You'll never learn. You think they're being selfish and not caring about you, but the truth is that you’re being selfish because people don't care about you. Who cares what other people who don't like you think. As long as you know who you are, and don't worry about others opinions, You'll be better off. I some people care about you, then that’s good. Don't fight them. I've made my fair share of mistakes in life, like fighting against my family as a G.U.N agent and letting my first love slip away after realizing I still love her. Both were long ago, and because I followed my own rules of life, I have many friends and I'm living on the bright side of life again. You can too.

Stephani:I don't care what people say...that's why I'm trying to get away from twerps like you!

Gale: You won't listen until somebody cares about you. You’re just a stubborn self-centered girl who refuses to learn useful knowledge that is completely true for anybody of any alliance, whether it be Hero, Anti Hero, Villain, or Demon. You make me sick. *spits on the ground in front of her and walks away*

Stephani:You don't listen all hate me whether I'm flirting with someone or if I'm trying to be alone.

Gale: *pops up behind her* That’s what they usually say right?

Stephani:No stupid that's what I'm saying.

Gale: I meant what I said. I'd love to hear you flirt actually, but obviously now is not the time for that. -_-

Stephani:They usually say something like this: ‘Stand back fox, that monster might try to eat you! or Someone as repulsive as her should be locked in a closet for the rest of their life. or Time to die hag! and that's just the beginning.

Gale: Idiots. Why would they say that to you? There has to be a reason.

Stephani:Heck would I know.

Gale: Who was the first person to screw you over like that?

Stephani:Can't remember it's too much people just a lot of trolls.

Gale: You can't judge all people the same. Not everybody was as evil as you think they are.

Stephani:We mobians were given emotions but those emotions only seem to corrupt.

Gale: Not all of them corrupt. Love is a gift. A gift I don't have.......for now.

Stephani:The only people that love me are my family. Everyone hates me.

Gale: Not me.

Stephani:(Finally cracks a slight smile)You don't mean that...

Gale: *with a straight face, he looks her in the eyes* I do mean it. I would never lie to somebody like you.

Stephani:What do you mean by 'somebody like me'?

Gale: A beautiful young woman who is sadly mistaken, who I know I can help.

Stephani:*blushes*Uh...I'm the same age as you.

Gale: That doesn't change what I said. I still mean it.

Stepheni:Still...barely anyone is my friend...let alone any boy likes me.

Gale: Well...........I do. *smiles*

Stephani:No you don't. If you did you would've gave me the ring.

Gale: You mean this. *holds up the silver Galactic Ring*


Stephani:Yes, that.

Gale: I looked you up. I know you can fake anything to get what you want, but for once. I'm following my heart. *gives her the ring*

Stepahni:You really..mean it?

Gale: *smiles* Yes.

Stephani:*Kisses him on the lips*OH THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

Gale: *smiles in surprise* Your welcome, Steph.

Troll:Whoa she's at it again!

Troll 2:Ha he better run before she eats her.

Troll 3:My god she's ugly!

Stephani:Just...BEAT IT! (Kicks troll 3 then Troll 1 and Troll 2 dog pile her)

Gale: HEY!!! LEAVE HER ALONE!!!!! *stabs both troll 1 through the heart and troll 2 in the lungs*

Stephani:*gets up*W-why did you save me?

Gale: Didn't we just discuss this. I don't want anything bad happening to you. *smiles*

Stephani:Wow thank you. (Kisses Gale again)

Gale: *kisses back*

Stephani:(Breaks the kiss)

Gale: *smiles* Wow, she has such a great body. Stupid Trolls.

Stephani:*sigh* I think I have to go now.

Gale: Of course. *smiles*

Stephani:(Walks away then turns around)I think...I can stay a few more minutes...

Gale: *chuckles and walks over to her*

Stephani:So what do you do for a living?

Gale: I'm a Tactician and a Bounty Hunter for hire. I'm extremely rich from my years as the greatest War General ever. I've been 19 for almost 500 years, as a cousin of Shadow the Hedgehog, making me an Ultimate Life form.

Stephani:I'm also a bounty hunter. I hunt trolls I also work as a plumber on Tuesdays.

Gale: Hmm. You could defiantly do better than a plumber. *smiles*

Stephani:That's why I'm also a bounty hunter. Besides...I could never love someone who never makes me look old...

Gale: Actually it'll be wearing off in 2 or 3 years. I'm not a blood relative.


Gale: Wait a sec.................Did you said love?

Stephani:Yes I did but...I'm not sure I can love anyone. You just saw firsthand what just happened back there.

Gale: They ticked you off. I can live with a girl who's not afraid to put an idiot in his place.

Stephani:Yes but this stuff happens every frieking day!

Gale: Sounds like fun. *smiles* Besides, you’re really cool.........and amazingly beautiful.

Stephani:Still no one really likes me and I still live with my parents I couldn't pay the bills for a house if we ever got married.

Gale: I like you, and besides I don't think you heard one very specific thing........I'm rich from my years as a War General.

Stephani:I guess I could stay for a little bit.

Gale: But shouldn't you talk to your parents first?

Stephani:Oh, they're always expecting me to leave. Besides I'll only be gone for a couple of days to see how I like it.

Gale: Well then, *creates a portal* right this way.

Stephani:Goes in the portal.

(On the other side of the portal was a huge Mansion)

Gale: This is my normal house. My Summer home is out in Seaside Valley.

Stephani:Wow...this is big.

Gale: *looking across his European Car collection* Eh, You should see the inside. *heads for the door and goes inside*

Stephani:*Follows him*

(Inside was a grand stair case going up and spiraling to the left, a hallway on the left and right of the first room, butlers, chefs and maids moving about)

Gale: Right goes to the Lounge, Left to the Master Kitchen and dining room. Best part is, at request it can become a normal house for an average couple. *chuckles*

Stephani:I think I like this house just the way it is.

Gale: Then you’re gonna love your room. *smiles*

Stephani:So where is it?

Gale: Upstairs and to the right.

Stephani:(Walks upstairs and to the right)

(Inside was a huge room with a plasma screen TV, Queen sized bathroom with Jacuzzi and a Queen sized bed.)

{C Gale: It can be re-customized to your liking.


Gale: This is just a basic set-up.

Stephani:Where's your room?

Gale: Cross the hall, but it's locked. You wanna see it?


Gale: Kay. *goes over to his room* It's not much.

(opens the door to show the greatest,5 star hotel suite ever with more technology than the Harvard science lab, with a triple fusion Jacuzzi and, full kitchen, with bar, king sized bathroom with a hot tub shower, and Game room with arcade)

Gale: I'd show you the bedroom but it's under construction. I'm adding attachments to fit the needs of every type of women, from secure and shy to dirty and outgoing, the modern shy girl to the rare millionaire slut. It's been under construction for 10 days now.

Stephani:*Chuckles*You must be quite the womanizer.

Gale: Eh, Sometimes. I don't cheat though.

Stephani:That's good.

Gale: Yeah. I'm not that cruel. Not to women, like you. *smiles*

Stephani:(Slightly smiles)

Gale: I just love your smile. It's amazing.


Gale: So, You should probably get unpacked now. *snaps and her bags appear at the door of her room*

Stephani:Okay. (Starts unpacking)

(Later, after dinner)

{C Gale: *cleaning up the dishes*

Stephani:(Sitting at a table looking bored)

Gale: What’s wrong, Steph?

Stephani:I'm bored.

Gale: How come? *finishes the dishes and cleans his hands*

Stephani:I don't know what I want to do today.

Gale: Uh, it's 8:45 P.M.

Stephani:Well I'm still bored.

Gale: Oh come on. There's a million thing we can do, And I'm up for anything.

Stephani:I'll just go to bed.

Chapter Two:Break up.

(After a whole week of the two seemingly spending 24/7 together)

Lol:(Knocks on Gale's door)

Gale: *answers the door* Hello?

Lol:We've been tricked dude.

Gale: Tricked? What do you mean, Lol? seems we've been cheated on. Us and this dude named Fevine.

Gale: Wait. What are you talking about? Who cheated you?

Lol:Stephani Bell.

Gale: What do you mean?

Lol:What are you,4?! You know, cheated? She dated me while he was dating you.

Gale: I don't believe you. Stephani has changed.

Lol:Then explain this! (Pulls out his camera and shows Gale a video of Lol and Stephani kissing under a tree and at the bottom of the screen the date taken was yesterday's date)

Gale: *watching, punches Lol in the nose and closes the door, all with a straight face*

(The two then hear kissing sounds)Lol:(Opens the door)Dude look, she’s at it again! (The two see Stephani making out with Axebox in the grass)

Gale: *sees her, and sighs then closes the door again*

Lol:Are you alright?

{C (inside, breaking pots can be heard)

Gale: *growls* AAAAAAAAAARGH

{C (The next day)

Gale: *Lying in his bed, still mad*

{C Gale: I can't hate her. It's against everything I know, everything I feel. I'm just so confused, a little pissed off at Lol, but not at Stephani.

Lol:What did I do?! If it weren't for me you'd still be with Stephani while she cheats on you!

Gale: *sits up and looks at Lol who he tied to a chair and bolted the chair to the floor* Shut up. I don't care about her cheating on me because I'm not good enough.

Lol:Dude,don't blame yourself. She's the pathetic one. You did absolutely nothing to deserve this.

Gale: Hey! She is not pathetic!!! She is just like everybody else, but nobody else can see that.

Lol:She isn't like everyone else! Then explain why she cheated huh?! TELL ME!

{C Gale: She's confused. She's been hurt by so many men that she can't tell right from wrong and now she can't even trust me when I tell her anything.

Stephani:(Walks in)Gale......shut up you pathetic piece of crap.

Gale: *looks at her, emotionless* I only have one question. Why?

Stephani:Why? Boys are just my tools. What, you thought I actually cared for you. I don't even truly like your looks but I do like this bad boy! (Holds up Gale's galactic ring)

Gale: Just one last thing. That’s a fake. I'll miss you, Stephani. *a tear falls down his cheek* Now, Get OOOOOUUUUUUT!!! CHAOS FURY!!! *blasts Stephani out of his house and 5 miles away*

Lol:Whoa that's harsh...even for her.

Gale: *throws Lol, still tied to the chair, out of his house*

Gale: *sigh* Why? Am I not meant to be loved? *disappears*

(Days later)

General: Good day to all.

Hikaru:Good day to you as well General.

General: Miss Hikaru. *nods in respect*

Hikaru:How's everything?

General: Well, Arthurian Alasdair is fighting, Present Alasdair is dating, Gale is an emotionless, stern, and serious War Master because of heart-break and, It's hard to keep watch of all of them at once.

Hikaru:I see.Tiff and Ty are still dating, Justin is watching the Ruins with his family, and Charge is with his family as well.

General: I know. Also Tred has been revamped.

{C Hikaru:Interesting.I wish I could help Gale. I haven't made a girl that would make him happy.

General: Oh, he still loves the girl, but she is a cheating witch who "fake" cared for him, but he still loves her, I don't know why.

Hikaru:Who's the girl he's with?

General: Stephani Bell.

Hikaru:Poor guy.

General: He's in love, and won't snap out. It's like Selenia, but more.

Hikaru:I see.

Chapter Three:Gale meets Sammy Bell

(Sammy bumps into Gale)

{C Sammy:Sorry sir.

Gale: Huh? Oh. Just beat it kid. *stares at him sternly*

Sammy:Who are you callin' kid!? I’m nineteen!

Gale: And I can be 19 or 21. Now go. *glaring at him, his hands on his glock holsters*

Sammy:Geez! People like you are why my sister hates men!

Gale:......Hey wait. Did you say, your sister hates men? *now curious and concerned*

Sammy:Yeah. She hates all men even her father. I'm the only one she can stand but that's probably because I'm her twin brother.

Gale: *sigh* I thought you looked familiar. She still hates me and I'm still....*looks at the Sammy*....forget it. *turns around depressed*

Sammy:Oh,so YOUR Gale, Wait! Maybe I could help.

Gale: *stops and turns, filled with surprise* Really? How? *starting to fill with joy*

Sammy:I mean it might take a while but if you prove you’re not like the others she might change. In order to make it work you would just have to make sure to be around her a lot but you CAN"T let her know you’re into her. It MIGHT work.

Gale: I can do that in my sleep. In fact, I already have before. *starts to turn around then stops* Wait, How do you know me? She's talked about me?!


Gale: *relaxes* What kind of stuff did she say?

Sammy:Something about her meeting a cute dude then going on her usual rants.

Gale: *smiles* Course. Anyway, where is she?

Sammy:She should be at the mall but remember don't let her know you like her, don’t let her know your following her, and prove you’re not like the others.

Gale: I try to do so with this last time. *pulls out the silver galactic ring*

Sammy:NO! Don't give her stuff she'll just use that to get you to get her more stuff then she'll break your heart again!

Gale: Just trust me. I think I know what to do. She always wanted this from me, it's the only reason she faked liked me. So, I will attract her with it again and before I give it to her, I break it.

Sammy:Trust me, she’s my twin sister. She'll only use you if you do that. Don't give her the ring. Don't even tell her about the ring until you two completely trust each other than you can give it to her.

Gale:.....She and I competed against each other for all the Galactic Rings. SHE KNOWS I HAVE IT!!! |=I

Sammy:Still. Don't even think about giving it to her unless you 100% sure she's reformed.

Gale: Did it once, won't do it again. Let’s go. *walks off*

Sammy:Good luck!

Chapter Four:Second Chances!

(At the mall)

Gale: *heads inside* I hope she doesn't kill me, as if she could.

Stephani:(Bumps into Gale)Hey,watch it!

Gale: Oh sor- That’s twice.

Stephani:(Dusts herself off)Geez! Men, never watching where they're going!

Gale: *sigh* One reason why guys need girls in life.

Stephani:Exactly. Without women men couldn't do anything! Unless you’re talking about my bro Sammy. He can do anything.

Gale: That’s because, even though you hate men, all women need at least one man in their lives, whether it be brothers, friends, or boyfriends/husbands. That’s just how it is. Guys need girls, girls need guys. Period.

Stephani:Right I really need guys (sarcastic). So I can get more scars like this. (Shows him a scar on her foot)

Gale: Exactly why you need to take every chance of a guy who actually loves you for you, who will protect you from all harms and not just bail out cause ‘you think you can get all this good stuff, cheat and think everything will be fine. Relationships take work. If you hold out on the work, you not only scar yourself, but you scar him too. You need to learn to stop living in a shell, and hoping for everything good in life to come from manipulation of anybody who ever tries to love you.

Stephani:They don't try to love me. Don't you get it. Bo boy loves me. You don't either. Explain to me why one second you hated me when I tried to get your ring and now that I don't have any you’re going nuts for me. Besides, you probably only like me for my looks.

Gale: 1: You don't know that. 2:I didn't want to disappear from the world and at that point I didn't know you. and 3: No. I love you for your looks and your personality. You are beyond any woman I've ever loved, even though I've only dated 2 other woman and it didn't work out between either because one was a close friend and it wasn't what I thought it was and the other was my cousin. You were my first real love, and still are. But why I'm even saying this is unknown to me. You'll just comeback with this array of insults to all men. You may not listen, but I'm not giving up on you. *turns around and heads for the door* This isn't over, not by a long shot.

Stephani:(whispers something under her breath)

Gale: *his ears twitch and he turns around* What?


Gale: *sigh* Please. Tell me. Nothing you say can change how I love you and thats that. Just tell me.

Stephani:I’re not that...bad....NOW CAN YOU BEAT IT!?

Gale: *smiles and leaves*

(The next day)

Gale: *walking through the city*

Sammy:So how did it go?

Gale: Pretty well. She said I'm not that that good?

Sammy:I guess.

Gale: Okay. So, Now what? I don't know what to do next. *now urgent*

Sammy:Stop acting like some little kid. Just keep doing what I told you to and you should do fine.

Gale: Alright. Sorry. I've been single for a while. *walks off to find Stephani, twirling his glocks and whistling*

Stephani:(Sitting on a bench, reading a very long book)Would you shut up!? I'm trying to read!

Gale: Huh? Oh. Hey. Sorry. *starts to walk off, a little discouraged, climbing into a tree a little ways away*

Stephani:(Ignores him)

Gale: *drops his glocks to the ground and throws his sword down also and lies back on the branch, resting* Why are you so.......negative? Was your family terrible? Were you a spoiled brat, a Poor girl? What are the secrets that make you this way?

Stephani:The horrible reality known as life made me this way. Nothing more nothing less.

Gale: Your reality doesn't always have to be horrible. Reality is never actuality, as I like to say. I can show you a world beyond all compare, a world of love and peace. But you've never let me try.

Stephani:This made out of hatred..pain and is beyond repair...

Gale: Your world maybe, but I can show you a healing light that just might revive you. Either that, or I take my chances with Plan B. You don't want to know what it is.

Stephani:Look around you. War, lies, and hatred pollutes the world and what's plan B?

Gale: Trust me, I know war. Lies and hatred is of those who spout them. They are what wreck this world, and nothing can stop them, but we can change their ways. I say again, You don't want to know. It is in case of anything you might do to me.

Stephani:Heh. Change...for all the years I've been alive the world hasn't changed.

Gale: Yours hasn't, but that’s because you stand in the way of change. You never allow anything to change because you’re afraid of change. It scares you, so you stay the same and others around you are allowed to hurt you, physically, mentally and emotionally because that’s all you know how to do. You let them do this to you, you attack them and then they come back for more. If you were to ignore there every insult, everything would due time.

Stephani:Stand in the way of...look around you. All those police officers, G.U.N. generals, murderers are still killing. People are still insulting. Even when I was a kid everything stayed the same. Look around, I don't have the problem you do!

Gale: You’re right. They are still killing. I'm not one to talk, because of my years at war, and as Shadow the Hedgehog's cousin, It ain't easy dealing with G.U.N, but Unlike you, I, no matter what life throws at me, look at the brighter side of life. Even when I wish I could just die.........and sometimes when I try to commit suicide, I stay strong and stay bright and loving. It's all a choice. Everything has consequences, but whether you choose to take those consequences as good or evil, or deny them, is your choice.

Stephani Commit suicide? If life's all cheery than why would you want to do that?

Gale: Becuase of my past. My life hasn't always been a paradise. But if you don't believe me, ask................never mind.

Stephani:If you have a bad past then explain to me why you’re trying to convince me that the world is A-Okay?

Gale: Becuase even though my life can become a living hell at will, I can still save any and all others I care about from becoming like me. *gets off the tree and walks over to where she is*

Stephani:Oh, really? I bet you can't and never will save me.

Gale: Really? *pulls her off the bench as a wrecking ball falls and smashes the bench, then moves her out of the way as a bullet speeds by* the heck did that happen?

Gale: *points at Toxic in the bull dozer and Tonic with a sniper rifle* That was just coincidence. I know that’s what you’re going to say. I was really talking about......*grunts and falls over, changing into black creature*

Stephani:(Backflips away from him)What the heck?!

Gale: *stands back up now a black Demonhog with red eyes* Hello, beautiful. Gale sure knows how to pick 'em.

Stephani:Lemme' guess. This is Gale's true form or whatever...look, what do you want from me?

???: Close I'm his negative half. The name's Nephelis. *grins evilly* To torture you. I would take you but, I'm already hitched and have a kid.’re his negative half Gale is married and has a family?

Nephelis: No. We split and became our own beings. I still refuge to myself as his negative half. *he falls over and changes back to Gale*


Nephelis: *chuckles and disappears*

Gale: *panting and falls on his knees from weakness*

Stephani:Gale...are you okay?

Gale: He does that every now and then to make me weak and feed off of it. That Demonhog has proclaimed himself the King of Hell, which is just the inside of the planets core. *stands up slowly* do have some bad in you.

Gale: He left some traces of evil in me, just to keep me from being a complete Gentleman, which is bad for me.

Stephani:Well he's...not THAT bad.

Gale: What you saw was him in a very good mood and barely being held back by me. If he was at full, he would have appeared, done what all these Trolls have been trying to do for many years and been gone before you could blink.

Stephani:Figures..even bad boys are jerks.

Gale: Nephelis isn't a bad boy. He's a Demon. I'm somewhat of in between a bad boy and normal. *picks up his guns and straps them to his belt and throws his sword over his shoulder*

Stephani:(Chuckles)Oh really? Cause' I thought you were a bad boy.

Gale: Heh. I am, just not in a way you'd understand. Anyway. I'll let you get back to your book. *snaps and a large Harley motorcycle rides up and stops behind him* *gets on it*

Stephani:(Shocked)Is that..yours?

Gale: Did I forget to mention I own my own motorcycle business? It Gotta pay the bills somehow. It isn't always easy being an RAV, Retired Army Veteran. Anyway. *puts on a pair of sunglasses and a bandanna, revving the engine* Why you ask?

Stephani:You don't seem like that type of guy.

Gale: You misjudged me.

Stephani:Well I have a tendency to judge books by their covers. (Thros her book into the mud)That's why that one sucked.

Gale: *smiles* I can see.

Stephani:(Climbs on the motorcycle) So, has fast can this baby go?

Gale: *chuckles* Well, just hold on and you'll see. *revs it and they climb to 150 mph then he pulls it up and the bike rises into the air*


Gale: *smiles wide* WAAAAAAAAAAHOOOOOOOOOOOOO HA HA HA!!! *the bike flies 5,000 feet into the air and levels off* I love this bike.

Stephani:(Slips off and starts to fall)

Gale: NO!!! *dives down and sweeps under her, seating her on the bike again* I said to hang on to me. You okay, Stephani? *looks back at her*

Stephani:Yeah..a little shaken but I'm okay.

Gale: I told you to hang on tight. Now, you might wanna hang on tighter. We're about to go down.

Stephani:(Hangs on tighter)

Gale: *flies straight up and stalls out, free-falling* YEEEEEEEEEEEEEHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA


Gale: *pulls up 10 feet above an airport runway and lands, riding down it and driving back onto the main road* What a ride, huh? *grinning, slowing down and turning into a motorcycle garage parking lot and parking it*

Stephani:Yeah..(puts her arms on his shoulders and kisses him)

Gale: *holds the kiss, a bit surprised*

Stephani:(Breaks it)What you surprised?

Gale: Nah. You just caught me off guard. *smiles, pulling off the bandanna and glasses* So, this means...

Stephani:(Looks at her watch)It means I gotta' go. (Runs off)

Gale: *sighs and smiles* You’re a real mystery, Steph. *goes into the Motorcycle garage*

(that night)

Gale: *closes up shop, heads home and goes inside, whistling Ode to Joy*

Sammy:(Walks up to him)Sooo what happeeeened?

Gale: You could have told me she loves bad boys. If she knew the part of me she never saw, we would have been just fine the entire time. *smirks and takes off his shoes* So, why are you here?

Sammy:Oh, ya' know hangin' around.

Gale: Eh, Okay. *goes inside* Well then, when you see your sister later, ask her for the details. She'll tell ya. Seeya later, Sammy. *closes the door and heads for his room to get changed*

Chapter Five:Nephelis Strikes Back!

(The next day)

Gale: *wakes up and gets in the shower*

(After that)

Gale: *gets dressed and heads outside and goes for a walk before he goes to work*

(He sees a nickel on the ground)

Gale: Huh? *reaches to grab the nickel* Here comes the trap, I just know it.

(Just making it more specific)

(The penny shocks him and the Grimwood girls can be seen giggling behind a tree)

Gale: *chuckles* Good one, girls. *draws his Scimitars* Now, who's first?

Stephani:(Runs in front of the Grimwood Girls, thus shielding them)What the f*** is wrong with you Gale!?

Gale: Oooooooooh..........*sheaths his swords* I.............................uh.........I........didn't know. <=(

Stephani:You didn't knoe that they were friggin' innocent children! You men are all the same!

Gale: No......I didn't see them.............I.....................I...........*sigh* Fine. Goodbye, Stephani. *fades into oblivion*

The Grimwood Girls:(Makes WTF faces)

???: Nice job, toots.

Stephani:What job!? Show yourself!

Nephelis: *comes up out of the ground stern face* You just took out my greatest ally and enemy. I'm both proud and upset now. Conflict of Interests.

Stephani:Wow..he died just because I told him not to kill these innocent children? That's just sad.

Nephelis: Oh, he ain't dead. He faded. He's come back before, but with how low he just sunk, It'll take a miracle to bring him back from this one.

Stephani:Well I'm not that miracle because one, he needs to learn how to take rejection and not have a nervous breakdown EACH time I say something.

Nephelis: Wow. He was right. You truly are a b*tch. He loved you beyond compare and you treat him like sh*t the first time he makes a mistake. I told him there were others, he knew there were others, he even tried others, but he was so content on getting you and now he could be gone forever.

Stephani:Wow..really?! Really you son of a......gun! He acts like a friggin' baby he loves me because guess what? Here comes the twist. He’s obsessed! He needs to get over me! He says I have a problem all I was doing was defending these children from him!? Huh, I should let him murder these children just because he's obsessed. I'm tired of you people judging me!

Nephelis: *smirks* Hmmm, I didn't expect that. Gale was right again. You treat everybody who looks at you the wrong way like a troll treats you. You despise everybody because that’s all you know how to do. I must say. Gale didn't come to this observation quickly, but alas, I have seen it with my own eyes. And By the way, He never said any of that. I was just provoking you to see how you'd react. And trust me, he's not a baby. He could have slit your throat, murdered those kids and been on his merry way, But Galen wouldn't allow it. The real Gale was let loose on your brother when they first met. You judge others......the same way they judge you. You are your own troll. If you’re gonna take it out on anybody, take it out on yourself. It's the simple truth. Anyway, I'll let you reflect on that. Ta Ta, toots. *disappears through the ground*

Stephani:NO I don't despise everybody! You treat me like sh** and don't expect me to react this way!? I try and save them and now I"M THE TROLL YOU KNOW WHAT GET OUT OF MY LIFE! I DIDN"T DO A DANG THING WRONG!

Nephelis: *pops out of the ground* I know. You see your right about everything you just said. And, I did expect you to act that way. By the way, the gale that faded not 10 minutes ago, that was a substitute that I created. I just like messing with people. Gale's still at his house. *chuckles* Till next time. *disappears under the ground*

Stephani:You know what this is just confusing. I'm going home. (Heads home)

Chapter Six:Weird Voices give good Guidance on dates

Gale: *walking home from work, whistling*

(Gale hears an old voice in his head)

???:You know she likes you, right? You know she can't stand you....and because of that she's attracted to you.

Gale: I understand this. I just need to keep trying. I can't lose her like Sel.

Voice:I see. Who is this....Sel as you call her. How did you lose her?

Gale: Not sure. Her name is Selenia. I'm not sure, really. Maybe because she was my cousin. Anyway, I need to let her go.

Voice:If you can let Selenia go...then why can't you do the same with Stephani?

Gale: Because. 1:I'm not sure. 2:She's not my cousin. 3: If I was to, she would either hate me, or stalk me. It's the whole reverse-psychology thing that I've figured out.

(The two see Stephani approaching) Voice:We'll talk later Gale.

Gale: Okay Here we go. Nephelis messed with her. *sigh* I'm in for it now.

'Stephani:So Gale,(sarcastic)I just came back from a lovely run-in with your other half.

Gale: Yeah. I'm so sorry for him. I never liked him. He cloned me?

Stehani:(Folds her arms)Mmm-hm.

Gale: *holds up a hand* Ignore it. Easy hint for ya, I have brown eyes, the clones have green. They are made of Chaos Energy.

Stephani:His bangs were in the way.

Gale: *points at his spiked hair* Also, I have no bangs. Just ignore the idiot. I never understand his motives.

Stephani:So...where you headed?

Gale: Home. Left the bike at the shop.


Gale: Yeah. You wanna come with? *smiles*

Stephani:I guess.

Gale: Cool. *snaps and they teleport to his living room* Thought it would be easier.

Stephani:*Sigh*You really can't be simple can you? I wanted a nice stroll but teleportation is nice...I guess.

Gale: =I *face palm* I always screw that up. Let me fix this. *about to teleport them to a nearby beach* Eh, Maybe I shouldn't.

Stpehani:*Smiles*This should be alright.

Gale: Okay. How you been?

Stephani:Good I guess.

Gale: Good.......... *smiles*

Stephani:But not that good.

Gale: You mean the "Nephelis" thing?

Stephani:That and..other things,

Gale: Like what?

Stephani:I keep hearing this voice in my head.

Gale: Weird. I was hearing it too on my way home, until I saw you. Then it stopped. *shrug*

(The voice speaks to Gale in his head)

Voice:Strange indeed.

Gale: And it's back.

Stpehani:I don't hear anything.

Voice:What a lovely surprise! Ms. Stephani Bell's here.

Gale: Yes she is. Now, WHO ARE YOU?!?

Stpehani:Um I'm Stephani duh!

Voice:Oh, I'm your best friend...if you want me to be.

Gale: Not you Stephani. Talking to the voice in my head. It's come back..............Wow I sound insane. (*Thinking*.................What?)0

The Voice:Trust'll sound even worse without my guidance. *Snickers*

Gale: Stephani, I'm sorry, If I sound stupid. (*thoughts* What guidance?)

Voice:You need guidance. *Snickers*

Gale: (*thinking* Oh Jeez. At least what gender are you?)

Voice:What gend!? I'M OBVIOUSLY A GUY FOOL! Er-I mean I'm a male.

Gale: (*thinking* That takes a load off.)

Voice:Grey haired punk..Er-I mean grey kid!

Gale: (*thinking* Weirdo.) Anyway. What was you voice tellin' ya?

Stephani:He told me he could comfort me and if I trusted him I would never be alone again.

Gale: Mine's saying I need his guidance. *shrug*

Stephani:What did yours sound like.

Gale: A guy, 30, maybe 40.

Stephani:The voice in my head sounded way older.

Gale: Hmmm, Maybe.

Stephani:(Looks at her watch)Great I need to work the night shift tonight. See you tomorrow Gale. (Runs off)

Gale: Okay Seeya........................Wait WHAT?!? Night Shift?

Voice:Night shift. You know when people work at night.

Gale: Yes, but she told me she was a bounty hunter. When did bounty hunters have night shifts? *goes to bed and shuts out the voice*

Voice:She also said she was a plumber by the way you can't shut me out. You can only accept me.

Gale: Fine. I'll "accept you" *rolls his eyes* about a sh*ty job. *chuckles* Well, it's her way of getting money. No offense against her. *goes to bed*

Chapter Seven:The Stranger Reveals Himself!!! (Break UP X2!)

(The next morning)

{C Voice:Good morning. Meet me in the sewers...PRONTO!

Gale: *sigh* Fine. *gets up, gets dressed and heads for the sewers*

(In the sewers)

(Gale can't see the mysterious man but he does see eyes with red irises and black pupils belonging to Suprano)

Gale: *sarcastically* Wow, this couldn't be a set up.

Suprano:This isn't a set up fool!

Gale: Krin and Droget have told me all about you, Suprano.

Suprano:First off I know your lying because they barely know anything about me themselves.

Gale: THey at least told me what they know about you. What do you want, you slime slacking frog.

Suprano:I just long for a grandson. I already have a granddaughter but not a son. I could guide you.

Gale:............................................WHAT?!? Creepy old frog. I'm not gonna be your grandson.

(A teenage girl cloaked in a black coat hiding her face and body not much younger than Gale walks behind Gale)

Girl:You DARE call grandpa creepy!?

Gale: And you are? *without looking, grabs the hilt of his great sword*

Girl:I'm his granddaughter and my name is of no importance. You’re a fool to go against grandpa. You'll wither to nothing without him.

Gale: And tell me why is this? I see no reason to "wither".

Girl:I can give you countless reasons but the main one that comes to mind is your a love-sick fool. If he stops helping you with Stephani you won't know what to do and you'll be depressed.

Gale: Helping? How so? And I've grown over the emotions of depression.

Suprano:So you’re telling us if Stephani was to leave forever you would be completely okay?

Gale: Oh, I'd miss her enough to kill myself, but, no depression or sadness. I’ve got friends and a life to live. Can't spend my time being sorry for myself.

Suprano:Sad enough to kill yourself you say?

Gale: I'd be in your best interests not to mess with me. I've got a Demon inside that could kill you instantaneously.

Suprano:We'll see about that. Your dismissed.

Gale: Don't even think about it. *chaos controls back to his house and goes for a walk*

(Stephani passes him and keeps walking)

Gale: *gulps* (thinking: This can't be good.) Stephani? <=I

Stephani:Shut up.

Gale: (Thoughts: Oh jeez. I knew it. He was controlling her to love me.) What did he tell you?

Stephani:It's none of your beeswax what the voice told me today all that's important is for you to buzz off!

Gale: *steps in front of her and grabs her* WHATEVER IT TOLD YOU IS A LIE!!! THE VOICE IS SUPRANO!!!

Stephani:(Slaps him)Get your dirty hands off of me I couldn't care less if the voice was C minor! IT"S MY CONSCIOUS PUNK!

Gale: *clenches his fists and faces her, eyes glowing red* YOU FOOL!!! *uses chaos beam on her*

Stephani:(Falls back hurt and starts crying)He WAS right about you! (Runs off)

Gale: *luaghs menially* Master Nephelis will be pleased that at least one clone isn't a fail. *disappears*

Real Gale: *awakens from meditation in his room* No. *sighs* It's over. *sobs for his loss*

Suprano:(In his head)*Laughing*What did I tell you. I told you would pay didn't I?

Gale: *sits up and smiles* I haven't paid. She has. Your pawn now trusts you, but now that it's over, your probably done with her. And You can't stay inside me.

Galen: *inside Suprano's head* Get out of my master, or you will be driven insane.

Gale: I still win. I'm not stupid enough to walk into anything without a backup.

Suprano:Still,you lost Stephani. You probably will never see her again.

Gale: Thats a price I'm willing to take. You just lost your pawn.

Suprano:What pawn? Are you referring to Stephani because she's heading to The Dark Pond Kingdom right now and I know you'll follow her because your nothing without Stephani.

Gale: What she does now, Is not my problem. *Meditates*

Galen: I think I'll stick around to see what happens.


Chapter Eight:The dilema.

Gale: *leaves his house and heads into town* I wonder Fa-La-Stu is doing?

Fa-La-Stu:(Bumps into Gale) *Blushes*Oh, hiiiii Gale.

Gale: Oh hey, Ruth.........What?

Fa-La-Stu:Who's Ruth?

Gale:.............I don't know. Wierd. How you been? *smiles*

Fa-La-Stu:Good how have you been?

Gale: Not so good. Just had a bad break-up. And It wasn't even my fault. Suprano was controlling the girl and Nephelis just made it worse.

Fa-La-Stu:Who's Suprano and Nephelis?

Gale: Krin and Droget could fill you in on Suprano. Nephelis is my negative side.

Nephelis: *pops out of the ground* Hello.

Gale: Shut it, life ruiner.

Nephelis: Not my fault the clone did that. You should have gone before he did.

Gale: Shut it.

Nephelis: Fine. *leaves*

Gale: That was Nephelis.

Fa-La-Stu:How did he ruin your life?

Gale: He's half the reason Stephani hates me.

Fa-LA-Stu:I wish we could trade places I'm in the middle of a relationship that I don't want to be in.

Gale: Oh Jeez. That sounds terrible.

Fa-La-Stu:Yes and anytime I tell him that I'm still in love with this other guy...he never believes me.

Gale: Hm. Who's the guy your with?

Fa-LA-Stu:Net the Warthog. I feel like dumping him but at the same time I now I can't besides...I'm pretty sure we're technically married since I'm the princess and he's the prince now.

Gale: *sigh* That's not good.

Fa-LA-Stu:I'll just have to live with it I guess.

Gale: Yeah. Same here. I'm single again. I guess I'm on the market again.

Fa-La-Stu:There's always Rachel or is she too stalkerish for you?

Gale: Rachel???

Rachel:You know the goat at the Gun base who works at the front desk and is the phone operater there.

Gale: Ooooh............@Fa-La-Stu: Yeah.

Fa-La-Stu:So your interested?

Gale: No I mean she's way to stalkish.

Fa-La-Stu:Oh come on she's not that....

Rachel:(Running around frantically)I GOT HIS OLD UNDERWEAR!

Fa-LA-Stu:Okay I see your point.

Gale: O_O She kinda scares me.

Fa-La-Stu:Who wouldn't be scared of her?

Gale: Amy.

Fa-La-Stu:Well see ya' Gale.

Gale: Seeya. *walks off* Good luck in your.....relationship. *smiles*

Sammy:*Walks up to Gale*Yeah,...Stephani moved out. She says she's movin' to a place called the Dark Pond Kingdom.

Gale: Suprano. An evil frog king has taken over her mind. She thinks it's her consience and now she hates me becuase of it and Nephelis.

(The girl from earlier is behind them)

Girl:He hasn't taken over her mind. He is simply giving her instructions. He warned you Gale. He warned you.

Sammy:Who are you?!

Gale: Go, before I return you to your precious grampa in strips of meat. *draws his great sword*

Girl:Funny thing. That's what the Gale do to Stephani. Maybe your not to different from them after all. (Walks away then turns her head)By the way you can never defeat me. (Walks away)

Gale: Those clones attack everything. I fight only those who go up against me.

(By the time Gale finishes his sentence the girl is already gone)

Sammy:*Sigh*Great, now I'll never see my sis again.

Gale:...........................Yes you will. We need to stop this. *gives him a stack of gold bars* Buy some guns and meet me at my house in 2 hours. We leave at 5:00. *runs off*

Chapter Nine:Enter the Dark Pond Kingdom.

(Sammy is at Gale's house in two hours with a box full of guns)

Gale: Good. *covered in guns, in their holsters* Get them put together and on. We're going after your sis. She may hate me, that shouldn't stop you.

(Does what he says)

Sammy:Oh, I dunno' this seems pretty dangerous.

Gale: You atleast need her back. Come on. *walks out* It'll be dangerous but, I have a man that can help out in case.

Alasdair: *appears* Called me?

Gale: Yep.

Sammy:(Nods)So everything's going A-Okay except for one major do we find her?

Gale: I know where she is.


Gale: We'll need to split up. You go to a swer tunnel about a half a mile east of town, where "I" met Suprano this morning. Alasdair search Suprano's Pond, I'll go north and use my Tracker Orb to track him elsewhere


(Later in the Sewers)


(Later in Suprano's Dark pond Kingdom)

Stephani:So this is your kingdom? Pretty spacious.

The mysterious cloaked girl:WHAT’S THAT SUPPOSED TO MEAN!?

Stephani:I'm just saying it's big not empty.


???: Gale was right to send me here.

Suprano:GAH! I've should've been checking my orb!

Girl:(Gets in a defensive stance) Who goes there?

Stephani:Did you say Gale?

???: So you’re Stephani. You've got everything wrong. Remind me to kill Nephelis after this. (the fairly buff Lionolf walks out of the shadows, scimitar and axe drawn)

(Gale suddenly drops in) I know you hate me Steph, But this isn't for me, It's for your brother.

Stephani:I'm not goin' back tell my family to join us if they really love me!

Sammy:(Comes in)Say it isn't so!

Suprano:It looks like Stephani already came to a decision.

Gale: Your not in your right mind Stephani.

Alasdair: You drove right into his plot.........or atleast Nephelis did.

Stephani:He doesn't have a plot! Here I'm safe! From Nephelis from everything!

Gale: No your not. *smirks* Did you know that Suprano is a Troll of our friend Droget?

Suprano:Yeah right I don't even look anything like him.

Mysterious Girl:Your jokes fail to amuse.

Gale: Nope. Still not safe from Nephelis.

Alasdair: Lets go.

Sammy:*Sigh*I guess my only option is to join Suprano.

Gale: Oh come on.

Alasdair: I think we're failing.

Gale: I know.

Suprano:(Rises from his throne)Leave this kingdom...NOW!

Gale: As a General, I've learned to never give up. I always have a fallback plan. Say goodbye to your minions, Suprano. *snaps and disappears*

Alasdair: You lose.

Suprano:Running away are we eh?

Alasdair: Nope. Running to the past. He's going to finish this once and for all.

(the time line starts to distort)

Alasdair: Seeya.

(suddenly everything changes, and Suprano is left alone, Stephani forgets about Gale and so does Sammy and disappear)

Alasdair: Bye. *dissappears*

Chapter Ten:Time Reboot:Fa-La-Stu's Secret is Revealed (Again...)!

(Back at Gale's house)

Gale: Goodbye Stephani. *walking out of his house and down the street.*


Gale: *sees her and passes by her heading for a nearby Pizza place*

Stephani:...(doesn't look his way)

(In the dark pond kingdom)

Mysterious Girl:Ugh...grandpa...I feel..strange what did those idots do?

Suprano:Grrr...he attempted to reverse the timeline to slightly alter history so he never met Stephani and he suceeded but the Dark pond ingdom remains unaffected.

Mysterious Girl:What do we do now?

Suprano:I think we should teach Gale a lesson!

(with Gale)

Gale: *walks out of the place and walks to the park* I wonder If Fa La Stu got out of that bad relationship yet?

Fa-LA-Stu:(Right behind him)I heard that through telepathy and no,I'm still not out of it. I just can't bring myself to tell Net.

Gale: Oh. Sorry. Anyway, I can help?

Fa-La-Stu:You want to help me?

Gale: Yeah. I'm sure I can help you somehow.

Fa-La-Stu:Well...I guess you could... (Suprano grabs Fa-LA-Stu by the neck)

Suprano:Make a move and pinky gets it!

Gale: *gasps and glares at him* Leave her alone. She has nothing to do with this.

Suprano:Shows how much you know...Fa-LA-Stu loves you least more than Stephani Fa-LA-Stu's the only one who loves you now thanks yo your little time reboot!

Fa-La-Stu:(Barely understandable thanks to Suprano's shocking grip) Shut....up!

Suprano:Heres the run away and the girl dies or you fight me and the girl lives....choose wisely now...oh, and maybe I should mention..maybe I'll fight you..(SMirks)..or maybe I'll make you my grandson.

Gale: Or three. *whistles*

(Charger, Alex, Justin, Dronic, and Alasdair appear and surround Suprano)

Gale: You let her go and surrender.

Suprano:...(Smiles)I warned you. (He bangs Fa-LA-Stu's face on the ground several times on the cement splattering blood on the ground, throws her at a light pole, then takes out his wand and uses a fire spell on her)Tsk tsk really don't care much for the you?

Gale: *his eyes go wide* NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! *goes Blood Nova Gale* You five take her and get her healed. SUPRANO, YOU WILL DIE!!! *SCREAMS*

Others: *takes Fa-La-Stu home and heals her completly*

Suprano:Bring it on punk! (His robe becomes red with stars on it and his hat turns pointy)

Max Wizard Suprano:EAT FLAME! (He takes out his wand and molten hot lava gushes out of it)

Gale: *takes the blast full force but nothing happens* CHAOS...

Alasdair: NO!! Gale, stop. Not that one, you'll destroy us all.

Gale: COLLAPSE!!!!!

(All of time stops and all Chaos Energy in him, fuses together into a huge Minotuar creature with a halberd)

Huntaros: *ROARS*

Suprano:(Just stands there smirking with his arms folded)

Huntaros: *Charges at him*

Suprano:(A giant ice beam emits from his wand towards the giant bull)

(Remember not to godmod)

(I know)

Huntaros: *still charging, peeling away slowly as he gets closer*

Suprano:(Smirks and the area gets so foggy that Suprano isn't visible anymore)

Stephani:(Appears behind the raging bull)I can't believe sick monster. Oh, let me guess your gonna' say this is just Nephelis' fault, You just can't control yourself can you? And to think that I loved you...*starts crying*

Gale: Yes, I betrayed you. But your not the real Stephani. I don't believe you. I'm sorry I ruined you Stephani. But thats why I erased me from your memory. *charges through the fog, now himself, grabs Suprano by the neck and shoves him against a building wall, binding his hands and feet with brick, covered in Chaos Energy*

Alasdair: *goes into the fog* Show yourself.

(The Suprano that Gale grabbed turns to liquid and melts away)

Stephani:(Shape shifts into Suprano)You really thought I was the real Stephani>? HA! Shows how much you care about her! (Lightning shoots out of his wand towards Gale)

Gale: *dodges it easily* I knew it wasn't the real Stephani. *grabs Suprano*

Alasdair: *grabs him from behind and puts his scimitar to his throat* Move and die.

(A sword goes through Alasdair's back while Suprano uses a flame spell to ignite Gale)

Mysterious Girl:(Frowns)I thought you could take these dweebs on by yourself grandpa!

Suprano:Hush or I'll send you to bed!

Alasdair: *breaks the sword* Nice try, but I'm more than you think.

Gale: *doesn't budge, as the fires go out easily*

Suprano:(Jabs his hat at Gale, thus blood getting on his hat)HA! Tata now I can make the perfect granchild!

Mysterious Girl:(Glares at him)

Suprano:Next to you of course. (The two teleport away and the fog clears up)

Gale: *smirks* *Come on Alasdair. *appears at Fa-La-Stu's castle and goes in* Fa-La-Stu?

Alasdair: *disappears*

(Fa-La-Stu walks down from the stairs)

Fa-La-Stu:Yes Gale?

Gale: You okay?

Fa-La-Stu:Yeah...just a little...embarrassed.(Blushes)

Gale: *looks down* I already kinda knew. You kinda gave it away last time we talked. Why else would I ask to help, other than the fact that I like helping you.

Fa-La-Stu:Y-you like helping me? *Sigh*If only you were fourteen.

Gale: *sigh* I wish I could be. The youngest I can get is 16, and I haven't tried that before.......................Wait, What I I could make you older, just a year. I can try to get 16.

Fa-LA-Stu:I don't think I'm willing to turn fifteen. Besides...Net would notice and I have a plan on how to get rid of him. Please...please try your hardest to turn fifteen I'll even try and empower the transformation. (Gale starts glowing green chaos enegy)Hurry I can't empower you for long.

Gale: Thank you. *smiles and glows, becoming 15* Hmm, How do I look? *still pretty, buff*

Fa-LA-Stu:*Smiles*You look wonderful now heres the plan:I cry in my room then Net hears me. He'll asky why then I'll lie and tell him that my parents assigned me to marry the prince of Twerunka. That's where you come in Gale. You'll pretend to be the prince of Twerunka. You'll come in my room and you'll escort Net out. He'll probably won't budge without a fight though so you might have to fight him and after you win my butler will escort him out and there goes my Net problem. So, you in on the plan?

Gale:..............Ever thought of trying to tell him you don't love him? Honestly it would be bad if we were saw without this whole masqurade going on. I'm not trying to tick you off. I just think it would be better.

Fa-LA-Stu:Yeah...I guess it would be better but the thing is....he's going to be heart-broken. Plus he was recently crowned prince by the kingdom because were boyfriend and girlfriend now technically were bound together unless another prince comes and was arranged by my parents. The third option is killing him but I don't want to go that far...

Gale:..........I guess your right... but we'll need to sort this out sooner or later with your parents.....okay?

Fa-La-Stu:...*Sigh*My parents are dead Gale.

Gale: =I.............Oooooooh. I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to...

Fa-La-Stu:It's okay. You can go take a walk while I prepare the the plan.

Gale: Of course, your Majesty. *smiles and walks out, happily*

Fevine:(Bumps into Gale)Oh, please don't beat me up!..(Turns around to run but he realizes who he bumped into)G-Gale? Is that you?

Gale: *smiles* Well, hello Fevine. Don't ask about my age, just a plan to help Fa-La-Stu.

Fevine:What do you mean by....(grins)wait a second you like Fa-La-Stu don't you?

Gale: No.......I love her. And as I guessed, she loves me. Anyway.

Fevine:So what about Net?

Gale: I just said we have a plan. Anyway...

Fevine:Also I detected there was a recent reboot in the flow of time. Do you know anything about it?

Gale: Oh yeah. That was me.

Fevine:What did you do that for?

Gale: To save Stephani Bell from becoming Suprano's slave, though I sacrificed my chance at keeping him from cloning me and making that clone his grandson.

Fevine:Whoa whaoa found Suprano's kingdom?! We've been searching for it for months!

Gale: Actually, I found it twice.

Fevine:No way!

Gale Yep.

Fevine:(His Watch beeps)Gotta' go! Don't want to miss a meeting of the unofficial Smash the Echidna Fan Club. (Runs off)

Chapter Eleven:The Warthog and the Hedgehog: Net Vs Gale

(Fa-La-Stu is crying in her room)

Net:Fa-La?What's wrong?

Fa-La-Stu:Oh, it's terrible! *Sniff*My parents signed a contract saying that when I turn fourteen years of age I'll have to marry....the prince of Twerunka!!!!

Net:(Hugs her)Then don't marry him. Your in charge of your future not a piece of paper.

Gale: *walks in* this a bad time, princess?

Fa-La-Stu:But I must Net! It's the law. (Sees Gale and winks at him) Oh, Net there the prince of Twerunka is now! (Cries) We don't have much time left my love..

Net:Please your highness, don’t force her.

Gale: Um...............I think you should go. I would like to speak to the princess alone. \=I

Net:Alright.(Kisses Fa-La's cheeck and whispers to her)I'll be by the door if anything happens.(He leaves the room and closed the door and standby)

Gale: (telepathically to her: Well, that sucked.)

Fa-La-Stu:What do we do now!?

Gale:................Uh scream........ and..........I don't know.. *facepalm*


Fa-LA-Stu:*Whispers*I've got it! *Screaming*NO! NET FIGHT HIM! WHOEVER WINS THIS DUEL WILL MARRY ME!

Net:(Rushes in the room)I'll do to protect the one I love. So get ready.(Gets in a battle stance)

Gale: Oh Jeez.


Gale: *sigh* What I do for others. *draws his Scimitars*

Net:(Charges at Gale, his fists ready)

Gale: Ugh. Here we go.

Net:(Punches and kicks)

Gale: *grabs his hand and foot and throws him into a wall* I really don't wanna do this.

Net:(Stands up and head-butts him)

Gale: *Head-butts* him and doesn't react, slamming him back a bit*

Net:(Comes out the wall and pants a bit)

Gale: Sorry. *twirls his scimitars and sheaths them prepares for another attack*

Net:(Charges at Gale again)

Gale: *sigh*

Net:(Head-butts him and then kicks him)

Gale: *takes the head butt without reaction and grabs his foot and twists it, twisting him*

Net:(Whines in pain, but grabs his arm and flips him)

Gale: *flips and kicks off of a nearby wall mid-flip and rolls over near the door, standing quickly*

Net:(Pants and charges again)

Gale: *sigh* The charging isn't working. Sorry about this. *throws him out the doors*

Net:(Shakes the rubble off him)I know. But I don't want the one I love to be force to marry.

Gale: *looks at her, then looks back at Net* I'm not forcing her to marry me........You are. You want her to marry you.

Net:Wha?I'm not asking her to marry me .That's her choice, I just want her to not do what the contract said.

Gale:............Oh. Never mind then. *looks at Fa-La-Stu* (thoughts: I'm trying my best not to tell him the truth.) Anyway...*turns back*

Fa-la-Stu:Listen Net, you don't get it! Since your dating me the kingdom is going to arrange a wedding soon! So in a way you are marrying me and there's no way to get out of this except for this duel...not that I want you to leave Net. (Winks at Gale)

Gale: *smiles* What she said.

Net:(Smiles)I don't want to leave you either Fa-La. Well, I wanted to ask you to begin with.(Holds out a box with a ring in it)So will you marry me?

Gale: * sits silently*

Fa-La-Stu:Sorry Net but...I love....Gale...

Gale: *slightly surprised*

Fa-La-Stu:C'mon Gale. Stay fifteen. For me..we can get married.

Net:Why?I know I'm not royalty but, you mean the world to me.

Fa-La-Stu:*sigh*Net...Gale isn't royalty, there is no contract, there is no prince of Twerunka, alright? I made that up to protect. I didn't want to say to your face that I wasn't in love with you....Now Gale...please...PLEASE marry me.

Gale: I'm a General for queen Annamaria, a kingdom that fights against the Demon Kingdom.

Net:Then why did you pick me? Was I just a play thing?

Gale: *looks at Net* I'm sorry. I know your pain. I've just gotten out of a bad relationship.

Net:Thanks Gale,so do you love Fa-la or is she the one in love?

Gale: I've always known I'd have one love. I'm as shocked as you are, but........yes. I love her.

Gale: *smiles* I promise to protect her.

Net:Thank you Gale. Would it be alright if I stay in this castle as the head guard? That way, I can still be here.

Gale: I don't mind.

Net:Thank you.Maybe we can spar when we have free time too.

Gale: Of Course. Thank you for understanding. Um, could we have a moment alone please?

Net:Sure.(Leaves the room)

Gale: *closes the doors and turns to her* I think that went well.

Fa-La-Stu:It went better than expected.

Chapter Twelve: The Intruder

(Three weeks later a mysterious man that looks exactly like Gale except for thin red streaks running down his spine walks to the castle gates and speaks to Net)

???:It's his fault you know...

Net:Who are you? And what are you talking about?

{C Elag:Just call me Elag...and I'm talking about Gale...he altered the flow of time..if it wasn't for him Fa-La-Stu still would've loved you but now she doesn't love you thanks to Gale.

Net:You don't think I know that. I have friends who watch what's going on. I know there is no prince, no contract. But I want to stay by her side, in case someone plans to take her life and I love her still.

Alag:What I"m trying to say is in a way Gale MADE Fa-La-Stu love him. He altered history. If he never altered it you would still be Fa-La_Stu's boyfriend but since he altered time she married him. So if it wasn't for him changing the timeline you'd still be with Fa-La-Stu.

Net:I'll ask him myself. Something tells me your trying to use me to kill Gale. I bet you changed history. But I need to make sure before taking action.

Alag:I do want to kill Gale me I'm telling the truth. Not only did my grandpa tell me about the time reboot but I have all the memories of Gale. You have to believe me. Gale will never tell you the truth.

Net:You know,something?


Net:It's your name.Its backwards.

Net:I want to know the whole story. Right at the very beginning.

Elag:Gale had a girlfriend named Stephani but she hated him. Blablabla mushy gushy. Eventually she was taken prisoner and the only way to save her was altering history so he never met Stephani since Stephani was out of the way and time was altered the person who held Stephani hostage attacked Fa-La-Stu and Gale saved. her. Fa-La-Stu was so grateful she fell madly in love with him and here we are now. If Gale never altered time you would still be with Fa-La-Stu.

Net:Hm.Hey can you travel in time and change my appearance?

Elag:I can only travel time with an ounce of Gale's blood. By the way, whose appearance do you want me to change?

Net:Gale of course. We’re going back to the time before Stephani was captured. That may fix the timeline.

Elag:*Sigh*What's your plan? How are you going to fix the timeline by looking like Gale and going into the past. Oh, and when I say captured I mean this. The evil king who captured her convinced her to come to his kingdom so by captured I mean negotiated.

Net:I'll meet her and try to talk her out of it. We have to be at the right time when that happens.

Elag:Gale already tried to talk her out of it but she didn't listen that's why he had to alter time. Besides, I need some of Gale's blood to time travel.

Net:Then we have to get to the king before both Gale and Stephani do.

(Then soon Noven came with a once of Gale's blood with Llash)

Noven:Got what you need.

Llash:Noven chaos controlled to the hospital Gale goes to and got his blood.

Chapter Thirteen: Time Travel Mayhem

Elag:Excellent now..

(Gale walks down the stairs enraged at what he heard)

Elag:(Opens a time portal)Hurry Net! Go back about two weeks, find the Dark Pond Kingdom and kill the king there. I'm counting on you.

Gale: *walks in, scimitars drawn* Destroy the portal now, Elag.

Net:So once I step in,I turn to Gale?

Elag:Yes Net! (Pushes Net in as the portal closes)

Net:Whoa (As he falls in the time portal he turns into Gale)Well here I am. I better hurry.(Goes to the Dark pond Kingdom)


Elag:Now, Gale...let's talk...

Gale: You idiot. She was in love with me, BEFORE, she met him.

Elag:Still if you never reversed time and succeeded in bringing Stephani back Stephani would've married you, thus solving the Fa-La-Stu problem. By the way...where is Fa-La-Stu.

Gale: In her room. Stephani never liked me. Let alone ever marry me.

Elag:She did love you..she was just too afraid of Nephelis to be with you...(Heads to Fa-La-Stu's room)

Gale: I can't Let you destroy me or what has happened. *disappears*

Elag:(Smirks and disappears as well)

(In the past)

Net:(Pants and looks at the castle)I made it. Just in time too.(Walks to the castle)

(A girl cloaked in a black coat grabs Net by the neck)???:Intruders aren't welcome in the Dark Pond Kingdom.

Net:(Grins)Oh, well your king has a meeting with me.(Blows powder in her eyes to temporarily blind her, knock her out and rushes into the castle to the king's throne room)

Gale: *appears in front of him, stopping him short* Oh no you don't.

(As he reaches the throne room several guards stab him in the back with spears)Suprano:So you decided to attack my granddaughter eh? (Uses a fire spell on Net)Wrong choice.

Net:Gale ,Why do you want to take Fa-La away from me? Didn’t you listen to Elag?(Shakes the blade off and gets burnt by the fire making his Gale disguise wear off)You ruined everything!

Gale: Hey, It's not my fault she loves me and not you. But this is not the way to take care of it.

(A beam of lightning shoots out of Suprano's wand towards Net)Suprano:Silence!

Net:(Uses some guards as human shields)The way you save someone was wrong too. Changing time to destroy others’ lives?

Gale: I never did that. I changed the past to save Stephani, not change Fa-La's love life.

Net:Then why all the lies?

Gale: She didn't want to hurt you. She knew you'd be heart-broken.

Net:Are you blind? Why else would I be doing this? And why did you leave her alone. Do you really trust that Elag with her?

Gale: * transports himself to Fa-la-Stu's room in regular time. When he arrives the window is broke open and blood is on the bed) * Noven:Looks like a struggle happened..

Llash:I hope the blood isn't the princess's.

Gale:............O_O............*jumps out the window and follows Elag's power source*

(Back in the past with Net)

Net:Tell me, why did you take Gale's girl!?

Suprano:Because he refused to be my grandson

Net:Why do you want him for a grandson?

Suprano:You wouldn't understand.

Net:(Bends down at him a a tearful face)I would, if you just tell me. Please, the woman I love may be in great danger, I felt it the moment I left.

Suprano:...kill Gale....I'll then help you...besides I have a hunch he's the source of your problems.

Net:How would that help? Gale is strong, and I only go after those who would attack my friends and Fa-La.

Suprano:Fine if you don't kill him I shall not help you.

Net:Okay. (Leaves the castle and talks on his phone) Hey, can you dress up like Gale? I'll explain on the way.

(In the present)

Fevine:(Bumps into Gale)Gale! Rachel has been kidnapped!!!

Gale: Rachel? Where's Fa-La-Stu?

Fevine:I don't know.

Gale: *runs off, continuing the search*

(Gale runs into Sammy when he's almost at the source of the trail which is no other then the Dark Pond Kingdom's Castle)

Sammy:Your the idiot who kidnapped my sister a second ago!

Gale: What did I do?! *runs into the throne room* SUPRANO!!!!! WHERE ARE YOU?!?

(When he runs in no one is there not even Suprano or his guards, in fact the only reason Gale got to the throne room so easily was because the guards weren't there)

Gale: O_O NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! *finds another way and follows it quickly, practically destroying the walls on his way out*

(No guards are outside)

Gale: *stops and falls to his knee's* Why?!? WHY?!?

Gale: she..............No. *wallows in self-pity*

Sammy:Check in the basement! It's our only hope!

Gale: *goes to the castle basement and searches*

Chapter Fourteen:The Frog, the Hedgehog, and the Warthog

(He arrives in a crowded basement with seven unbreakble capsules containing Fa-la-Stu, Stephani ,Crystal the Robot, Rachel, Lu-Lu The Echidna ,Candi the Mole, and a very beautiful frog)

Suprano:It's almost complete!

Gale: ......................What the F*** is going ON HERE?!? O_O

Llash:(Enters with Noven)So this is where they are?

Noven:We been looking for missing girls for a long time. What are you doing to them?!

Gale: *looks at Suprano* Let them go..........It's me you want. Take me but release them.

Suprano:(Turns around)Fool! I do not need you anymore! I'm going to fuse them to make the perfect wife! Then again....I'll let them go if you become my grandson.

Gale: I surrender. Let.....Them.....Go.

Suprano:Pull a fast one and I'll kill them...scratch that. I'll vaporize them! (The capsules burst open, freeing the girls)

Net:(Arrives in the basement)...and all it took was a Gale suit and a bottle of fake blood.

Noven:Gale,you got to act fast. It’s not like he'll keep his word.

Gale: *watches the girls be freed and walks over to the pods*

Fa-La-stu:Gale...I'm so sorry.

Gale: Don't be. This isn't your fault. I'll miss you. Goodbye, my love.

Net:Not so fast! Gale...Don't do it...Be a hero...

Gale: *gets over to Suprano* Net, I can't. This is how it has to be. Make sure Fa-La-Stu stays safe. (telepathic to him: Evacuate the castle. It won't be standing foor to long.) The castle starts to slowly repair due to the magic properties)Suprano: Come my grandson. You have much to learn..

Gale: *waits untill the castle is evacuated and stands next to Suprano* Yes................GrandfaTHER!!! *elbows him in the face and shoves him in a pod, closing and locking the door*

Suprano:Grrr...I'll get out of here sooner or later...and when I do I'll wreak havoc on your past present and future!

Gale: *breaks the handle to the door* Not anytime soon. *leaves and on his way he shoves a pillar in the entrance to the basement blocking anyone from going inside*

Net:(Outside with everyone)Are you girls okay.(Pants)

Gale: *breaks out of the castle* Hey. Did I miss something.

Noven:Not really. Net's just asking how the girls are.

Llash:He's look beaten up. I wonder what happened to him.

Gale: You wouldn't believe me if I told you.

Noven:Well, I hope everything’s okay.

(A time portal opens up and a goat figure emerges from it)

???(Folds his arms and smiles at Gale and Net)

Net:Who are you?

???:Not a very formal way to ask someone his name but fine, the name's Timewarp and I'd like to personally thank Gale for stopping Suprano.

{C Net:I'm sorry sir. Forgive my rudeness.(Bows)

Gale: My background should prove that I wasn't going to let him go.

{C Net:So, what's going to happen?

Timewarp:Still,you trapped him in the basement thus punishing him. More then anyone would've asked.

{C Gale: He was getting annoying. Anyway, anything else?

{C Net:Please tell us.

{C Timewarp:I have the power right to restore time to it's former glory but I think I have an even better idea. (Smiles at Gale)

Gale: What do you mean?


Timewarp:You see since the time reboot you performed. I was shocked that you had that much power over time. I was planning to kill you but I see you have good in you considering what you did to Suprano. Anyways here's the thing. Since that time reboot Stephani and you technically never met..I can give her the memories of you back and tell her of your heroic deeds and the whole time reboot. That should be more than enough for her to fall in love with you.

Gale: No. I can't leave Fa-La. Plus, she could never love me in the first place.

Timewarp:The only reason you’re with Fa-La-Stu is because of the Time reboot.


Timewarp:After you rebooted time Suprano wasn't affected by it and attacked Fa-La-Stu. After you saved her she fell in even deeper love with you. It all boils down to Suprano...and trust me...Stephani did love you and I can prove it.

Net:Sir Gale.If I was offer the chance to fix my life with someone I loved. I would take it.

Rachel:....(Glares at Timewarp)Stop saying my name you stupid ol' goat!

Timewarp:I have the power to turn you back into an infant Rachel...don't test me!

Gale: I...............I'm thinking..............*starts to panic in confusion*

Noven:Calm down Gale. Panicking will only make it harder.

Gale: It's just, *looks at Fa-La, then looks at Timewarp*

Timewarp:*Sigh* Fa-La-Stu doesn't really love you for you. The only reason she likes you because you’re like Krinkinko. I mean, your both hedgehogs, both are powerful, both are in G.U.N., both have girl trouble, both are attractive to women. I could go on all day but the point is..she needs to get over Krinkinko and she will never get over it if your with her.

Fa-La-Stu:*Blushes and looks towards the ground*

Llash:Wise and harsh in words.

Gale:....................I don't believe you...........But it's better to agree than to use force. If this is what is best for her............then I'll go.

Timewarp:I find that don't believe me but I know all about each and every one of you..though you’re probably just in denial. (Turns Gale back to his regular age of 19) You can leave now..if you want though you may want to say a final farewell to your beloved Fa-La-Stu.

Net:It was great meeting you Gale. Hope to see you again, as a friend and not a rival.

Gale: *looks at Fa-La-Stu* I don't beleive what he is saying, but if this is what is best then I guess this is how it's gotta be. You'll always be my best friend Fa-La. Maybe one day we can be together. One day. *smiles*

Fa-La-Stu:*Crying* is true Gale!..*sniff* all he's saying is true! *sniff*

Gale: ..........I'll still love you.......*disappears, following Timewarp*

Net:(Offers her a clean hankie and comforts her)

Fa-La-Stu:(Glares at Net)

Gale: ..........I'll still love you.......*disappears, following Timewarp*

(Timewarp transports him to Gale's house)

Timewarp:Gale...I'll promise to repay you soon. (Slowly closes Gale's door)


(Gale is sitting on a bench at a beach looking at the ocean then he hears footsteps approaching him he turns around and sees Stephani standing behind him)


Gale: Hey Stephani....

Stephani:(Runs to him and hugs him)

Gale: *hugs back, a bit surprised*

Stephani:*Closes her eyes and smiles*

Gale: *still a bit surprised but smiles also*

Stephani:I missed you...

Gale: I thought...?

Stephani:Timewarp gave me all my memories back even the ones after the time reboot.

Gale: So he wasn't lying when he said that?

Stephani:No..why would you that?

Gale: *shrug* I've had a lot of people lie to me the past few months. Getting harder to believe people.

Stephani:*Smiles*So..can we again?

Gale: *sighs and smiles* Sure.


Fa-La-Stu:(On the other side of the beach) *Crying*

Gale: *hears it and turns around, concerned* Fa-La?!


Gale: What the...? I...I'm confused.

(Timewarp appears out a portal)

Timewarp:Have you been listening to a single word I've been saying? She only loved you because you remind her of Krinkinko and she could bear to have it taken away again.

Gale: What? You had me make her this way?!

Timewarp:*agitated sigh*NO GALE! I've been trying to tell you she was like this BEFORE she met you!

Gale: Okay, so this is how she was before she met me. Just one question: Does she still know me? Just need to know.

Fa-La-Stu:Yes she still remembers you. You dated remember?

Gale: Okay then. *looks at Stephani* Should we go?

Stephani:*Smiles and grabs his hand*Lets. (The two walk off)

Gale: *follows her*

Net:Timewarp.Can I ask you something?

Timewarp:Not talking to Fa-La-Stu I what do you need to ask me?

Net:Other way around sir. She’s not talking to me. Fa-La once told me I'm like Krin, but I'm nothing that makes me like him.

Timewarp:You still are in a way like Krinkinko but....Gale is more-so. So it's like this when she met Gale it was like winning the lottery then losing all your money. I'm not sure if she'll ever get over Krinkinko but I can show you something if you promise not to tell anyone about it okay?

Net:I promise,sir.

(Timewarp transports himself and Net to the future in one of the rooms in the castle and they see an adult Fa-La-Stu with a little kid that looks like Net)

Fa-La-Stu:The end..(Closes the book)

???:That was a great story mommy. Please read me another one.

Fa-La-Stu:Dad will do that son.

(An adult Net comes in the room)

Net:Okay champ I'll read you one more story.


(Timewarp smiles and looks at the current Net)

Net:(Surprised, but smiles with a tear in his eye)Is that my...?

Timewarp:(Smiles even wider)...son.

Net:(Wipes his eyes, still smiling)He's perfect. Just like Fa-La.

Timewarp:That's why whatever you do you can't give up on her.

Net:(Looks at Timewarp)I won’t. Thank you for giving me hope for the future, sir.

Timewarp:(Smiles and opens a portal) Now it's time to return to our time. (The two walk into the portal as future Net smiles to himself and thinks "Thanks Timewarp I'll never forget this.")


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