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Waizu Kawazu
The Elder,grampa (by Krinkinko),Grandfather(Krinkinkoy), Grandpapa (Krinketta)
Frog (exactly what species of frog he is pending)
Tall green frog with a big beard and big bushy eyebrows,
Purple cloak,red robe (on ocassions),
Krininko (Adopted granchild),Krinketta and Krinkinkoy (adopted great-grandchildren),
Romantic Interest
Rachel the Goat
Heroes,girls,training,wisdom,his village,his cave,people,balance,Tea,Wasabi,Sochu Watermelon Lemonade,Sushi,Rice,Dumplings, Egg rolls, Curry, Ramen,
Evil,death,confusion,stress,being single,Evil,
Wisdom,super strength,mystical powers,training skills,people skills,
Max power form (also called super buff form)
The Elder of Frog Village is the wise and caring elder/mayor of frog village. It's unkown how long he was elder all that's known about his time as leader is that it was for many generations. He can't die of normal causes (sickness,old age) due to him drinking the imortal elixir. He is Krinkinko 's adoptive grandfather and Krinkinkoy and Krinketta's adoptive great-grandfather. Ever since Krinkinko's presumed death the elder has been raising his grandchildren and has been training Krinkinkoy with reluctance.


The elder was born in frog village, his parents being immigrants from somewhere in far away. Ever since he was a child he had unlockable power that everyone underestimated. One day during the brutal training his mother subjected him to he unleashed this power. She was frightened and left the young elder to fend for himself, his father had disappeared while he was young. The elder made a friend with the young Suprano since they had a common intrest to rule the village and lead it to greatness. After highschool the elder went to college in a far off land. Once he got out he realised that he had limited time to do everything and he'd only be elder for only so long since he would eventually die so he located and drank the immortal elixir so he would not die. He then worked for village council to help the village. Suprano was jealous of all the attention the elder was getting and decided to break their friendship. Later the two ran for office of elder but the elder ended up winning at age forty.Even with Suprano begining to turn his threats into promises the Elder ignored him. Then for years the elder grew wiser. Twelve years ago a couple was thrown in the pit of despair but the elder couldn't bear throwing the baby in so he adopted him as his grandson. About a year ago the village was burned down and the elder had to relocate it in a gaint cave. Soon suprano appeared and is growing a kingdom in hopes to surpass the elder. The elder is currently training Rachel the goat. He lives in a cave in the cave of his village. After the disappearance of Krinkinko he became less active in the affairs of his village and takes care of his two great-grandchildren. He reluctanlty trains Krinkinkoy along with Rachel and the occasional Droget.


The Elder is a very calm and wise man. He always gives unbiased advice based on the trials he went to. Some people think his advice is too old and out of style but he'll inform anyone with knowledge if they need it. Out of everyone in Frog jungle he probably knows the most about the world. His calm and patient nature may also be the secret to his fighting moves. In general he's a caring man who sees everyone as his children. Like Krinkinko he likes girls but not as much as Krinkinko. Krinkinko has a lust for them but the Elder simply wishes girls would like people as old as him but he doesn't let that fact take up all of his time. He is also prone to long lectures about young people and respect among others. He also regrets using the Immortal Elixir because he had to watch all of his loved ones die. His worst fear is when Krinkinko dies one day.

Interaction with other Characters

Krinkinko the Hedgehog- The Elder is Krinkinko's adoptive grandfather and is always there for Krinkinko when he seeks guidance, due to this Krinkinko sees the elder as his mentor and master. Krinkinko's stubborness usually gets under many adults' skin but the elder seems to not mind Krinkinko's stubborness as much as others. Krinkinko also is considerately less stubborn when around the elder. Out of all the people in his village Krinkinko is the Elder's favorite. When the Elder told Krinkinko about his parents Krinkinko wasn't that upset that the Elder lied to him because he knew the Elder did it with good intentions. The reason the Elder didn't throw Krinkinko in the pit of despair along with his parents was because the Elder saw the innocence in the baby Krinkinko's eyes and couldn't bring himself to kill the baby so he took him in as his own instead. His worst fear is when Krinkinko dies which was realised a year ago causing him to become more stern and solemn.

Fa-La-Stu the Echidna- Fa-La-Stu has had a lot of respect for the Elder since she was little because the Elder would give her advice about her problem with being a princess and due to this she has learned to cope with being royalty.

Droget the Frog- Droget naturally respects the elder because he resides in Frog village. Droget will constantly bow down to the elder.

Rachel the Goat-The Elder seems to like it when she flirts with him and even had his workers build her a new house because she seduced him. He constantly goes on dates with her and kisses her. Quite frankly, she doesn't mind at all. Most villagers of Frog Village joke that she's the first lady due to how touchy feely the elder is with Rachel.



Even though he appears to simply be a feeble old man he's actually an extremely powerful fighter. He's a melee fighter who specializes in dishing out hard hits and dodging fast hits. He's a great jumper so he's also skilled in ariel combat. He knows how to train himslef to make himself faster and stronger. Most of the people who actually saw him fight see him as the one of the strongest fighters around. Whether this is true or not is up to debate but it's known that he definately is no pushover. He's also a skilled swimmer. Since he's a frog he also has the special ability of breathing through his skin meaning he can't get choked that easily. His one weakness is speed; since he focuses on strength so much he can't deal blows to quick enemies and he gets tired out from running quickly. He's probably so skilled because he's had alot of time to train in his cave. He can also expand his cheeks to float down extremely slowly when he's in theair. When he fights he never plans to kill but he's stronger than he thinks...



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The Elder's Theme


  • He briefly trained Smash the Echidna and Rachel the Goat.
  • The Elder was born on the day of a solar eclipse.
  • His training is shown to be harsh.
  • He is loosely based off of Frogfucious
  • Even though he's a frog and mostly prefers water and grass he knows and ocassionally preforms the art of fire cupping.
  • The Elder was shown flying in Shadow Crystal Cloud tournament but he was actually floating by expanding his cheeks.
  • He is shown to have a collection of magazines in which Droget calls perverted. So perveted in fact that after briefly flipping the pages in one Droget claims to have "lost his childhood".
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