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Our story takes place on the alien world of Turanta during the Winter. The Anti Mobian Army has a planetary garrison on this planet due to having peacekeeping operations in exchange for Turantan arms. The First.Recon.Operations.Special Troopers division is currently the garrison situated in the Turantan cultural city of Myza. FROST Company is being lead by AMA Colonel Balta Nina Baldrova the wolf, and her Turantan cultural attache Patrik. For months things have been quite and it seemed the local CCI militia has been calm around Myza and many AMA personnel have been in a relaxed state. Soon however that will all change.

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Warning: Story is not intended for the usual younger Sonic fan audience. I advise those who cannot handle a little profanity and violence to please refrain from reading. To the rest, enjoy!

(When you are done with this part, here is part 2:    The Defense of Turanta Part 2: Snow Patrol

Colonel Balta Baldrova stood in the command bunker overlooking the Turantan cultural city of Myza one cold morning on Turanta. She got up early that morn and thought she would go from her quarters to the command center, the nerve center of all AMA operations in Myza. Balta was in her standard non-combative uniform, armed with a concealed sidearm.

She walked into the command center and saw STFEC agent “Zero”, otherwise known as Patrik by her and her comrades smoking in the corner of the room. She tried to keep her distance while she did it as she had heightened senses due to her training.

Batla instead walked over to the port overlooking the city of Myza. The command bunker was placed on a hill overlooking the Turantan cultural city. She could see it is still snowing outside, it was in the winter and on the mountains they could expect snow very easily.

“Still snowing up here, almost like at Outpost Aurora.” Balta thought to herself.

Balta loved snow, it reminded her of her home city on Moebius, and even more of being in F.R.O.S.T Company with her fellow comrades. She liked that she was assigned to an AMA outpost in the northern region on the prime world. Now she was coordinating AMA forces on Turanta however.

Balta walked over to the communications console and turned it on. She looked through the logs to see if anything interesting was happening on the patrol teams in Myza, and on the borders between West and Old Barunia. To her surprise however there was not much negative activity reported by the squads in the field.

“Hm, perhaps Sgt.Marcus has gotten himself into some trouble.” Balta thought to herself amused while she switched to see if he reported anything. Yet to no avail did she find her detached squad mate reporting any disturbances.

“Perhaps Marcus needed a change of scenery. He seems to be taking his job more seriously

since he arrived on Turanta, or perhaps he misses the Field Leader like me and is bored.” Balta thought to herself as she turned off the console. She then yawned and walked over to Patrik who was still standing in the corner taking a smoke.

“Nothing to report from the field colonel?” Asked Patrik as he took a puff.

“Not a thing, not even with Marcus.” Balta thought in here head

Balta was born a mute, but had learned that she was telepathic in her Psychic Guardian training. Growing up her silence made people around her nervous. On her world a silent female meant a deadly and cunning one.Balta’s reputation as an expert markswoman and a quick melee attacker fed this reputation. “Yeah, Marcus usually is a troublemaker.” Patrik said.

“He is a brave soldier as well fortunately. Brave, but foolish and impulsive.” Balta responded to Patrik telepathically.

“Well you need to enjoy this peace here while it lasts. Turanta is always fighting. “Patrik told her.

Balta nodded. She then started to walk away from Patrik, he was a good comrade and all, plus he was a tremendous help seeing as this was his own planet, but did he have to smoke every second? Balta thought.

She walked up to a fellow Psi-Trooper. It was odd for her to have another member of the Psychic Guardians around her now as she was F.R.O.S.T’s only psychic member, save Field Leader Trotsky himself. With only a thought she ordered the soldier to keep a watch while she went back to her quarters. She could sense in the trooper he was not a turncoat, most AMA psychics would have rooted out such fickle minds in training.

Batla went into her quarters and suited up. She wanted to do some in the field recon to find a certain mercenary that has plagued the AMA ever since her forces landed on Turanta.

He was no novice however and was able to almost kill her and another sniper in the field. Balta got on her DLAD armor and checked and loaded her psi-rifle. She opened the door and walked out to see Patrik standing in the corner.

“You are going after major Fenris aren’t you? Impulsive.” Patrik said as he took another puff.

“You know we have to put him down Patrik, he has been in most major battles on Turanta, and has constantly hindered our forces. “Batla replied telepathically . “He’s good Batla, probably the best. He will only show when he needs to and he will have a trap for us when he does. It is best not to try to draw him out, but to work together to take him on.” Patrik told her.

“Perhaps I should do recon then?” Asked Balta.

“We do not want to stir up more political sh** on my planet Baldrova. The fascists in West Barunia have been calm, we do not want to shake the beehive just yet. “Patrik replied to her.

“How about I show you a good bar today? I know a pub that makes the most authentic Cavarian Cinnamon you will ever have the pleasure of tasting.” Patrik invited unusually courteously.

“You know how lord Bradanska feels about AMA personnel consuming alcohol.” Balta replied.

“True, but you know how he loves to foster relations between planets as well.” Patrik said.

“Am I not the AMA’s cultural attache’ on Turanta?” Patrik asked.

“You are.” Replied Balta mentally.

“Then would it be good to share cultural relations while on my own world?” Patrik asked trying to coax Balta.

“You have a point.” Balta replied.

“Fine.” She said.

“Off we go then.” Said Patrik

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