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The EQuartz Committee is a 2D animated series produced by SoulStice Corporations and ran on Cartoon Network for its entire run. The series follows three groups of characters simply going about their daily lives working at EQuartz Industries, the company that does anything and everything. The original creator prefers not to have information disclosed about him/her, and is only credited as LD plus wore a blank mask whenever he/she appeared for conventions/Q&A.

Major Characters


Group A

Willow Infiern: The lead protagonist of the first season and a major character in seasons 2 through 4. Very kind and forgiving, seems to act like a mother to many, but is not exactly perfect either, with her occasional obsessions sometimes obscuring whatever task she may have. Her job is finding wayward souls who seem to have something holding them back, and fixing whatever may be the issue. Willow's episodes tend to be more soft and emotional, but can be somewhat graphic, especially as the series goes on.

Bonesy Bomber: Willow's partner in soul-collecting, Bonesy was a former captain of the Firecrack Pirates before dying, and often wishes to see more of the world, all while doing so with his best friend. Bonesy's past professions seem to appear frequently as the series progresses

Group B

Frida Tsuntiago: A cactus-woman tasked with gathering rare species' for EQuartz to examine. Frida is somewhat reckless (often putting herself and her partner in more trouble than they need to,) pervy towards men, and can be seen as somewhat of a negative figure, that is, until you realize that most/all of her attempts end in humiliating failure. She absolutely dreads tedious work, and prefers to seek a more spicy life, with different events almost every day.

Antonio Tsuntiago: Frida's partner and younger brother with the power of psammokinesis. Unlike Frida, Antonio is more calm and rational than her, and is often the one to clean up whatever messes that Frida causes. Somewhat sarcastic, but not too strict as to get annoying, he's really just looking out for his older sister.

Group C

Tiffany "Twitch" Katzenburg: A hyper teenage cat-girl with a childish thought-process and vibration powers. Twitch is tasked with gathering artifacts for EQuartz, but has a very low success rate due to her more careless nature and childish attitude.

Gyro Mk. I: An experimental robot ram-man tasked with helping Twitch succeed in her job, equipped with some of the greatest-known strength in SoulStice. Very stern and protective of Twitch, Gyro can be very aggressive to anyone who tries to harm her.


Hersephenes: The main villain of season 1. A highly intelligent serpent made entirely of oil, bone, and machinery, Hersephenes possesses a great amount of special powers, though his defining trait is his ability to grant wishes, which he then warps and distorts over time to cause suffering to those who first wish for it, to where he then kills and consumes their emotionally-grim soul.

Sirus Mionium: An alien parasite that often hides in the dark abyss of the ocean. Sirus comes from a genetically-diverse race of aliens known as Crucites, and due to it's interests during early youth, is equipped with a near-indestructible cocoon, psychic powers, hydrokinesis, brainwashin powers, and the ability to drain life from anything it touches. It constantly evolves based on how much energy it consumes, starting from a small cocoon and ending as a towering monster made of many thousands of brainwashed beings and a countless amount of water.

Sartorius Vhan: An insane human from many thousands of years in the past. Sartorius was an evil emperor who possesed great powers of darkness, but was eventually killed and forgotten, now doomed to reside in the Void of Memory. This did not stop him, though, and somehow merged with the void itself to become a monstrous being made of all forgotten people, places, and things.

Xahlia Vhan: Sartorius' wife and assistant, Xahlia is somewhat more sane than he is but is still just as evil. Responsible for whole cities randomly disappearing from existence, Xahlia has the ability to travel between the Void and reality, making it easier to drag things down for Sartorius.

Mr. Strings: A mysterious puppet-Crucite and a servant of Sartorius Vhan. Mr. Strings has a wondrous carnival on the outskirts of the Void, which he opens portals to their from reality to lure people in and turn them into puppets. While being a minor antagonist in the first two seasons, the threat of Mr. Strings becomes much more relevant in the third season.


Jared Infiern: the company manager and Willow's adoptive son. Jared is the one who assigns each member of EQuartz their daily task. He is a being of unknown species with purple skin and a very short and skinny body, which he often tries to hide with his mechanical suit. One may believe they've seen him many times, but those are really just versions of him from alternate timelines, who had failed at some point in their goal and left their timeline to help in whatever way they could. In the beginning episodes, Jared is somewhat of a shut-in, simply observing the affairs of the company and city within his dome, but slowly becomes more open about things as the series progresses.

Minor Characters

Tomoe Pintura: An adult shallow-Sea Crucite from rival company Manocorp who loves to paint. Tomoe somewhat resembles a humalike squid with long, bunched-up hair that resembles paint-drops, and are even colored randomly. Tomoe is somewhat of a bully, but never really goes too far with her actions. She also has somewhat of a rivalry/romance(?) with Pixel, as both have quite a history with one another.

Pixel Ollydia: An adult Sea/Land-Crucite who loves to sing and can change her voice to any pitch. Pixel resembles a teenage frog-girl, and is normally very cheerful and upbeat, but can have a massive mood-change given the circumstances. She also has somewhat of a rivalry/romance(?) with Tomoe, as both have quite a history with one another.

Éloise Dalmung: A tall, silent vampiress chef that loves to cook and eat people. Does not majorly appear often, and is usually used in darker episodes. She constantly wanders SoulStice City, looking for new people to use as ingredients in her recipe's, which she serves to the unaware EQuartz members. Is often seen aside Jared for unknown reasons.

Gretchen Mako: A young Land-Crucite girl somewhat resembling an anthropomorphic dog and was once a member of the SoulStice Shards, a girl-scout group stationed in SoulStice City. She had completed all tasks and given all patches to go along with said tasks, and as a reward, gets to work at EQuartz with full pay. She is very childish and big-hearted, but is also somewhat of an obsessive and a completionist, often driving herself crazy trying to complete something. She also has a crush on Jared, but we all know it would never work given their age-difference. Her main power is to be able to recreate anything she has ever seen, as if the blueprints were transmitted right into her brain.

Capon Steelskin: A rusty old robot that lives in the EQuartz Waste Center. Capon had created two cities in said waste center, and governs both as the mayor. Capon is normally very chill and kind to wanderers, but has a seething hatred both for people who have no sense of regard for machines and for EQuartz Members, Willow being an exception due to her being genuinely kind to him.

Mujona PolyPM: A Cyclopal robot designed to protect SoulStice City. It was designed solely to hunt down criminals and protect SoulStice, which can be added to with it's lack of any real major personality. From what little is available, it is shown that Mujona seems to love small, fragile things such as flowers and insects, preferably butterflies.

Bellow M. Jango: A sleepy teenage sheep man with an odd aura that makes people around him sleepy. Bellow is a calm, patient person that really only cares strongly about if something interrupts his resting.

Kyoyan Tobias: An acrobatic Unicyclist from who-knows-where, Kyoyan is a talented swordsman that loves to perform... but always seems to have some kind of ulterior motive for his actions that he himself regrets.

Yggnatius Law: A quick witted Sky-Crucite who works as a police officer and likes to toy with his targets before arresting them.

Yggnaraam Law: A Land-Crucite with many horns resembling pipe-organs, Yggnaraam is more peaceful than Yggnatius and prefers to simply perform his melodies, while still having a position as a law-enforcer.

Yggnolann Law: An emotionless cyborg Sea-Crucite from an unknown time.

Trip Locke: An old mouse cyborg who designs many of the machines that EQuartz uses and has a disturbing obsession with roboticizing organic patients.


Skullboys: Minions of Hersephenes. Appear as black-cloaked beings of varying size and shape that all wear cartoonish skull masks. Generally appear as a cult that worships Hersephenes and often brings it "sacrifices" to please it.

Shining Raymundo: A former superhero fallen from grace and forgotten about by society, who now serves Sartorius Vhan as a member of the Void Ensemble.

Alice: A very young female cat from an unknown amount of years ago, having died in her time by way of brutal butchering as punishment for thievery and assassination. A stealthy and easily aggravated young'un, Alice serves Xahlia with undying loyalty.

Guest Characters

Sonic the Hedgehog: Appeared for one episode, where he was somehow sent from his dimension to this one, and is trying to get back home, while being the same fun-loving, adventurous hedgehog that he is. (voiced by Roger Craig Smith)

Series Overview

The standard formula for many episodes is that one of the three groups simply goes about their daily tasks. With Willow and Bonesy, the general episodes involve them trying to either help a trapped soul depart from the realm of the living, or go into deeper details into either their character or backstories. For Frida and Antonio, their episodes are mostly them trying to hunt a rare species of animal in a Space Dandy-esque manner, with failure and success split in amount. With Twitch and Gyro, which seem to have many less episodes than the other two groups, the episodes mostly focus on either Twitch's antics, past, or an extremely difficult task that they must complete. There are episodes occasionally thrown in that have other characters lead, too. The series would go on to contain more of a story-based formula in later episodes.


Season 1

  • 1. The Burning Passion of Willow Infiern

This episode introduces Willow Infiern and Bonesy Bomber, slightly delves into Willow's backstory, and focuses on them trying to find an elusive soul that refuses to part with the world.

  • 2. The Spirit of the Hunt

This episode introduces Frida and Antonio (last name revoked), establishes their backstories and has them hunting a rare desert-eel that was supposedly spotted but never caught.

  • 3. Twitch and Gyro's Average Adventure

This episode introduces Twitch and Gyro, establishes Twitch's backstory, and has the two of them search for an ancient bronze shield that may be worth a lot.

  • 4. Memory Film

A soul that Willow and Bonesy are tasked with helping asks for a specific set of film-strips, which the two need to trade for, eventually leaving them with next-to-nothing to show for it half-way through, and then tension begins to grow between the two.

  • 5. A Date With Destiny

Frida tries to send requests to different people for a date. All but one person rejects, and Frida simply must meet this mystery person. Antonio is only mentioned in this episode, where he is said to be busy attending a swapmeet, this being the same one from the previous episode. This episode introduces Jared Infiern, and barely elaborates on his... height issue.

  • 6. Hat-Astrophy

While at a swapmeet, Twitch comes upon a hat that she quickly grows fond of, and Gyro vows to get her this hat, without being violent in any way. This episode takes place at the same time as Memory Film and A Date With Destiny, but the characters only briefly interact with one another.

  • 7. The Eyes of EQuartz

Mysterious eye-patterns begin to show up around SoulStice City, and nobody can figure out who is doing it or why this is happening. The episode introduces the idea of Crucites and also introduces both Tomoe Pintura and Gretchen Mako.

  • 8. Night(mare) Shift

Frida and Antonio decide to work night shift for more money, but find that the other workers of EQuartz aren't quite what they seem. This episode officially introduces Éloise Dalmung and was mislabeled as a Halloween special, when really it wasn't.

  • 9. Fresh Air

An experimental parasitic creature known as Experiment 96 breaks free from EQuartz containment, and the hunt is on to see who can catch it and bring it back. For many scenes in this episode, Experiment 96 is not seen, but rather, the viewers see through it's perspective, building up the terrifying form that it could possess, all while it begins to drain many EQuartz members dry of life-energy. This is the official EQuartz Committee Halloween Special.

  • 10. Crude Oil

After an anonymous letter is sent to Willow, she meets an odd crow-man who simply calls himself Jeremiah, and they seem to begin hanging out more. Both Bonesy and Frida begin to investigate, and find that Jeremiah is much more than meets the eye. This episode officially introduces the antagonist for Season 1, Hersephenes.

  • 11. Cardcapture

Lindwits' Tarot Cards are properly introduced, stating their origin and current owners, then switches to Jared searching for more unsecured cards.

  • 12. Welcome to the Skullgang

A few new members of EQuartz have been recently sneaking off in robes and gathering during the night, always taking things like meat and oil with them. One day, Frida and Antonio, only to find that these people are actually members of Hersephenes' cult, known as "Skullboys," who supply fuel for it to continue it's existence to purge the world of greed.

  • 13. The Carnival is in Town

Overnight a city is enveloped in a rainbow-mist, and is somehow transformed into a performance-themed carnival city. Willow, Bonesy, and Twitch go to investigate, only to find that not a single soul could be detected, even in the people wandering about. They eventually find a tightrope-unicycle rider named Kyoyan who guides them through the town and might help them find what they need to. Twitch gets separated from the group to see what the city has in store, only to be captured and almost assimilated by a hooded man named Strings.

  • 14. Labyrinth of Truth

A mysterious labyrinth appears near SoulStice City overnight, and many EQuartz members decide to explore it, all while learning more about themselves than they would want to. This episode further establishes many characters' backstories plus some minor information, and also shows Hersephenes' more violent and gruesome side. This episode was nominated for an Emmy Award for Outstanding Animated Program and received the 3rd highest amount of votes.

  • 15. Little Mstr. Lighter

A beauty pageant for people of any gender is set up by a third-party skin-care company, and only allows people with a certain esoteric "look" to them. This begins to stir problems amongst the members of EQuartz as they slowly become more vain and caring more about their appearance than the work they do or why they do it.

  • 16. The Things One Sees

Frida has been cataloging all of the weird and dangerous machinery secretly produced and stored away by EQuartz, and tries to get people to believe her. Meanwhile, Jared uncovers a machine that removes memories from one's mind.

  • 17. Gnat Burglar

While everyone sleeps, a mysterious thief begins to pillage the possessions of everyone not living in EQuartz HQ, which begins to make the people of SoulStice suspicious of Jared, and both Twitch and Antonio tries to clear his name. Meanwhile, a weird hypnotist of indistinguishable species named Charter shows up and begins to perform, catching the attention of nearly everyone else, and Willow begins to have some... dark thoughts.

  • 18. Networld

Twitch is invited to a beta testing for a new virtual-reality video game, and her consciousness is sent into a virtual city called Networld. As she did not read the flyer thoroughly, Twitch did not know that the game was a deathmatch-style survival game set up by a member of the Skullboys to trap what she considered "useless" souls to feed Hersephenes, and so Twitch must free herself and the others trapped within the game. For this episode, the entire musical score is entirely in a 16-bit style composed on Gameboy Advance hardware.

  • 19. Memories of a Forgotten Time

Bonesy reminisces the few memories he has of his past life, while Tomoe listens in on his ramblings and begin to paint portraits based on how she interprets what he says. This episode reveals that Bonesy was once captain of a notorious pirate crew and had a supportive wife, but does not elaborate on what happened to ruin it all.

  • 20. Meat-Puppet

Mr. Strings begins controlling the bodies of people who had visited the String Carnival from an unknown location. This also effects Willow, Bonesy, and Twitch, so Gyro is temporarily partnered with Gretchen, who is shown to have immense strength but cannot bond with Gyro the way Twitch can and as such his chainsaw form cannot be used, adding a deeper layer of difficulty as hundreds of manipulated bodies wreak havoc throughout Soulstice and it's neighboring cities.

  • 21. Dreams Into Nights

Bonesy has an out-of-body experience and his spirit enters the Dream World. From here he explores the dreams of his coworkers and both sees and experiences many different worlds and art styles for each.

  • 22. Void: Part 1

While going about their daily routine, many EQuartz members begin to temporarily phase out of existence and catch glimpses of an empty, white world. Eventually Willow, Bonesy, Jared, and Twitch are somehow fully absorbed into this dimension.

  • 23. Void: Part 2

Now trapped in the Vast White (as Bonesy calls it,) the episode simply depicts how each of the four characters react to this. Bonesy is driven to madness due to there being almost nothing in this dimension, Twitch slowly goes insane from the severe lack of activity and inability to escape (as she somehow simply loops back to where she started,) and both Willow and Jared try to rationalize what this world is and why they are there.

  • 24. Seeds of Desire

While Willow, Bonesy, Jared and Twitch are trapped in the Vast White, Hersephenes hunts down and feeds on greedy people, who seem to be in shorter and shorter amount, so he begins to use his wishing powers more and try to lure in various members of EQuartz using their darkest and most secret desires.

  • 25. Sacrifice

After returning from the Vast White, Group A finds that everyone in Soulstice has gone missing, leaving the area a ghost town with splotches of oil everywhere, They quickly deduce that this is Hersephenes' doing and the search is on to find him before he could kill too many more people. Throughout the episode, Twitch, Bonesy, and Jared also go missing, but Willow finds what Hersephenes is really up to. This episode is part 1 of the half-hour season finale.

  • 26. Salvation

Willow offers her soul as a sacrifice to Hersephenes in exchange for setting the rest of EQuartz free, allowing Hersephenes to rise to his highest form. The people of Soulstice begin to panic as Hersephenes evolves into a mindless monster of chaos, and the rest of EQuartz try to fight against him to survive and save Willow. Towards the end, Willow, after hearing the voices of her friends and realizing that there is still hope for a positive future, manages to somehow overpower Hersephenes from inside of him and escape, then finds a strange new power in store for her. This episode is part 2 of the half-hour series finale, revealing much more about Hersephenes' backstory, introduces the concept of characters fusing, and kills of the season 1 antagonist, Hersephenes.

Season 2

  • 1. The Stop, Shop, and Drop Wagon

A bizarre-looking cart seems to have stationed in the middle of EQuartz Plaza, and a living scarecrow man begins selling many random objects and other oddities, though can't seem to bring any customers. This episode introduces Hoyori and establishes his past history with both Willow and Twitch.

  • 2. Primal and Proper

A suave demon-man named Devlin Maroco enters SoulStice, and begins gambling people of their possessions, quickly causing people to come after him and somehow fail every time. This prompts Willow to try finding him, as she believes that she could try to figure out why he's like this, as Devlin seems to have somewhat of a history with these activities. This episode introduces Yggnatius Law into the show as a minor character.

  • 3. Day Off

Frida works herself to the bone to pay for certain things, so Antonio and Jared try to help her relax more, but thoughts of work start popping up in her head, to the point of her having hallucinations of rare creatures and generally becoming somewhat of an unintentional threat.

  • 4. Soulless Spark

While searching for a rare object in an abandoned mine, a cave-in occurs, separating Twitch and Gyro from each other. This episode further delves into their partnership, even establishing that, despite being a soulless machine, Gyro seems to have certain feelings for Twitch.

  • 5. Keep Scrap Town Dirty

While on cleaning duty in an EQuartz Waste Disposal Center, Frida and Antonio come across a community of faulty robots made mostly of discarded technology and try to help them out. This episode introduces Capon and briefly establishes his hatred for EQuartz Industries and Jared.

  • 6. Frozen In There

While on another underground mission to find rare items, Twitch and Gyro come across a massive, cracked gem that seemed to once hold a weird creature inside before it broke out. Meanwhile, an odd cocoon begins to drift about the sea, eventually reaching land and being picked up and taken away for research. This episode introduces Sirus Mionium as well as give hints towards it's backstory.

  • 7. Belly of the Beast

During the middle of another security breach, a mysterious snake-like monster with a constantly blank expression is cornered by Willow and Bonesy, who at first seem to easily beat it, but the beast fools them and quickly constricts and devours Willow, taking on her form and gaining her powers. This beast then flees into the world, and all of EQuartz is in a huge buzz to capture it, all while it keeps eating and copying people to hide.

  • 8. Dreary-Eyed Dance

The yearly EQuartz Ball is soon, and we see everyone preparing for this event in some way (Willow and Bonesy practicing their dance routine for the yearly competition, Frida stressing over what might happen, etc.) while Twitch let's out a friend of hers from containment, this being a sleepy lamb boy named Bellow who seems to make everyone around him as sleepy as him, except for Twitch, who seems to be immune to this. This episode introduces Bellow into the show, as well as establish why he was in containment and his backstory with Twitch.

  • 9. Hoyori's Wonder

It's the first christmas where residents of SoulStice need not worry about Hersephenes, and the whole place is alive with excitement and desperate shoppers everywhere. Through all of this, Jared holds a contest to see who can make the most wonderful performance for Christmas Eve. Hoyori tries to make a truly wonderful act for this, but can't seem to get everything right, so he gets Willow and Pixel to help him out. This episode is the official EQuartz Committee Christmas Special, and introduces Mike the Fox as a character.

  • 10. Awakening

It is revealed that Sirus was being held within a Marine Biology Facility in an unknown land, where it then awakens and goes rampant, draining the life of all lesser fish and brainwashing the stronger ones into aiding it's escape. It manages to also drain both the life-force and knowledge of the researchers there and evolves several stages ahead. It escapes into the sewers before police could arrive. News of a mysterious vampiric creature quickly spreads, eventually reaching Soulstice and the people of EQuartz.

  • 11. Into the Infierno

One morning, Willow simply cannot wake up. Bonesy at first tries everything to wake her without resorting to violence, and Jared quickly rushes to her aid. He tells that Bonesy will have to go inside of her spiritual mind in order to awaken her, as a fragment of Hersephenes' soul had managed to make it's way inside of her after his death, or else he will consume her soul from the inside and revive. This episode delves into the concept of one's soul into deeper detail, and has Bonesy officially kill off Hersephenes.

  • 12. THIS IS NOT A DRILL!!!

While practicing their synchronization while combined, Twitch somehow temporarily turns Gyro into a drill instead of the usual chainsaw arm. This ends after a short amount of time, and Twitch begins to push her limits to try and do this again.

  • 13. What Am I?

While Willow is studying up on fusion, Frida happens to walk in on her and somehow accidentally causing them to fuse with each other. Now in this new form, they have to work out their differences to be capable of understanding just how this happened and how to get out of it.

  • 14. Ms. Sandman

After getting beaten to a pulp by a rare Glass Flaminjo, Frida decides to take up boxing, at first to relieve stress, but with coaching from Bebop, quickly finds that she's much better than she once thought and entering a boxing circuit, where a revenge-fueled rematch with the Flaminjo resides.

  • 15. The Cocoons Eye

Sirus resurfaces once more, having previously drained an entire city's population of their life-force and reached it's 4th stage of evolution, then reveals a new power that it was waiting to use, and begins manipulating the lifeless bodies it had drained as puppets, quickly overwhelming it's pursuers.

  • 16. Inky Hearts

Tomoe, Pixel, and Willow attempt to write a romance novel, while keeping the whole ordeal private. Meanwhile, Gretchen grows extremely jealous of Éloise's closeness to Jared when it comes to workspace.

  • 17. The Beast Awakens

Jared, Gretchen and Éloise perform Emblem Fusion to get out of a tight situation, but lose control of their new form and wreak havoc.

  • 18. Too Fast

While searching for traces of Sirus' movement, two lesser members named Mrs. Baron and Poki come across a certain speedy blue hedgehog that appears to not be from this world. He is quickly taken to Soulstice, where he explains that he is trying to get back home, to a world called "Mobius," and several members try to help him get home. This episode is the EQuartz Committee crossover episode with the Sonic the Hedgehog Franchise, and is really the only thing that keeps this page relevant to the wikia.

  • 19. Static in the Opera

While preparing for a huge musical event, Willow, Pixel, four time-clone Jared's (referred to as the Chorus Quartet,) and a bulky Organist named Yggnaraam try to find out the cause of the disturbances constantly plaguing the equipment.

  • 20. The Inevitable

While a temporal distortion seems to be taking place, Jared's time-seeing powers are disabled. He tries to go about the day the same way, but just can't, as almost everything, for whatever reason, is different than what normally happens. This episode teaches to not be afraid of failure, but rather embrace it, and grow from it to reach success.

  • 21. Dark Chip

After a hacker infects upgrade chips for the machines of EQuartz, many of them begin to run rampant in brainless chaos, with Gyro being one of them. Twitch has an internal conflict of whether or not she could go through with harming/potentially killing her best friend, so she is temporarily partnered with a stone-cold cyborg named Nolan to wrangle the rampant machines up and fix them.

  • 22. Freakshow

Overnight, the String Carnival appears overtop a city, and begins abducting the inhabitants of the area in order to make them permanent visitors of the carnival. This episode introduces the concept of the Rainbow Swords shadow-stealing powers, as well as delve into both Mr. String's and Kyoyan's backstories.

  • 23. Giga Girl

Twitch finds out that the hot new video game "Giga Girl Combat Online" is coming out, and becomes absolutely restless, as she is a huge fan of the franchise. This begins to make her less energetic and also somewhat more crazy from sleep deprivation, getting in the way of her work more so than her powers do. Meanwhile, Jared sends Gretchen to attempt winning one of Lindwits' Tarot cards in an auction.

  • 24. The Eye of the Storm

While on the hunt for a rare species of scorpion, Frida and Antonio witness Sirus summoning massive storm clouds and begins flooding the once dry and lifeless desert, quickly swallowing up entire mountains of sand in water. Elsewhere, the Southern dept. of EQuartz discover that Sirus has been melting and evaporating huge amounts of ice from the northern and southern poles to extend it's reach and flood the world so that it's power can be at it's fullest anywhere while flushing out much more prey.

  • 25. Frozen Out Here

Sirus' flooding quickly takes place worldwide, drowning entire cities and allowing it to more easily consume the energy of entire nations with ease. Twitch and Gyro decide to be the one's who step up to fight Sirus, but quickly realize that, in their state, it's just not enough. When all seems bleak, Twitch finally perfects the Drill transformation, and is ready for Round 2.

  • 26. Singularity

Twitch and Gyro manage to initiate the Drill transformation, and begins to fight back against Sirus, freeing many people it had swallowed within the water. This quickly gets overpowered and Twitch is consumed by Sirus' power. Then, a miracle happened. Other beings within the beast had managed to slightly free themselves from it's control to transfer a small amount of their power to Twitch, accelerating the Drill transformation, allowing her to free herself as well as undergo a much more advanced transformation, known as "Dai-Drill," and then pierces through Sirus' forms backwards, reaching an epic drill-struggle between her and Sirus' first form, having created a drill of it's own from the water around it, where Twitch then pierced right through and had finally killed Sirus, it having dispersed into the Lindwits' Tarot cards that it was originally created by. This episode is the season finale of the second season of The EQuartz Committee.

Season 3

  • 1. The Skull's Curse

Occurs canonically several months after the former season's finale. A former Skullboy, a small magician boy wearing a weird hoodie mask, curses Willow overnight, causing her to suffer from terrible luck as well as her life-force draining away. Meanwhile, an old crow in a black cloak keeps watching both Willow and the boy from a distance, muttering some vague details about Hersephenes.

  • 2. Magic Eye

While attending a museum tour on the history of video games, Twitch, Gyro, and Jared come across a strange human (which is unheard of in this time of technicolor freaks everywhere you look) woman with a familiar eye-design as a tattoo on her forehead in an eerie booth telling fortunes of future events. Twitch's fortune comes out as being very negative, telling of dark events to come, so she closes herself from the outside world entirely for several days, living in paranoia of what could happen.

  • 3. Fresh Pickings

The Farmer's Market is in town, and Frida and Antonio get roped into a fruit harvest by a few friends, and find exactly what they're harvesting to be a bit... odd. Meanwhile, waves of reports of missing children begin popping up around the world, and what appears to be a fog of flashing colors rises over another town.

  • 4. The Ring's the Thing

While sent to explore a carnival that appeared overnight, Tomoe loses a special "friendship" ring that pixel had given her, and both she and Gretchen try to find it. Pixel meanwhile get's captured by a member of the String Quartet, a weird ticket-booth robot named the Ticketeer, who manages to quickly defeat all three of them, where they are then rescued by a flashing light that somehow brought them back to Soulstice. This episode teaches that one's affection for another should not be judged by a symbol or an object, but instead by what they think of each other.

  • 5. Back to the Lab

Jared takes Gretchen to the EQuartz Labs below Soulstice and observe the test on three-way fusion, finding them all to be either unsuccessful or dangerous, the beings quickly losing control and needing to be tranquilized. Meanwhile, a mysterious group called the Void Ensemble begin wreaking havoc above, quickly overpowering most of the EQuartz members before a strange, spiritual voice commands them to return.

  • 6. Redemption

The masked boy from before returns to harm Willow, but is quickly caught and sent to interrogate. He refuses every question, until the old crow from before appears to set him straight, and reveals himself to be the revived Hersephenes, having reverted to before his breakdown and corruption, as well as his control of oil changed to a control of wax. This episode introduces the concept of revival, where once wicked souls are given another chance at their former life at a physical stage before everything went wrong, or are reincarnated as a new being, whether a fresh newborn or simply appearing at a reasonable age with no former record.

  • 7. Void Strike

The one formerly known as Hersephenes, now called Jeremiah, explains the current situation involving those who attacked Soulstice from out of nowhere. They are the Void Ensemble, an army of the forgotten and lost who seek to be remembered by any means. Later, Willow begins to have moral conflicts about whether or not she could truly do anything to them, which Bonesy and Jared re-assure her that she's more than capable enough.

  • 8. Guchamon

On a rainy day and before Soulstice City's repairs are complete, Willow still feels worrisome about the Void Ensemble, and Tomoe gets her to play a simple card game known as Guchamon to get her mind off things, which starts as a fun little battle but quickly evolves into full-on card game warfare. Meanwhile, Gretchen is trying to see a meteor shower but her vision is constantly obscured by the moving rain-clouds.

  • 9. Return of the Dark Chips

The one who previously planted the Dark Chips in Soulstice to infect the machines is caught by patrol in the waste-organization center, where he has hidden several of his remaining Dark Chips and was going to excavate them. He's taken away and the chips are discovered by Capon, who is infected by the virus within one of them on simple contact. He then begins creating more machines from scrap, but rather than create them as new citizens of his Scrap Towns, instead Capon makes them as junk soldiers powered by the Dark Chips, which he hopes to use to destroy the walls keeping his people isolated. Deep within Capon though, the Dark Chips' true nature begins to manifest.

  • 10. The Longest Week

For one week, members of EQuartz are randomly paired together as a form of social experiment. Most members get passable to outstanding matches, but Frida is instead stuck with Éloise, whom she had feared from the first day of work to now. Despite this, Frida begins to see a much brighter side of Ms. Dalmung that not many others see, from her love of baseball to actual depression from the countless people she had killed just for ingredients in her cooking.

  • 11. Unrelated Card Games

Willow enters a Guchamon tournament and meets a peculiar little girl named Trixie that just dazzles the crowds with her cute charm and grace. Meanwhile, the fortune-telling woman from before also competes, but not for the sport or the sake of winning, but instead due to a suspicion about Trixie, that she is more than she seems.

  • 12. Training Day

Before the voyage into the String Carnival, Jared enforces that all members who are going on this mission must take special training in the EQuartz Colosseum/Cafe. There, a robotic snail-shell with four detached hands named ReKaz and a giant green slug named MoKaz push them to their limits and beyond.

  • 13. String Paradise: Part One

When another city is swallowed up by the String Carnival, Jared decides to retaliate by flooding the carnival with EQuartz' finest members. Willow, Bonesy, Twitch, Gyro, Gretchen, Éloise, Frida, Antonio, Tomoe, and Jared himself embark into the city to find the root of the problem and eradicate it before it's too late. Before they could enter the carnival, however, they are attacked by the Ticketeer once more, who is not quite happy to see them, especially after the last encounter making it lose a part of it's face.

  • 14. String Paradise: Part Two

While Tomoe and Gretchen stay behind to fight the Ticketeer, the other members of the EQuartz Expedition venture further into the String Carnival, and find that it has been heavily rebuilt and that it's leader, Mr. Strings, has a few more people serving him than just Kyoyan. After witnessing their power, EQuartz is forced to temporarily retreat.

  • 15. Guchamon II

While most other members of EQuartz recover from their injuries, Willow enters a much larger Guchamon tournament, where she finds Trixie once again, but this times something's... different about her.

  • 16. Noche De Los Muertos

Hoyori comes back into town on the day of the "Night of the Dead" festival that Frida and Antonio are holding at midnight, who intend for it to be a spiritual gathering to honor those who had passed away. Hoyori decides to join in, but due to being undead themselves, they become the vessels for angry/wrathful spirits who had been wrongfully executed in Soulstice's past. As Willow is away playing Guchamon and almost everyone else qualified for the job are either busy or have been hospitalized from past events, Frida and Antonio must calm these spirits and allow for them to calmly reach the afterlife before they themselves get there.

  • 17. Trip-Trap

While desiring to upgrade her lucky revolver to aid in fighting off String Paradise, Frida, with the help of ReKaz, must traverse through the mansion of an insane cyborg mouse named Trip before she can formally ask him. Meanwhile, Capon is also seen sneaking throughout the mansion, but instead stealing abandoned/discontinued machinery to build his war-machines.

  • 18. In Need of Repairs

While busy creating war-machines under the influence of the Dark Chips, Capon appears to begin suffering the negative consequences of them, and begins to slowly malfunction and requiring constant repairs to even move. Capon eventually has no further options as his body flat-out quits on him and all replacement parts instantly malfunction, leaving him as just a tea-kettle and a few springs, so Capon uploads his infected AI into a brand new body, a more advanced one made from a computer stolen from Trip's Manor. At the end of the episode, Capon, in his new form, gazes at a massive machine that he intends to use, this being the first instance of the Behemark having plot-relevance.

  • 19. Guchamon III

During the last week before the voyage into the String Carnival, Willow attends one more Guchamon tournament, where Trixie's true colors are displayed. Willow and Trixie eventually reach a power-filled finale in a match against one another.

Season 3.5

  • 20. Tickets, Please

A few days after the event of the previous episode, one more voyage into the String Carnival is made with the same members who ventured last time, and once more face the Ticketeer, who has now been upgraded to the point of hardly resembling it's previous form. It is eventually defeated and EQuartz passes through, but this time split up to take out the individual members of String Paradise instead of facing them all at once.

  • 21. Tight Situation

The first member of String Paradise, Kyoyan Tobias, is challenged by people he had already faced before, them being Willow and Bonesy. Kyoyan uses his knowledge of the area combined with his special gyro-cycle (a unicycle that can be adjusted to form a strange top-like mechanism) to gain the advantage, but the two persevere and are close to defeating him, when Mr. Strings interferes.

  • 22. Bingo Bogo

Twitch and Gyro, picking a random path, face a... peculiar enemy, this being a sentient ball named Bogo and an odd machine that clings to him named MiMi. Meanwhile, Jared makes quick work of a masked riddler named True, who tries to get him to answer incorrectly about what is behind his mask.

  • 23. Mad Maxie

Frida and Antonio face a really annoying enemy, this being a (literal) cartoon rabbit named Maxie, who keeps changing shape and mocking the two, throwing off Frida's focus, making it difficult for them to maintain their fused form.

  • 24. Guchamon IV

After defeating and saving Kyoyan from demise, Willow and Bonesy proceed ahead, but their path is blocked by a familiar, albeit adorable, face looking for revenge.

  • 25. Pulling the Strings: Part 1

Frida and Antonio reach another door after defeating Maxie, but find that two of their allies, Gretchen and Éloise, have been turned into living puppets that then fight them, showing no control, yet full awareness and regret of their actions.

  • 26. Pulling the Strings: Part 2

Having been worn out from their previous fight against Bogo and Maddo, Twitch and Gyro are forced to separate, when Mr. Strings intervenes and takes control of Twitch's body, forcing Gyro to face her.

  • 27. Doors and Doors and Doors and Doors and Doors and Doors and... (repetition of "Doors and" within the background of the title card)

Jared finds a hall of doors that may show the way to Mr. Strings, but is distracted by a weakened Maxie who had barely survived his previous encounter, whom Jared begrudgingly takes along as a guide. At first, Maxie shows malice towards Jared by trying to lead him to doors that would certainly kill him, but slowly Jared grows on him as a person, being the only person to have shown him kindness in letting him survive. In the end, after finding his way, Maxie tries to betray him as his beliefs tell him to, but just can't and flees. The EQuartz members regroup and prepare for the final battle.

  • 28. The Puppetmaster: Part 1

After being well-rested, all members of EQuartz head along the path and encounter the King of the Carnival himself, Mr. Strings. A long and somewhat tedious fight ensues with Mr. Strings' shared beliefs with those of the Void's inhabitants becoming more known, as well as his secret plan to overthrow the current ruler, a mysterious man named Sartorius Vhan. Eventually, Mr. Strings is backed into a corner, every trick and trap of his having been used and worn-out from the battle, when a dark being appears...

  • 29. The Puppetmaster: Part 2

Frida wakes up in a hospital, severely injured while many of the other EQuartz members that had gone on the String Carnival mission are unconscious. Jared approaches her and fills her in on the events. Apparently, the being from earlier is named Xahlia Vhan, wife of the true enemy Sartorius Vhan. She then proceeded to use a powerful type of magic to nearly kill them, when Mr. Strings, having seen the error of his ways, intervened, sacrificing his life so that they might have a chance to defeat her, while Jared carries his unconscious allies off. Despite being saved, Trixie, Kyoyan, and Bogo refuse to join, and head off on their own.

  • 30. Will the Real Jared Infiern Please Stand?

A few days later, Jared lingers on the memories of that event, specifically how he was just as helpless against Xahlia as everyone else. He begins to consider himself a failure as a leader, and just before he abandons his timeline to become another failed time-clone, the workers intervene. From this episode onward, Jared no longer possesses his time-sight abilities, is more active with his workers, and is generally less intelligent than before. Along with that, his time-clones cease to exist, and a strange, almost spiritual essence escapes Jared.

  • 31. Can the Loud Noise Reverberate Through Such Thick Ink?

Pixel and Tomoe, after recovering from their injuries, begin to think that they cannot hold a relationship anymore and go separate ways. While Pixel is finally close to composing a masterpiece from inspiration of the break-up and Tomoe having a similar occurrence with a painting, the two slowly realize how much they matter to each other and get back together, Pixel making the bold statement that, after the Void business is done, that they will marry, immediately followed by her proposing to Tomoe.

  • 32. Only Human

Éloise tells a still-recovering Gretchen about the world from her time, when humans roaming above ground was common and how she had entered the Void of Memory during an otherworldly invasion of bizarre masks, which had wiped nearly the entire human population from the planet while forcing all remaining lifeforms underground in fear of being consumed. From there she explains how she was abruptly jettisoned from containment within the body of one of those mask-creatures and landed back where she came from... thousands of years later, with no knowledge of the world around her, a half-baked brain from years of solitary confinement, almost no clothes on her back, and even exactly how she was found and employed by Jared as if it were only the day before.

  • 33. Paressential Guidance: Part 1

It's Family Day in Soulstice City, where the workers and their families are allowed to spend the day with each other. While most are enjoying their time with their families, Frida and Antonio become secluded in their home, mindlessly watching a single tape over and over. Jared and Willow decides to intervene and find out exactly what their problem is, hopefully restoring the spark of eagerness both carried along the way, by traveling to their hometown, which turns out to be a run-down, poverty-struck village under the rule of an egotistical tyrant.

  • 34. Paressential Guidance: Part 2

As Jared and Willow search for clues as to how the town became like this, Frida and Antonio find a secret tape from their late mother that rekindles them to go out and experience life with a smile. They quickly find out about what the Infierns are doing and rush to their aid, as the tyrants forces close in. Jared and Willow find out that Frida was part of a rebel group determined to free their people from such harsh rule, but missed her shot and had to flee with her brother and escape, eventually arriving at EQuartz through a chance meeting with Jared months later. Once the Suntiago siblings arrive, the villagers are quick to dismiss them but quickly see the error of their ways after witnessing them fight off the tyrant's forces and eventually confront him, who turns out to be their father. What ensues is a highly emotional confrontation between father and children.

  • 35. Old Bones

Bonesy begins to see himself as outdated and worthless to EQuartz' current goals and quits, doomed to wander the planet forever in depression, while the entirety of Soulstice is working in overtime trying to find and bring him back to at least attempt to make him feel better.

  • 36. Love-Saws

Twitch takes Gyro out on a date, while Mienu tries to find them to deliver important information but always comes up as soon as they're gone. This episode reveals a more repressed, depressing side to Twitch not seen before, mainly by establishing more of her backstory in deeper detail.

  • 37. Rebellion

After another failed attack with the few remaining soldiers he has left, Capon, now beginning to sustain further malfunctions and even starting to fall apart from the D. Chips, realizes the current state of his form and decides that now is the best time to unleash his final weapon, a colossal centaur-like fortress known as the AntiQuartz Behemark, having just recently been fully uncovered and restored to a functional state. His now corrupted and senseless self forces the very machines he has created, who were normally peaceful citizens of his towns, to give up their parts to the Behemark and ignite the core, which he does so by using a fraction of the D. Chips' energy to manually override their AI. The Behemark awakens, absorbing Capon as well to act as it's pilot while remaining functional, and begins the march towards Soulstice, creating noticeable quakes from such a distance by merely moving.

  • 38. Debellion

As the Behemark slowly makes its way to Soulstice, all of the able units are dispatched in an attempt to stop it, but comes up almost fruitless, with the Behemark's high-power weaponry combined with not only the parts of Scrap Towns residents but also the energy from the D Chips keeping them from getting close to it. Eventually, Jared himself reaches out in an attempt to communicate with Capon, remembering who he is and everything that happened between them. He also reveals that he never really abandoned Capon, but had lost him in a recycling incident and after having seen his work many years later, believed that Capon has grown independent and would only hurt from their reunion, but admits that his actions were wrong and was willing to make it up.

This breaks through to Capon, almost turning peaceful once more, but the D Chips manifest into a spirit that takes control of the Behemark and goes into a berserk mode that would destroy itself along with EQuartz, simply to complete it's task of causing destruction. Through an emotion-filled struggle of energy between the D Chips and the Emblems, Jared breaks through and frees Capon from a collapsing Behemark.

  • 39. Piercing the Chaos: Part 1

With the remains of the Behemark, EQuartz crafts an enormous javelin to cut through the dimensional wall and create a hole back to the Void of Memory. They do so, but find a much different place than they were in last time. While exploring this new world, the members are split up by remaining members of the Void Ensemble, and now must fend off these new enemies while working to regroup and reach the void below. Their first task is for Willow, Bonesy, and Jared to defeat the legendary Shining Raymundo, a former superhero that dropped out of fame at some point.

  • 40. Piercing the Chaos: Part 2

As the other members of EQuartz try to regroup, they are impeded by numerous members of the Void Ensemble. One in particular, an undead young cat named Alice, holds the key to the center of the Chaos Realm, where the chaos queen Xahlia Vhan resides.

  • 41. Creeping Chaos

After regrouping once more, the EQuartz members find themselves in a strange labyrinth constructed by Xahlia's chaotic powers, slowly causing the various members to lose their minds and hallucinate on the sheer hopelessness of their endeavor. At the end they make it through together, and are ready to face the Queen of Chaos herself.

  • 42. The Empress' New Clothes

The battle against Xahlia begins, where she quickly gains the upper hand by manipulating the arena around her to make a complete mockery of EQuartz. She quickly weaponizes this ability, successfully knocking out Gretchen, Bonesy, Twitch and Gyro. However, rather than simply kill them, Xahlia uses her chaotic magic to somehow absorb them into her clothing, from which another ability of hers shows. The more people she absorbs with this ability, the stronger she gets, while also gaining the powers of those she absorbs. The remaining members attempt to flee, however Xahlia just keeps turning up and picking them off one by one, eventually leaving only Jared, Frida, Antonio, Pixel and Willow. All seems lost, but aid comes in the form of unlikely new allies.

  • 43. Cutting & Stitching

With the arrival of Kyoyan, Trixie, and Bogo surprise attacking Xahlia, their attacks heavily damage her clothing, causing some of her power to seep out and freeing Bonesy and Tomoe. Xahlia, about to unleash a powerful chaotic blast, is interrupted once more by an attack of pure light by Shining Raymundo, who Trixie had convinced to join them. With more numbers and information on her weaknesses, the remaining EQuartz members gain a huge advantage in the battle against her. Eventually, Xahlia, beaten and bruised, has released everyone and is reduced to a shambling corpse, before attempting to unleash her endgame move, the Body Coffin, attempting to take at least someone down with her. However, one last interruption, this time from a reformed Alice, finishing her off. With the Chaos Realm now collapsing in on itself, the EQuartz members begin to flee back to reality. However, with Jared accidentally getting caught under a collapsing spire, Alice stays behind to rescue him, barely getting him through the portal while staying behind to fend off any natives of the realm trying to escape into reality. The dimension collapses, causing everything within, Alice, the remaining denizens, everything, to cease to exist.

  • 44. Finale

With Sartorius' name revealed and motive unveiled, he invades reality in one last act of desperation. With reality and the Void of Memory both on the verge of collapsing, the final battle is inevitable. Every member of EQuartz is dispatched to handle the threat worldwide while a good number of them focus down on Sartorius. Fusions occur, lives are lost, sacrifices are had, but in the end, Frida pulls off a fusion of every member of EQuartz, all culminating into one end-all attack that obliterates Sartorius and drives his corruption away. The world rejoices in victory, however in the remains of the Chaos Realm, a "familiar" face rears itself.

Season 4

  • 1. Out in the Unknown

A spacial distortion caused by the destruction of Sartorius Vhan sends many of our heroes all over the planet. Jared and Pixel are stranded on a forested island untouched by the outside world and must fend for themselves, as they just cannot seem to get along very well.

  • 2. Working the Way Back

Frida stumbles upon a restaurant out in the middle of a wasteland. Starving and without food, she enters and finds Willow and Gretchen being forced to work there, needing to pay off debt that only seems to increase. She tries to help them and decides to join to help speed things up, but the manager is not too happy with the possible outcome.

  • 3. Almost There

Twitch, Antonio and Bonesy find themselves in an abandoned resort, and they work together to try and find out just where they are. However, cobwebs are everywhere and monstrous noises could be heard all over. The general atmosphere combined with the eerie emptiness strikes fear into our heroes, however towards the end it's revealed to just be a Halloween attraction being set up, and the noises were just automated machines. They get directions from the people setting the decorations up and are on their way. At the end everybody has met up once more, however an ominous being looks on at the city of Soulstice, just out of their sight.

  • 4. Rude Return

The next morning, our heroes from the previous episodes go back to their daily lives. Willow feels a bit doubtful that things are back to normal so quickly, but Bonesy tries to reassure her that things are okay. However, they and the rest of our heroes quickly find a disturbing number of disappearances and people missing in Soulstice. Shops are empty, works not being done, etc. Jared and Gretchen try to use the cities surveillance cameras to try and find out what happened, but most of the cameras only show people there for a bit then disappear hours later, with everything between then just cut out. A scream is heard, and they find a shadowy mass consuming Antonio while Frida tries to fight it, however it just keeps repelling her away with otherworldly magic. It flees and they follow it, only to find the source of it all...

(working on more ideas)


The series ran for four seasons between 2026-2030, with animated shorts in-between each season to appease the fans. The show was met with mixed criticism, with some people loving it's unique characterizations and story-telling, while others believing it to be too disjointed and "never seeming to focus on many potential ideas." It was heavily praised and criticized on many social-media websites for having a wide and diverse cast of characters.  The series did have great success in a technical field. Four seasons, millions of watchers daily, a tie-in video game with great reviews, and a net worth of hundreds of millions worldwide.


  • Many of the characters in the show were at one point Sonic fan-characters, but were re-written and re-designed to be capable of use without copyright infringement and lawsuits from SEGA.
  • The series started as a 21-minute flash-animated pilot online with each of the protagonist groups taking 7 minutes each, that was pitched to Cartoon Network and picked up for a show.

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