The Cool GH Continuity, Cool Godhand Continuity or CGHC is a fanmade continuity strictly created to distinguish characters created by Bepsy and storylines/continuities affected therein from other characters and storylines. Permission to make use of any of the characters, storylines, or concepts contained within the CGHC is given, though Bepsy would prefer that you ask before just sort of using his stuff.

Characters in the CGHC:



Emperor Crab


The Jackal King

Other things of note in the CGHC:

The Godhand


The CGHC wasn't originally meant to be a separate continuity entirely, it just kind of became a thing after I made a page about the Godhand, mostly for fun. I decided to make a story based around the Godhand, since it's a game I like quite a lot and I see plenty of game-influenced characters on here, so I came up with Riuvec and Anzyl. Then I needed an antagonist so I made up Emperor Crab, I'll eventually get to making a page for Zelica did it cuz cool, and I might just continue to expand if people think the CGHC is even worth their time. Heck, I might expand it regardless. It's fun.

Another thing of note is that while the CGHC takes place in a world similar to, if not intrinsically connected to, the Sonic universe, certain characters (Anzyl and Riuvec come to mind) originate from timelines that are not even remotely related. Thusly they don't quite follow the naming scheme and need to be technicolor, but still fit vaguely within the boundaries of what is possible.

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