This page features all of the items, gimmicks, objects and common enemies in the game The Chronicles of Sonic the Hedgehog: Rise of the Heroes and The Chronicles of Sonic the Hedgehog: I Am the Future.

Objects, Gimmicks & Items

Various objects can be found in every stage, either it's Adventure Mode or Multiplayer Mode. These are all of the objects and items that appear in the game.

  • Rings - Like in the majority of Sonic games, rings appear scattered around levels and Boss arenas (not Multiplayer Mode), with the exact same survival function as the previous. They appear clumed together inside boxes, barrels and crates as well in Balloons. Collecting sets of hundreds will awards the player an extra life.
  • Pearls - Pearls are new to the Sonic Universe. They appear in Adventure stages and in Multiplayer but not in Boss Battles. Collecting Pearls increases the player's Signature Gague. When the Signature Gague is enough, the player can perform his Signature Move. Pearls can be found inside enemies (by killing them) or inside boxes, crates, barrels and balloons. These are not present in the sequel.
  • Check Points - Like in the majority of Sonic games, Check Points can be found scattered around every stage (Adventure Mode only) with the exact same function as the previous ones.
  • Goal Ring - Just like in the previous games, it appears to be a large shining ring with a star in it. It signals the end of the level. Goal Rings are only found in Adventure Stages.
  • Back Ring - Similar to the Goal Ring, the Back Ring allows the player to return to the start of the level to continue his mission in case he accidentally missed it.
  • Item Boxes - Just like in every Sonic game, items boxes can be found everywhere in Adventure stages, Boss Battles and even in Multiplayer Mode. The same spherical and transparent containers from the Sonic Adventure series are used, though they are slightly redesigned. Dying will respawn every item except the Extra Life. The following items can be found in item boxes.
  • 5, 10, 20 Rings - Awards the player with either 5, 10 or 20 rings. Can be found in all modes.
  • 50, 100, 200 Pearls - Awards the player with either 50, 100 or 200 rings. Can be found in Adventure Mode stages.
  • High Speed Shoes - Increases the player's speed for 20 seconds. Can be found only in Adventure Stages.
  • Invincibility Shield - 20 seconds of invincibility. Appears in all Modes.
  • Protective Shield - A green spherical barrier which protects the player from damage one time only. Appears in all Modes.
  • Magnetic Shield - A blue spherical barrier that will protect the player from any damage and attract nearby rings. Appears in all Modes.
  • Red Shield - A red spherical barrier that destroys anything the player touches. A very rare item that appears in Adventure and Boss Battle Mode only.
  • Extra Life - Awards the player 1 extra Life.
  • Steel Containers - Steel Containers that cannot be destroyed. They can be lifted by Power-Type characters.
  • Wooden Crates - These containers contain several items inside them. Try to break them.
  • Balloons - Like in Shadow the Hedgehog, Balloons canbe found in any Mode, they appear floating in the sky, try to touch them and will award you the same items in the Item Boxes.
  • Animal Crates - These crates contain animals for your Chao garden. Some of them are in hard to find places.
  • Hourglass - These items can be found in Adventure Mode stages. Touching one of them will buy the player some time by extracting him 2-3 seconds. Very helpful during Missions.
  • Vehicles - Vehicles include Gliders, Tanks, cars, motorbikes, armed buggies etc.
  • Rails - Rails appear in almost every level in the game. They can be riden by every character.
  • Cannons - Cannons can be found in some levels, mostly Base Protection. The player can enter one and shoot at the enemy. They appear quite useful at some missions.
  • Dash Ring - Orange rings which appear in the air. Once the player passes through them, they are lunched high up in the air.
  • Rainbow Ring - Same as Dash Ring only that it's rarer, is colored in a rainbow color and increases the player's score. Once the player passes through them, the character will perform a stunt and say a quote.
  • Dash Panel - Hitting it will give the player an instant speed boost.
  • Super Dash Panel - Hitting it will provide the player maximum speed for a long time.
  • Jump Plate - Large dash panels with an angle which will launch the player over a large gap.
  • Upreel/Downreel handles - Holding onto them will permit vertical movement.
  • Hint Ring - Touching it will provide information about certain certain conditions.
  • Rocket - Riding it will access different parts of the levels (shortcut).
  • Missile - Same as Rocket, only it moves horizontally.
  • Gravity Switching Devices - Will perminantly change the gravity of the level. They are most common in levels which take place in space.
  • Defense Units - Defense Units can be found only in Space Colony ARK. They have the same function and design as in Shadow the Hedgehog.
  • Heal Unit - Same function from Shadow the Hedgehog.
  • Time Warps - Once the player enters a time warp, it will instantly teleport him to another part of the level.
  • Emblems - Emblems have the same function as in all previous Sonic games. There are a total of 248 Emblems in the game. There are 6 in each level (3 per Act) with the exception of SEGA Premises and those stages which have only 1 Act. They can be found hidden within the level. The player is awarded several prizes based on the amount of emblems he/she has collected. These do not appear in the sequel.
  • Self-Destruct Button - An item that first appeared in Sonic Heroes. Once the player jumps on it, it will instantly explode, allowing the player to get to other hidden places within the level. It can also destroy several items in missions.
  • Power Pad - Also from Sonic Heroes, this item is accessable only to Power-Type characters and has the exact same function from the previous game.
  • Standard Spring - The exact same function as its previous ones.
  • Elongated Spring - A row of springs that have a short range.
  • Health - Only in Multiplayer Mode, it fills the player his Life Gague.
  • Fly Rings - Only Fly Type characters can pass through these items. Passing through them will increase their speed of flight.
  • Ammoes - Ammoes can be found on the ground and will increase the player's ammoes in a specific weapon. Can only be found in The Chronicles of Sonic the Hedgehog: I Am the Future.
  • Story Items - Story items are items which do not appear in levels but appear in the story of the game as key items. These items are the 7 Chaos Emeralds, the Master Emerald and the Pendent of Hope.


Enemies appear in all Adventure stages. There are a total of 4 sections. These include the Gravitus, the G.U.N. Forces, the Eggman Empire and Dr. Eggman Nega's troops. The Gravitus and Eggman Nega's armies will regardlessly attack the player. The G.U.N. forces serve as enemies in certain stages of the game such as in Iron State Prison. Otherwise, they do not harm the player and instead lower his score if attacked. The Eggman Empire will attack the opponent depending on which level they are found while the Gravitus and Eggman Nega's army will all attack the player at all times.

The Gravitus are the most common enemies found in nearly every level of the game. They come in all shapes and sizes from small robots, to normal sized alien soldiers wielding weaponry to huge robotic mechs and even tanks and spacecrafts. Some of them are easier to defeat while others are more difficult, some of which even serve as mini-bosses in the stages. In The Chronicles of Sonic the Hedgehog: I Am the Future, the Gravitus, with some new ones, are the only common enemies found in stages.

Eggman Empire
3188fccc1b13dd44e4482d83da538ed1 E-1001 Egg Pawn
En sch E-1002 Egg Flapper
En ttl E-1003 Egg Cameron
En cap E-1004 Egg Klagen
Sh eggknight simple E-1005 Egg Knight
Heroes EggHammer E-1006 Egg Hammer
En fly E-1008 Egg Falco
800px-Sonic 06 egg liner 01 Egg Liner
800px-Heroes E-2000 ShoopDaWhoop E-2000
800px-Heroes E-2000r E-2000R
800px-Sonic 06 gunner 01 Egg Gunner
A584 SNG Badniksartworks Guardian 01 Egg Guardian
615px-Sonic 06 cannon 01 Egg Cannon
800px-Sonic 06 egg buster 01 Egg Buster
Sonic 06 egg rounder 01 Egg Rounder
800px-Sonic 06 egg commander 01 Egg Commander
Eggrobo Egg Robo
800px-EggmanFleet Egg Fleet
Shadow Concept Macomber7 Shadow Androids
Soldier G.U.N. Soldier
350px-Sa2 gunbeetle G.U.N. Beetle
350px-Sa2 sparkbeetle Spark Beetle
350px-Sa2 bombbeetle Bomb Beetle
350px-Sa2 gunrock Rocket Beetle
Sa2 gunhunter Laser Hunter
N/A G.U.N. Hunter
Vulan Vulkan Fighter
Bigfoot main F-6 Bigfoot
Hotshot main B-3x Hot Shot
Shadow-the-hedgehog-20051103050647889 R-7
Similar to R-7. LZ-1
138px Tank
Dr. Eggman Nega's Troops
170px SWAT Bot
Swatbot 1920x1200


543px-Sonic 06 egg walker 02 Egg Walker
A584 SNG Badniksartworks Keeper 01 Egg Keeper
800px-Sonic 06 egg chaser 02 Egg Chaser
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