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Cquote1 Got you right where I want you! Cquote2
The Frozen Vixen

Who is this mysterious woman? Why has she come to fight Raynard? Is she with the Brotherhood or fighting for herself?

Only The Frozen Vixen knows. A powerful warrior with ice powers and vicious claws, she searches for the one challenge that she cannot best.


Only a few know of the Frozen Vixen's true appearance, the one thing that can be seen being her tail which is a dark blue color, with a white tip. Most of the time, she keeps herself sealed in her armor, which looks to be made of solid metal, but is oddly flexible as well. It also has spaces where blue light glows, likely due to her ice powers (this turns blood red while inside the Messiah Construct).

She also wears knee-high boots and asymmetric shoulder pads - one is rounded with a mounted horn protruding from it, curling inward. The other has the upper part of an animal skull embedded into the pad, with a silver tongue sticking out from under it. The helmet has two horns curving inward, although one of them is stunted halfway. The helmet itself appears to look like a visor with blue light flooding through it, as well as a jaw-like protrusion appearing under it.

Her weaponry includes a pair of wrist-mounted claw gauntlets that constantly vibrate, and also occasionally become coated in ice. They also glow when her ice powers are in effect. Her entire figure takes on a darker coloration while inside the Messiah Construct.


In spite of her power to manipulate ice, the Vixen seems hot-blooded and is reckless, charging headfirst into battle. The Vixen is also impatient, jumping at the chance to battle whatever comes her way. It is this reason she wanders the world, seeking her true challenge.

A brawler, the Vixen will fight anyone she deems a challenge, and will not rest until she finds the ultimate test and defeats it. She also has a tendency to get in over her head, and often lands in sticky situations.

Having no actual home, she finds the arena to be her true home, as she is most comfortable in the heat of battle.


Hidden Agenda







The Frozen Vixen has command over the power of ice, and uses this in tandem with her other skills to become a very dangerous warrior. She can summon pillars of ice, shoot ice blasts from her claws, and ride a "board" of ice to fly around. She can also sharpen pieces of ice into deadly projectiles and use them to impale enemies or punch through their armor.

The Frozen Vixen is also able to chill the very air around her, allowing her to use her ice powers more effectively. Despite her heavy armor, the Vixen is able to perform dazzling feats of acrobatics, such as back flips, slides, and other feats. Her natural agility combined with this skill allows her to evade most forms of attack, and also lets her bound and leap over obstacles deftly.

Another skill that is useful to her is her ability to kick and punch with incredible force, likely enhanced by the ice that she summons over her claws. This serves to make her more dangerous.


Though she is impervious to fire (probably due to her armor), she's susceptible to electricity, which is just what Raynard's Vengeful Monarch is powered with. The power of lightning shatters her ice easily, and she takes heavy damage from that specific element. Therefore, she will attempt to freeze her foe solid if she notices her weakness being exploited.

In addition, due to her reckless nature, she tends to fight anyone that she deems "challenging", causing her to have few allies or friends.




"Are you disrespecting me?!"
—when questioned about her motives upon meeting Raynard
—when executing a powerful attack
"I come from afar to challenge those who are strong! I have heard of your great strength, and I seek to prove my power against yours!"
—challenging Raynard

Theme Song

A Stranger I Remain by Jamie Christopherson

This represents her thinking the arena is her only home, and Raynard being the one thing that she's been looking for in a long while - a worthy challenge. An instrumental version plays in their first battle, while a remixed version with lyrics plays in their second battle within the Messiah Construct.

Connection to Character

A Stranger I Remain (Maniac Agenda Mix) - Metal Gear Rising Revengeance Vocal OST

A Stranger I Remain (Maniac Agenda Mix) - Metal Gear Rising Revengeance Vocal OST

The Frozen Vixen VS Raynard

I've come here from nowhere, towards the unforgiving sea! - The Frozen Vixen's motivation for heading to Fortune Estate in pursuit of a worthy challenge

Drifting further and further, / It's all becoming clear to me! - The Vixen taking notice of the Cavalry of the Sun's machinations going on around her

But violent winds are upon us, and I can't sleep! - the Vixen not resting until she finds her challenge

I've finally found what I was looking for! A place where I can be, without remorse! - The Vixen finally finding a worthy challenge

For all of my life! A Stranger I Remain...! - Her neutrality meaning she has no ties to anyone except herself


  • She was originally going to be named The Frost Knight, but this was changed.
  • Her armor is based on the Grievous Gladiator's Plate for Alliance, while her weapons are based on the Kinetic Ripper fist weapon, all from World of Warcraft.
    • Its darker coloration and red visor/lights are also based off the Horde version.
  • Her fighting style is reminiscent of Rundas from Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, in the sense that she fires blasts of ice from her hands and can summon pillars and waves of ice to attack as well.
  • Parts of her personality come from Mistral, one of the Winds of Destruction in Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance.
  • She is voiced by Julie Ann Taylor, the voice actress of Kokonoe and Tsubaki Yayoi in the BlazBlue series.
  • Ironically, she's weak to electricity instead of fire, turning her Logical Weakness on its head.
  • One of her exchanges with Raynard is the same as one between Zazz and Sonic in Sonic Lost World.