Corvus the Cat

Stardust the Cat

Cepheus the Cat

Comet the Cat


As Cepheus took Stardust deeper into the castle to escape the chameleons, Corvus and Comet stood their ground and got ready to defend the castle and its inhabitants. The Great Hall was empty, allowing ample room to fight. Corvus suddenly felt something touch his arm, and he whipped around and punched the air where the intruder had touched him. 

The sound of something flying back and hitting the wall could be heard, as well as the sound of flames. Comet had attacked an intruder as well. 

"Where the hell are the guards?! The last time I was here, there were hundreds!"

Corvus flipped an invisible chameleon onto the ground, making her visible. 

"They're guarding the outside of the castle. We've gotta make sure no one gets to Stardust and Cepheus!"

Comet let out a scream as he let loose a large flame, then turned to Corvus.

"Like you think I didn't know?!"

They continued to fight, trying their best to keep the chameleons from moving any further into the castle...


Cepheus ran as quickly as he could with Stardust; her dress was slowing her down considerably, and if they ran any faster, she would probably trip and gain unwanted attention from their attackers. It was deathly silent, except for their own breathing, the sound of Stardust's shoes knocking against the hard tile floor, and his own shoes clacking, although much more quietly. 

The halls they were running through were pretty much destroyed; trash and pieces of the wall were all over the floor, and the lights flickered occasionally. They rounded a corner, and Cepheus looked to make sure no one was there. Confirming that they were safe, he ran forward, and down the next hall. They suddenly came to a four-way hall cross-section, and Cepheus didn't know where to go.

"Which way?"

Stardust looked at all four halls, then pointed down the one that went west.

"That way."

She was out of breath when she said it. They continued down the hall she had pointed to, and they came to a hall that hadn't been touched or entered yet by the intuders. Cepheus ran forward and tried to open the first door, only to find it locked. Clicking his tongue, he headed down to the second door, which was unlocked, but something was blocking it from the inside. He made his way to the third door, and was delighted to find it open. He rushed inside, quietly closed the door, and looked around for a place where Stardust could hide. 

Just as he spotted a large bookshelf, he heard voices outside, but didn't see shadows from under the door, which meant they were chameleons. He grabbed Stardust and pushed her into the corner of the bookshelf, and kneeled next to her quietly. They held their breaths as the sound of voices faded away. They both sighed in relief when they realized the chameleons had gone. 

Their relief was short-lived, however, when they heard more voices outside.