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"There is something you must know: A great evil is coming, brought about by the one consumed by the darkness in his heart. It will take the courage of a Warrior of the Storm to achieve victory."
—Argus' warning to Boulder, The Dusk Wolf

The Dusk Wolf is a recently released story by The Legend of Fox the Brave creator Burpy's Dream. It centers on the recently-evolved Boulder the Lycanroc and his strange new ability to see visions of the future and the past. It has an official sequel titled Return of Evil



After evolving into the strange new Dusk Lycanroc, Boulder is plagued by strange visions and warnings of darkness and evil. Unable to handle them, he runs away, meeting new friends in the process, and witnesses the return of true evil.

Detailed Plot Summary:

Prologue: As the sun falls, a light disperses, leaving Boulder in his new Dusk Lycanroc form has he faces down Lycus alongside Lucas and Finnick. Boulder taunts Lycus, who sneers that it's only a matter of time before Finitevus gets what he wants from Austin. Boulder retorts that it'll never happen, reflecting that he didn't really know this Lycanroc, but he had hurt Boulder's friend Cody, and helped Finitevus to relentlessly hunt Austin down. Boulder then has his first vision. His vision goes black, and he spots a large wolf with dark gray fur and amber eyes who gives him the strange warning: "A great evil is coming, brought about by the one consumed by the darkness in his heart. It will take the courage of a Warrior of the Storm to achieve victory."

Main Story: Boulder is sitting outside a cave at the fringe of the Lamarkie Forest when Austin lets out a pained howl before shooting out, covered in Arrows(from the hostile Mob Skeletons from Minecraft). Austin snarls that there were tons of Skeletons down there and he got "mugged". Boulder can barely hold back a snicker, reflecting that Austin wanted to go cave-diving and that he had gone along to watch the entrance of the cave. Boulder pulls out all the Arrows he can, but one stuck in his back and one in his left hip are causing him the most pain, so Boulder leaves them alone so a professional can pull them out. He then supports Austin home, and the silence between then allows Boulder to reflect on his strange vision. He also reflects that Dallas had returned from Lycus' Gang, but was kept under constant watch because of his ties to Finitevus. Boulder remembers what Austin had told him about Finitevus, with a quote of the warrior snarling that Finitevus wanted everything he knew. In the next chapter, while Sky is pulling out the remaining Arrows stuck in Austin's pelt, Boulder glances at the sky and has another vision. This time, he sees Finitevus standing near the Master Emerald(unnamed), and Finitevus turns enough to sneer at the young Lycanroc. Boulder is deeply frightened, and the vision changes to an armored Echidna, then ends. Boulder recovers from the vision to find himself on his side with a displeased Austin standing over him. The young Lycanroc wails that great evil is coming before he runs inside. In Cori the Charmeleon's computer room, Splash the Greninja asks Boulder to describe his vision, and Boulder does to Fox the Brave, Splash, Austin, Dallas Smith, Lucas, and Finnick. He is then asked by Austin to describe the first Echidna, and he does. Fox then growls that that was Finitevus, while Splash prompts Boulder to describe the second Echidna. When the Wolf Pokemon does, Fox growls even more harshly that that was Enerjak. Boulder asks his father if he knew about Enerjak, to which Finnick replies that he didn't, stating that the last Enerjak to appear existed long before the Coming of Alola(the introduction of Alolan Pokemon into the series). Austin then explains, very shakily, that the War of Time was a devastating event in which the first battle was instigated by Finitevus when he brought about the return of Enerjak via Knuckles. An unknown time later, late at night, Boulder slips off, past Chaise, but is found by Finnick. Finnick unhappily asks if Boulder is leaving, to which the young warrior states that he has to, and that he needs to find the answers to his visions. He promises to return home when he does. After about four days, Boulder has traveled through and beyond Lamarkie Forest, and soon discovers an old tuft of white fur snagged on a thorn. Boulder touches his nose to it and has another vision. This time, it is of the night Michael Smith was fatally injured by Finitevus. He awakes from this vision when he hears a strange voice asking if he's okay. Boulder breathlessly says that he must've seen Michael in his vision, and the stranger asks what he's talking about. Another new voice breaks in, sneering that Boulder is mad, since he had been standing with his nose to some fur, looking like he was asleep on his paws, and calling him a Berry-brain. The first Lycanroc introduces herself as Dawn and her rude companion as her brother Crunch. Boulder introduces himself, and Crunch snarls at Dawn to get a move on, adding that Boulder was "madder than a moonstruck Morelull". Dawn insists that if Boulder really can see the past and future, then he would help them on their quest. Boulder asks which quest they're on, and Dawn answers that they're looking for "a troublemaking Midnight Lycanroc" and a strange person who can do strange things, but does them for evil. Boulder is surprised to learn that Finitevus is well-known even in the Alola region. After a moon, Boulder, troubled by his visions, consults Dawn about his visions, but they get into an argument over it, with Boulder angrily stating that he just wants to be a regular Lycanroc, with Dawn giving an unsympathetic retort. As Crunch is coming back from looking for Berries, Boulder falls silent, not wanting him to overhear what he and Dawn were arguing about. Two weeks later, Crunch disappears and a curious Boulder asks about their past, and Dawn explains it. An unknown time later, Boulder dreams himself onto a platform in a large cave full of lava(Flame Core). He thinks to himself that while he's a Rock-Type Pokemon, he's never felt less at home. He continues along until he can hear someone laughing at him. He hears the same voice ask him if he finally decided to show up, referring to him by name. Startled, Boulder glares around, demanding to know who this was and how they knew his name, eventually spotting a strange figure that looked strangely like Shadow the Hedgehog. The stranger introduces himself as Mephiles, stating that he had been watching Boulder for some time. Wrinkling his nose, Boulder spits that so what if he could see the past and the future? He also demands to know why Mephiles cares. Mephiles tells Boulder that he can travel through time and offers to help Boulder prevent the disasters he sees in his visions. Boulder remembers something the wolf from his first vision told him, and quotes it: "We cannot change the past, but we can affect the future.". Mephiles then asks Boulder why wait for the disasters to happen when he can help the Lycanroc travel to when the disasters would happen and prevent them. Boulder then recognizes this Mephiles as the one who took over New Ninjago City, drove out all the inhabitants, and attempted to kill Fox. He snarls this to Mephiles, refusing to trust the shadowy being. Mephiles then demands to know if Boulder was willing to live with the knowledge of his visions, with knowing that he would be helpless to prevent them. Boulder growled that if he has these powers, then it is to help his Team prepare for the events. Mephiles then declares that Boulder will die like the fool he is before changing his appearance and summoning a swarm of shadowy creatures. Boulder begins growling, wincing when one of the strange creatures slams into his shoulder, and remembers the song Warriors, also remembering that Austin had said he thought it fit the Storming Alliance because they were warriors. Boulder then begins singing as he concentrates on an image of Lucas using Stone Edge before he uses it himself. When some of the rocks strike Mephiles, Boulder growls that it was for Fox before he awakes from his dream, his heart pounding. The presence of Dawn beside him calms him and he goes back to sleep, hoping that now Mephiles would leave him alone. Boulder and Dawn soon arrive at the river where Austin and Storm were captured by Finitevus, noticing that even from across the river, the claw marks left behind from the fight were still visible. Boulder and Dawn leap across, and Boulder touches his nose to one of the claw marks, receiving a vision of what happened there. When he returns to reality, Dawn asks him if he's alright, and Boulder whispers that a great evil happened there, and that that was where Finitevus had Austin and Storm captured. He quickly has another vision, this time of a different part of the forest, seeing Crunch join Finitevus and Lycus. He decides to keep this to himself, because he doesn't want to crush Dawn's hopes of finding her brother. They find a large floating island, and Boulder once again has a vision of Enerjak. Boulder then states that they have to get on the Island, which Dawn identifies as Angel Island, having heard of it. When they get to the Island, they are ambushed by Lycus' Gang, and Dawn sees Crunch among them. Dawn and Crunch begin arguing over the latter's betrayal, and Finitevus breaks in, sneering at them. Boulder whispers to Dawn that if they can stall them long enough, Fox's patrol will arrive to help them, confusing Dawn as she doesn't know about Boulder's vision of them setting out. Crunch uses Rock Throw, but misses, with Boulder retaliating with Stone Edge. Lycus sneers at him before using his own Stone Edge, which Austin calls "the ground-pound variant". Boulder attempts to perform Accelerock, but is flung back by Lycus' Counter. The younger Lycanroc spies Sky flying overhead and gives a loud howl; this is then followed up by the Storming Alliance patrol-consisting of Fox, Austin, Dallas, Lucas, and Finnic-bursting out to engage Lycus' Gang. While Boulder tackles Lycus, Austin leaps past, snarling that Finitevus is his. Boulder slaps Lycus with a forepaw before leaping after the big dog. The patrol chases Lycus' Gang off before following them. They find Finitevus at the Master Emerald, and he turns to give Boulder a sneer, which makes the young Wolf Pokemon stop in his tracks, as it's the exact same look he gave Boulder during his vision. The patrol is then flung back as the ground shakes, a bright light flashes, and a loud crash is heard. When Boulder regains his senses, he spots Enerjak. Fox becomes Fire Fox and engages Enerjak, only to be knocked to the ground. Without thinking, Boulder calls a retreat, and-though furious-Fox gives the same order with a tail signal. Beaten and defeated, the patrol flees to The Storming Base.

Epilogue: Boulder angrily confronts the spirit-wolf who gave him the warning of Enerjak's return, demanding to know why the wolf didn't tell him directly about Enerjak's return. The wolf tells him levelly that it was not his place to tell Boulder what would happen. The wolf goes on to say that in his time, they had no Spirits in the Stars to guide them, and that they lived by their instincts, doing what they thought was best. He adds that it was this that led to his downfall and death. Now curious, Boulder asks him who he was, and the wolf says that he was the one possessed by Sonic.EXE. He says that during their final battle(when he temporarily regained control over himself), he begged Redstone's son Garrett to finish him off to spare him Sonic.EXE's torment and possession, and Garrett finally did. Unable to believe his ears, Boulder gasps if Garrett killed him, and the wolf says that it spared him an eternity of torment among other things. He then says that his name is Argus.

Included Characters



  • Austin Smith: A large, shaggy, long-furred black and brown German Shepherd Dog with blue eyes. he was temporarily a loner alongside his friend Storm when Finitevus drove them from the Worlds. He is the whole focus of Finitevus' schemes, as the mad doctor desires Austin's vast knowledge of the Four Worlds.


  • Boulder the Lycanroc: A young Dusk Form Lycanroc who has the power of foresight; he can see into the future and past via sporadic visions or if he touches his nose to something specific(like an old tuft of Michael's fur)
  • Dawn the Lycanroc: A pretty young Dusk Lycanroc who is Boulder's love interest. She is also the younger sister of an antagonistic Lycanroc named Crunch. She does not see eye-to-eye with Crunch because of his constant aggression.


  • Crunch the Lycanroc: An aggressive Dusk Lycanroc who is rather hostile to Boulder and often scorns him because of his strange powers, believing him to be mad. He turns traitor and joins Lycus' Gang temporarily, but flees when the Storming Alliance arrive to interfere.


  • Dr. Finitevus: A villainous Echidna viewed by many to be mad and obsessive. He is constantly scheming to get his hands on what Austin knows, even going so far as to flat out murder Austin's younger brother to achieve his goals. He is responsible for bringing back Enerjak.
  • Enerjak: Enerjak mainly appeared via different visions Boulder has throughout the story, and is somehow summoned back by Finitevus. Enerjak easily beats Fox, leading to Boulder calling for a retreat.



  • Fox the Brave: A short-tempered, unpredictable red fox with emerald green eyes. He is the leader of the Storm Fighters, and leads a patrol to aid Boulder and Dawn on Angel Island
  • Sky the Falcon: A male Peregrine falcon who is a Healer on The Storm Fighters. He first appears when he's pulling out some Arrows stuck in Austin's pelt after he gets "mugged" by Skeletons.
  • Dallas Smith: Dallas is Austin's eldest son and a former rogue. He was allowed back into the Storm Fighters after some hesitation, and is kept under constant guard due to his ties to Finitevus.


  • Lucas the Lycanroc: A Midday Lycanroc who was Boulder's foster father until Finnick arrived at the Megastone Rogues
  • Finnick the Lycanroc: A Midnight Lycanroc who is Boulder's biological father. Despite being a Midnight Lycanroc, he is completely opposed to his kind's vicious mindset.
  • Splash the Greninja: The leader of the Megastone Rogues.


  • Lycus the Lycanroc: A male Midnight Lycanroc who leads a Gang of Pokemon. He is essentially Finitevus' right-hand Pokemon.


  • Mephiles the Dark: A strange, shadowy being shaped like Shadow the Hedgehog, but with a different color scheme. He only appears when he visits Boulder in a dream, offering to take him through time and help the young Lycanroc to prevent the disasters he sees in his visions, but Boulder refuses, remembering the tales he heard about Mephiles' atrocities during the War of Time.



  • Michael Smith: A young male white-furred German Shepherd Dog with green eyes. He was ambushed and brutally injured by Finitevus; he later died of his injuries. He appears in a vision Boulder has when he finds an old tuft of Michael's fur.


  • Storm the Buizel: Storm is mentioned when Boulder has a vision of his capture alongside Austin.
  • Diggs the Excadrill: Diggs is mentioned when Boulder has a vision of his failed patrol
  • Silver the Lucario: Silver is mentioned when Boulder has a vision of his failed patrol


This story marks the debut of the Dusk Form Lycanroc in the series.

  • It also marks when Boulder evolves into Lycanroc, and the debut of his powers of foresight.

This story marks the return of Argus the Wolf as a Spirit.

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