The Elemental Realms are ten special planes of energy that exist within our universe. They each represent one of the Ten Elements.


They have existed far before anyone can remember, possibly having existed even before space and time began to crawl forward. These Realms are responsible for the presence of the ten Elements in our universe; Fire, Ice, Water, Electricity, Wind, Earth, Light, Darkness, Nature and Poison. All of them are natural concepts that have existed long before Mobius was even formed.


The Realms are not physical; it is impossible to step foot into these places of purest energy. However, there are still rumors that creatures beyond our comprehension exist in these Realms; quite fittingly, they are known as Elementals.

The Elementals primarily manifest as alien beings of pure energy that represent the element they are tied to, although in very rare instances, a single Elemental can fuse with a physical living body that can be found on any terrestrial planet, creating what is functionally a hybrid, better known as a 'living elemental'. This process is almost never known to occur naturally, and is typically done through artificial means.


The Realms are not without their representatives, primarily in the form of ancient deities that have walked the planet for eons. Chief among these are The Elemental Gods; the children of Ka, the Great Wheel of Being. The Elemental Beasts were created by the Ka and Elemental Gods to help keep the Elemental Realms in balance with each other, and to keep their influence in check; one Realm should never become stronger than the others, after all.


Notably, there are members of these Elementals that were born from energies themselves, or through fusion of a host body. These include:

  • Crytus the Fox - The only Elemental who had been fused to a host body by scientists back in Moebius before his escape. Formerly a merc, he seeks a true purpose.
  • Pyrhus the Gecko - "Born" from the lava cascades of Red Mountain, Pyrhus assumes his form as a gecko. His entire body is encased with molten lava and is often isolated from others, except those who are resistance to his nature.
  • Grizelle the Doe - "Born" from the meadow flowers deep within the Soumerca forest. Her body are covered in flowers, with sharp vines surrounding her arms and legs, all of which they act as her additional "fur".
  • Nihil the ??? - "Born" within the deep, pitch-black darkness within the caverns. It is genderless and its Mobian form is unknown and it rarely ever emerges from surfaces and never dares to go near harsh illuminations, such as sunlight. Unlike its other members, however, Nihil does not speak and can only be understood by others with spectral abilities.
  • Syanyde the Mouse - It was rumored that Syanide existed deep within the sewage system and had ventured far deeper within the systems, including an old, abandoned canal. Despite being only two feet in size, she can prove lethal if provoked and cannot be normally approached due to her appearance looking seriously decayed, and is not only a carrier with poison in her, but also diseases unless if approached by those with resistances. Like Pyrhus, she is often isolated from the outside world.
  • Friedl the Eagle - Having been created from the strong winds from the outskirts of Windy Valley, Friedl's body is never seen, except from the form from gusts of winds with leaves blowing, giving off the form of a female harpy eagle. Despite the high winds, her physical body is real and feels solid.
  • Aquos the Shark - He was "created" by forces unknown from far below sea level. Does not bode well on land unless he has a specialized breathing equipment that allows him to breathe water, even when not in the ocean. Is very vulnerable against hot weather.
  • Elektra the Porcupine - Random lightning strikes resulted in the creation of a Mobian porcupine, with her quills being covered by electrical sparks that can be exceptionally painful when touched.
  • Quartz the Armadillo - Said to be surfaced after a mudslide incident, his Mobian form is shaped that of an armadillo, being completely covered in mud. His body is not solid and is often covered with viscous mud, said to have Earth/Water abilities that conjures into Mud. If used with Light abilities, his body becomes a solid Diamond.
  • Ignis the Sparrow - It was rumored to be formed from the brightest sun, assuming his form of a sparrow. His entire body is made of shining light and cannot handle the darkness unless an adequate light source is found.
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