The Flippercorn Gang is group of people that Maxie Flippercorn hangs around the most. It is mostly the collection of characters that she completes missions, tasks, etc.


Immediate Members

Maxie Flippercorn (Leader, Founding Member)

Max Flippercorn (Founding Member)

Usual Members

Razz the Bear

Fifi the Bear

Dillard the Dunnart (New Member)

Sadie the Dog

Cliff McMuffin (Founding Member)

Phoebe the Wallaby

Jake the Wolf

Occasional Members

Lily MacFlip

Desiree the Bandicoot

Sharky the Hedgefish

Moe Flippercorn

M.L. the Otter


The policies of the group are pretty open. It consists of the characters that are around Maxie Flippercorn the most. The main policy is not to leave anybody behind.


All members of the Flippercorn Gang are Christians.

Base of Operations

Currently, the meetings of the group happen at Maxie Flippercorn's house. This is where many members hang out waiting for a call for a mission. This is also where members "train" for their missions, in the backyard. However, most of what actually happens is just goofing off relaxation. The briefing room is Max's bedroom, which he has arranged to look like a courtroom.



The Flippercorn Family along with Cliff McMuffin live in Dreamland Bay, a state in Toonada. The Flippercorns live in Lullaby Lane while Cliff lives on Pajama Place.

Lily McFlip and Sadie the Dog lives in Daisitoba, which is also where Cliff plans on building the treehouse. It is also a state in Toonada.

Emerald City

Desiree, Jake, Phoebe, and Fifi all live in houses in Emerald City.

Mystic Ruins

Razz lives in the Mystic Ruins, where he built a log hut.


Desiree and Maxie have constantly brought up the idea of using uniforms. Maxie suggested her yellow and green gardening outfit. Desiree suggested orange gis with silk, brown and blue patterned belts. All of the male members rejected the idea because of how girly they believed it to be. M.L. rejected the idea because of the idea because of how bright their suggestions were. Most of the members rejected the whole idea of uniforms in general because it The Flippercorn Gang is not a concrete club of any sort. Desiree usually tries to bring it up when many people are gathered, however.


The Flippercorn Group has been around since Cliff and Maxie began being friends. Max would always try to hang around the two, and he came up with the name after a few months. To humor him, Cliff agreed, but Maxie was very flattered and embraced the idea. Since then, many members have joined, in this order: Lily, Sadie, Moe, Jake, Sharky, Fifi, Razz, Desiree, M.L., Phoebe, Dillard. After Fifi joined the group, the idea of using a location to meet constantly and having meetings was brought up.


  • M.L. is the only characters whose residence is currently unknown.
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