The Forsaken

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Location "Everywhere there is civilization and several places there is not..."
Alignment Neutral, Anti-Hero, Villain
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The Forsaken are a clan of a specific species of vampire that tends to work in the background of society.


The Forsaken are said to have always been in existence, and while this is obviously not true, not even the oldest of their elders (who is roughly eight centuries old) knows or has heard of a time when they did not exist.


Interestingly enough, despite the fact that it haves been around for millennia, the Clan as a whole has not partaken in any form of warfare beyond the undead crusades that took place over a thousand years ago. It was in this war that the zealot elves of Mobius decided that the death of every vampire in existence was required for the safety of the land and attacked accordingly. Thousands of loners and small groups were eradicated before, finally, the vampires organized an army, headed by the Forsaken Elders, and retaliated with a rage fueled by their slaughtered brethren. In their rage they brought the elves to the cusp of extinction before withdrawing and disbanding back into the clans.

The elves still remain on this planet, nowhere near as widespread as they once were, striking out at any vampire they happen across in an attempt at "justice" for the crimes vampire-kind committed against them. And as always, the vampires are out there, doing their best to stay in the background to avert genocide and destroying any clan that looks for too much blood.

And the Forsaken... The Forsaken remain.


Compared to some of the other vampire clans of the world the Forsaken is a pacifistic, loosely connected clan. They do not actively seek out combat or war, nor do they give into the basest of their desires and feed uncontrollably. This is probably due to they way in which they tend to recruit new members.


You see, anyone to be Turned Forsaken must be brought before an elder for permission to assimilate into the clan. In order to give permission for them to become on of the Forsaken, the Elder first must delve into a potential vampire's mind and soul to determine the likelihood of said recruit's risk of succumbing to their hunger and rage. Obviously, anyone with a high risk is not permitted to become part of the clan.

Then, after that, the Elder must assess weather the mortal before them is truly willing to give up all that they know in order to join with the Forsaken. Anybody not completely at terms with what they are asking for is not permitted.

Finally, if the mortal passes both the prior tests, the Elder must then determine if the mortal's genetics will accept the mutation that makes the Forsaken, well, the Forsaken. If so, the potential recruit will be blooded as one of the Fallen, and thus they are to stay for at least one decade. The idea behind this is to give the recruit a taste of what being one of the Forsaken is like while still giving them the option to "back out" (not be Turned) should they realize that the life of a one of the Forsaken is simply not for them.

The time period in which an Elder determines if a recruit is compatible with the clan may take anywhere from a month or two to a full year, depending on the person in question. Why take a full year to decide? Because that year of waiting will test one's patience and dedication, thus it is only used when the recruit in question's force of patience is not apparent via the mental search, which it normally is.

Social Interaction

When interacting with one of the Forsaken, one must keep in mind that although the person they are talking to might look like a normal person, they in fact are not. It is best retain a respectful, if not friendly, tone with them if their true nature is revealed to you and do not run, as disrespect tends to tick them off.

As a collective, the Forsaken don't exist in the eyes of any major government or law enforcement, thus any crimes or negative attention brought upon an individual of the clan is not brought upon the clan. This allows those of the Forsaken to live their lives as the so choose, even becoming professional criminals so long as the bloodshed is kept to the minimum.

When it comes to the topic of love and lust, vampires of the Forsaken breed may feel either, though love tends to fade as a whole after a few centuries. They may decide to take up either mortal or immortal mates in order to satisfy one or both. The title of "mate", however, does not tend carry quite the same weight with them as it does mortals, as they use it to describe someone they care about both emotionally and "bodily". Because both of these feelings tend to fade over time, the title of "mate" to them is temporary, albeit long lasting one.


The Forsaken live by a set of unvarying, unwavering laws to the T, for breaking any one of them is to disrespect their ancestors, and to disrespect one's ancestors is to warrant your own death. While the laws themselves are short in wording, they hold much more power over a Forsaken than many mortal governments' laws hold over the peoples they govern and are impossible to change.

Below is a list of the laws along with the verbiage that they are currently recorded in:

Eternal Statute the First: The Declaration of the "Need"

The Forsaken, being a form of life mortals regard as "Vampires", require sustenance in the form of blood. This blood may be obtained from any form of mortal, be them a beast or something greater, and as is the way of the world the one a vampire's sustenance may or may not succumb to death a result. This is the truth of one of the breed's existence as something greater than mortals and less than gods and as such all of the breed's kind are to accept this as true until death finally embraces them.

Eternal Statute the Second: The Establishment of the Castes

The Forsaken, being a form of life mortals regard as "Vampires", do not deteriorate beyond the state in which they are blooded. This allows for a member of the Forsaken to live 'til the end of time itself so long as they eternally keep from harm. As this is true beyond a doubt, a system of proper social interaction must be established to prevent a stroke of internal chaos from encompassing the breed in the inescapable grasp of death. Thus a system of castes must be employed in which any of the breed must submit to the will a clanmate of a greater caste. Those of the breed aged less than five decades are to be known as of the lowest caste and as such must submit to the rule of any of the breed being of a another caste. Any that live to become an age over five decades may advance to the next caste, and in this caste they are to remain until in addition aging five-score years. Should one of the breed reach an age of ten-and-five decades then they are now of the second to greatest caste, and thus may impose their will upon any lower than them. Finally, should one of our breed age five-and-ten scores of years, then they may proceed to attain admittance into the highest of all castes and may only be admitted into the caste's folds if a majority current members of said group approve. This shall be held true by all of those of the breed until death claims us all as a whole.


The chain of leadership in the Forsaken is based on age. The older you are, the more authority you have over other clan members and the more influence you have over what happens in the clan.

Those of Old-Blood (Elders)

"Those of Old-Blood" have attained at least three centuries of experience and the approval of other elders, and those of this rank have authority of all the other ranks.


Those of the Worthy (Older Members)

By reaching at least one and a half centuries of age, a clan member ascends to this rank. Those of the Worthy have authority over both "Those of the Night" and "Those of the Fallen". Ascending to the next and highest rank in the Clan requires garnering at least three centuries of experience as a member and the approval of the current elders, which is normally begot by impressing one of them in one-on-one combat.

Notable Members

Those of the Night (Younger Members)

Clan-Members that are a part of this group have been a part of the Clan for over fifty years, and have authority over Those of the Fallen". If one manages to retain your grip on life for another ten decades past the five required for this rank are now considered one of "Those of the Worthy".

Notable Members

Those of The Fallen (New Members/Fledglings)

Members that fall into this category are one of two things, a recently blooded Fallen or a recently turned Forsaken. (Look later in the article for the differences between the two.) In order to be considered of the next rank, one of Those of The Fallen must retain their grip on life for at least 50 years past their turning to Forsaken, meaning a Fallen may not raise their rank.

Notable Members

Skills and Abilities

The members of the Clan of the Forsaken are one of two things, one of the Fallen or one of the Forsaken. Below is a synopsis of the advantages and disadvantages they have over each other.

The Fallen

The Fallen are essentially demi-vampires, classified in both biology and society as "Vampiric" due to the fact that they are not true vampires, but still drink blood.


There are three major advantages to being a being one of the Fallen over being one of the Forsaken, the first being the fact they have none of their vampire counterparts' weaknesses. They may freely touch sunlight, blessed objects, and gold without any ill effects. Also a large advantage is the fact that they are not undead, thus are not effected by magics designed to harm (or help) animated corpses. This makes them quite useful to the Forsaken when anti-undead fortifications are involved. The final major advantage they have over the Forsaken is the fact that they can live on nothing but "regular" food should the need arise.

Being one of the Fallen also has two benefits over being a normal mortal, an extended (but not indefinite) lifespan and enhanced physical capabilities so long as blood is included in their regular diets. If they don't ingest blood frequently, these extra abilities start to fade.


The biggest disadvantage of being a Fallen and not a Forsaken is the fact that the Fallen are in fact still mortal, and thus may be killed by any means that will do in a mortal. Stopping their heart, chopping off their heads, bleeding them out, aging them; it all works.

The Forsaken

The Forsaken are a type of vampire specific to this clan with their own set of weaknesses, strengths and rules.


Unlike other types of vampire, garlic, wooden stakes, holy water, dismemberment and fire are all ineffective ways to kill them. Any wounds inflicted by anything they are not specifically weak to will mend themselves at an exceptional rate, and they will reform if torn/blasted apart, even at a molecular level. (Though this takes quite a long time)

On the flip-side, they are stronger, faster, and all around better at everything sensory than mortals, like most vampires. Also like most vampires, their hearts no longer beat, they no longer need to breathe, and they no longer require heat to survive. This makes it near impossible for thermal sensors to notice them.


There are a few disadvantages to being one of the Fallen, though. Sunlight, rosewood, gold, and enchanted crystal and glass (of any kind) are lethal to this breed of vampire (although sunlight's lethality may be blocked by an enchantment), and unlike other kinds of vampire they may not be revived if slain. Any form of anti-undead magics can affect them, as well as any spells weaved by a god, and both of them may potentially deadly depending on the spell.


  • The Forsaken refer to themselves as "living" rather than "undead", because, "Forsaken die. That is a fact of life. The thing is, how can you die if you were never alive?"
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