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Template:Construction The Demon Slayer Saga is the story of Shanoa the Fox and Albus the Cat.




  • Arthroverta - First boss, fought in the Monastery by both Shanoa and Albus.

  • Brachyura - Second boss, fought in the Kalidus Lighthouse by both Shanoa and Albus. This fight marks the beginning of the heroes' separate journeys, after they lose each other while escaping the crumbling lighthouse.

  • Gergoth - First boss fought by Albus alone.



Boss: Arthroverta

The first location explored by Shanoa and Albus. The monks living there claim that a monster has invaded the basement levels of the monastery, and they cannot enter for fear of death. The monks have heard of the two heroes' legendary exploits, and beg that they rid their sacred monastery of the foul beast. Shanoa and Albus agree, and they head down into the basement area, where they eventually confront the monstrous pill bug, Arthroverta!

After combining their strength to slay the beast, the monks thank them.

Wygol Village

Boss: None

The Villagers

  • Father Nikolai - The village leader, or "father".
  • Jacob - The owner of the general store. He has a pet cat named SoybeanFlour.
  • Abram - A healer.
  • Laura - A beautiful and talented jeweler, and the romantic interest of Marcel. She has a pet cat named Tofu.
  • Eugen - A blacksmith.
  • Aeon - The chef of Wygol Village.
  • Marcel - A reporter who settled in Wygol, and the romantic interest of Laura.
  • George - A quiet man and a talented musician.
  • Monica - A seamstress, she is rather forgetful and seems to have low self-esteem.
  • Daniela - An elderly woman who's grandfather was a monster hunter. She has a pet cat named Ink.
  • Irina - An older woman with two children, Serge and Anna.
  • Serge - The son of Irina. His favorite game is "Hide-and-Seek".
  • Anna - The daughter of Irina. She has a pet cat named Tom, who protects her from evil spirits and demons.

Ruvas Forest

Boss: None

Kalidus Channel (above water)

Boss: None

Minera Prison Island

Boss: Giant Skeleton (sort of minor boss)

After traveling through both Ruvas Forest and Kalidus Channel, our heroes arrive at Minera Prison Island.

Minera Lighthouse

Boss: Brachyura

After going through the prison, the two arrive at the nearby lighthouse, where they confront the monstrous crustacean known as Brachyura.

After defeating Brachyura, Leraje the Wicked sends his minions to destroy the lighthouse! Shanoa and Albus manage to escape the crumbling domicile with their lives, but end up getting separated. While Shanoa ends up in Somnus Reef, Albus arrives back at Kalidus Channel...

Shanoa's Path

Somnus Reef

Boss: Dagon

Following the destruction of Minera Lighthouse that separated our two heroes, Shanoa finds herself at Somnus Reef. She eventually confronts the water demon, Dagon.

Giant's Dwelling

Boss: Goliath

Upon exiting Somnus reef, Shanoa comes across a massive house, big enough to be the home of a giant. And in fact, it is; for Goliath resides within the Giant's Dwelling.

Tristis Pass

Boss: None

Oblivion Ridge

Boss: Gravedorcus

Albus' Path

Kalidus Channel (underwater)

Boss: None

Following the destruction of Minera Lighthouse that separated our two heroes, Albus finds himself back at Kalidus Channel, but he must take the underwater path in order to proceed to the Tymeo Mountains.

Tymeo Mountains

Boss: Gergoth

Misty Forest Road

Boss: None

Skeleton Cave

Boss: Maneater


Argila Swamp

Blackmoor's Manor

Boss: Blackmoor

Leraje's Castle

Boss(es): Eligor, Balore, Leraje the Wicked


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