the Elements are different weapons, each is the strongest of its Element, yet, there are only Nine, each is wield by a certain Hero 

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The Weapons

Twin Dragon Dao Blades

Color: Silver Blade, with red hilt and a pair of golden dragons on the hilt.
Familiar: Salamander
Element: Fire
Wielder: Will the Echidna

Description: After finding the weapon in a shrine, Will was able to draw it (unlike other people who tried.) He discovered the blade was actually a Dao Blade, or two swords joined together, and was able to separate and rejoin them at will. However, he used them only in ceremonies until he became adept at using them.

Crystal Axe

Color: Lt. Blue
Familiar: Serpent
Element: Ice
Wielder: Solstice the Wolf

Description: The Axes are made of unbreakable Ice. The two Ice Axes can merge into a Hammer, Boomerang, Sword, and many more.

Aqua Bow

Color: Blue
Familiar: Hydra
Element: Water
Wielder: Hermes the Hermit Crab

Description: The Aqua Bow is a blue bow made of water, anyone who is not chosen to have the bow it will melt out of his or her hands. The bow is used to make rainstorms, allow the user to walk on water, cause tornado's and hurricane's, and finally allow the user to melt into water for exactly 65 seconds. The bow's arrow's have a 98% chance of hitting if the user is confident in the Bow.

Statyx the Hedgehog

Color: Yellow
Familiar: Thunderbird
Element: Electricity
Wielder: None, Statyx is a living weapon

Description: Also known as the Ultimate Guardian, Statyx is the only living weapon among The Elements. Statyx has an infinite amount of electricity coursing throughout his body, and has expert control over it. Of all The Elements, he is probably the most flexible and forceful, able to adapt his powers to the current situation. He also cannot be weakened by having the weapon taken from him like the others, since he is the weapon.

As the other weapons have been around for centuries, it is unknown what happened to the original electric Element, or how Statyx became the current one.

Storm Claw

Color: Yellow
Familiar: Thunderbird
Element: Electricity
Wielder: Statyx the Hedgehog

Description: The original representation of eletricity among the Elements, the Storm Claw is a sharply designed green gauntlet with clawed fingers. A small rope mechanism is attached to the wrist, which has a long thin handle. The tip of the hilt is able to spring open, forming a four-pronged claw-like hook. The Storm Claw's main functionality is in the handle, which can be used in numerous ways. Held as-is, elctricity can be sent through the weapon, forming a rapier-like blade of electricity. If the claws are expanded, a large broad-sword like blade can be formed, or even a morning star with a head of raw electricity. The hook itself can be used as a long-range weapon by being thrown when open, or used as a grapling hook. The rope is made out of conductive material as well, so electricity can be sent throught it to the handle, allowing its direction to be controlled.

Greatstaff of the Nexus

Color: Grey
Familiar: Gryphon
Element: Wind
Wielder: Shahooter the Owl


Geo Gauntlets

Color: Brown
Familiar: Golem
Element: Earth
Wielder: Chief Knacku (Passed down in Kingdom Kon)

Description: The Geo Gauntlets are weapons that increase the attack powers of the wearer. They also enhance earth type abilities greatly. Anyone wearing the gloves developes super strength. The gloves are also capable of scanning geographical locations and eqiupping themselves if need be.

The Alucard Spear

Color: White
Familiar: Unicorn
Element: Holy
Wielder: Alucard the Wolf

Description: Also knows as the Spear of Holy Wrath, the Alucard Spear was a divine weapon that was used to slay the demon Mephistopheles. After Alucard's death, the spear disappeared, and remains hidden to this day. It is said that Alucard's spirit is tied to the spear itself.

Anox, the Blade of Darkness

Color: Golden Blade and Hilt, with a red Jewel betweeen the Blade and the Hilt
Familiar: Hell Hound
Element: Darkness
Wielder: Spike the Wolf

Description: Anox was originally a Dragon Warrior, he along with two others destroyed the Shadow Dragon. in the end, he used Soul Sacrifice to defeat the Shadow Dragon, but at the cost of his Soul, he became a Jewel, and Crashed down to the planet Anoxia. Anox is the Strongest being (besides Nexus and DarkSpirit) in the Universe, however, only a fraction of his power (1/100) can be used, the rest is Forbidden Power. Anox can be wielded by only Spike, anyone else won't be able to lift it, to them, it would feel like lifting the Impossible. Anox is a living Being, when he talks, it sounds like a Cybernetic Har, other than Spike, you must see into your mind to listen to the voice of the blade. Anox has once said that "When all the Elements Combine, the Stronget Element is Created"   

Rainbow Energy

Color: All Colors
Familiar: Rainbow Phoenix/Dragon
Element: All Elements
Wielder: Any one of the Wielders of an Element Weapon

Description: "When all the Elements Combine, the Strongest Element is created". Rainbow Energy can be formed when all the Elements are Combined. Anox has said that, "the Energy of this Element exceeds all Elements, because it is all Elements." Rainbow Energy  takes the form of a Giant Winged Beast, which appears as a Phoenix, but has the horns and wings of a Dragon. The Beast is made of Rainbow Colored Flames.


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