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Episode Final

Chapter 1



Waking Up

She fell to the floor, falling on her hands and knees as the dry ice washed over her. Her head was a mess, a jumble of thoughts and feelings. It took a minute or so for her to adjust to being alive and to remember how to speak English. Then she stood up and looked around at the group of Mobians looking at her. One of them, a male eagle, whistled.

“Would you look at that,” He said “Stunning.”

“Wonder how a girl so pretty could do so much damage.” Another one said.

“ I?” She asked them.

“Honestly?” The eagle said “None of us know, and it’s unlikely we ever will.”

“Thanks, and...Who am I?”

The group looked at each other in surprise.

“Hey, girl doesn’t remember her own name!” A Mobain rabbit said “Guess she doesn’t remember what she did, either.”

“And who are you?”

“The Grand Raiders,” The eagle told her “We usually take stuff, but this time we thought we should do something good.”

“Do something good? What do you mean.”

The eagle laughed.

“It means killing you, of course. But first-”

His sentence was cut short by loud footsteps from somewhere down the hallway. They were in a room lined with tubes, each one containing a person. She looked behind her, seeing that she too had been in one. The one in the tube to her left was a black hedgehog, the one to the right was a figure in a black, hooded trenchcoat that didn’t even look Mobian. While she was focused on the room, the Grand Raiders were looking around, horrified, drawing weapons of various shapes and sizes.

“The hell?” The rabbit said “I thought we had perimeter guards! Why didn’t we hear anything?!”

“Killed them too fast, that’s why!” A Mobian Bear replied “We’re on our own.”

“Against...what?” She asked.

“Against Iblis.” The Bear replied.

A growl sounded down the hallway. The Raiders hid beside the doorway, and she took cover behind one of the pods away from the doorway. That’s when she saw her name on the pod.


Soon the gunfire started. Blaze didn’t look round: there was very little she could do in this situation. She didn’t know who she was, where she was, how she ended up here. And most importantly, she didn’t know if she could fight or not. The air was filled with screams and growls, but soon the screams started to die away. All that were left were the monsters.

Blaze panicked as she heard the creatures start to walk towards her. She tried to wrack her brain for something she could use to save herself, but her mind was empty. She tried jolting her body around, seeing if her muscle memory would kick in when her conscious brain couldn’t. It worked: a small flicker of fire left her finger. She held onto the feeling of power that came with it. She then clenched her fist, and once she opened it again a fireball rested on her palm.

Blaze jumped out, seeing the creature for the first time: a lithe, dog-like creature made out of fire, it’s body burning like a furnace. The floor was cover by ash where he stood: the remains of the Grand Raiders. Although horrified by the way they were killed, Blaze was slightly glad that they were dead. They didn’t exactly seem like nice people.

Blaze screamed and hurled the fireball at it. The fireball hit, but nothing happened: the dog simply stood there and took it. The dog slowly started to approach her and she backed away, knowing nothing she could do could harm the creature. Then, it was surrounded by a green glow and thrown into the ceiling. The glow vanished and it fell back to the floor, revealing a new Mobian the corridor. He was a white hedgehog with gold bracelets, knee high boots, a satchel on his hip and a leaf-shaped crest on his forehead. Now the beast was stunned, Blaze ran up to it and kicked it in the face, feeling no heat despite it’s lava body. There was a sound like breaking glass as the creature’s form dissolved and it fell away into lava that soon simply vanished like it was never there.

The new arrival walked into the room.

“Wow,” He said. “I’ve never seen that before. Nobody has been able to kill one of those things by kicking it. How did you do it?”

Blaze raised her hand, trying to call a fireball into existence but now being unable to.

“Firstly,” Blaze said “You tell me who you are.”

“I’m Silver,” The hedgehog replied “Silver the Hedgehog.”

Chapter 2

The Abandoned City - Xenoblade Chronicles 2 OST 094

The Abandoned City - Xenoblade Chronicles 2 OST 094

Silver's World

“200 years ago, a being known as Iblis was born. We don’t know how, we don’t know why, it just came into existence and within a month had turned the Eurish continent that we’re now standing on into an apocalyptic wasteland. The rest of the world has suffered a similar fate, but it’s at its worst here. This used to be called Soleanna, and it’s ground zero for Iblis. This is where he stays, and he’s never left, even though his influence spreads around the world. They say that some ragtag nations still exist, that there’s a secret colony aboard the half-moon in the sky, that utopia still exists. I believed them once. Not anymore.”

Silver and Blaze stood on top of a ruined building, looking out across the ruins of a great city. The ground was completely covered in lava, the sky burned red, and the silhouettes of monsters weaved in and out of their field of vision. Blaze had, according to Silver, been in stasis in what was once a high-tech laboratory, but now was mostly busted. Apparently, he and his colony had once lived down there, but they had moved out to somewhere safer. He was the only one who stayed in the city anymore. He was the only one standing between Iblis and the world becoming more of a hell than it already was.

“Are you sure you don’t remember anything?” He asked Blaze again.

“No,” She replied “I...have powers of some kind. Fire powers. That might be how I could hurt the creature.”

“I’ve never seen anyone hurt them with unearmed combat. That seems as good an explanation as any.”

“So, what powers do you have?”

“It’s called psychokinesis,” Silver said “I can move objects with my mind. I only have a limited supply of energy before I have to recharge, but it’s enough to get the job done.”

“So, where is Iblis now? Shouldn’t you be going to find him?”

“Iblis isn’t really anywhere right now. I’m waiting for the call.”

“What call?”

As if on command, a beeping sound came from the satchel. Silver opened it, dug around a bit and pulled out a small, hexagonal object. There was a circle in the middle that was currently flashing red.

“Receive,” Silver said. Suddenly, an hologram of a Mobian hamster appeared. The hologram was entirely white, and it flickered like some kind of damaged TV. When the hamster started talking, the object let out hisses of static along with his voice.

“Silver,” The hamster said “He’s been spotted. Bearing 098, 24 miles relative to your position. Only form II, count yourself lucky.”

“Understood,” Silver said “End call.”

The hologram vanished and Silver stuffed the object back in his satchel.

“I think I get it,” Blaze said “Iblis reforms each time, doesn’t he? You can’t finish him off permanently.”

Silver nods. He looked a the ground away from Blaze

“I can’t win this war,” He said “All I can do is not lose.”

He spun round and looked her in the eye.

“You want to help?” He asked.

Strangely, she smiled. Somehow, she remembered enjoying combat in her former life. Silver clearly didn’t share the same sentiments.

“Let’s do it,” She said.

“My psychokinesis can only get us so far,” He said “We’ll have to-”

Before Silver could finish, Blaze had already run past him. He looked around, horrified she might have fallen off, and flew over to the edge, only to find her on a damaged bridge below them.

“Blaze?” He said, relieved and confused at the same time “How did you get down there?”

“I...don’t know?” She said, being almost confused as Silver was “I ran forward and just managed down the building.”

Silver floated down next to Blaze. She intrigued him: a girl in cryostasis with amnesia, fire powers and super speed. He was starting to get to like her.

“Let’s get moving,” He said, floating into the air with his psychokinesis “The city is not easy to traverse.”

“I’ll manage,” She said, and the two went off together.

Chapter 3

Crisis City - Skyscraper - Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) Music Extended

Crisis City - Skyscraper - Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) Music Extended

Traveling to Iblis

Blaze ran across the bridge, accelerating so fast Silver was having trouble keeping up with her despite his psychokinesis enhanced flight. She leapt across the shattered pieces of road with an almost unearthly grace, but her momentum was soon shattered when a Phoenix-like creature descended from the sky and tried to stab her with its beak.

Blaze was caught completely off guard, throwing herself to the side and barely staying on the narrow road. Silver caught the being with his psychokinesis and smashed it into the ground, making it disintegrate. He then helped Blaze up and the two kept moving forward. They soon reached what had once been road, squashed between two decrepit skyscrapers and crawling with the dog-like creatures that had attacked Blaze and killed the Grand Raiders.

Two of them leapt at the Mobians. Silver caught his with his psychokinesis and chucked it into another one that was gearing up to attack while Blaze kicked hers away, then rushed behind it and punched it through the chest before it could even land. Another bird flew at Blaze, but this time she was ready: she leapt up, grabbed onto the creature and tore off its wing. The creature let our a demonic howl as it crashed to the ground.

“Keep moving!” Silver shouted “We have to get there as quickly as we can! We can’t let Iblis get stronger!”

Blaze nodded and bolted up the skyscraper. Monsters leapt out of the windows, trying to grab her and make her fall, but Silver quickly dispatched them by hurling them into the ground. They got up to the top of the skyscraper, with nothing but a broken metal rail as a way down. Through some other instinct, Blaze jumped on the rail, riding it like a skateboard, and using its momentum to keep moving. Silver flew alongside her.

“How are you doing that?” He asked her.

“No idea,” She replied “Probably practice.”

They smiled at each other and continued onwards. The rail ended at another skyscraper. Blaze ran along the wall again, but Silver went inside and ran through: he needed to wait for his psychokinesis to recharge before he could fly again. Once again, monsters tried to leap out of the building and attack Blaze, but once again Silver took them out, this time surprising them from the side and killing them with well-placed psychokinetic bursts. Eventually, he reached the end of the building, crashing out of one of the last remaining windows and once again taking to the skies. He grabbed Blaze as he went, as there was nowhere for her to jump onto.

“How far have we got left?” Blaze asked.

“Going off what Jared told me,” He said “Around...15 miles?”

“How do you know that?”

“I never leave this city. Ever.”

Before Blaze could ask him more, they landed on a fallen skyscraper. Before them was a large number of monsters, including dogs, birds, and behind them a large humanoid made of rock and lava.

“I’ll take the Goliath,” Silver said, “You take the rest.”

Blaze nodded and dashed forward, launching a slide attack on a dog before destroying it with a knifehand strike. Silver flew past the monsters as the Goliath picked up a large chunk of debris and smashed it downwards, aiming to crush Silver. The hedgehog merely caught it with his psychokinesis and ripped it out of the goliath’s hands before smashing it down on the monster’s head. The creature staggered backwards, and Silver used this opportunity to pick it up with his powers and throw it off the edge of the building. The giant almost grabbed onto the side of the building, but before it could Blaze slid under it, elbow striking the creature’s palm and knocking it down into the lava bellow. Silver looked around to find the creatures she’d been tasked to kill were already dealt with.

The two simply nodded to each other before Blaze ran down the skyscraper and onto the side of another one as Silver flew with her, heading towards a very thin tower in the distance. However, Silver noticed something forming that he hoped wouldn’t be.

“Tornado!” He shouted “Look out!”

Before Blaze could react, the tornado swept over them. Silver’s flight meant he could keep his distance, but he could do nothing as Blaze was swept into the tornado with the debris.

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