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The Elemental Rings Factory

The outside of the Elemental Rings Factory

The Elemental Rings Factory was a large facility located in the north-western corner of Greenflower City. It was the headquarters of the Elemental Rings Inc. and was run by Avarice Walker for 20 years until it was closed down. As the name implies, this factory mass produced Elemental Rings. A little bit of research and experiments on the rings also took place here, especially after the closing of the Ocean Laboratory; their main research facility for a time. There was a branch building next door, allowing people to shop for the (rather pricy) rings. While it was a big, successful business on the outside, on the inside, it was one of two secret headquarters for the sinister gang known as 'The Black Rose'. Avarice, the founder of the company, was one of its leaders. After his eventual downfall, the Elemental Rings Factory was closed down, and production of Elemental Rings ceased. Four years later, the entire facility was torn down.


(Under construction: This won't be done anytime soon! The Elemental Rings Factory is huge and it'll take a long time to finish making.) There are a total of three stories and two basement floors in the Elemental Rings Factory.


The first floor contains the entrance


The second floor is where all the magic takes place. This is where the elemental rings are mass produced. Because of the wide variety of rings the factory creates, the entire floor is dedicated to producing them.


The third floor is more business oriented, containing the offices of several high ranking employees, from scientists and engineers to factory managers and even the big boss himself.


The first basement floor is where all the power units and generators that keep the factory running are located.


The lowest floor of the building is a large storage facility.

Splice The Hedgehog (RPG Fangame)

The Elemental Rings Factory is a large, reoccurring dungeon in SpTH. The main reason for entering this
Escape from Enemy Base - Tales of Symphonia Music Extended

Escape from Enemy Base - Tales of Symphonia Music Extended

factory is to investigate the dark connections between it and The Black Rose Orphanage. Being the most iconic 'mechanical' dungeon, It will mostly feature puzzles involving electrical lifts, conveyor belts, passwords, lots of buttons, etc. The factory is visited a total of four times. To prevent sequence breaking, most doors are restricted by different levels of security doors.

In the first visit, you have the lowest level security key card, [01]. Only the security doors labeled with [01] can be opened. However, there is an enemy that randomly drops a level [02] key card, which can give you early access to nice goodies. In the second visit, there are many doors left open, leaving a trail behind for you to follow. By the end of that visit, you gain access to a level [03] card, which grants access from security levels from 1-3, thus opening up the opportunity for backtracking to find more items. Eventually you will obtain a level [04] card, which will ultimately allow you to reach the main boss' room, leading to your first encounter with Avarice.

By the end of the game, the Elemental Rings Factory is shut down for good after Avarice's defeat, and the production of Elemental Rings came to a halt. Eventually the items would become scarce.

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