The Eggman
Team Eggman (unknown division of SEGA)
Playstation 4 (Pro), Xbox One (X), Steam (PC)
ESRB = T/ PEGI = 14

The Eggman, is an action-adventure, Sonic spin-off focusing on the character of Dr. Eggman. The game finds Eggman having to bring together a team to save the world when no one else can. The game also takes place after the events of most Sonic games up to this point.


The game begins with the awakening of a robot, known as R-839 of which Dr. Eggman claims to be the creator of. The robot is quickly introduced to Metal Sonic and the Egg Carrier as well as the doctor's plans. The robot also learns of a powerful looming threat over the world in the form of The Exiled, a race of beings from another dimension which have begun attacking the planet. After many attacks and the eventual discovery of the original Egg Carrier, another robot is awakened, going by the name E-126 San. The robot is angry with his treatment of being sealed away by Eggman and attempts to kill him, in a similar fashion to E-123 Omega. Ultimately 839 stops San and San agrees to rejoin with the doctor and his cause for world domination.

The doctor's plans seems to be going well up until, the doctor witnesses the complete destruction of the city of Westopolis. In the battle Shadow appears to fight the Exiled only to be seemingly brutally killed. Terrified Eggman contacts GUN of whom he reluctantly agrees to align himself with to stop The Exiled and the ultimate destruction of the planet. During this time 839 finds bizarre encrypted messages from a mysterious hacker named Diztanz, advising him on varying subjects.

The uneasy alliance seems to last for long, despite Eggman's morally questionable nature and lack of restraint for rights. Eventually the alliance is thrown for a loop when past versions of Sonic, Knuckles and Silver show up to try and figure things out for themselves. In the fight Silver reveals to Eggman that The Exiled have control over one of Eggman's most powerful machines, The Cord. Eggman denies the possibility of such but considering San's link to the machine the group is forced to believe the concept as true. The Cord known for being able to infect and reprogram any machine at will, under it's own ambitions.

Inspired by San, 839 himself looks into his own past to find out that he's not actually synthetic but an animal trapped in a robotic shell. He confronts Eggman only to find out that he was a small rabbit who was attacked and had his family killed by The Exiled. With him not too further away from death, the doctor himself robotized 839 to save the animal's life and give him a chance at revenge. Ultimately Eggman shares a tender moment by showing his moral side, and revealing that by he decided in the end to try and not make 839 the bitter, revenge fueled creation he originally intended. The revelation ultimately inspires 839 to be more loyal to Eggman than before.

Around this time the uninformed past Sonic also shows up to try and stop both the alliance and The Exiles. After finding and fighting Metal Sonic, Sonic ends up cracking the head piece revealing that underneath is a living being. Sonic further breaks Metal Sonic's mask only for him to find out that underneath is Sonic himself, from the present. Metal reveals that after almost dying he was saved by Eggman whom he knowingly helps due to Eggman's knowledge of how to defeat The Exiled. Sonic is shocked but ultimately respects his future self.

Unfortunately the good moments don't last long as The Cord shows up and begins to tear things apart at an Alliance base. 839, San and Metal Sonic all go after the machine but ultimately fail to do anything to it. It is also revealed that The Cord is now sided with The Exiled. The outcome of the battle leads to Sonic, Silver, 839, San and GUN pressuring Eggman into revealing how he knows so much about The Exiled. The ensuing argument becomes heated and leads to Eggman's glasses being thrown off, revealing almost inhuman eyes. The doctor reveals that he once experienced the horrors of another dimension, thanks to the powers of the chaos emeralds and a machine of his. The dimension permanently changed his eyes and led him to The Exiled. The doctor hoped that the beings would never learn how to dimension hop from the chaos emeralds like he did, however he wasn't so lucky.

With the alliance now grown in trust, they become more hopeful. Despite the attitude they are absolutely decimated by the following battle against the united Cord and Exiled. Only adding to the frustration, Sonic, Knuckles and Silver are unwillingly sent back to the past, leaving The Alliance to their own devices. As things begin to look increasingly more hopeless, 839 receives a message from Diztanz that he's coming out of the shadows. To the surprise of GUN and Eggman, Diztanz reveals himself to be Tails, now older from his earlier incarnations. With the aid of Tails, The Alliance finally makes great strides in hurting The Exiled and with the help of 839, San finally defeats The Cord. In the end Sonic, Tails and 839 make the final moves on The Exiled, and attempt to close off their portal using the chaos emeralds and forever trapping them back in their dimension. However before Sonic is able to do it, Tails reveals that doing so will undo all the events since The Exiled arrived. Everyone thinks over the sacrifice, ending with Eggman almost shedding a tear, making the decision to seal the Exiled back.

Despite the results happening mostly to their original explanation, Eggman, Sonic and the now fully animal R-839 all remember the events of the game.


Gameplay is divided into multiple different parts and styles, each with their own systems.


R-839 plays similarly to a character in found a game like Jak & Daxter or Ratchet & Clank, with obvious twists and interesting tweaks. R-839 is a slower combat/fire arms based character, who has access to a variety of chemical based weapons all powered by the sentient Mean Beans. Conversely the Wisps' hyper go-on energy can be obtained and greatly buff all of the weaponry provided by the mean beans. 839's gameplay takes up a majority of the game and is the main play style.

E-126 San

San plays in a first person shooter play style and features similar controls and abilities to that of Omega from Shadow the Hedgehog 2.

Metal Sonic

Metal Sonic plays similarly to that of the boost formula gameplay from Sonic Unleashed and Sonic Generations, with a few added tweaks and twists to better compliment the character of Metal Sonic rather than Sonic. Despite this the original Sonic is actually playable for a short amount of time in the game.


Mini-games are smaller chunks seen the larger levels of the game.


Small flying sections are also included in the game in the form of Star Fox like dog fights, where the player must take down enemy ships or deliver another playable character to a certain location.

Mean-Bean Machine

To make 839's weapons more powerful and additional perks, this mini-game which is a recreation of Dr. Robotnik's Mean-Bean Machine appears in the game

Level Types

Levels come in two different types throughout the course of the game.

Action Stages

Action Stages act as the main missions and play grounds for each character and their objectives.

Open Worlds

Various locations, most notably the Egg Carrier act as training grounds and an open sandboxes to explore by the various playable characters in the game.

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