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Episode Final (Part I,Part II)

Chapter 23

Elise slumped down onto the couch in one of the many living rooms found in the palace. She had been in talks for what felt like forever, coordinating a measured response to the threat Eggman posed and trying to sidestep as much red tape as she possibly could. She could only hope that G.U.N or some other nation in Europa headed her calls for help. Now she could do nothing but wait for a response.

She lit a small flame in her hand. Even though she’d used them a lot, having this much power at her fingertips still felt incredible, and she wondered if Sonic ever felt like this. She wasn’t a weak, spoiled girl anymore. She was a hero, coordinating the global effort against the most wanted man in the world. She finally had real power.

She tried to snuff the flame out, but her hand refused to move. She tried to make the flame disappear using her powers, but they didn’t respond. Then she realised she couldn’t move her own body. She was frozen in place, unable to even call for help. Elise began to panic: was this Eggman’s doing? Was this the effect of her own power?

“You know,” She heard herself say “You’re not far off.”

Elise’s body stood up and made the flame vanish. She flexed her shoulders and wiggled her fingers.

“Oh, I like this,” She sneered “I always thought your mortal forms were weak, but this is quite pleasurable.”

“What the hell are you?” Elise thought. If whatever was controlling her body could read her thoughts, she could at least try to communicate with it.

“That will take quite a bit of explaining, dear Elise,” Her own mouth replied. Her body jumped up and down, trying to come to terms with how gravity worked. “You’ve sat through so many talks in the past few hours that I can’t imagine one more would hurt.”

“I’m done with talking.” She thought. She tried to move her hand again, and slowly started to wiggle her fingers. The thing in control of her body began to fight back, but Elise continued to cling on. She staggered forward, collapsing onto the carpet. Her body pushed her right fist against the floor, trying to stand up again, but Elise used her other hand to yank it away. She gained control of her voice for a second and tried to call for help, but her right hand grabbed her throat and tried to choke her, stopping any air coming out. She managed to gain control of her legs and staggered up, trying to run to the door, but she lost control again and she slammed her back against the wall. She used her free hand to grab the hand that was choking her.

“Get...out…” Elise gasped. “GET...OUT…”

With a sudden burst of energy, Elise swung her right arm. A wave of flame spread across the room, but barely anything was singed. She staggered forward, gasping for air, as she finally regained control of her body. As the fire flickered away, a new being was standing in front of her: a copy of her, with a body of lava and brimstone and eyes that shone bright orange. Elise held up her hand and tried to shoot a fireball at her new enemy, but she couldn’t do anything. She looked up in horror as she realised that this copy of her had all her powers now. The new Elise smirked.

“So here we are again. Once again you’re back to what you were before. A helpless little girl, both beloved and treated like dirt.”

She began to walk towards Elise, who staggered back in horror. The brimstone copy stopped as she saw Elise’s expression.

“Don’t be scared,” She chided “I just want to help.”

“Tell me what you are,” Elise growled, trying her best to look brave.

“I don’t have a name. Right now, I’m just the raw power that’s held inside you. The power to tear the heavens in two.”

“Power doesn’t talk,” Elise replied. “You’re something more, aren’t you?”

“This power isn’t yours, Elise. It’s borrowed. Your father experimented on you, tried to extract power from something else and give it to you...that’s why I can talk.”

“My...father…” Elise gasped.

“Oh, so you didn’t know?” The new being asked, inquisitively.

“I...I knew he was a scientist. He died in the lab…some insane experiment of his.”

“The experiment that killed him was when I was drawn into you.”

Elise fell to her knees, horrified. Had she been the one to kill him? She couldn’t remember anything about a lab. She thought maybe the creature was lying to her...but at the same time, what she talked about seemed familiar somehow. The other Elise stopped smiling, seeming to be more sympathetic.

“I was scared too,” The other Elise said, kneeling down next to the green cat “I didn’t know where I was...who I was. I only had vague memories of the past. The accident. The pain. Running away, with nowhere to go. Then I remember you. Everything you felt...I felt it too. All the hurt. The anger. The loneliness. It started to change who I was. It gave me a personality...and that’s what you see now.”

“The hallucinations…” Elise muttered “You did that.”

The fiery being nodded.

“It was my way of lashing out at the pain,” She continued “But I just hurt you more.”

“So using the powers made you stronger,” Elise replied “Until you could take control of me and rise out.”

The other Elise nodded. The real Elise staggered to her feet.

“I won’t let you control me!” She shouted, her voice quivering “You’re nothing but hate and anger. I won’t destroy the world like in those visions. I’m not your puppet!”

“You still don’t understand, do you?” The brimstone Elise sorrowfully replied “I’m your emotions. I’m as much a part of you as your physical body is. And I don’t want to control you. I want to join with you. You’ve only been tapping into a small amount of my power. Together, we could be unstoppable. Bend Earth to our will...make it what we want to be”

“I don’t want to change this world!”

“What’s left for you here?”

“People respect me now!”

“What, because you got kidnapped and that blue buffoon everyone loves freed you? If anything, they respect you even less.”

“I’m coordinating the effort against Eggman!”

“You really think they care about what you think?”

“I’m a hero now!”

“Because I gave you powers.”

“I saved those people on the train!”

“They won’t remember you. Sonic will hog all the glory.”

“Sonic trusts me!”

The fire Elise cocked her head to one side.

“Do you truly believe that?” She growled “You know he doesn’t care about you. He told you himself. That thing you thought he was running from? It’s his responsibilities, the people he leaves behind. He’ll forget about you before the day is out, and once again you’ll be left with no one to help you. No one except me.”

Elise collapsed. Everything her copy said rung true...but she couldn’t be right...she couldn’t...

“I’ll...I’ll find my own way…” She muttered “I don’t need you. I’ll find my own path.”

“There’s no other path. You know it. You’re nothing without my power.”

“No...I won’t...I can’t…”

“I’m all that’s left for you, Elise. Join me. You never have to feel alone again.”

The brimstone Elise held out her hand. Elise thought about all those years alone, being nothing but a figurehead for other people to watch. No one to help her through what she’d experienced, no one to talk to, just the pain and the anger. Sonic was the first person to ever help her. But Sonic would forget. The only person who could help her now was in front of her.

Elise grasped her copy’s hand and pulled herself up.

“Do it,” She said bluntly. Elise’s copy smiled and the rock that made up her body broke apart. A shaft of flame flew out of the rock and directly into Elise’s chest. She felt like her body was on fire, but it didn’t hurt anymore. She staggered back and looked at her hands, glowing bright orange with energy. She started giggling in excitement.

“This...this is incredible!” She said “I’ve never felt more alive. So much power...I could do anything!”

“Now you know what you truly are,” She heard the voice of her clone say “You’re not Elise anymore.”

“I know. Elise was a weak, scared little girl. I could remake the world how I see fit and make sure no one will ever look down on us again. I could be a god. I could become...”

And then the robot fell through the ceiling.

A large robot with huge hands stood before her. Following them down were several flying robots with missile launchers and Doctor Eggman himself.

“Capture her,” Eggman said. One of the robots fired an energy net that pinned her to the ground. She felt her powers weaken slightly, but not by much.

“Take her away,” Eggman continued. She noticed Robotnik had changed. He wasn’t as theatrical as he’d been before. At this point, he just wanted to get the job done.

“You can break out of that net easily,” The voice in her head told her.

“Not yet,” She replied, smirking “I want to play along for a while. Besides, I want more time to come up with a name for myself.”

The girl who was once Princess Elise continued to giggle as the Egg Mobile’s grapple cable latched onto her and she was lifted to the Egg Carrier.

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