The Eight Mates are the main group of Darkest Shadow's characters. They are a group of very close friends who spend time together hanging out. Sometimes they get into fights with some forces of evil around their area.


Beginnings: How They Came To Be

The Original Two

It all started out a few years ago, back in 2005 with a four mean pageant princesses bullying a second grader who was new to the pageant world. Her peers convinced her to compete in a pageant to take the crown from this bully drama queen, and she did just that. She still was bullied by them.

Alexis heard about this incident and felt really bad for her. She was a very nice person after all, and she seemed like she'd make a great friend. They knew each other since kindergarten, but they didn't really talk to each other. They wanted to get to know each other better, so they decided to become friends, and over a few days, a sisterly bond was born.

The Terrific Three

As the two of them hung out all the time, they realized that they needed more people because they got bored of it just being the two of them. Christina found one girl who was super athletic and energetic, and amazing at gymnastics. Her name was Michelle, and she said that she'd be happy to join them. However, Michelle shared a rather closer friendship with Christina because of their mutual interest in gymnastics, but it was usually all three of them hanging out.

The Fantastic Four

Throughout her elementary school life, Alexis has been crushing on a boy named David. Every so often, she would look at him while the teacher was talking and gaze into his eyes. He would turn back and she would just pretend it didn't happen. What they didn't know was that he started to follow them around wondering what they did and why she stared at them. He actually thought that they were a rather nice group of girls and would want them to be their friends in the future.

He then asked Alexis to join their group, and with her eyes dilating, she happily answered yes. The four of them got to know each other better, however, there are a few times where they have to exclude David because of girl talk. David had a more special connection with Alexis and Christina than with Michelle for some odd reason.

The Fabulous Five

Two years later, Christina talked about Krys and how amazing she was, but she had no friends to talk to. She even invited Krys over to Alexis's house so the others can know her better. Krys then stated that she is part of Team Fashion, which instantly made them think that they were using Krys as a data holder to get data on Christina's interests. Alexis said that she wasn't sure about her being a part of team fashion, and started to change her mind about her.

However, Krys said something that prevented this from happening. She told them that she has always wanted to quit Team Fashion, but she never had the confidence to do so. While Alexis changed her mind about her, David and Michelle still weren't buying her true story. They told her that they have to "work on a project" and made her go away.

However, during a pageant, Christina's dress was ruined for the awards, and she was disqualified for thinking that she ruined her own dress, when it was really the evildoing of Team Fashion. She ran off stage, trying to hold back tears, and then she let it all out backstage. Krys walked up to her and hugged her telling her everything will be okay. Mimi walked backstage finding this and was infuriated. She kicked Krys out of Team Fashion.

After telling her friends what she has done, hearing it from honest Christina, they decided to let Krys become part of their friendship circle, as she earned the spot to be there.

The Swag Six

Due to Alexis's celebrity status, she was invited to take part in a special event. It was called, "Meet A Fan Day" in 2010. In that event, a celebrity holds a raffle in which the winner gets to spend the day and befriend that celebrity. Thousands of kids entered the contest to get the chance to meet and become friends with Alexis. She was overwhelmed and she felt bad for the kids who didn't win.

When it was time to announce the winner, she went in a private room with her manager and friends. She pulled out a name from the oddly gigantic baskets of raffles. The name was "Alyssa Amotran: 901 Labola Place, Mariala City". She had no idea who this person was, so she shrugged and made her way to that house. Her crew put a giant coat on her so she can be disguised as a normal being.

She made it to the house. She knocked on the door. Alexis walked into the house. A little girl opened the door. She looked up at the teenager. She asked if she was Alyssa Amotran, and she obviously was. Her crew took off her coat, and Alyssa almost lost her breath. When Alexis told Alyssa she has won the contest she was about to cry. She tightly hugged Alexis, and dragged her in to meet her family. She then introduced Alyssa to her other five friends, and made her the sixth addition to the friendship circle.

The Super Seven

A year later, David and his other clique were skateboarding down a path in the forest until they find a tree in the middle of the path. He then looks up to where it feel and noticed another tree falling. From the dust it caused, a shadowy figure appeared. He asked who they are and they introduced themselves. He scared off his other friends and noticed his condition isn't that good. He helps him to Krys's house to find a fast medicine, but he punches his arm saying he doesn't need help. When they reached the town, he collapsed on the floor. David carried him over to Krys's library.

Meanwhile, they were all having tea and biscuits talking about Alexis's second studio album, when David bursts open the door holding the body, as they all were shocked the visitors all tried to look away in disgust, as she gave a message saying that the library is temporarily closed. As the vistors make their way out of the place, they all go upstairs into the place where Krys lives.

Using her magic, she lies the body from David's hands on the kitchen table. Krys checked the horse's pulse with her fingers. He just fainted, that's all. She then opened up her cabinet to find an item called "revival potion". She poured it into a cup and gave it to Christina. Michelle help open the horse's mouth and poured it into his mouth. He slowly started to open his eyes until he woke up. He looked around, not knowing where they were.

They all introduce themselves to him and he replies by saying his name was Thresh. He remembered David, and he looked at him. He asked if he knew him, and they all replied no. David then explained to Thresh how he fainted while he was walking home, and David carried him all the way to this place to have Krys revive him. He thanked them all, but then said that in the future that he didn't need help from anyone. Christina then asked if he wanted to join their circle of friends. At first he said no, but about two days later,he changed his mind and became the seventh member.

The Eight Mates

A few years ago, Alexis, Christina, David, Michelle, Alyssa, Krys and Thresh were hanging out at a dinner in Paliside Town. They already knew each other by then. They were having fun, discussing plans, until suddenly, a boom was heard in the distance. The seven of them ran down to see what was up, their arch enemy, Mimi, and her team, were stealing from the weapon factory.

As they were about to fight, a grey figure passed by them and started to fight the team. He threw a couple of punches and kicks, but Mimi blasted him away with a bazooka. It was up to the seven to finish them off;They finished them off and tied them up to the back of a truck. The grey figure saw their actions and introduced himself;his name was Ricardo.

Ricardo asked the seven to join them and become part of their clique. They were going to ask the same thing, so Ricardo joined. Then, Ricardo had a brilliant idea; to come up with a group name to fight crime. They called themselves "The Eight Mates", since they were eight close friends, or mates. 



Thresh the Horse:


Thresh the Horse is the dark one of the group. He was the captain of the MCA Allstars Baseball Team, and a part-time lifeguard at his community pool back home. Thresh has the power of super strength, able to lift heavy amounts of objects. Thresh is dark, deep and cold but his friends see the light in him. Usually, Thresh is the team's last resort in battle when the rest need help.

Alexis Petals:


Alexis the Fox, or just Alexis Petals, is the trendy one of the group. She is a pop star known worldwide and the captain of the MCA Allstars Volleyball Team. She also has the ability to manipulate nature at her will. Alexis is kind, but at the same time serious, and her friends find her to be very sweet. Usually, Alexis is the team's leader, as she leads her and her friends to victory!

David the HedgeFox:


David the HedgeFox is the cool of the group. He is a professional skateboarder on the Brockland Broncos Elite Skateboard team, and a very well known rapstar known around the world. He also has the ability to manipulate lava. David is fun and cocky, but is also quite a mischief maker. Usually, David is the team's jokester, as he makes everyone laugh, even the darkest people.

Alyssa the Dog (and Milkshake):


Alyssa the Dog is the cute one of the group. She is a professional dancer on the Mariala Youth Stars Dance Company, and a pop icon known around the globe. She also has a pet chao and partner in combat named Milkshake, that is seen with her most of the time. She is polite and innocent, but can be assertive when needed. Usually, Alyssa is the team's moderator, as she makes sure no fights occur.

Michelle the Cat:


Michelle the Cat is the fun one of the group. She is a professional gymnast of all sorts, an actress known globally, an a great diver. She also has the ability to manipulate electricity at her will. Michelle is upbeat, and energetic, but she tends to brag a lot and get a little to competitive. Usually, Michelle is the team's energy, as she gives the team the confidence to not quit.

Ricardo the Wolf:


Ricardo the Wolf is the heroic one of the group. He is a waiter and chef at a resturant in his hometown, and an training to be an acrobatics expert. He also has the ability to run at very high speeds, and has incredible eyesight even through fog and mist. Ricardo is independent, cool, but also has a strong sense of justice. Usually, Ricardo is the team's secret weapon, as he is basically a little bit of everything when you need it!

Kester the Echidna:


Kester the Echidna is the weird one of the group. He is an highly intelligent echidna gifted with massive amounts of knowledge about robotics, building machinery, and repairing objects. He is seen as an outcast, as he doesn't really have much in common with the rest of the group, although he is the most useful one according to them. Usually, Kester is the team's inventor, able to bring their ideas to life.... literally!

Billie the Mouse:


Billie the Mouse is the smart one of the group. She is a highly intellectual outcast with incredible physic powers. She is able to use clairvoyance to hear other's thoughts, foresight, to see into the future, clarity to see into the past, and necromancy to communicate with the dead. She is rather quiet and takes her work seriously. Usually, Billie is the team's lie detector, as she is able to read minds and see their target's lies.


Krys the Alicorn:


Krystal, or simply "Krys", the Alicorn was the serious one of the group. She is a rather nerdy school girl who was interested in reading and fashion. She also has the ability to use mind-blowing magic that she used for years, leading to her transformation from a unicorn. She is serious and smart, but she can be fun. Usually, Krys was the team's inventor, as she is able to bring their ideas to life! She left after her sophomore year in college to join The Trinity.

Christina the HedgeCat:


Christina the HedgeCat was the modest one of the group. She is a world renounced fashion model and designer, and student of Monegasque Gymnastic Street Fighting. She also has the ability to manipulate nature, and crystals. She is altruistic and modest, but can stand up for herself. Usually, Christina was the team's brain, as she comes up with some brilliant ideas for battle plans. Christina recently left the Eight Mates after she moved out of Mariala City and headed over to a small town in Eifflyn to take the jobs she was offered.



Mary the Hedgehog: The pop star that everyone in the group doesn't like very much, Mary is always ready to assist them whenever they need it.

The MerMobians: Consisting of Rainfall, Ember and Frost, they occasionally help out the eight whenever they are around.

Beach Cove Buddies: Consisting of Candlelight, Monica, Ashley and sometimes Lili, they are close allies with common enemies.

Christina the HedgeCat: A former member of the group, Christina told them that if they ever need anything, that she'll always be one call away.


Team Fashion: Consisting of Mimi, Jamie, Chloe and Britney, the dysfunctional fashion disasters mainly target Christina, and are the biggest threats and main enemy team of the eight.

Mindy the Cat: The superstar with two different personalities in both day and night, this borderline-psychopath mainly targets Alexis. They're not afraid of what the evil night personality has to bring.

Jayden and Fright: Jayden, the man of a thousand faces. Fright, a magic wolf with a chainsaw and clown reputation, these forces target Michelle. They are probably the scariest to deal with.

The Jungle Kings: A trio of Pyros, Aquos, and Darkus, the deadly kings of the jungle target Thresh. They're always looking for a fight and claim to be the rulers of the jungle.


The Eight Mates are a private group, and don't have very strict policies. They don't accept new members but they always affilate with some. They also always say that you can't back away from your group. That means you can't fight alongside an enemy.

Also, each of the eight mates has to have something that makes them good in fighting. For instance, Thresh has superstrength, Alexis manipulate nature, David manipulates lava, Christina manipulates crystals, Alyssa has a chao sidekick, Michelle manipulates electricity, Krys uses magic, and Ricardo is all around. 

Each of the eight mates has to have some kind of unique talent that nobody else really has. For instance, Thresh is the baseball captain, Alexis is a popstar, David is a skateboard pro, Christina is a fashionista, Michelle is an actress, Alyssa is a dancer, Krys is a magic user, and Ricardo is a frycook.


  • Originally, there were six of them, until Thresh and Ricardo were introduced right before the original series was going out of control, so they became eight.
  • Technically it would be "The Nine Mates" if you count Alyssa's pet chao, Milkshake.
  • In the Summer of Sweet Secrets, The Eight Mates are now referred to as The Originals.
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