This is part 1 of the story of how Kai the Hedgehog died. This story happens in multiple diffrent time.
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  • Kai the Hedgehog
  • Rallen the Hedgehog
  • Sauna the Hedgehog
  • Marcia the Cat
  • Scope
  • Tikal
  • Kai the Echidna


  • Pachacamac
  • Nazo the Hedgehog


  • Chaos

Part: 1 Emerald Beginings

Chaos- Your coming with me

Kai- Ahhhhhhh

Rallen-*moans* what happened

Knux- Now you're awake.

Rallen- Where's Kai?

Sauna- You should look for yourself.

Rallen- There you are!!!!
Kai- ........

Rallen- What, to tired to talk?

Kai- ........

Rallen- Yeah, I know how you feel.

Kai- ........

Scope- Uh, Rallen.

Mean while in the Master Emerald.....

Kai- WHERE AM I??!?!?!?!

Tikal- You're in the Master Emerald.

Kai- Eh, what?

Tikal-Well, I siad "Inside the Master Emerald."

Kai- Eh, where in it?

Tikal- Well, your in the dark side

Kai- Well, where can I go?

Tikal- You can come with me.

Kai- Ok


Tikal- Here we are.

Kai- WOW!!!!!

Tikal- This is my village.

Kai looks in the village

Kai- Where are the hedgehogs?

Tikal- My people haven't met hedgehogs.

Kai- ahhh, Then how am I going to get in?

Tikal- I have an idea.

Tikal takes Kai to the Master Emerald shrine

Kai- The Master Emerald?!?!?!

Tikal-*praying* The servers of the seven chaos, chaos is power, power is enriched by the heart, the controller is the one that unifies the chaos. Turn this Hedgehog into an echidna.

Flash of light concelces Kai

Kai- WOW I'm an echidna!

To be continued

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