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Episode Final (Part I,Part II)

Chapter 19

The beautiful Wave Ocean resort had been abandoned for a while due to Doctor Eggman’s recent intervention. However, it was now once again in the grips of chaos: Mephiles’ monsters were fighting Eggman’s robots. On a rocky path across the glistening sea, bullets and lasers flew through the air in all directions as a group of robots robots cleaved through the horde of shadows Mephiles had deployed, but no matter how quickly the creatures died more spawned in their place. Just when the robots seemed overwhelmed, another much more powerful robot joined the fight against the darkness, unleashing a missile barrage that proceeded to destroy both sides.

“WORTHLESS CONSUMER MODELS,” Omega growled as he walked out of the smoke across the rock path. A robot with a rocket launcher got up and tried to attack Omega, but Omega quickly grabbed it and threw it into a rock pillar that quickly broke apart and crumbled into the ocean. He continued walking onwards, his sensors firmly locked onto Mephiles’ energy signature. A worm made of purple crystal sprung out of the ground in front of him and tried to eat him, but Omega grabbed the creature’s jaws and ripped it in two, not slowing his advance at all.

He walked out into a wide island area which was filled with robots and monsters duking it out. A robot with giant hands was in a boxing match with a golem like creature. Crystalline birds and flying robots with machine guns were locked in a dogfight. A bipedal robot was scouring the ground with it’s laser, tracking the worms underneath the sand and trying to incinerate them before they surfaced. The entire island was covered in crystal and robot bodies, and both sides seemed evenly matched. As much as Omega would have loved to turn everyone involved into scrap metal and crystal mush, he knew he had a more important objective: find and defeat Mephiles, no matter what.

He fired up the boosters on his back and flew into the battlefield. Two of the birds flew at him, but he managed to grab them both and crushed them with his bare hands before those hands turned into machine guns that shredded through the hull of the bipedal walker. He jumped through the robot’s smoldering remains as a robot similar to the one fighting the golem fired a giant hand at Omega, which the mighty android casually backhanded away before turning his other hand into a rocket launcher and firing it at the robot, destroying it easily. Soon, a horde of shadows like the one Omega had destroyed in his initial barrage jumped out of the ground, trying to pull Omega down. Omega was forced to slow to a crawl as he tried to move forward, but eventually realised he couldn’t ignore these things.

“TIME WASTING UNAPPRECIATED,” He blared as his hands turned into flamethrowers, eradicating large swathes of the shadows and forcing them to back off. As they did, Omega charged his hands with energy and chucked it out around him.

“AREA BLAST!” He shouted as the energy exploded, destroying a huge chunk of the robots and monsters near him. Omega blasted out of the smoke before any of the other combatants could act, thoroughly confused why anyone would shout the names of their abilities before performing them, but still in sight of his mission. He shot across a loop of rock before coming to a small cave on the edge of the resort. Mephiles walked out of it holding a Chaos Emerald.

“Welcome, Omega,” He said with glee “I’m glad you accepted my invitation. Now, shall we get started?”

Chapter 20

The door slid open and Shadow walked out into the daylight. The area was a grassland dotted with ruined statues. Shadow turned round to see the door was a hidden door embedded into the side of the exterior wall of Kingdom Valley. Silver stood in the middle of the grassland area, facing away from Shadow, his quills blowing in the wind.

“Did you contain Iblis?” Shadow asked. Silver nodded.

“The flames are sealed,” He replied. “The scientist we met earlier is handling it.” Silver’s tone turned to a growl “He...he lied to me. Mephiles said if I killed Sonic, my world would be safe…”

“Mephiles has never done anything but lie. He only cares about his schemes...but now we know what those schemes are. He wants to recombine with Iblis.”

Silver turned around.

“We can stop him,” He said “We can go back to your time and stop him achieving his plan.”

Shadow nodded.

“We should aim for different objectives. You can find the Flames of Disaster, keep it safe. Mephiles is mine.”

“You two sound like you have something personal to settle.”

“You could say that.” Shadow replied, putting down the Scepter of Darkness.

“Wait, are you just going to leave it?” Silver gasped in shock.

“It will be fine,” Shadow replied “Trust me.” He pulled out his Chaos Emerald. Silver stood there in surprise for a moment, but he sighed and pulled out his own Emerald.

“Oh, by the way,” Silver said, “When this is over...we should meet. You sound like an interesting guy.”

“I’d like to fight you again. You seem unfocused, but you’ve got potential.”

“I don’t find joy in fighting. I’m here to save the world.”

“Shame,” Shadow said, as the two hedgehogs put their Emeralds together “You might give me a run for my money one day. You ready?”

Silver nodded.

“CHAOS CONTROL!” The two hedgehogs shouted. A bright light surrounded the area, burning the grass around them. They both vanished, and Shadow felt himself falling before landing on hard concrete, once again in the New City of his own time. He stood up and turned around to see that Silver wasn’t with him. Rouge was there, looking slightly shocked by what had happened.

“Ok, you’ve got a lot of explaining to do,” She said. Shadow explained what he’d done, about the white hedgehog, and about him sealing Mephiles.

“So that’s why he took it so personally,” Rouge said. Shadow nodded.

“We know his aim now, though. He wants to fuse with Iblis.”

“Why didn’t he just do that while in the future?”

“I don’t know, and I don’t think he hasn’t thought of that. Maybe he can only fuse with the Iblis of the present day for some reason?”

Shadow folded his arms.

“And now, a question for you. What did you find about the Scepter?”

“The Soleannan Government was hesitant to release documents on the Solaris Project until I told them that you were asking. I called in some favours at G.U.N and…”

Rouge pulled out the Scepter of Darkness from behind her.

“...They managed to come up with a replica. Works exactly the same way...hopefully. We haven’t tested it, not having a synthetic Mephiles and all.”

“Good. Anything else?”

Rouge paused for a moment, clearly worried.

“Omega hasn’t arrived. He hasn’t responded to my calls, an-”

Before she could finish, Rouge’s G.U.N communicator beeped.

“Agent Rouge,” A voice on the other side said “Omega has been spotted in Wave Ocean. Proceed to location immediately.”

“Understood,” Rouge replied, shutting off the communicator before anything else could be said. The two other members of Team Dark looked at each other and spoke in union.


They both turned around and began the trek toward Wave Ocean, hoping to stop their friend blundering into whatever trap Mephiles had prepared for them.

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