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This is an article about The Dark Master, a character created by Dark Malevolence on 09/15/2015.

"Fool, I am the architect of your nightmares, I am the visionary of your pain"

- The Dark Master talking to Sonic

The Dark Master is an ancient being and supreme deity of evil and darkness. He/she is one of the two primordial deities created by Dark Malevolence. The Dark Master was originally nothing but a formless entity within Dark Energy but was born through a host who came in contact with Dark Energy forming the powerful and evil deity.


The Dark Master has two main forms, that of a male and female

Male Appearance

The Dark Master is presented as a big black armoured being with two horns on both sides of his head. He has glowing red eyes and has a purple aura around him. The Dark Master has very long and sharp claws on his hands as well as many spikes and horns around his arms and chest.

His armour is black but has purple outlinings on his armour and red ritual like markings all over his armour. The Dark Master's arms reach down to his knees and are very large. He also has big black shoulder guars with one large spike on each shoulder guard.

He also wears a robe reaching down from his waist to his feet but this disappears when he fights

Female Appearance

The Dark Master - Female Form

The female form of The Dark Master has the same colour scheme as the male form as well as the same red eyes but is presented as less muscular with a dark grey skin tone and purple, red and pink markings all over her body.

She also has two sets of horns with one set attached to either side of her head and the other set behind the other horns. Her face is much more human-like with eyes, a nose and a mouth instead of just eyes like the previous form.

This form doesn't have a lower robe like the previous form but instead has a small armament around her waist. The female form also has two long spikes of Dark Energy placed on both shoulder blades on her upper back.


Male Form

The Dark Master is presented as an extremely malevolent, merciless and pure evil being. The Dark Master has no mercy, sympathy, or peace for anything excluding his apprentice Scythe. He couldn’t care less for the destruction he causes in fact he enjoys causing more. The Dark Master has a Satanic persona and a right to have so, for in the Sonic the Hedgehog series The Dark Master is the equivalent of The Devil and in fact lives off that idea. He is omnimalevolent meaning he is the supreme form of evil and embodies those emotions making him unsympathetic, merciless, sadistic, cruel, sinister, manipulative, overbearing, despicable, immoral, malicious, he shows no remorse and is in no way empathetic towards those he kills, he has no moral limits allowing him to commit unspeakable horrors and not even question his actions, he constantly enjoys the suffering of others and likes tormenting the lives of mortals and in other words...he is pure evil.

Female Form

When The Dark Master returned in a feminine form, she still maintained the malevolent personality from her previous form but is even more manipulative than before, she greatly enjoys toying with other's to make them come around to her way of thinking, she especially enjoys doing it to people close to Sonic. The Dark Master also has a flirting tone about her when she talks to people, she often uses this when toying with her prey and when she is attempting to manipulate others. Rather than be serious and overbearing all the time, she instead prefers to joke but in a much more cruel way, by taunting those who had died, laughing at the suffering of others, while this may seem childish, The Dark Master uses this as an effective tactic when trying to distraught or toy with an opponent.


Sonic: Beyond

During the first part The Dark Master is briefly mentioned through out the story but makes his appearance at the end. When Sonic, Tails, Amy, Silver & Shadow follow Scythe back into The Realm of Darkness at The Citadel of The Dark Master, they were confronted by the menacing Dark Master sitting in his throne. The others cowered in fear of The Dark Master while Sonic made fun of The Dark Master and taunted him but The Dark Master didn't react to Sonic's taunting and when the others prepared to fight The Dark Master and Scythe they used the Chaos Emeralds to transform themselves into Super forms of themselves but The Dark Master wasn't afraid and laughed at them as he prepared to fight. The fight was intense as the heroes tried to fight off Scythe and The Dark Master their efforts were in vain until they decided to combine their powers together in one massive strike which destroyed The Dark Master, or so it seemed. As Sonic gloated over his victory The Dark Master quickly resurrected himself and Tails noticing the disturbance tried to warn Sonic but he was too stubborn in his victory to listen until Tails pushed Sonic out of the way and was killed by The Dark Master. While Sonic wallowed in his friend's death The Dark Master summoned his fleet to attack Earth. The Dark Master and Scythe disappeared to The Centre of The Universe.

During the battle of Earth The Dark Master and Scythe reached the Centre of The Universe, where The Dark Master began his ultimate plan to destroy the Universe by using The Space-Time Rift at the Centre of The Universe. Eventually when Sonic arrives he fights Scythe but The Dark Master was too busy using the rift to destroy the Universe that he didn't know the outcome of the battle. When Hyper Scythe becomes victorious over Hyper Sonic he drags Sonic to The Dark Master and upon quickly torturing him The Dark Master prepared to destroy Sonic when Scythe got in the way and defended his brother, shocked by this The Dark Master was hysterical claiming that this wasn't supposed to happen. Hyper Sonic and Hyper Scythe joined forces to fight The Dark Master and after a fierce battle with the two brothers thinking they'd won The Dark Master quickly resurrects laughing in their face until they fused together using the Master and Super Emeralds becoming Hyper Scyic. And in one desperate final strike Hyper Scyic absorbed all the rings in the Universe giving them infinite power to destroy The Dark Master once and for all as he screamed saying that he could never die before disappearing in a blast of Dark Energy.

Sonic: Dawn of Darkness

The Dark Master is mentioned briefly but doesn't actually appear in the story.

Sonic: Age of Apocalypse

As in Sonic: Beyond, The Dark Master makes his appearance near the end of the story but after Sonic and all his friends gather at The Reality Citadel where Scythe has found The Infinity Emerald and has destroyed The Omniverse leaving Scythe, Sonic, Tails, Silver, Shadow, Vector, Charmy, Espio, Kate, Cream and Dr. Eggman the only living beings left in existence. But during the confrontation The Dark Master makes a shocking return in the middle of Sonic and Scythe’s heated argument. Everyone is horrified to see that The Dark Master survived and was still alive, but upon revealing that he was able to survive by latching on to the greatest darkness in the Omniverse, Scythe. Sonic eventually asks what The Dark Master meant when he said before his assumed demise that “it wasn’t supposed to happen like this and that it didn’t happen before” The Dark Master explains that he had lived through that same moment before as his past self. Still confused by this everyone listened as he spoke revealing that that exact same scene had happened before but instead Sonic fought against The Dark Master alone and was defeated and escaped but continued to resist against The Dark Master.

Then The Dark Master reveals his origin and that he was born from hatred and pain and that he formed his own consciousness, then Scythe realised who The Dark Master truly was. The Dark Master announced that he is Scythe and that Scythe is to become The Dark Master in an endless loop of death and destruction where he would travel back to the beginning of the Universe and live his life out as The Dark Master. Frozen by what he had just been told Scythe stood alone horrified by the truth but The Dark Master didn’t care anymore now that the Infinity Emerald was in his grasp allowing him to do whatever he wanted. Sonic and all his friends united in one last final battle against The Dark Master by using the Master and Chaos Emeralds they all transformed into Hyper versions of themselves. While the fierce battle raged on with The Dark Master seeming to be winning, Scythe realised he could end the loop by using the Infinity Emerald to end the darkness before it begins and before The Dark Master could kill Sonic he felt something inside of him then he looked to Scythe seeing his hand on the Infinity Emerald.

Scythe told The Dark Master that he would erase himself as well as The Dark Master in order to prevent the unspeakable horrors caused by the both of them to never happen. As The Dark Master tried to stop Scythe he realised that Scythe’s plan would fail and said confidently that he would survive through the thought of the Devil and that idea could never be destroyed when Scythe replied that he would remove the thought of the Devil through everyone’s mind forever and then in his first moment of weakness in billions of years The Dark Master pleaded with Scythe to not go through with this but Scythe said in tears that his reign of terror was over and told him that he was afraid. The Dark Master laughed at this remark but Scythe replied to that by revealing that he was truly afraid of people moving on from the pain he had caused and that he would be forgotten forever. The Dark Master then lashed out at Scythe and tried to kill him in his rage but it was too late, a black hole opened in The Reality Citadel, which began to suck in The Dark Master. As he clenched on to the ground The Dark Master yelled out to them all “I will never die the thought of evil will never fade…I will live on…I am the DEVIL!” but Scythe ran at The Dark Master saying “Go to hell!” before ramming into him forcing The Dark Master to let go and the two fell into the black hole with The Dark Master falling in first ending his malevolence for good.

Next Generation

Although the idea of the devil was erased along with The Dark Master, unfortunately Arclight decided to write down everything he remembered about past events that never happened and when he died, his daughter, Ari discovered the diary and became obsessed with Dark Energy until the point where she finds it and because of her willingness to use Dark Energy, she quickly is consumed and gives birth to a new Dark Master, a female version this time. This time, The Dark Master wanted vengeance against Sonic instead of trying to destroy everything, she wanted Sonic to suffer greatly by tormenting everyone that he cared about and the fact that The Dark Master had used Sonic's niece to come back only added to the emotional damaged she wanted to inflict upon her ultimate enemy.

Powers and Abilities

Dr. Eggman confirms that The Dark Master is the most powerful being in the Universe due to his masterful control over Dark and Chaos Energy as well as his intense strength which is derived from the darkness and evil of life itself.

Being the Devil and embodiment of darkness and evil itself, The Dark Master’s powers are so destructive that even Dr. Eggman said that he could very well destroy the entire Universe if given the chance. As the embodiment of evil itself The Dark Master draws power from the negative thoughts, feelings and actions of others making him virtually unstoppable. He also feeds off violence and conflict, the more people fight the more powerful he becomes.

The Dark Master has achieved immortality and invulnerability, so much so that even Super-states cannot defeat him. His invulnerability is so strong that even the super charged combined assault of Sonic, Shadow, Silver, Amy & Tails at the same time didn’t even damage The Dark Master only the perfect fusion between Hyper Scythe and Hyper Sonic plus absorbing all the rings in the Universe in a supercharged blast was able to destroy The Dark Master's physical form and he still survived. The Dark Master maintains his existence from the idea of the personification of evil, so as long is there is a thought of the devil in at least one person he cannot be destroyed and can live on as a consciousness.

While The Dark Master is all powerful he is nigh-omnipotent, meaning while he may have great powers such as a god he is limited to powers relative to his embodiment and does not have the full ability to do anything he so wishes, a goal he has ever tried to achieve. While nigh-omnipotent, The Dark Master still is limited through his weaknesses which can drastically affect and damage him.

The Dark Master is linked to Dark Energy which is why he has mastery over the energy and is unaffected by it's dangers and when he was erased along with the idea that he lived off, he was gone until the idea of him returned in the form of a diary where information about him was kept. The Dark Master was resurrected during the writing of the diary but was formless and connected with Dark Energy, until someone comes in contact with Dark Energy, The Dark Master is unable to take physical form.

The Dark Master uses masterful Dark Energy techniques and abilities such as:

  • Dark Bolt

  • Dark Beam

  • Dark Maelstrom

  • Dark Evisceration

  • Dark Negation

  • Dark Schism

  • Apocalypse Inducement

  • Power Reversal


While claiming to have no weaknesses, The Dark Master does in fact have three weaknesses that can bring about his destruction. The first of which is also his greatest strength, when people have fear of The Dark Master, or the believe in the idea of what he truly is or enough conflict is caused he becomes stronger but this also works in reverse. Should people become fearless of him or they dismiss the idea of who he truly is or should they stop conflict and instead use peace, The Dark Master's powers diminish and he grows weaker.

Also beings of pure light and hope greatly damage and weaken him as in the case of Valkiryon who is the primordial opposite to The Dark Master and is the only one who can match his power.

Finally, The Dark Master relies too much on the darkness within others to empower him that when he his presented with beings who have no darkness he is greatly weakened but by manipulating Scythe to have massive amounts of darkness so that he can feed off this can also work against him such as in Sonic: Beyond when betrayed by Scythe, The Dark Master does not admit this but he becomes weaker for he can only feed off other's darkness if they are within range to him so by losing Scythe his almighty powers begin to fade and dwindle.


The Dark Master had many pawns and servants all for the goal of inspiring fear and unleashing destruction across the cosmos which would feed his dark power so much so that he could complete his ultimate goal of ending all life in existence.

Arclight Maurice Hedgehog (Scythe)

Scythe is The Dark Master's apprentice and also his past self. The Dark Master has a very caring side towards Scythe and treats him sometimes like his own son.

While their relationship is master and apprentice their relationship with one another is much deeper, biological in fact. It turns out that The Dark Master is Scythe's future self but the reason for The Dark Master's choosing of Scythe to become his apprentice is because when he was Scythe the same thing happened to him so when it was his turn to be The Dark Master he had to travel back in time and raise Scythe just as he himself was raised creating a time loop, though it is unknown what the last part of the cycle is and what happens to The Dark Master.

Although Scythe and The Dark Master are the same person, The Dark Master is the darkness born from Scythe's hatred and pain which formed it's own entity and eventually broke off to become The Dark Master and it is unknown what happened to The Dark Master's/Scythe's other half.

Scythe was both the origin of The Dark Master and his first host, until Scythe first came in contact with Dark Energy, The Dark Master was just a formless energy but manifested through the hatred and suffering of Scythe combining both Dark Energy and negative emotions to form an entity of pure darkness

Ari Hedgehog

Ari was the second incarnation/host of The Dark Master and served as the catalyst for his resurrection but in the form of a female this time.

Ari was very willing to let The Dark Master take control of her body, while both being separate entities much like The Dark Master's previous form, unlike his previous form Ari and The Dark Master worked together and in Ari's opinion believed that The Dark Master was her real father rather than Arclight.

While, Ari was happy to let The Dark Master have control and change her body, Ari began to realise the evil The Dark Master truly was and like her father was trapped within her own body while the malevolent deity controls her body.

Valkiryon: Protector of Life

The Dark Master's primordial opposite, Valkiryon is the embodiment of light, hope and life, everything The Dark Master is against and can be weakened by all in one deity who is against The Dark Master.

From the beginning when these two first met, The Dark Master had intense hatred for her but also had fear of her knowing of who she is and what she can do. While The Dark Master is more cunning and manipulative hiding in the shadows to achieve his goals, Valkiryon is more upfront and is not afraid to reveal herself, she will always try to help those in need and this greatly sickens The Dark Master and what he stands for.

No matter what the other does these two opposing deities are at constant war with each other with their own ideals and beliefs conflicting with one another in a great never-ending battle between good and evil that will continue until one of them is destroyed.

Sonic the Hedgehog

The Dark Master sees Sonic as the embodiment of everything he hates, good, justice, heroism, kindness, selflessness all rolled into one being making Sonic the number one target of The Dark Master.

The Dark Master has influenced certain events in Sonic's life such as the manipulation of his brother Scythe and wiping his memory of Scythe too. The Dark Master has kept Sonic distracted by creating and/or manipulating villains such as Dr. Eggman, Solaris (Mephilies and Iblis), the Time Eater, Dark Gaia and Chaos.

While Sonic didn't care who The Dark Master was to begin with but once realising how powerful and dangerous he was Sonic found fear for The Dark Master whileThe Dark Master wants nothing more to eliminate Sonic and remove him from the picture. To The Dark Master, Sonic gives people hope which interferes with his own existence and goes against everything he does, when people have hope they lose fear and The Dark Master has to eliminate hope in order to induce his fear into the hearts of people. Due to this The Dark Master has set his sights on completely destroying Sonic, both mind and soul he even murdered Tails which broke Sonic mentally believing that it was his fault that Tails died (Event though this was an accident it still worked in The Dark Master's favour).

Dr. Eggman

While Eggman, has never fully known The Dark Master or has willingly served him, The Dark Master has used Eggman so many times to achieve his goals without Eggman even knowing him.

Eggman has been one of the most manipulated people by The Dark Master but during the battle of Earth, Eggman finally rebelled against The Dark Master and sent his armies to fight against his invasion and help Sonic try to find The Dark Master's weaknesses. And during the final battle at The Reality Citadel, Dr. Eggman joined with Sonic and his friends to finally defeat The Dark Master but was defeated along with the rest of Sonic's friends.


Chaos, was said to have been exposed to the Master Emerald but in truth originally a Chao, Chaos was given high doses of Chaos Energy by The Dark Master and gave him one of the most deadly abilities known to the Universe, wrath.

The Dark Master purposely killed and harmed Chao to enrage Chaos by corrupting Pachacamac with the idea of domination over others and massive amounts of paranoia. The ensuing battle unleashed Chaos' wrath and followed with a mass genocide of the Echidna tribe, The Dark Master's power grew and he enjoyed manipulating this beast.

Years later The Dark Master kept filling Dr. Eggman's head with one word, Chaos. This word was repeated so much so that Dr. Eggman set out to find what Chaos was. During Perfect Chaos' attack where Sonic fought against Perfect Chaos and won The Dark Master had found a pest who kept on popping up and stopping his plans, soon The Dark Master's hatred of Sonic grew.


Having lived through the Universe and knowing everything there is to know, The Dark Master found The Flame of Hope to be pure and full of light but also knowing that sometime in the future he would unleash his power on the world made no sense to him so The Dark Master wanted to be sure.

Centuries ago, long before the Solaris Project, when Valkiryon ignited the Flame of Hope providing the spark for this being of light to bring hope and joy to the people of Earth, The Dark Master planted a seed of darkness within Solaris so that the Solaris Project would go wrong in the first place and release Mephilies and Iblis.

The chaos and destruction caused by Solaris greatly fed The Dark Master's power until Solaris was defeated by Sonic, Silver and Shadow which halted his power gain, he needed a new pawn to unleash more destruction.

Dark Gaia

At the dawn of the Solar System itself, The Dark Master went to the forming Earth and before the Earth could fully become a planet, The Dark Master took a piece of his own heart and placed it within the core of the Earth to create Dark Gaia.

After Solaris' destruction at the hands of Sonic and his friends, The Dark Master created and placed Gaia manuscripts easily where Dr. Eggman could find them, knowing full well of what Eggman would do with them.

When Sonic defeated Dark Gaia, The Dark Master destroyed a planet out of rage over another defeat by the hands of Sonic and had one more trick up his sleeve.

Black Doom

The Dark Master found the Black Comet a long time ago and found their leader, Black Doom. While The Dark Master couldn't care for life he found darkness within Black Arms that he could manipulate and use for his own nefarious ends.

Upon convincing Black Doom that he could help with their goal of controlling the Universe, Black Doom became a servant of The Dark Master but he placed a hatred within Black Arms, a hatred for humanity. By using this hatred he knew that Black Doom would unleash his armies upon Earth and if successful enough maybe even destroy it, though this was doubtful.

During their attack on Earth the conflict fuelled The Dark Master's strength and power after Devil Doom's defeat, The Dark Master was infuriated by this and looked to new ways to increase his power.

Time Eater

When finding Eggman stranded in the middle of space, The Dark Master created an entity with time destroying abilities which he conveniently placed where Eggman would find such a thing that would once again cause more conflict.

Upon another defeat by Sonic (in this case two of them), The Dark Master had enough, in his rage he turned to his greatest servant to get rid of Sonic and make him suffer once and for all.


  • Arclight Maurice Hedgehog (his apprentice and past self)
  • Ari Hedgehog (Second host)
  • Black Doom (Servant)
  • Solaris (Corrupted)
  • Dark Gaia (Creation)
  • Chaos (Corrupted)
  • Time Eater (Creation)



A list of people and/or races who have ended up on the wrong side of The Dark Master and paid of it with their lives.

NOTE: some of them did eventually come back to life

  • Miles "Tails" Prower (Stabbed through chest)
  • Amy Rose (HIt with a powerful Dark Bolt)
  • Dr. Eggman (Ripped apart by Dark Maelstrom)
  • Himself (Erased from existence by his past self)

At least 67,039,248,025,694,021,330 beings have died by the hand of The Dark Master excluding those listed above.


"I am supreme! None shall defy me!"

"You will know true suffering!"

"Bow before your master!"

"You think I want to rule? You think I want vengeance? You truly are a fool, I just want to see all life burn and die by my hand!"

"You must understand people live and people will die"

"I like people such as yourself, they are so much more fun to kill when I break them"

"I'll make you suffer!"

"Burn in hell!"

"Face me!"

"You are worthless!"

"You think I care about anyone else?...I only care about making sure you and the rest of this abomination of a universe dies!"

"I know I'm evil, I can admit that but can you?"

"These little theatrics amount to less than nothing!"

"You are but pests to me, I am a god you are nothing but a snivelling child!"

"Your friends are dead, your world is dead, it's time for you to share their fate"

"Continue this pointless display of foolishness, with every second you waste fighting power grows!"

"I am The Dark Master of all things!"

"Your pathetic attempts to stop me make you even lesser than what I first thought"

"The end has come! Submit and I'll make your death quick and painless"

"You live your life in false hope...but soon you won't live at all"

"How quaint, you truly believe that you can defeat me?"

"You have been a constant thorn in my side, you have weakened me at every turn, how this happens is beyond me but you must understand that I am beyond you, while you may be able to weaken me you can't defeat deal with powers far beyond your own but you can't seem to grasp that...there is a reason why I am better than you, I take things as they are, I see them for what they are no matter how serious but take everything as a game, treat it as if nothing you do has any long term consequences but you are wrong, this is not a game you don't get an extra life, once you die! And this is what I hate most about say you do the right thing, you say that you are a hero but as I've said before, you're not a hero, you only care about yourself and you constantly make the wrong are arrogant, cocky and that is how I'm better than you...your own friend Tails died by my hand because you couldn't take it seriously, he died saving you which was foolish, you're going to die ether way but it is you who must decide how you want to trapped in your own LIES!"

"Yes I sound surprised? I told you I can't die, but you still continued to defy me which in the end amounted to nothing...while your little fusion stunt weakened me I survived as a consciousness...I sustain my power through conflict, violence and evil these all give me power and the recent days of death and destruction greatly enhanced my strength and induced so much fear...allowing the mortals to believe in a devil, with fear comes paranoia that I could feed off specifically, the idea of the devil which is forever existent and why I cannot die is the same reason an idea can't die, because you can't remove an idea once it has been implanted within someone's mind...the universe allowed that and it was only a matter of time before my apprentice, Scythe would cause enough damage to fully restore that I have returned you have led me to an object I have only dreamed about...The Infinity Emerald, with this I could do whatever I want, I can create a whole Omniverse of pure darkness, I could make you suffer for eternity and I could finally become truly omnipotent!"

"No...this cannot be...impossible...I am supreme...I am all powerful...I am The Dark Master!...NOOOOOOOO..."

"Yes I am reborn!"

"A female this time? I must say this one is strong...and much more willing than my previous host"

"Where's that fox cub you like to hang out with? I'd like to relive some...precious memories with him"

"Your friends are but toys for me to play with and like the child that you are, I'll break them and throw them away when I'm done"

"Sometimes you've got to be cruel to be kind...but I'm just being cruel...ha! ha!"

"We've both been ridiculed Shadow and while you don't think highly of me, how many of your so called 'friends' could offer you the chance to be with your precious Maria, I can return her to you alive and well but also remember that it was the world that took her from you because they feared you...let me help"

"Do I have to destroy planets to get Sonic's attention? What's taking that little annoyance so long?!"

"Valkiryon? How dare you interrupt this! Always at the wrong place at the wrong time...see this is why we can't have nice things"

"You hit me? You?! Of all people Valkiryon, you hit me? You bitch! I'll teach you to meddle in things that don't concern you!"

"What?! S-Scythe?'re dead!...First, Sonic, then Valkiryon, now you! Is this a reunion? Who's next, the fox cub? Or perhaps the hedgehog girl? Or...hmm who else did I kill, I lost count at around quintillion"

Theme Songs


Deon van Heerden No Sympathy for the Devil

The Dark Master's theme

No Sympathy for the Devil

In Sonic: Beyond The Dark Master's first theme is "No Sympathy for the Devil" by Deon von Heerden, which is also the music for the first phase of the final boss for Sonic: Beyond as well


Nega Wisp Armor Phase 2 Solaris Phase 2 Perfect Dark Gaia ~Remastered Remix~

Final phase of The Dark Master boss battle in Sonic: Beyond

The Final Battle

The Final Battle is the Dark Master's second theme and is the music for the final phase of the final boss battle in Sonic: Beyond