On a seperate planet far away from Mobius, there were kingdoms split depending on the residents elemental abilities. One day the Fire Kingdoms greed for power went to far, They were showing off their powers to prove their superiority and strength. They melted half of the Ice Kingdom who then counterattacked. For years the battle was just between those 2 kingdoms. Soon the 2 kingdoms started looking for alliances from other kingdoms to assist them and soon the entire planet was at war.

The rulers of each kingdom knew the world would end soon due to all this destruction so they each sent their children to Mobius to keep their bloodline alive.

The Planet

The Planet is simply know as, The Planet of Elements, no super special name or anything, It is located in a different galaxy from Mobius, but they have escpe pods that can take them across galaxies to Mobius in a matter of days. The planet isn't that large as it's only half the size of Planet Earth and the planet is seperated into several kingdoms, each specific to one elemental ability, thus how the planet got it's name.

Story of the Elementals

This is a story that tells the end of the war.

Elemental Princes and Princesses

Frostbite the Hedgehog - Prince of the Ice Kingdom

Firaga the Hedgehog - Princess of the Fire Kingdom

Electro the Echidna - Prince of the Thunder Kingdom

Cura the Cat - Princess of the Plant Kingdom

Graviga the Hedgehog - Princess of the Eternal Kingdom

Aero the Fox - Prince of the Wind Kingdom

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