The EQuartz Committee (2027 Video Game)
Cartoon Network Interactive
Available Platforms
Nintendo (_)DS, Nintendo (Home Console,) PC (Steam), Sony Playstation (Home Console)

The EQuartz Committee (2027 game) is a tie-in video game for the fairly popular animated series of the same name. Liscensed by Cartoon Network Interative and developed by Wayforward,  this game has quite a few homages to the show hidden throughout the game, as well as having introduced a few characters who would later appear in the show.


The basic plot synopsis is that, on a normal night in Soulstice City, a mysterious masked man of black fog in a ragged top hat kidnaps several members of EQuartz Industries, and brainwashes them to serve him and cause chaos throughout the world. Luckily, the player character (which starts with a basic soldiers and increases as the game progresses) managed to avoid the masked man and hurries out to save his/her friends as well as the world. From here, the story is somewhat nonexistant, as the boss-order is based on which level you choose first. Eventually, the player reaches the masked man's fortress and fights his/her way through, eventually defeating the man and saving the world.

Story variations between characters

  • Soldier: Basic plot
  • Misteress Universe: Seems to teleport defeated bosses away, no one truly knows whether it kills them or not. Does not speak...
  • Phantom: Somehow, the game's antagonist was split in half before the game's plot begins, trying to stop his evil light side while saving the innocents that were caught up in this issue.


The gameplayused for this game is a basic style known as the "Jumpandshoot," where you essentially move through the level and platform while shooting at oncoming enemies. This style had become famous from the Mega Man series of games, though is more similar to that of the X series of Mega Man games. instead of being single-room puzzle boxes, levels are much larger and rarely ever initiate screen-changing until one is close to the boss room. Upon reaching the boss room, a quick dialogue exchange is made between the player and the level boss, followed by a fight, where the boss will use a mixture of pre-created strategies and AI to create a fair challenge that's slightly different each time.

A feature in the game is the implimentation of intensity levels. Rather than your basic easy-normal-hard difficulty settings, players can choose to set the difficulty based on numbers (1 through 10), allowing for much more precise levels of difficulty to make the player feel just the right amount of challenge based on whatever skill-level they may have. The controls are your basic "a to jump, b to shoot, l/r to scroll through weapons," style, while controls vary based on which character you choose to play as, as each have varying stats and abilities to diversify gameplay styles and experiences.



Soldier: Basic player character, can be visually customized. Programmed to undo the terror caused by the masked man. (starting character) (all stats = 3) (basic charge shot, can use powers of defeated bosses)

Willow Infiern: EQuartz' go-to therapist as well as a soul-collector, Willow is a serene woman who just wants to make others happy. Once free, Willow will always be there to talk if you ever need her guidance. (Unlocked after defeating her) (Attack = 4, hp = 3, speed = 2) (Flame-Wave + can also use energy to temporarily fly, damage taken based on how long you hover for, only refills 1/4th Hp from health refills within the levels)

Bonesy Bomber: A former pirate-captain in his past life, Bonesy is one of EQuartz' highest ranked Demolitions Men as well as Willow's parter. (Unlocked after defeating him) (Attack = 5, Hp = 2, Speed = 2) (Bomb-Shot + can also use energy to explosion-jump, damage taken based on how far you go)

ReMoKaz Part R: A quick-witted, wise-cracking shell robot created by Trip and worked as a colloseum-fighter before being reprogrammed. (Unlocked after defeating him) (Attack = 2, Hp = 3, Speed = 4) (Spark-Beam + can also use a small amount of energy to lightning-dash)

Gyro: A stern, somewhat awkward ram-robot assigned with collecting precious artifacts as well as being useful in heavy-lifting. (Unlocked after defeating him) (Attack = 5, Hp = 3, Speed = 1) (Dash-Punch + can also use a small amount of energy to throw a long range chain-wheel)

Misteress Universe: A mysterious being born from distortions in space, Misteress Universe has no true form, nor can it even speak and show emotion (unlocked after defeating it) (stats random for each level) (Black Hole + can also use energy to teleport)

Orbit Mk. IV: A robot created in the image of a child, Orbit wishes to, one day, reach outer space and explore the wide universe around him. (unlocked after completing every level on intensity 5 or higher) (Attack = 1, Hp = 3, Speed = 3) (Gravity-Break + can also hover in mid-air for short periods of time without draining energy)

Jared Infiern: The current owner of EQuartz Industries as well as the top tactician in it's army. Jared does not fight for the masked man, instead is just there to train players for beings "stronger than strength itself." (level unlocked after beating the game as both Willow and Misteress Universe on intensity 8 or higher, unlocked after beating him) (Attack = 4, Hp = 6, Speed = 3) (Spacial-Tundra + loses suit for the rest of the level after a single death, where hp is drastically lowered but can double-jump)

Tomoe Pintura: An artist working for rival company ManoCorp, Tomoe is simply following her orders as a member of EQuartz' business rival. (level unlocked after beating the game as Bonesy on intensity 5 or higher, unlocked after defeating her) (Attack = 4, Hp = 5, Speed = 1) (Pastel-Slider)

Shining Raymundo: A superhero from years past. Nobody knows just why he chose now to resurface now of all times, as he has no knowledge of the mask man's existance. (level unlocked after beating the game as ReKaz, unlocked after beating him) (Attack = 4, Hp = 1, Speed = 4) (Shining-Ray + can also deplete a fraction of energy to perform a screen-kill attack, hp lost equals amount of enemies destroyed by this)

Phantom (unlocked after beating the game as every character on intensity 6.6 or higher) (Soul-Scythe)


NPC's appear in the game's mini-hub world, a three-screen area where players can talk to other characters from the show, among other things. Here you can find:

  • Gretchen Mako (tips for beating levels/finding secrets)
  • Hoyori (Hp/Attack-storage boosts + upgrades)
  • Yggnaraam Law (Music Player)
  • Capon (give money to see effects pile up as the game progresses)
  • MoKaz (training/ testing attacks)

Crossover Fights

For every platform that the game was released on, a hidden optional boss exists that the player can fight after beating the game to obtain their power and even play as them afterwards. These fights have no affect on the games plot and are considered non-canon. These include:

  • Luigi (Super Mario) (Nintendo platform console) (unlocks Green Missile)
  • Venoct (Yo-Kai Watch) (Nintendo portable console) (unlocks Octo Snake)
  • Heavy (Team Fortress) (PC) (unlocks Sasha, as well as a hat of the character you had beaten him with if a player also has Team Fortress (number) in their Steam Library)
  • Diaboromon (Digimon) (Sony Playstation console) (unlocks Catastrophe Cannon)

Obtainable Powers

Flame-Wave: Willow's power. creates a vertical pillar of fire as a projectile.

Bomb-Shot: Bonesy's power. Lobs a bomb in an arc, which has a set time of 3 seconds before exploding.

Spark-Beam: ReKaz's power. Fire's a 3-way beam of electricity across the screen, pierces enemies.

Dash-Punch: Gyro's power. A powerful dash that knocks away enemies and grants brief invincibility.

Black Hole: Misteress Universe's power. Launches a black hole that swallows nearby enemies and brings items to you.

Gravity-Break: Orbit's power. Reverses the gravity, killing any enemies that touch the sky, but ends as soon as you do.

Spacial-Tundra: Jared's power. Launches a wave of ice, creating platforms if it hits a wall.

Pastel-Slider: Tomoe's power. creates a puddle of pant that the player can slide on for a speed boost as well as a constant attack, but does recoil if one is not careful.

Shining Ray: Shining Raymundo's power. Creates a screen-nuke, insta-killing lesser enemies and reduces opponent's health based on that character's Hp. Deals recoil based on how many enemies destroyed.

Soul-Scythe: Phantom's power. Launches blades of dark energy that loop around and retract into the player. Can only be used by Phantom, crashes the game if used by any other character.

Green Missile: Charges up, and launches like a rocket with distance based on amount of time charged.

Octo Snake: Auto-seeking dragon-like appendages bite enemies. Hold button to turn auto-attack off.

Sasha: Rapid-fire bullets, player cannot run or jump while using this.

Catastrophe Cannon: Fires a small orb that quickly explodes, dealing immense damage and destroying all blocks requiring a specific attack to bypass. Only two charges.


The game, after release, was met with somewhat positive review scores. Metacritic had given the game an 85, calling it "a faithful callback to classic-gaming bliss," and Gameinformer Magazine had actually printed art for the game as issue (number not available) as well as awarding the game Gameinformer Gold ranking for that month's issue. IGN had given the game a 7.4/10, stating that the game was perfectly functional with quite a bit to do, but had criticised the game over "balancing issues" between characters. Overall, the game was a notable success.

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