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Moderator Callinaiva, after Savoice coarsely requests dismissal

"The Deficit Fades Away" is the second episode in the original web series, Twenty-Four Days to Delusion. It was completed on August 9th, 2016 in courtesy of the Sonic Fanon Wikia.

Character Appearances

  • Savoice Allashar Demoy the Dhole
  • Uisas Agent Najarv'sye Au-Vimoen the Ragushara
  • Dojyu Coffnaigh the Oiva
  • Ovil Ferah Unhod
  • Cerva Teroice Sah the Hedgehog
  • Moderator Zyphera Elleai the Siberian Tiger
  • Moderator Byer Hoberzt the Cougar
  • Moderator Jola Ed-Nonon the Bull
  • Moderator Xanthub Fuge the Hedgehog
  • Moderator Callinaiva the "Night Crawler"
  • Moderator Bvan Ghonpherti the Chameleon
  • Saz Tuy the Rhino
  • Pelonis Itio Van the Otter
  • Mertonuy Jalade the Echidna
  • Lalovan Zedda Rova Wasyu the Pangolin
  • Interpreter Myaari Erchliy the Cat
  • Interpreter Zona Kon'effin the Mouse
  • Interpreter Wequt Derse Renin the Dog
  • Interpreter Salmah Ogan the Wolf
  • Interpreter Khovab Nam Reliso the Swallow
  • Interpreter Pulin Satire the Tiger
  • Interpreter Pheru Vun Lalsu the Fox
  • Interpreter Lovopian Azax the Rabbit
  • Interpreter Polyizxen "Polly" Feryit the Echidna


This episode begins with the protagonist, Savoice Demoy, about to take participation in learning about his new mission in Ovilis. For a while, he watches the many officers that walk in and take their places in the "Main Arch. After that they are all seated, Dojyu Coffnaigh makes the introductory words to immerse the executive and subordinate branches into unison. The rules are also given during this time.

Meanwhile in all of the boredom of the lecture, Savoice communicates with his audience neighbor, who he later knows as Lovopian Azax. Although they had their differences in the means of conversation, Savoice eventually becomes comfortable speaking with him.

After this, the Ovil comes up to speak on the podium and gives a long introduction of all the officers of the Ovilian Arch of Studies (OAS), including himself. Although often interrupted, he also made the means to communicate the newly enforced hierarchical system for the OAS. Savoice has his share of clashes with Moderator Byer Hoberzt when the moderator realizes that Savoice does not have the entire intention being in Ovilis. At one point, Savoice becomes impatient of the long-lecture conditions that bothered him, and asked to be dismissed. Although he was forewarned by the Ovil that he would meet with him after the meeting, this was later disregarded shown at the end of the episode.

After this, everyone travels to go meet Najarv'sye in another room. As Savoice is traveling toward the front for his reasoning of deeming himself still a Higher, he falls in love with Moderator Zyphera Elleai and falls into fury with Moderator Jola Ed-Nonon. In spite of it all, he makes it to the front, and disappoints the entire committee by continuing to stand when he was supposed to be kneeling to Najarv'sye. This is also one of the first main characters, Najarv'sye that is finally introduced into the series.

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