Cquote1 Bring that special ladybug in your life to the Dragonfly Diner and enjoy a meal that's buzzing with flavor! Cquote2
The Dragonfly Diner's Slogan

The Dragonfly Diner is a top-notch, fancy restaurant that caters to those who enjoy a more exotic variety of delicacies.

Also there's a roleplay for the restaurant that you should totally join.



  • Beer (Brands: BumbleBuzz, Fly-High, and Honey Bee-R)
  • Centipede Coffee
  • June Bug Juice
  • Soda (Cockroach Cherry, Caterpillar Cola, Grasshopper Grape, Rootworm Root Beer)
  • Wine (Brands: Wispy Wasp)
  • Water
  • Tick Tea


  • Butterfly Bread
  • Garden Grub Salad (with Roach Ranch Dressing)
  • Fruitfly Salad
  • Dragonfly Dumplings
  • Earthworm Eggrolls
  • French Fly Fries
  • Maggot-Mashed Potatoes
  • Scarab Spinach Salad
  • Springtail Soup
  • Ant Chips (Crunchy Carpenter, Spicy Fire, Salt and Pepper Panda

Main Courses

  • Beetle Burger
  • Larva Lasagna
  • Mantis Manicotti
  • Mealworm Meatloaf
  • Scorpion Steak
  • Spaghetti & Spider Eggs
  • Steamed Slug
  • Beef Spider Stroganoff
  • Silverfish Stromboli


  • Cricket Crumb Cake
  • Moth Cookies
  • Egg Sac Éclair
  • LIce Cream
  • Mosquito Mousse
  • Pupa Pudding


  • Giavanni Mondo the Chameleon - Owner
  • Varris the Flytrap - Waitress
  • Arna the Tasmanian Devil - Secret Security
  • Cherry the Bullfrog - Head Chef
  • Kawasaki the Panda - Assistant Chef

Base of Operations

The restaurant is located in the Princeton sector of Hordaiquan. It's a pretty large establishment with its foundations made up of red bricks. Right outside of the restaurant, there is a small fountain in the shape of a ladybug; water flows out of the spots on its back.

There are two sections of the restaurants: one for smokers and non-smokers. The tables inside are spread far apart from each other so that customers can have their own space (and so that they can't see what other people are eating)


  • Before leading guests to their table, waiters are to ask if they "would care to try our special new brand of coffee". If the guests respond with "yes, I could use the buzz", then the waiter is to leave them for a moment. When they return, they are to apologize for "being out of stock" and then hand them a special menu with the correct names of each dish.
  • There is no special new brand of coffee, and you probably wouldn't want it anyway.
  • Guests who do not say the secret phrase are to receive an altered menu with certain words missing, such as beetle from beetle burger (as shown above). However, the dishes are prepared exactly the same as if they were ordered from the original menu.
  • Waiters are to make sure that everyone pays for their order, regardless of whether or not they've eaten it.
  • Depending on what the customer has ordered, the food will be served on a special plate that constantly emits steam so that they cannot see their food as they eat it.
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