This page features all of the levels in the 2011 action, platformer, fighting game The Chronicles of Sonic the Hedgehog: Rise of the Heroes, created by Juely.

The game features 35 stages, each comprising of 2 Acts and a Boss battle, with some minor exceptions. Therefore, the overall number of stages in the game is 71 including 1 extra, one Act level unlocked after collecting all emblems in the game. All of the stages have an equivalent fighting stage in the singleplayer or multiplayer mode, which needs to be unlocked after completing the actual action level in Adventure Mode. The levels are usually 8 to 10 minutes long. At some point, they have different sections for each character type. These are speed, power and fly. These sections enable the characters to take different routes throughout the level, but in general, the stages are the same for all characters, regardless of type.

In Adventure Mode, stages can be selected from the world map. Below, there is a list of all the stages in the game, each with a short description about it in order of appearance in the game's story.

List of Stages

Stage Name Act 1 Act 2 Boss Mission
Central City Doom City Inferno Highway Gravitus Nemesis
Mystic Ruins Jungle Jeopardy Vegetational Garden Gravitus Beetle Defeat 30 enemies.
Iron Crater Fortress Assault Bionic Barracks Egg Obliderator
G.U.N. Base (I) Frozen Quarters Distant Mountain Gravitus Highlander
G.U.N. Fleet Gadget Wing Skyline Altitude Gravitus Marshall
Angel Island Regal Sanctuary Hidden Palace Egg Brawler Defeat 25 enemies.
Teotihuacan Gold Kingdom Lost Relic Gravitus Sentinel Defeat 35 enemies.
Nonduria Walking Acropolis Mist Mausoleum Egg Harvester
Digital World Cyber Circuit Crazy Track Gravitus Virus
Egg Fleet Sky Battery Thunder Deck Egg Phoenix Destroy 4 chains.
Moriana Urban Utopia Chaotic Capitol Egg Envoy Defeat Shadow/Silver.
E.G.G. Metropolis Scrap Brain Metal Yard Egg Centurion
Emerald Beach Dolphin Coastside Coral Reefs Captain Whisker
G.U.N. Base (II) Radical Rush Machina Madness Egg Obliderator 2.0
Black Sea Pirates' Pier Tidal Seafight Gravitus Leviathan
Casinopolis Jackpot Joyride Disco Night Gravitus Roulette
Mount BlueChaos Darkvoid Caverns Death Gorge Gravitus Marauder
Monasteropolis Apostolic Rocks The Keep Egg Mimic
Shamar Burning Sands Fabled Ruins Gravitus Raider
Venantonio Aquatic Castle Steampunk Port Gravitus Manipulator
Space Colony ARK Cosmic Crisis Relinquished Realm
Space Colony ARK Space Babylon The Apogee Gravitus Dragon
Blue Typhoon Danger Chamber Gravitus Archfiend Defeat 50 enemies
Gravitus Fleet Spacecraft Ocean Starship Speedway Immarius
Elvenstar Punished Planet Final Core Parasitic Queen
The Devil's Eye Luminous Cocoon Twinkle Forest Gravitus Golem
Iron State Prison White Arsenal Prison Hall Red Roc
Lequidora Water Palace Enchanting Fountains Lakeview Lane Gravitus Gearmaster Defeat 40 enemies.
Wild Canyon Minefield Valley Westside Wagon Gravitus Chevaliar Defeat 35 enemies.
Gravitus Factory Industrial Powerhouse Nuclear Stronghold Gravitus Kaiser Defeat Omega.
Gaia Plate Megalithic Bastion Ancient Maze Gravitus Labyrinth

Volcanic Vault

Lava Lair Molten Menace Ifrit
Gravitus Squadron Air Armada The Apex Gravitus Avatar & Immarius Activate 8 switches and destroy 100 enemies.
Final Story levels
Destiny Path
Viral Calamity Get the 7 Chaos Emeralds.
Final Armageddon Dark Legion


Central City

Central City is Sonic's home town, where the story begins. It is a city under attack by the Gravitus forces. The first Act of the stage is Doom City. There stage features collapsing skyscrapers, falling platforms, ablaze buildings and debris. Gravitus can be found throughout the stage as common enemies. G.U.N. Soldiers will not attack you in this level but if you touch them, you lose some rings.

Inferno Highway is the stage's second act and is pretty much similar to Doom City. Speed type sections include long highways, in which Shadow can use a bike, power sections contain multiple enemies and debris while fly type sections contain tall skyscrapers and Gravitus spaceships. The stage's Boss is called Gravitus Nemesis. It is a relatively easy Gravitus mech fought on top of 4 skyscrapers.

Mystic Ruins

A jungle themed level. The first Act is called Jungle Jeopardy. It is a large, green, tropical jungle with a swamp and multiple ruins. Several animals such as large turtoises and birds appear in the level as simple gimmicks. It resembles the level Tropical Jungle from Sonic 2006. Gravitus appear in
800px-SU AOKI 011
the level as common enemies.

The second Act is called Vegetational Garden. Much like its first Act, it resembles more of a spacey forest with large trees and vines. The player has access to the tall trees and travels through many loops of vines. Gravitus appear in the level as common enemies as well. The player has also access to a large abandoned dome-like temple, one of the main areas of the level. The Boss is called Gravitus Beetle, an easy to defeat Boss.

Iron Crater

Iron Crater is Dr. Eggman Nega's base of operations in the distant future. The first Act is called Fortress Assault. Silver and Blaze are playable in Adventure Mode. The level takes place in a mechanical city built in a rocky desert, surrounded by a huge, impenetrable, iron wall. It is heavily armed with Eggman Nega's mechs, turrets, cannons, control towers and bridges. The level mostly takes place on the exterior part of the fortress.

Bionic Barracks, the second Act takes place mostly on the interior of the base. Again, it is heavily fortified with machineries, laser beams, gates and cannons. At the end of the level, you will fight the Boss, Egg Obliderator, controlled by Dr. Eggman Nega himself. He is fought outside the premises.

G.U.N. Base (I)

This stage takes place on the G.U.N. headquarters located on the snowy summits of a mountainous region. The first Act is called Frozen Quarters. The stage takes place during night and during snow. You start off from the exterior part of the stage. The G.U.N.'s facilities can be seen throughout the stage. Searchlights, control towers and large tanks can be found throughout the level. You can also use a snowmobile that is neabry to go faster and multiple cannons scattered in the control towers to shoot at enemies. G.U.N. Soldiers and infantry will not attack you so hurting them will only lower your score.

Distant Mountain, the stage's second Act is very similar to the first one but takes place mostly on the inside of the base. It is slightly more difficult than the previous Act as it feartures multiple chambers and laboratories filled with Gravitus mechs and soldiers. You can click here to see an image from DeviantART to get a glimpse of how the base would look like. The Boss is called Gravitus Highlander and is fought in the snowy exterior part of the base. You can also use the nearby cannons to deal damage whenever possible.

G.U.N. Fleet

This stage takes place in G.U.N.'s airships. It is very similar to the stage Air Fleet from Shadow the Hedgehog. The first Act, Gadget Wing, takes place mostly on the outside perimeter of the feet. It is guarded with cannons, turrets and G.U.N. battle robots while the second Act, called Skyline Altitude, takes place mostly on the inside of the ships, while also allowing the player to travel from airship to airship. There are many Gravitus soldiers here. G.U.N. soldiers will not attack you. The Boss battle is a Gravitus mech called Gravitus Marshall.

Angel Island

Angel Island has two Acts. The first is called Regal Sanctuary. It is a stage that takes place in the blue skies of Angel Island. Initially, you start from the green valleys of the island and proceed to higher grounds. You will eventually reach some small floating islands in the sky along with ancient echidna ruins. Gravitus are the only enemies you will encounter here.

The second Act is called Hidden Palace. It takes place mostly in an underground sanctuary. It is filled with ancient, white ruins, pillars, tunnels and lakes. You will also encounter many Gravitus as enemies here. The stage's Boss is the Egg Brawler, a machine piloted by Dr. Eggman Nega. You can click here to see an image from DeviantART to get an idea of how the Angel Island would look like.


Main article: Teotihuacan

An underground Echidna colony. It plays a pivotal role in the series' storyline.


The first Act is called Walking Acropolis. It is a series of acropoleis built on the back of a pack of huge wolves. Your objective is to get to the centre
Blood-of-bahamut-20090225080936914 640w
of the acropolis by crossing the acropoleis from wolf to wolf. Gravitus, as well as Eggman Nega's mechs appear as common enemies here. The second Act, Mist Mausoleum, features a fog that will obstruct your vision. The wolf in the end has a vast acropolis on its back and your mission is to get to the centre. You will have to activate switches to open up bridges and gates. You must also be very careful where you step as many platforms will crumble. The Boss is called Egg Harvester, a robot piloted by Eggman Nega himself.

Digital World

This stage takes place in a cyberworld. The first Act is called Cyber Circuit. The stage stretches acorss an eternal abyss with wires, cubes and binary codes visible in the background. It features multiple moving platforms that disappear, terminals and rails. The second Act, Crazy Track, is very similar to the first one. Gravitus are the only enemies you will encounter here. You may click here to see how the stage would somehow look like. It is a picture from deviantART. The Boss is called Gravitus Virus, a large sphere made of digital numbers. It has large tentacles that uses for melee atacks.

Egg Fleet

The Egg Fleet is Dr. Eggman's massive armada of flying battleships. It is the game's 10th level. It remains largely unchanged from Sonic Heroes. Sky Battery is the first Act of the Egg Fleet. Much like Egg Fleet from Sonic Heroes, this level consists of thousands of Eggman's battleships in a sky battle against the Gravitus fleet. The battleships come in all shapes and sizes and each one armed with cannons, Egg troops, laser beams and turrets. The player travels from one battleship to another and can even go to some Gravitus battleships and obliderate them..
EggFleet SonicHeroes
Gravitus and Egg Troops appear in this level as common enemies and are battling each other. The Egg Troops not only will they not harm you, but at some sections they will help you out. So damaging them will only lower your score. Thunder Deck is the second Act of the Egg Fleet. This Act takes place inside Dr. Eggman's flagship, like in Sonic Heroes. Like Final Fortress, Thunder Deck is pretty much the same. The level takes place aboard the deck of the Egg Carrier. It is very dark filled with platforms and Egg Troops and Gravitus, battling each other. The sky is dark as well and is raining with thunders striking the stage. There are also many rails which lead to the main control tower of the Egg Carrier.

As one of Dr. Eggman's latest creations, the Egg Phoenix bares a striking resemblance to the Egg Wyvern. It appears in the level Egg Fleet but is fought on Dr. Eggman's Egg Carrier. The Egg Phoenix is red, has large wings and is controlled by E-10000R in which Dr. Eggman talks via him. The Egg Phoenic has multiple attacks. Some of them involve missiles, bombs, releasing Egg troops and attacking with its body and wings. Its most typical and powerful attack, the Dive is also its week spot. When the Egg Phoenix charges to attack the player, the player must jump in the correct timing and grab hold onto his back. The player then takes control of the Egg Phoenix for a limited time. To damage it, the player must hit it into one of Eggman's ships. The Egg Phoenix then takes damage and both land on the same platform where the battle began. However, this is not the only way to damage it. A player can shoot at it or even hit it with aerial or ground attacks. But is the player doesn't manage to jump in the correct timing, the Egg Phoenix will damage him. And if he doesn't hit the Egg Phoenix on one of Eggman's vessels in time, the Egg Phoenix will then take control of itself again and instantly kill the character. The stage also features a mission. After the Gravitus mothership releases 6 massive chains to the Angel Island and start draining its energy, Dr. Eggman appears with his Egg Fleet and blasts 2 of them. From there on, the player takes control of Big and Cream in attempt to destroy the remaining 4.


Moriana is a futuristic metropolis with super tall skyscrapers and flying cars. It serves as the game's 11th level. The first Act is called Urban Utopia. It takes place on top of super tall skyscrapers. Various gimmicks are present here including rails, switches, floating vehicles and turrets. You can use the turrets to bring down the Gravitus battleships that attack the city. You may click on this link to see a picture from DeviantART on how the stage would somehow look like as well as here.

The second Act is called Chaotic Capitol. This Act is very similar to the previous one. The key difference is that there are more Gravitus mechs here that secure certain areas in the city. You will have to defeat them in order to proceed. Eggman Nega's robots will also appear here as common enemies. The Boss is called Egg Envoy, a robot piloted by Eggman Nega. The stage also features a mission where you will have to defeat either Silver's team or Shadow's team depending on which team you choose to play as.

E.G.G. Metropolis

A stage that also appears in the 2013 game Sonic Adventure 3: GX, E.G.G. Metropolis is, as its name implies, Dr. Eggman's main base of operations. It is a dystopian metropolis/ factory. Basically, it resembles more of a junkyard, covered with fume and polluted air. Rivers of toxic waste
can also be found, similarly to Prison Island. Eggman's E.G.G. Metropolis is where his robots and battleships and constructed. The first Act of the stage is called Scrap Brain, a reminiscent from the old times. As described above, it is a very dirty and polluted industrial metropolis. Eggman's mechs will appear as common enemies here and will attack you. The second Act is called Metal Yard. This Act mostly takes place inside the buildings of the metropolis. Some of them are under construction. They are heavily guarded by numerous Egg troops and cameras. The stage takes place at night. Searchlights can also be seen in the sky. The Boss is called Egg Centurion. It is controlled by the Egg man himself. Note that
BrainCells, SnappleMan - Scrambled Eggman (Boss)-1

BrainCells, SnappleMan - Scrambled Eggman (Boss)-1

Music for Egg Centurion

with Eggman as playable character, you cannot play this Boss.

Emerald Beach

Main article: Emerald Beach

A beach themed level. Typical in the Sonic series.

G.U.N. Base (II)

This stage follows Emerald Beach. It is an abandoned, moving megastructure, originally constructed by the G.U.N. as a means of transportation of armament, construction materials and supply. The first Act is called Radical Rush. It takes place on the exterior part of this megastructure. To be precise, it consists of an endless, huge track in which numerous super tall tower like megastructures are moving on. You will have to go from one to
XXX 0202 Chris Foss Travelling Cities

Traveling cities. Image by Chris Foss

the other to eventually reach the central one where Dr. Eggman Nega is.

The second Act is Machine Madness and takes place mostly inside the megastructures, though they do have some part which lead you on the outside. It features multiple security cameras, barriers and rubble. Eggman Nega's robots, as well as Gravitus appear here as common enemies. The Boss is called Egg Obliderator 2.0.

Black Sea

The first Act is called Pirates' Pier. It takes place on a pirate's village built near a harbour, during night time. The heroes head there to meet Captain Whisker at the local pub to discuss about their plan to get to the BlueChaos Mountain, which is the next stage for Sonic. Pirates' Pier features multiple wooden cottages, piratic ships and wooden platforms that will occassionally break. There are also some torches illuminating the streets so whenever you throw them down, the entire village will be set abalze.

The second Act is called Tidal Seafight. This Act is very different from the previous one. For starters, it takes place during day time. You are now in Captain Whiskers' armada of pirate ships that prepare to wage a battle against the incoming Gravitus ships. Your mission is to get passed the sea fight and get to the flagship of the enemy. Eggman's robots and Gravitus appear as common enemies here, though Eggman's robots will not harm you as they are part of Captain Whiskers' crew. The Boss is the Gravitus Leviathan, a serpent that is fought on a wrecked ship.


Everybody knows Casinopolis from the original, as well as Casino Park from Sonic Heroes. Well, this stage is pretty much the same. The first Act, called Jackpot Joyride, features huge pinball boards, flippers, gigantic roulettes, colourful neon lights and funky music. You play this stage with Team Chaotix in Story Mode.

The second Act is called Disco Night and is slightly different than the previous one. While both stages take place during the night, Disco Night has a darker atmosphere. The entire level takes place in a high-tech rave studio with electronic, techno music, disco balls, colourful lights and multiple Gravitus. The Boss is called Gravitus Roulette. You need good luck to defeat this Boss.

Mount BlueChaos

Also known as BlueChaos Mountain, thsi stage is a cave themed level. The first Act is called Darkvoid Caverns. The level starts off from a dark tropical jungle and leads inside the stygian caverns of the mountain. There are many emeralds in the caves as well as mines and pitfalls. Other hazards involve Gravitus and spiky crystals. You can click here to see an image from DeviantART to get an idea of how the stage would somehow look like.

The second Act is called Death Gorge. It resembles its first Act. This level involves numerous gorges and hidden paths through dark caves. There is also a great number of vegetation, such as vines, which serve as gimmicks. Waterfalls and lakes can also be found inside the cave. Near the end of the level, the player ends up in the mountainside, near the jungle. The Boss of the stage is one of the most difficult in the game, the Gravitus Marauder.


A city consisting of multiple monasteries built in the peak of a mountain, visible in the sky. The first Act is called Apostolic Rocks. It takes place on a huge cloister built on top of a mountain. It is surrounded by clouds so it gives the impression that it is built in the skies. The stage features multiple temples, roads and bridges, as well as towers built of white marble. In addition, there are multiple priests scattered in the area. In some missions, you will have to help them by giving them a Heal Unit. This will increase your score. You may click on this here link to see an image from DeviantART as to how the stage would look like as well as here.

The second Act is called The Keep. At the beginning, it is very similar to the first Act; white structures such as temples, cloisters etc witch multiple bridges that take you to higher levels. Afterwards, the level becomes ablazed and the platforms become very unstable as the Gravitus invade the city. Aside from Gravitus, Eggman Nega's robots can also be found as stage enemies. The Boss is the Egg Mimic.


This is a desert themed level as everyone may recall having appeared in Sonic Unleashed. The first Act is called Burning Sands. Shamar. It is a typical sandy dessert with canyons and ancient Egyptian ruins. The level also involves a small village where the player passes through. There are
775px-800px-SU AOKI 002

Burning Sands

no pyramids in this Act, only ruins. Hazards include various traps, gorges and of course, the Gravitus as common stage enemies.

The second Act is called Fabled Ruins. It is based on Dark Dessert from Sonic Riders. It is a dark dessert with huge pyramids and ruins. There is also a village but with no citizens. Here, the player has access inside the huge pyramids. However, as the player travels in them, these pyramids are revealed to be some sort of ancient mechanical weapons, created millenias ago. The player can activate them by touching a diamond shaped crystal inside the pyramid which will cause them to rise from the ground and float in mid air while white light will be emanated from the top. Inside the pyramids, there are multiple massive floating platforms with glyphics and an odd machine that changes gravity. Gravitus appear as common enemies in this level. The Boss, Gravitus Raider is attached to the highest point of the pyramid and can lunch multiple rocks and ruins from the pyramids to the player. It can also shoot various other weapons such as laser beams, missiles and rockets. The player must undergo through the ring of floating debris and attack directly the Boss in order to damage it.


A castle themed level built in a neabry lake. The first Act is called Aquatic Castle. It resembles the city Venice. The stage consists of a medieval city built around a walled castle. Inside the city, you will encounter numerous canals with gondolas, rivers, bridges and waterfalls. This Act is ideal with speed type characters as the player may run on water to expedite time, especially using Sonic.

The second Act is called Steampunk Port. It is slightly different than the previous Act. Unlike a medieval appearance, this Act has a steampunk appearance. It features steampunk buildings, large, mechanical watermills and multiple waterfalls. There is also a large dam nearby. It takes place mostly outside of the city. The Boss is called Gravitus Manipulator.

Space Colony ARK

Main article: Space Colony ARK

A grotesquely large space station that appeared in Sonic Adventure 2 and Shadow the Hedgehog.

Blue Typhoon

Main article: Blue Typhoon

A one-Act stage taking place on board of Tails' Blue Typhoon.

Gravitus Fleet

This stage is the Gravitus armada of spaceships. They are located near the ARK. Spacecraft Ocean is the first Act. The level takes place in the
vast space, near the zone of the Space Colony ARK. The player travels from one Gravitus spaceship to another where he fights multiple Gravitus. Afterwards, the player gets aboard the exterior part of Immarius' mothership, which is an enormous spaceship, armed with any weapon imaginable and filled with Gravitus guards. A rather difficult level, Spacecraft Ocean relies mostly on speed and power. The player's goal is to head to the central control room where Zeline is being hostage.

The second Act is Starship Speedway. As its name implies, the stage relies on fast speed so Speed type characters are ideal here. This level takes place mainly aboard the Gravitus Mothership. It starts off from where the first Act ended, on the exterior part of the level and ends up in the interior part, filled with an army of thousands of Gravitus. In addition, the player passes from the mothership's hangar which has multiple spacecrafts and firing laser turrets and cannons. The mothership also consists of an entire, mechanical city built on the exterior of the mothership as seen in the picture. There, you will face countless Gravitus. The Boss is Immarius himself. He is fought between the first and second Acts instead of the end of the level. This Boss is unaccessable by Immarius as a playable character for apparent reasons.


Elvenstar is Immarius' and Zeline's home planet. Prior to the events of the game, Immarius and his army of Gravitus eliminated all life on his planet eventually turning it into a baren, dystopian wasteland. Zeline lost her family and fled to Sonic's world seeking for help. The first Act is called Punished Planet. It is a devestated, ruined planet with no sign of vegetation or life. The sky is dark red and there are ruins, including lava everywhere. There are also some scattered towers and bases in the stage where Gravitus can be encountered. You may click on this link to see an image from alphacoders on how the planet would look like as well as here.

The second Act is called Final Core. This level takes place on one of Immarius' bases. It is heavily armed with Gravitus, fences, cannons, laser beams, turrets, laval rivers and batleships. The Goal Ring is located at the centre of the base, where Immarius is waiting. The Boss is the Parasitic Queen, which,  unlike most of the Gravitus Bosses, has no mechanical impants or gadgets attached to its body. It is a large, red spider-like creature which can produce multiple small Gravitus from its body. Moreover, the Parasitic Queen uses its large, hairy limbs to crush the player as well as its poisonous fangs.

The Devil's Eye

This is a very bizzare level. The first Act, Luminous Cocoon, takes place on the branches of an enormous tree. There is a dense, orange to red forest formed on the branches with pink cocoons and yellow, glowing lights. One of the level's major gimmicks are the cocoons. Hazards include Gravitus, as well as high altitude since the level takes place in the sky and the player can fall down.

The second Act, Twinkle Forest, takes place in the same location as its prequel Act. However, the forest now seems to be white from snow and the lights are glowing green. There are hardly any cocoons in this level possibly because of the climate. The player can find some flying creatures in this level and use them to travel from branch to branch. Gravitus appear as common enemies in this level, but there are few. The Boss is a Gravitus robot called Gravitus Golem.

Iron State Prison

A prison built of steel in the mountain tops by the goverment. Here, the most notorious criminals are held. White Arsenal is the first Act of Iron State Prison. It takes place at the interior part of the facility, with multiple white corridors which form a confusing labyrinth. They are heavily guarded by guards and security cameras. The alarm can also be heard throughout the level, signaling the escape of a fugitive, Fang the Sniper according to the game's story. There is also a point in the level where several bridges connect. G.U.N. Troops appear in this level as common enemies and is the only level where the G.U.N. attacks the the player and he can harm them.

Prison Hall is the second Act of Iron State Prison. Like the first Act, it takes place at the interior part of the facility but also at the exterior. The white hallways are guarded with cameras which shoot laser and the player controls the character within the camera. Again, the G.U.N. will attack the player here as common enemies in the level. Red Roc is the codename of a large hovering silver disc mech of the G.U.N and serves as the stage's Boss. It resembles the Heavy Dog from Shadow the Hedgehog and shares its same attacks, including the Particle Beam Cannon, the missiles and the rockets. It is piloted by a mere G.U.N. Soldier. The player, in order to defeat it, must use homming attack to the bombs it throws and reach the cockpit in order to damage him. Once the Red Roc's gauge reaches half, the Red Roc will fall down and will not be able to float. You may click here  to see an image from alphacoders.

Lequidora Water Palace

An ancient Greek themed city of ruins submewged under a lake. Enchanting Fountains is the first Act of Lequidora Water Palace. The stage involves a green valley with a wide lake and a city of white ruins built upon it that resemble an ancient Greek polis. There is also a large forest nearby. Gimmicks include water pipes, towers, and palaces. It resembles the level Kingdom Valley from Sonic the Hedgehog. Gravitus appear as common enemies in this level. You may click here to see an image from DeviantART.

Lakeview Lane is the second Act of Lequidora Water Palace. It takes place in the same location as Act 1 and is very similar to it. The player has to change the way of the water and can also grind on it (like in Kingdom Valley). There are also many statues, pillars and large hazardous bridges. Gravitus appear once again as common enemies on this level. The Boss is called Gravitus Gearmaster.

Wild Canyon

A canyon themed level. It is home to one of the Gravitus' secret bases of operations as just underground the canyons, there is a lethal fortress. Minefield Valley is the first Act of Wild Canyon. Much like Bullet Station, the stage appears to be a large brown base with many large cannons, rails and platforms. It is located in a canyon themed location. There is also a valley in this level with endless mines and bombs. Gimmicks include large cannons and rails. The stage starts off from a deserted canyon with very low vegetation such as cactus. As the level progresses, the level involves a more futuristic look. There are large barracks and bases built in disguise of large boulders. The player may also enter some of those bases, which are filled with Gravitus troops and mechs. In the background, the sky is like pink or purple. Strong winds might also inhibit the player at some points. You may click here to see an image from DeviantART.

The second Act, Westside Wagon resembles more of a western town rather than a futuristic, underground base. It is home to Fang the Sniper. It features mostly railways and small coasters which the player controls. There are also large trains, which will occassionally attack the player and are filled with Gravitus troops. Another theme of this stage is speed as it takes place mostly on top of trains and cargo vehicles. The Boss is called Gravitus Chevaliar.

Gravitus Factory

This level is a factory themed base built by the Gravitus. It is located near the Wild Canyon. Industrial Powerhouse is the first Act of the Gravitus Factory. It takes place inside the Gravitus Factory. The level is a dark factory with gears and gadgets and many Gravitus common. It is where the Gravitus machines and weaponry are produced.

Nuclear Stronghold is very similar to the first Act. It has many spacey, silver rooms where Gravitus mechs are produced. Here, the player can also travel to the exterior part of the base. Outside, there is a huge city of skyscrapers and large gears. Gravitus appear as common enemies for this level. You will battle the Gravitus Kaiser as a Boss in this level, as well as Omega as a mission in story mode.

Gaia Plate

Megalithic Bastion is the first Act of Gaia Plate. This level takes place on a rocky arena with large black boulders, labyrinths and some small canals. The player may also travel to the many floors beneath this ridge, with many mazes. There are also many Gravitus in this level. For some reason, in Challenge Mode, it is the home stage of Mighty the Armadillo. You can click here to see an image from DeviantART to get a glimpse of how the stage would look like.

The second Act, Ancient Maze, takes place beneath the surface of the Gaia Plate, in a dark labyrinth filled with many traps and Gravitus. Here, the player must rely on his attacks in order to cross this ancient labyrinth and get out safely. The Boss in the end of the level is called Gravitus Labyrinth.

Volcanic Vault

Eggman Nega's main base of operations. It is built in a volcanous crater. The first Act, Lava Lair takes place in this exact location. First, you start off from the exterior part of the base. You can see an image from DeviantART here to get a glimpse of how the stage would look like. It is fortified with lava canals, bridges, control towers and multiple Gravitus and Nega's robots. Once you get inside, the base consists of multiple barracks and depots. You will fight many enemies here so Power type characters are ideal to use, including Silver. You can see an image from DeviantART here to get a glimpse of how the base would look like from the interior.

The second Act is called Molten Menace. This stage takes place after the Boss battle. Dr. Eggman Nega's base has been wiped out by torrential lava flowing down the volcano. You will have to jump from debris to derbis to escape the volcano. Multiple debris from Dr. Eggman Nega's base will serve as platforms for you to walk on as well as checkpoint stops. The stage features many enemies, namely Gravitus. The Boss is the Ifrit, the same that appeared in Sonic Rivals 2. It is fought inside a volcano. The Ifrit's main attacks involve breathing fire and throwing large megaliths as well as using its large arms and tail to wipe out the player. The player can defeat it with various ways. One way is to counterattack with the megaliths the Ifrit throws at or he can simply attack the creature with raw melee attacks.

Gravitus Squadron

The final level in the game's story. It is the Gravitus' fleet of massive batleships. The stage takes place in the middle of a war between the Gravitus and the G.U.N. forces, along with the surprising aid of Dr. Eggman's armada. The first Act is Air Armada. This Act takes place only on the exterior part of the fleet and resembles the stage Gravitus Fleet and Egg Fleet. The level takes place aboard multiple battleships of the Gravitus armada, as well as some of Eggman's as seen in the background of the level. G.U.N. ships are also seen in the background along with the Egg Fleet battling the Gravitus armada. The sky is cloudy and is raining heavily. There is also a great amount of wind and turbulence. Here, the player must rely mostly on his speed. Gravitus appear as common enemies. G.U.N. and Eggman's Troops will also appear in this level but will not attack the player. Instead, they will help you at some points. The Goal Ring is located at the central mothership. You can view an inspiring picture here from DeviantART.

Before the second Act, there is a mission in which you will have to activate 8 switches to open up the gates to the mothership so that the G.U.N. forces and Eggman's robots can penetrate the mothership. The switches are located on the city built on the enormous mothership.

The second Act is called The Apex. It serves as the final level of the game's story. This Act takes place only on the mothership. You start off from the vast metropolis which is built on top of the exterior of the mothership. Afterwards, you continue to the interior. It is heavily armed with all kinds of Gravitus robots and defenses. The Goal Ring is located at the core of the mothership, where Immarius himself awaits. The stage bares some resemblence to Starship Speedway as both levels take place at the same location. This is the longest level in the game, as well as the most difficult. You can see a picture here to get a glimpse of how the enormous city built on the exterior part of the mothership would look like.

Afterwards, there is a mission in which you will have to defeat 100 enemies. Immarius uses his flame core to create an army of 100 Gravitus in order to exterminate the heroes. The mission takes place inside a wide, silver and blue room. Things get worse as in some parts as the floor moves, creating pits where the player can fall and electric laser beams, which attack the player from below. The room also seems to turn downwards and upwards.

This level contains 2 Bosses in 1. However, the main Boss here is the Gravitus Avatar, a large Gravitus mech and pride of the army. It is fought in a wide spherical room, with it being in the centre. Although it cannot move from that spot, since it has no legs, it can charge very powerful attacks, some of them being laser beams, physical force and other distant attacks. Immarius is also present in this battle. He will try to attack the player directly and deteriorate the situation. He focuses on his sword. Despite that, he can easily be defeated. Note that this Boss is not accessable with Immarius as a playable character.

Final Story Stages

These stages have only one Act and there is no ranking in any of these stages or Bosses.

Destiny Path

Destiny Path takes place in a jungle, a forest and a valley. There are many Gravitus in this level and appear out of nowhere. The player starts off playing as Sonic and has to get to the Goal Ring. During the game, Sonic will encounter his friends one by one, hidden in the stage and from there on, they will be playable in the level as well (with the exception of Wave, Storm and the Omni-Viewer who are not playable in the game). The design of this level is very simple. There are also some abandoned ziggurats nearby.

The role of the stage in the game's story is the following: Immarius, using his flame core, triggers Chaos Control and teleports all heroes from scattered areas in this mysterious jungle. Sonic is the first one to wake up and start a journey to find his friends. After he does, the heroes wonder where they are and how they got there, until Mighty spots a large ziggurat nearby and the heroes enter it, ending up in Supremacy, the next level.


Supremacy is an unusual level. It is actually a Boss Battle against Immarius weather than a normal level. Supremacy takes place in a dark, digital-like world with large mechanical towers and floors. It is where Immarius is most powerful. The player takes control of Super Sonic and has to beat


Immarius while flying through the digital world while collecting rings in order to prevent from dying and avoiding Immarius's attacks. Here, Immarius can use very powerful attacks such as sticking large towers out from the ground and throwing them to the player and direct attacks with his katana. Mighty spots a large ziggurat at the jungle and the heroes decide to go into it, after Zeline sences a presence inside it. As they enter the gate, they find themselves inside a strange digital dark world (picture above) where they encounter Immarius, standing in an altar. There, after Immarius and the heroes have a conversation, Zeline unwillingly betrays Sonic and his friends and gives Immarius the Chaos Emeralds. Immarius places them in the altar and summons Dark Legion. However, Sonic rushes to the altar and absorbs some of their energy, turning into Super Sonic. Immarius, after killing Zeline and summoning a Gravitus army from his flame core, battles Super Sonic, in attempt to defeat him.

Viral Calamity

Unlike Destiny Path and Supremacy, this level contains 13 Acts, 1 Minigame and a mission. It takes place  inside the black hole. Viral Calamity has 6 different Acts which take place in 11 different locations, with each a different Boss battle. In the Story, the heroes agree to split into 11 teams of 2 (with the exception of Omni-Viewer, Wave and Storm who stay with Zeline) and head to various locations to find the Chaos Emeralds before Zeline dies out and the black hole devours the Earth. All Acts of Viral Calamity are actually previous played levels but much more difficult, a dark sky with a black hole visible, wild black tornadoes ravaging the level, floating ruins and many Gravitus. In all Acts, the player has a time limit of 12:00 minutes.

Knuckles and Shade

Knuckles teams up with his closest friend Shade in attempt to find a Chaos Emerald. Their version of Viral Calamity is based on G.U.N. Base. It is very dark and foggy, with a visible black hole in the sky, devouring the entire level. Tornadoes and thunders are also present in this level. There are no G.U.N. Troops in this level, only Gravitus. The base of the G.U.N. is completely destroyed. Shade and Knuckles battle against the Gravitus Highlander and acquire a Chaos Emerald thanks to Knuckle's treaure hunting abilities.

Amy and Gamma

Amy teams up with her old friend Gamma and travel to a devestated version of Central City. This level has changed a lot from its original condition. There is a huge black hole visible in the dark red sky, with multiple tornadoes and thunders on the field and floating skyscrapers. There is also an immense amount of Gravitus here to battle with. Unfortunately, after Amy and Gamma battle against the Gravitus Nemesis, they do not find a Chaos Emerald.

Shadow and Omega
Shadow teams up with Omega since he's his most loyal friend. Shadow and Omega's version of Viral Calamity is a devestated Gravitus Factory. The Gravitus Factory is now different from the previous one. It has no roof and a black hole is visible in the sky. There are many Gravitus in this level and many tornadoes and strong winds which carry floating debris. The music is also different and more epic (like in all levels of Viral Calamity). After Shadow and Omega defeat the Gravitus Kaiser, they find a Chaos Emerald.

Blaze and Cream
Blaze is a good friend with Cream and so the two team up in attempt to find one of the scattered Chaos Emerald. Their level is based on Emerald Beach. However, Emerald Beach is now a corrputed archipelago with tidal waves, waterspouts, thunders and tempest and a large black hole in the sky. There is also strong winds and floating debris as well as many Gravitus. Blaze and Cream battle the Gravitus Roulette but do not find any Chaos Emerald.

Mighty and Big
Mighty teams up with Big the Cat in attempt to find the Chaos Emerald. Their level is based on Mount BlueChaos. The Mount BlueChaos is now a burned down jungle with a very dark sky and a black hole visible in the sky which creates many massive tornadoes and consumes the trees and them rocks. There are many Gravitus in this level. Big and Mighty battle against the Gravitus Gearmaster but does not find any Chaos Emerald.

Silver and Espio
Silver first met Espio in Sonic Rivals 2 and since then, they have become good friends. They two team up in attempt to find a Chaos Emerald. Their level is based on Angel Island. There is a black hole visible in the sky, with multiple tornadoes, heavy rain and large pieces of the island floating around. There is also a significant amount of Gravitus. Silver and Espio battle against the Gravitus Marshall and obtain a Chaos Emerald.

Rouge and Metal Sonic
Rouge doesn't like Metal Sonic and doesn't want to team up with him. But, since the situation is crucial, the two team up to find a Chaos Emerald. Their level is based on Gaia Plate. The level is almost completely destroyed, with entire mountains being sucked into the black hole, wild tornadoes and swarms of Gravitus devestating the level. They battle the Gravitus Labyrinth and acquire a Chaos Emerald, thanks to Rouge's treasure hunting skills.

Fang and Charmy
Vector tells Charmy to team up with Fang, although he doesn't really trust him. Fang and Charmy's version of Viral Calamity is a devestated Shamar. There is a black hole visible in the sky, with wild tornadoes, floating ruins and many Gravitus ravaging the level. The black hole seems to absorb the sand in the ruins. Here, the player's objective is to find the Chaos Emerald. After battling the Gravitus Raider, Fang and Charmy manage to find the Chaos Emerald they are looking for thanks to Fang's treasure hunting abilities.

Jet and Chaos

Jet teams up with Chaos, despite not knowing him at all. Their level is based on a devestated version of Nonduria. Here, a black hole is again seen in the dark sky and multiple tornados strike the field. The pack of lycans is seen running in the opposite direction to avoid the black hole. This level is difficult as the player must travel once again from lycan to lycan, this time with a time limit. They battle the Gravitus Golem but do not find any Chaos Emerald.

Dr. Eggman and Vector
Vector despises Dr. Eggman but likes it or not, he has to team up with him to obtain the Chaos Emerald. Their level is a devestated version of Egg Fleet. The sky is dark with multiple tornadoes sucking the Doctor's battleships, a black hole visible in the sky and thunder everywhere. There are some Egg Troops in this level battling the Gravitus which will help the player at some points. The player must pass through the half broken battleships of the Egg Fleet and battle the Gravitus Archfiend. After that, Vector and Dr. Eggman obtain a Chaos Emerald.

Sonic and Tails

Sonic decides to team up with no other than his sidekick Tails. Sonic and Tails's level is not taken by a previous level but takes place inside the black hole created by Dark Legion. It is the most difficult level in the game. The level starts off from a city. Then, via some rails, the player enters the huge black hole. Inside the black hole, there is a path of floating ruins of many other levels including buildings, bulders, trees etc. The level is surrounded by a dark red void and many wild tornadoes, as well as many Gravitus to battle with. The player must pass through many floating debris and find a Chaos Emerald which is always detected in the end of the level. After battling the Gravitus Avatar, this time alone, the duo manages to find a Chaos Emerald.

Next, you play a minigame called the Egg Abolisher. It is very similar to that of Gaia Colossus from the Wii version of Sonic Unleashed. The player takes control of Dr. Eggman's Egg Abolisher and has to punch and kick Dark Legion while avoiding some of his attacks. At some points, the player must chase after Dark Legion and avoid his attacks and attack him as well.

Final Armageddon

This is the final level of the game. It takes place inside the black hole Dark Legion has created that consumes the entire planet. Floating ruins can be found everywhere and serve as platforms. In this level, the player takes control of all 25 playable characters (with the exception of Immarius, Tails Doll and Dr. Eggman) in order and has to run to reach Dark Legion and attack him while defeating enemies in the process. You have less than 5 minutes for each character.

After you clear the stage Final Armageddon, you will battle against Dark Legion, the game's Final Boss. He is the True main villain of the game and is fought in two Acts. In Act 1, the player takes control of Super Sonic, Super Shadow and Super Silver. The gameplay is very similar to the Final Boss in Sonic & the Secret Rings. The player chases after Dark Legion and can switch control to Shadow and Silver during gameplay. He must avoid his attacks and then attack him. Instead of Signature Moves, the three hedgehogs have different powers. Sonic can perform a Chaos Speed which allows him to run at a supersonic speed, avoiding any attack and thorw it back at Dark Legion. Shadow can perform Chaos Control, which can slow time down thus making it easier to avoid attacks. He can also charge some Chaos Spear and serve it as his main attack. Silver can use his psychic powers to stop Dark Legion's attacks and throw them back at him. Dark Legion can shoot laser beams from his swords, use psychic force, attack with his swords, throw meteors etc. It's everything you would expect from a Final Boss. Of course, the battle takes place inside the black hole, with floating debris around you. Characters will frequently talk to you via a communicator and tegive you advices on how to defeat him. There is also epic music playing in the background to encourage you.

In Act, the player takes control of Super Sonic and Zeline (in a new form). The battle takes place in the same location. However, the mechanics are slightly different. The player can switch between Zeline and Sonic and utilize their special abilities. The player must attack Dark Legion when possible and avoid his attacks. This time, Dark Legion does not run away, but stays in a position and charges various attacks at the player. It is similar to Metal Overlord. Characters will still talk to the player, giving him various advices on how to defeat him. After you reduce his Life Gauge to 0 twice, Dark Legion will be defeated.

Final Boss: Dark Legion

Dark Legion is a huge creature in the form of a fearsome devil that serves as the true main villain of The Chronicles of Sonic the Hedgehog: Rise of the Heroes.
Dark Legion
Diablo3-CinematicTrailer US 0010
Appears in (games)
Demon Demi-God
2000+ (was in eternal slumber)
Pure Dark
Devouring planets, Immarius, the Gravitus
Sonic and co.
Creating black holes and consuming planets, Chaos Related Powers, Building armors, creating Gravitus

Dark Legion's debut in The Chronicles of Sonic the Hedgehog: Rise of the Heroes. In the game, Dark Legion is said to be a fearsome demon who once reigned over the Earth causing nothing but destruction and chaos. He was then sealed for eternity inside the Earth's core. Centuries later, Dark Legion contacts with a being named Immarius. through visions. He grants him a wish and builds him an indestructable armor. In return, he asks for Immarius to gather his army and go to Earth to resurrect him.

Dark Legion does not appear in the story of the game and is only mentioned several times by various characters until the Final Story, where Immarius reveals himself to be just a mere soldier following his master's bidding. After
675px-Diablo Head

Wallpaper from the game Diablo which sparked the idea for Dark Legion

Immarius successfully resurrects Dark Legion, he creates a huge black hole which consumes the entire planet. The heroes battle Dark Legion with all they've got, Eggman in his Egg Abolisher and then the Super Hedgehog Trio battle him as well. However, it is Zeline and Sonic who truly defeat Dark Legion. Zeline uses Chaos Control to teleport Dark Legion and herself into another dimension in order to seal him for eternity. Dark Legion is never heard from again.

Dark Legion is a fearsome sight. He resembles a demon god. He is coloured red. He is enormous in both shape and size. He has 6 arms attached to his body; two of which wield huge swords. His lower limb is never seen during the game but is suggested that he has 2 legs.

Extra Levels

SEGA Imaginarium

This level is unlocked by collecting all 248 emblems in the game. It is a SEGA funfair themed level where nearly all SEGA characters make a cameo appearance. The stage features segments from various SEGA games such as a Super Monkey Ball section, Space Channel 5, Billy Hatcher, Samba De Amigo, NiGHTS and so on. It is adorned with colourful lights, fireworks and lots of sensationalism. The stage features Gravitus as common enemies. There is only one Act and no Boss battle.

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