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Cquote1 The Ovil was looking down at the ground as he knelt, and I was looking up, standing. Cquote2
Savoice Demoy, when describing the words of Najarv'sye

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In the very place that I was sitting in, the office was dark with only a white bar going across the top contour. The walls had crevice lines that followed it with spacious stripes. The walls were dull and grey which seemed to present something to me. A podium was at the front of the room, with about ten chairs and a long table there, besides the one which I was already sitting at. In the background, some humming noise was ringing in my ear, causing me to fold my long ears down to my head. Based on this presentation of entry, I knew this was the room that we would meet in every time.

A white banner with red borders was raised above the door which the officials were walking through, which says, "Never Deny Reality," at the top of it, and then in smaller yellow letters, it warns, "Otherwise, reality will deny you."

The officials were walking in with march and dignity, wearing their office-like attire. There was a white hedgehog male walking in with a stout, well-postured countenance, and behind him was another male that seemed to stand out in his attire--having the brightest of pink eyes. Following the sloucher of pink vision came about six or seven people, those who all wore black. Out of all of them, there was only one female, and she wore a long black dress along with a black headscarf. One of the six that marched in had yellow eyes that glared at me, and then looked ahead. Then, after the six, there were four more people that wore a combination of white and purple, all of them being males. Then, even after them, there was still more. If I counted right, about eight or nine walked in wearing all white with black jewels that went about their necks.

The presentation, although intimidating at the slightest, did not upheave tension in my mind. I just seemed more aware that I was in a high heirarchial system. The only detail that bothered me was the humming noise in the background.

All of these people walked in and took a seat while Dojyu Coffnaigh was just standing afar with his hands to his sides. The first two men that walked in sat at the table of the podium, as well as the six that wore all black. The four that wore white and purple stood on the four corners of the room. Those with the white on wearing the black jewelry came to seat at the table I was sitting at, with a rabbit male with drapy ears and one echidna male with long quills taking a seat beside me.

There was one thing that I came to notice about all of them; they all looked tired for some reason. Many of them, including the one with the bright pink eyes had dark circles under his eyes. The only one that did not seem weary to me was the female that wore all black. Still, there is something wrong about this place, and I need to figure out what that might be.

"Greetings, everyone," Dojyu Coffnaigh moved from his position and leaped onto the podium, turning to everyone that was in the room. Instantly, background noises of humming became silent. Nothing but Dojyu Coffnaigh's voice was adhered in the room.

"Greetings," every person in the room knew when to speak.

"It seems that everyone is here," Dojyu Coffnaigh proceeded, smiling. "Now, how was the twenty-four day intermission?"

Everyone looked around, and then looked back at him. That one male with the yellow eyes just glared at me, and then looked back at Dojyu Coffnaigh.

"The silence is intentional," Coffnaigh's soft voice broke the lack of response. "Anyway, now that we are back for the people, we are going to take in another case from our new Uisas agent, Najarv'sye Au-Vimoen. He was born and tended here in Ovilis all of his life. Apparently, he wanted to become an agent at the time that everyone was on break, so I went ahead and approved of it. After all, nothing is better than having a primary resource--an Ovilian."

I wanted to ask a question, because there was so many unanswered questions floating around in my mind, I felt that holding my peace until the end was best. Besides, asking one good question is good to anchor the entire conversation.

Coffnaigh walked over to the white stout male with the curly hair and snatched the papers he had in his hands. "I was supposed to present this, Cerva Sah."

"It does not matter," the low-voiced authority linked his hands and layed his chin on them, elbows on the table, and he was slouching. "Proceed."

"Anything I do matters," Coffnaigh retorted, and then scanned at the papers for a while, and then looked back at the rest of us. "As it is always done here, I am going to paraphrase the general summary about the situation of our new Uisas agent, who is Najarv'sye Au-Vimoen this time. He is a Ragusharan creature, coming from the acient tribe in Ovilis called the 'Ragushara'. He was born at the end of the 'Rongom Purity' years, indicating his age to be twenty-four." Coffnaigh looked at the crowd. "Rather young, don't you all say?"

The rabbit beside me tapped my arm, and whispered. "Are you Pertanese?"

I looked over at him. "Yes."

"Hmph," his small lips and nose communicated. He leaned over to my ear. "I thought that you were Salwomese at first, but he beside me," pointing to his left, " told me that you were probably Pertanese because of your colors."

"Hold on a minute," the male with the pink eyes seered into the conversation, holding his hands to Coffnaigh. "There is a side conversation."

Coffnaigh looked over at me and the rabbit male. "Stop it, you two. Let me finish reading this, and then you may speak." He gave me his "piercing eye" look again, and then looked back down at his papers.

"We as the Ovilian Arch of Studies will take the initiative to adhere to the laws that were established in making conclusion on Najarv'sye's case. All must speak with understanding, and not of empty misconduct. No person in here besides executives are allowed to dismiss themselves from the meeting room for any reason. Ask for permission. Do not interrupt executives--since they have the authority to do much of what they desire anyway. No unnecessary relationships with unequivalent branch members. Last but not least, never deny reality. Otherwise, we would have to eject you out of the heirarchy and have you live in Ovilis outside of the District of Turiah."

Everyone was just staring ahead, and then some ended up nodding.

Coffnaigh looked at the male with the bright pink eyes. "Understood?"

"Understood, Dojyu."

Coffnaigh looked at the stout male, along with the six officers that were staring at him. "Understood?"

"Understood," they agreed in complete unison.

"Alright, then," Coffnaigh nodded. "Now speaking before you will be Ovil Ferah Unhod over the Ovilian Arch of Studies, our beloved leader." As the male with the pink eyes stood up, he flipped his dark blue hair and walked up to the podium. Coffnaigh sat in the seat that the Ovil was sitting in.

The Ovil placed himself at the front of the podium. "Greetings, everyone. We have a major introduction for much of the members here that must be recognized. When your name is called, stand or wave. No clapping. The first being, me, Ovil Ferah Unhod--leader over all of the Ovilians and ruler of the region." For himself, he waved. "Next, there is Dojyu Coffnaigh, the one that lacks a surname that we know of. After him, there is the most organized Cerva Teroice Sah the lead head of the Conclusion and Finalization Team. Our moderators," he handed over, "The beautiful and first female moderator, Zypehra Elleai. We have Moderator 'Callinaiva', who is named after his favorite book. There is Moderators Jola Ed-Nonon, Xanthub Fuge, Bvan Gohnpherti, and the debater Byer Hoberzt."

I leaned over to the rabbit male. "Is this like an education system to you?"

He looked over at me and just chuckled. "No."

Denied of a joke, my eyes starked back to the Ovil.

"We have four of the twenty members of the Finalization Team with us today: Saz Truy, Peleonis Itio Van, whose eyes are always closed, Mertonuy Jalade, and Lalovan Zedda Rova Wasyu." All of the people waved accordingly.

Again, I leaned over to the rabbit male. "What is the Finalization Team?"

He still looked ahead, slouching. "Just wait. They're going to explain."

Still denied, I looked ahead at the introductory stages of this strange assembly.

Ovil nodded. "Now, for our conclusion team, this one out of six has ten members. These will be our teams of 'interpreters'. Firstly, the head of the Najarv'sye Conclusion Team is Myaari Erchliy. His members are as follows: Zova Kon'effin, Wequt Derse Renin, Polyizxen Feryit, who prefers 'Polly' for their first name." The echidna stood beside me.

After the echidna beside me sat down, I heard something more than familiar, "Savoice Allashar Demoy."

Immediately, I stood up and whistled sharply as everyone stared at my behavior. I sat back down.

The Ovil continued. "We have Salmah Ogan, Khovab Nam Reliso--the only person here with a beak--Pulin Satire, Pheru Vun Lalsu, and Lovopian Azax."

The rabbit male beside me stood up, and then sat down. "It is an honor, sire."

Then, I began to think about going back to that room. It would not be the most feisable place for me to stay, for it is completely silent. The hanging bed was not an attractive place for me to sleep. Those trees in there were distracting, as well. The mirror showed nothing but who I may not be. Most of all, the fastened door makes it seem that I am a prisoner here.

How long would I have to suffer this "Almasian Sacrifice"? This is probably the worse it is going to get. As everyone else here already understands the routine here, I cannot seem to latch on. When assistance is asked for, rejection is waiting. When even a looser attitude is attempted to show out, it is ignored. Perhaps, this is what Highers in Ovilis do not do.

All of them seem bland and tastless in the mind. They all seem to have some level of comedy, however it is depleting in the characters. They all look tired, like I said before. Most of them slouch when they sit. Most of their voices are low and monotone.

If there was one person that stood out to me, that would be the female for the reason of that. She does not look tired. However, she is slouching just like everyone else. So, actually, if there was a person to decide on who stood out the most, it would be me.

"Wasn't he a Higher at one time? The contradictory one?"

I looked over at the peering male with the yellow eyes move a leftover strand of his light lavender purple hair in a messy braid. He was light-colored beige with a tanned muzzle. How could he have remembered me being a Higher?

I wanted to speak for myself. "Yes, I was."

He looked over at me. "It seems that the law that he supported couldn't even save him from the 'Almasia Law'."

The Ovil, who was in the middle of discussing the heirarchy, noticed his interruption. "Moderator Hoberzt, you have disobeyed one of the rules that were read already. Hold your words until I open discussion."

"Yes, sire." After that, he looked at me, and then back at the Ovil.

In honesty, I was am not awaiting any trouble from leaders while being here for ten years. However, with experience of being a Higher at one time, there was never an escape from those who always found the means to oppose.

The Ovil brushed his messy teal hair back, including a stray strand that sat at the crown of his bangs.

"At the last time we were here, we had a system of the Executives and the Ambassador Branches only. The Ovilian Arch of Studies will now have a new system, in composure to four branches: the Executive Branch, the Subordinate Branch, the Ambassador Branch, and the Civil Assistance Branch. "The Executive Branch consists of four positions within itself. There is the Ovil position, which I hold, which has the task of deciding the conclusion laws that are passed here on Ovilis. This can only be done until there is the Finalization team that presents to the Ovil of the work that the Subordinate Branch had done on the studies of Ovilis. There is the Dojyu position, which is the successor of the Ovil should a negative circumstance take place. The Dojyu is capable of granting advice to the Ovil on making a decision, but does not have direct impact on the decision. Next in line is the Cerva, the successor of the Dojyu. The Cerva is the lead head of the Conclusion and Finalization team, and ensures the uncorruption of it, including the holding of the recently accounted Vavy principles--."

My mouth twitched.

"Vavy?" A male with the beak pulled his short blue hair back. "Aren't we supposed to adhere to it?"

The Ovil impatiently swat the papers on the table. "For now, Khovab, I have the lead to speak. No one else. And yes, we are still avoiding the support of the Vavy principles--for now. We need to have some of our origins involved in order to resolve these issues."

I looked over at the male bird, who the Ovil called "Khovab". It seems that he is possibly one of the only people here that is a blue-based color. At least he was bold about the order, as everyone else sat with fear. I would have said something, yet, the Vavy principles is an issue that should not be discussed in this setting--as it is made for debate.

The Ovil shook his head. "I am near finished; hold to my word. The Executive Branch has the Moderators under the Cerva, who circulate the conversations that take place with your designated Uisas agent, being Najarv'sye in your case. They ensure that the discussion is going according to planned and smoothly. They are still considered executives, who have the means to receive input from the discussions as well. "Following the Executive Branch comes the Subordinate Branch, which has two positions: the Conclusion Team and the Finalization Team. The Conclusion Team, which are all of you," he handed and looked up at the people at my table, "have the sole responsiblity to listen to the Uisas agent as he or she recalls to their observations about Ovilis. In reality, there are six teams of ten people for each. However, one out of the six teams is always active, depending on the period and drafting. This period, all of you have been drafted. Since you have been drafted to do this, all of you have the responsiblity to contribute to the studies of Ovilis, regardless of the levels of debate that may arise.  After which, the team leaders of the Conclusion Team come together and form a conclusion or a law, if you will, to present to the Finalization Team. The Finalization Team presents the gathered infromation to the Ovil to engage in legislation. "The other two branches, the Ambassador and Civil Assistance Branches, are for the common of the people. The Ambassador Branch carrys messages when necessary and also manages immigration, the economy, as well as civil corruption. The Civil Assistance Branch consists of law enforcement, assistance guides, as well as, Uisas agents and civilians. However, these people do not reside in the District of Turiah as we do here, meaning that they are exposed to the highest surety of 'spotaneous reality'."

What a long lecture. By the time he was finished explaining the Conclusion Team tasks, I closed my eyes. My ears still adhered, but they were dim. Then, I remembered that I was a Higher at one time, meaning that I have the authority to leave when I want.

I stood up and whistled. The Ovil was becoming angry again, turning quickly toward me. A favor was asked, "I need to go back to my room."

Everyone stared at me, and one of the Moderators sitting at the podium smirked. "There goes the Pertan," his raspy voice cheered.

The Ovil looked back at the Moderator, as the Moderator continued smirking. The Ovil looked back at me, but I was sitting down. Fear began to settle and the slightest of embarassment. I thought that they would let me dismiss myself, in consideration of my previous position.

"You," the Ovil pointed at me, "are going to stay here after everyone else is dismissed until I say so. The next person that interrupts me is being ejected."

The people in the room looked around in the room, already horrified for some reason. The issue was not knowing where the Ovil would have the offender ejected to. Perhaps, to the Salwom region.

The Ovil's dark, tired, pink eyes looked around at the silence, and looked back down at his paper. "I was nearly complete, anyway." He put the papers down. "Since that there were too many interruptions during the Orders Ceremony, there will be no opening of discussion, nor introduction. Everyone is dismissed."

Immediately, the people began leaving, travelling in a single-file line again. The Ovil walked out first, slouched over, with Dojyu Coffnaigh behind him, and the Cerva trailing him while adjusting his red glasses. The executives wearing all black, the Moderators, followed after, as the female looked back at me.

When I first saw her, I must have missed how she truly looked. However, when I looked at her this time, something was different. She isn't just a female Moderator to me, but she is the beauty of the brawn in the room. Her white swirly hair reflected against her light pearl blue eyes and her lips glowed against mine as I could see it. As she was glaring at me in the extended second of my life, I was gazing at her.

"Who..." I tapped the rabbit male beside me as he was standing up with the rest of the people at our table. "Who? Wait." I looked around. The rabbit male was walking in a single-file line with the rest of the Conclusion Team.

I ran up to him. "Hey, you. I was speaking to you."

He looked over. "Do you still not know my name? They did the long acknowledgement custom earlier."

Remembering all of the complicated names and system of the Ovilian Arch of Studies could not be done. After all, it was quite the hour discussing everything.

"Frankly, I do not belong here. I have forgiveness by the Pertanese government to ask the officials for an admission to return. Being here is all a mistake." I gave him my best lie for an explanation.

He glanced at me, yet kept track of where he was walking with the others of the Conclusion Team. "You should tell the Ovil that."

"Actually, I spoke with the Dojyu personally, and he said that...I was cunning and a liar. However, I was not a liar. I am not."

"If you really need to be reminded," the rabbit male slid his rich blonde bangs from his face, "I am 'Interpreter' Lovopian Azax."

"Can you tell me where that Dojyu is so that I can ask him for forgiveness?"

"What is my name?"

"I cannot remember."

"What do you mean, you 'can't remember'? I just told you a second ago. Lovopian."

"Why do I have to know your name to get information?" Instead of wasting my time on him, I walked forward to another person.

Behind us, those that wore purple and white, assumably the Finalization Team, followed after us

This male had long cream-colored ears with a lightly tinted orange hair--all pulled back into a high bun. He was white in color, with fur that came out of his white and black outfit. His deep, dark blue eyes looked over at me as I tapped the back of his head and whistled.

"Greetings, Higher Demoy here. Can you tell me where Dojyu is?"

"He's toward the front of the line, so he can meet Najarv'sye first." His high voice was not what I was expecting, however, I cannot deny any reality here.

"Finally. Thank you very much." Immediately, I sped up toward the peak of the line, grabbing space in front of many leaders higher than me. The female with the headscarf looked at me.

I looked over at her again, and her eyes were victim to Heterochromia, with one left blue eye contrasting to the greener-looking one on the right. The more closer I got to her, the more I felt nervous about her speech toward me.

"Oh," I noticed that I had to get at the front of the line, and dashed quickly.

"Hey, hey," someone grabbed the shoulder of my shirt. His hefty voice startled me. "Where are you going?" His blood red eyes glared into mine, and his hair flew in frustration.

Immediately, I pushed him as far as I could. "Pardon me." I ran up to the front to see the Ovil shaking the hand of some other person.

"Now, you're in my control," the person's low, presise voice firmed the marching everyone partook in to a complete stop.

In the back, I could hear that horned, blood-eyed agitator behind me. "Don't push me again, you Pertanese narcissist!"

"Quiet down, everyone," Dojyu Coffnaigh ordered. "This is your agent, Najarv'sye Au-Vimoen."

After this, everyone knelt on their knees, including the Ovil himself, to the Uisas agent of the lower branch--except me, of course. I was not seeking to kneel to a lower counterpart of the kingdom. The thought to do that is absolutely ridiculous, especially for the Ovil doing it as well.

"Get down and kneel, you imbecile!" I knew that snarky voice. It was the opposer, Moderator Byer Hoberzt and his swaying braid.

However, I did not bow. I stared at who they called the "Uisas Agent" and maintained my dignity. The skin of him was light beige with no wrinke on spot. His glowing crescent blue eyes did not indimidate me as they were slender, and his long, light scarlet orange hair was pulled to a ponytail to imply majesty. He was taller than me, and much skinnier, a presentation that he starved for years. He wore some sort of baggy head scarf over his head that exended down to the floor, as if he were some king. All of these in his characteristics did not startle me, either.

I stared at Najarv'sye, as he was looking down at the top of the Ovil's shaggy head. He did not look at me, although I was the only one retaliating against the bowing order. This "Najarv'sye" was frozen as a rock, holding the hand of the Ovil tightly. Everyone else was on the ground, kneeling to the humble.

"Why doesn't he have to kneel?" Moderator Hoberzt attempted to push against me again by consulting executives, even though he is one himself.

"Because the wild will always be tamed," Dojyu Coffnaigh shook his head. "Have concern for yourself a while." And that was that.

I continued to stand, since no one came to stop me.

The Ovil stood up, and in unision, so did everyone else. Everyone was ignoring me, not minding that I did not follow their customs at all. They did not even reprimand me.

The Ovil let go of the hand of the agent, and stepped away from him. "The first words of the agent will be signified."

Everyone was quiet, awaiting the first words of the agent. Could this be a matter of respect to the guest? However, I cannot see why this would be the person that the people reverence. The Ovil is there, in person--the ruler of the whole region of Ovilis. Still, no one bows to him. As a matter of fact, when they came in the first time into that meeting room, or I suppose called the "Main Arch", the Dojyu did not tell me to stand, but he was.

This must be some tactic to humble me. For me to be exposed to the regulations of the place without being told to do so is an attempt for them to gradually subdue my Higher ego. Well, it is not an ego, because I was a Higher, and I still am. They cannot take that reality from me.

"The visions will cry out, but the reality will not hear it," the agent's stout voice echoed in the room.

I winced over at him, and he was looking at me--blatantly. There seemed to be a long stare of determination between the two of us, piercing my thoughts of reality in half. Am I dreaming?

No, I am not. I cannot be. If I were dreaming, then this person would not be here.

"A revelation has striken the simple, and confused the complex," Najarv'sye walked up to Dojyu Coffnaigh and placed his hand on his head, "The answers are in the hands of those looked down upon, and the questions still lie with those who look down."

"Who looks down, Najarv'sye?" Dojyu Coffnaigh flickered his eyes at the floor, avoiding Najarv'sye's eyes.

Najarv'sye glanced at the Ovil, who I was standing beside. "Him. The one that looks down." The Ovil was looking down at the ground as he knelt, and I was looking up, standing.

All of the people began to walk away, all of a sudden--including the Ovil with Najarv'sye. I was the only one standing there. Eventually, seeing that everyone was leaving me here, I walked around the headquarters so I could find my room. Before I knew it, I was becoming grey among the colors.

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