The Four Fiends is a movie that takes place between Sonic Unleashed and Sonic Colors. It is apart of the Sonic Jamz canon.

The Four Fiends (Sonic Jamz Movie)
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The movie starts off with the President sitting down in front of his desk and addressing the people of the world live on TV. He explains what had happened during the Sonic Unleashed arc and explains that Eggman has yet to have been apprehended. He also mentions that most of the Sonic Heroes have been captured and sent to the Capitol City due to their involvement.

After the TV screen goes static, the movie cuts to Evan running down the hall of his school building away from something that the viewer can't see. He turns a corner and lays his head on a wall, breathing heavily. Suddenly, someone puts a bag on his head and the screen once again fades to black.

After this, the movie cuts to Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Amy who are all sitting in the back of a military van being sent out to the Capitol. Tails and Knuckles express disappointment since they had just saved the world while Sonic quietly looks down at the arm bracelet given to him by Chip after he saved his life after the battle with Dark Gaia. They are released from the van and are sent inside to the Capitol building where Congress awaits.

They are held partially responsible for the Continental Divide Disaster (Sonic Unleashed) but they are told that there is another problem. Some remnants of Dark Gaia's virus had been discovered in Eggman Land and so Sonic and the rest are told to go and find the source and destroy it.

Cut to another scene, Evan is thrown into the back of a van and is tied up. Suddenly, he discovers Trinity is in the van as well and she asks what's going on. They discover that they've become hostages for an unknown group and that they'll probably meet certain doom where they're going...

Back at the Capitol, Sonic and the rest have gladly accepted the challenge and head off to Eggman land so they can destroy whatever the source may be.

Knuckles and Amy heading off to Eggman land

Knuckles telling Sonic not to take too long looking at the scenery on the way while Amy gawks at the distance it is from the Capitol to Eggman Land

After moving along through the mainland, they grab Tail's Tornado and fly towards Eggman Land.

However, during the flight, they are shot down by something mysterious right outside the city and Sonic, Knuckles and Amy are forced to jump out the plane mid-flight. Tails vanishes alongside the plane leading the group to wonder if he died.

The jerk is dead!

The Characters ponder on about Tails's fate after the plane crash.

Their is a giant wall blocking the city from everything that surrounds it so the 3 take a dark cave [1]

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