The Eight Calamities are the eight Gods that correspond to various elements in the universe; Light, Dark, Earth, Water, Fire, Wind, Metal, Lightning, Ice, and various others.

The various sub elements, such as Poison, also belong to these same gods.


The Gods and Goddesses known as the Calamities are considered to be extremely lax in nature, residing in various places corresponding to their elements; be it the hottest volcanoes, the deepest caverns, or the regions of the seas where no mortal could hope to reach.

Their power is given through the Eight Stones, made of Dynatium infused with their power. These stones are given to the most powerful elementals, and are handed off to the next generation. If there is no elemental to be given the stone, the stone will then be held by the current wielder; until it's time to hand off the stone.


Tytan - The Shironan God of Earth. His awakened form is known as Tytan (Awakened) _________________________________________________________

Neptis - The Shironan God of Water. His awakened form is known as Neptis (Awakened) _________________________________________________________

Ardoris - The Shironan God of Fire. His awakened form is known as Ardoris (Awakened) _________________________________________________________

Icilik - The Shironan God of Ice. His awakened form is known as Icilik (Awakened) _________________________________________________________

Electa - The Shironan Goddess of Lightning. Her awakened form is known as Electa (Awakened) _________________________________________________________

Solarana - The Shironan Goddess of Light. Her awakened form is known as Solarana (Awakened)


Tempestra - The Shironan Goddess of Wind. Her awakened form is known as Tempestra (Awakened) _________________________________________________________

Nocturneos - The Shironan God of Darkness. His awakened form is known as Nocturneos (Awakened)

Enemies and Allies


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Mephisto the Corrupt : A previous Shadow God; He had once been friends with Nocturneos. But his jealousy and envy of their power, eventually led him to seek more power. This caused him to commit a grave taboo using corrupted Dynatium; leading to the corruption of his own kin and a newly formed emnity between the Eight Calamities and the Eight Apocalyptics. However, only seven of the Calamities hold hostility towards him. Nocturneos, feels only pity for not having noticed his friend's fall to madness.

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