The Last Call is the tenth and final graphic novel in the mini-series Terrible Luck by Manta-bee where they find all the parts to the plane and Lerich dies.

Plot summary

Part 1

The story starts off where Shipwrecked left off. When they reach the Tenpai, they encounter characters from previous stories. Katy gives them a a type of charm that can make them take human form. They temporarily do so and start taking up some jobs at the Tenpai.

Five gongs suddenly start ringing at once, leaving them no choice but to split up.

Amy encounters Irrika Vexus (Lerich's girlfriend) and Caterina Diff. Sonic and Tails encounter, Sann and Ferris, Knuckles encounters Suzy and Jedd, and Cream meets the headmaster of Majorka School of Magicry.

Then Polly Kai and Taffy Motta arrive by taxi. Polly has been working to help the gang and Taffy - who also felt bad over how he treated them - in order to bring more attention to Lerich's treacherous misdeeds. Lerich and his remaining cohorts would be put on trial.
During the trial, the volcano near the Tenpai has erupted, causing lava to engulf everything nearby, including the Tenpai. Caterina goes ballistic and says she should have been the leader and Lerich be one of her cohorts. Irrika tries to get Caterina and Lerich to compromise, but fails, resulting in Lerich and Irrika breaking up. Lerich, sick of Caterina, knocks her to the floor. Irrika tells Caterina that she would not be friends with such an ugly thing like her anyway. The lava flows inside and many secondary characters appear to be killed. Polly Kai attempts to stop the gang from leaving on the balloon, but Knuckles breaks free from her grip makes her let go. The balloon floats safely up to the sky, with Lerich onboard with them. Lava engulfs the Tenpai, and Polly is possibly killed.

Part 2

This story is not detailed, but will develop in time
The second part of The Final Call begins the gang fleeing the lava-engulfed Tenpai. After surviving a hurricane, they find themselves on a location which is populated by mysterious inhabitants. One inhabitant introduces herself as Marnia and lets Sonic and Co. in, but denies Lerich access, even after being threatened by him. She then takes them to the boss, Oz.

In one scene, Lerich and the gang get into a fight, and the gang proves to be too much for Lerich, who is without his dark powers. Oz breaks it up, but he also injures Lerich. This injury causes him to die slowly. Katy despite her poisoned state from the poison apples, refusing the antidote to let the others have some for themselves, helps Tails fix the plane.

Katy and Lerich die and the book ends with the gang flying on the fixed plane back home.


  • Caterina: [talking about Knuckles] Such a stubborn fella, this is fun!

  • Tails: You know who we are, but we will reveal it at just the right time.

  • Cream:[translating for Cheese] Well, friends, looks like we are stranded, we are no longer able to hide.

  • Lerich: Well well, it looks like I've finally got you all cornered at last!
Sonic: [under his breath]... Or do you?


  • Caterina takes on the powers of Inuyasha's Yura of the Hair in this issue. Irrika was the one who gave her these powers. Apparently, Irrika seems to be able to bestow powers on to certain life forms through a certain unknown process.
  • Sonic and Co. temporarily take human forms.

Chronological Info

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