The Fire Emeralds are the Fire Dimension counterpart's of the Mobius Chaos Emerald.


The Creation

The Inferno Emeralds were created in approximately 2500BC by the Fririan Echidnas. The Fririan Echidnas marvelled at their creation, they tested The Inferno Emeralds and found out the sheer power that The Inferno Emeralds held. The Fririan Echidnas toyed with The Inferno Emeralds until they figured out how to use them properly. After they figured that out, they kept The Inferno Emeralds deep underground. In a secure room and locked up the trapdoor and covered the trapdoor with a pilefull of sand and rock, so no one would find The Inferno Emeralds.

The finding of The Fire Emeralds

In 1711 a Fririan explorer found a trapdoor in the middle of The Inferno Desert. The Firian explorer was curious, so, naturally, he unlocked the trapdoor and found The Inferno Emeralds in the secure room beneath the trapdoor. He showed the discovery to the rest of The Fire Dimension, who were all impressed. For 24 years, The Inferno Emeralds were used to power new, energy consuming machinery. But in 1735, a criminal stole The Inferno Emeralds and activated them by saying INFERNO CONTROL!! The criminal wrecked and wiped out a whole machinery zone, powered entirely by The Inferno Emeralds. For 2 years, he terrorized the Fire Dimension, destroyed hundreds upon thousands of buildings, and killed hundreds of Fririans. Eventually the crimanal had The Inferno Emeralds stolen from him in his sleep. He was sentenced to death, for the destruction he caused. The Firian leaders were scared of The Inferno Emeralds power and what they could do, and what further trouble they could cause. So it was decided to secretly scatter The Inferno Emeralds.

The scattering of The Fire Emeralds

The Official Scattering of The Inferno Emeralds started in 1739. The Emeralds were placed in hard to reach areas of The Inferno Desert and the Volcanic Region. One of the emeralds was found in the lava of a Still Volcano. Over the years, Fririans have found the Emeralds, but not knowing what these Emeralds do. They just through them away and accidentally re-scattered the emeralds.

Appearances in Roleplays

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The Emeralds

All of The Fire Emeralds have a reddish, yellowish colour. Unlike the Chaos Emeralds with each individual emerald being a different colour.

The Inferno Emerald

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The Inferno Emerald is the Fire dimension counterpart of the Mobius Chaos Emerald. The Inferno Emerald is known to enhance the powers of the Fire Emeralds. It can make the Fire emeralds twice as strong as they normally are, or twice as weak.


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All of The Inferno Emeralds

  • Inferno the Echinda

Only 1-6 of the Emeralds

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