This page features the story of the fan made video game The Chronicles of Sonic the Hedgehog; Legend of the Golden Epics in detail, from chapters 7 until Epilogue. To read the previous chapters, please click here.

Chapter 7: The Battle of Sarrytian

Having been revealed that Adrasteia is the true mastermind behind Paragogue and that she intends to use the Albion technology to conquer the Nexus, she unveils her gigantic mothership and wages war against the peoples of the Nexus. On top of that, Sonic is betrayed by one of his closest allies and must race against time to reach Sarrytian, where a battle is bound to take place between Adrasteia's forces and the Nexus peoples.

Classic: The Beginning (Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Shadow, Rouge, Amy, Silver, Blaze, Zonic, Sutamin, Julie-Su, Shade, Captain Whisker, Dr. Finitevus, Dr. Eggman, Cream, Big, Espio, Charmy & Mighty, Fang, Vector) (The entire facility is falling apart as the earth starts shaking violently. Quickly escape from the underground base; you will need to defeat some enemies to clear the path.)

The heroes escape from the underground facility and witness the entire earth below them to slowly rise, as enormous megastructures emerge from
Two Steps from Hell - Legend of Velkee

Two Steps from Hell - Legend of Velkee

The Legend of Velkee by TSFH; evil is coming

the ground. Moments later, the entire land is revealed to be an enormous mothership, which levitates to the sky and begins to fly off. Kid Cruel and the Coconuts escape in terror into their space shuttle while Zonic receives yet another call from Veteran City, informing him that Sarrytian, a large city located west has been targeted as a battleground by Paragogue's forces. Immediately they head to the Tachyon Terminal to get to Sarrytian.

(You may click here to see how the mothership would look like when it rises from the ground; the white, semilunar structures would be the turbines. Image from alphacoders.)

Action Stage 17: Tachyon Terminal (Ibid)

The Tachyon Terminal has been taken over by Adrasteia's powers. Once they all clear the path, they get into the cabins and travel to Sarrytian. Zonic, Captain Whisker and Sonic get last. After everyone has gotten into the cabins, with Tails being the last one, Zonic pushes the button and sends them to Sarrytian. Sonic notices his suspicious behaviour and tries to stop him. Zonic takes out his gun and points at him. Sonic admits that Zonic is not actually Sonic's dimensional counterpart nor do they exist at all and that he was fooling them from the start. Zonic smiles, pointing out Sonic's perspicacity. Zonic does not yet reveal his true identity but he intends to kill Sonic and then destroy the Albion technology, for reasons he is still occluding. Suddenly, Zonic is attacked by gunshots, but protects himself with his shield. Omega appears and disarms Zonic , leaving his vulnerable. Nevertheless, Everbard Lune appears in his shuttle, picks Zonic up and escape. Sonic now wonders how they are going to get to Sarrytian. Captain Whisker pulls out his spyglass he got from Captain Metal and demonstrates its remarkable ability to summon his ship at will. Sonic, Omega and Captain Whisker board the ship and fly to Sarrytian.

In the meantime, the rest of the heroes land on Sarrytian just in time when the war begins. Paragogue's fleet occupies the skies to secure the safe passing of the mothership.

Classic: Sarrytian (Ibid, without Sonic, Zonic, Captain Whisker)

Captain Whisker, Sonic and Omega arrive at the scene. In the sky, they not only witness Paragogue's fleet but also, surprisingly, the City in the Sky, emerging from the red clouds and forming a considerable resistance. Sonic orders Whisker to take him there to rescue the city.

Action Stage 18: Haywire Heights (Sonic, Omega, Captain Whisker)

Sonic and Omega reach Sidewinder's tower, where they encounter Lord Sidewinder wounded. Omega offers to take him to Captain Whisker's ship for treatment, but Sidewinder refuses to let his people behind and orders them to keep fighting back. Captain Whisker takes control of the City in the Sky while Sonic and Omega head to the aerodrome to get a shuttle and reach Paragogue's flagship.

(You may click here to see an image of how Paragogue's flagship would look like; Sarrytian would be the city of white buildings on the background to the left while the yellow shuttle would be Sonic and Omega's escape vessel).

Classic: City in the Sky (Sonic, Omega)

After going to the aerodrome and getting a shuttle, the two land with great difficulty on Paragogue's flagship, where they meet with Knuckles, Vector, Julie-Su, Dr. Finitevus, Blaze, Silver and Dr. Eggman.

Classic: Paragogue's flagship (Sonic, Knuckles, Silver, Vector, Omega, Julie-Su, Dr. Finitevus, Dr. Eggman, Blaze)

They encounter and confront Paragogue himself.

Boss 15: Paragogue (Adventure) (Ibid)

With Paragogue defeated, the enemy retreats, the heroes take the Chaos Emerald from his possession and return safely to the city of Sarrytian, where they meet with the rest of the team. Sidewinder is now taken to the city where he uncovers from his injuries. He confesses that the reason he insisted in protecting Sarrytian was because this city was his birthplace. But there is another reason as well. He takes the heroes down to the city's underground mausoleum to show them Dave's tomb, which makes this place of very high importance to all peoples of the Nexus, almost a sacred place. Shadow notices that there is an ancient scripture in the mural below the tomb. Sidewinder explains to them that the writings speak of the Astral Beings that inhabit the Astral Colony. These are the protectors of the Nexus and were the ones that helped Dave construct a spacecraft that would enable him to travel from here to Earth. Sidewinder prompts them to go visit them to see if they can get any answers to their questions, which they agree to do.

Chapter 8: Ark of the Stars

After travelling to the Astral Colony, Sonic and co are given instructions on how to defeat Adrasteia. To do this, they must travel to all places they have visited and gather allies to form an army against her. They divide into 3 teams, one of which will have to go search for a metal, which is powerful enough to kill her. Meanwhile, stunning secrets from the Echidna's past are revealed, including the truth about the mysterious floating planet above Central City.

Sonic and his friends travel to the Astral Colony, a planet not far away, where the Astral Beings live and watch over the Nexus.

Classic: Astral Colony (Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Shadow, Silver, Sutamin, Blaze, Cream, Amy, Rouge, Dr. Eggman, Omega, Big, Espio, Charmy & Mighty, Vector, Captain Whisker, Shade, Julie-Su, Dr. Finitevus)

There, they are welcomed by the Astral Beings. They are tall, extra-terrestrial entities with golden attires and regalia that resemble angels. They are the ones who look over this world. There, the heroes are told that the Nexus has been corrupted by sadness and misery and for this reason, vegetation has diminished, the soil does not produce and there is discord among the inhabitants. According to an ancient prophecy, he who will race against the stars will heal this world and a new era will begin anew. They also learn about Adrasteia, who used to be one of them; however, she was corrupted and exiled from the Astral Colony. The only way to defeat her is to penetrate her heart with a sword that is made only of a specific type of metal called the Krama. Finitevus knows of this metal and where to find it. Lastly, they are instructed to go back to every place they have visited in their journey till now, and gather as many allies as possible, to build an army and go battle against her. The Astral Beings will guide them to victory and their last advice is to search for answers in the Golden Epics themselves. Sutamin is instructed personally to go visit his homeland to study his past and roots.

The heroes divide into 3 teams. Group 1, consisting of Knuckles, Dr. Finitevus, Julie-Su, Shade, Vector, Espio and Omega, lead by Dr. Finitevus, will go to Zerathon in search of the Krama, while passing through Aquosis and Qua'dor. Group 2, consisting of Sutamin , Captain Whisker, Silver, Charmy & Mighty, Cream and Blaze will head to Mavrgonia and Varsimoe, while group 3, comprising of Sonic, Shadow, Tails, Amy, Big, Rouge and Dr. Eggman will head to Cloudy Continent and Satellite City.

You may click here to see how Astral Colony would look like. You may click here to see how the Astral Beings would look like.

At this point, you will choose with which group you want to continue first. After completing their part, you will continue with the other two groups.

Group 3, lead by Sonic, heads to the Cloudy Continent.

Classic: Cloudy Continent (Sonic, Tails, Amy, Shadow, Rouge, Big, Dr. Eggman)

Once they convince the tribe to form an alliance against Adrasteia, they leave and head towards Satellite City. On their way, they are ambushed by enemies, subdued and wind up in Photon Colosseum, a massive arena where combatants are forced to endure deathly games in view of a huge crowd.

Classic: Photon Colosseum (Sonic, Tails, Amy, Shadow, Big, Rouge, Dr. Eggman)

In the midst of the battle, Fang appears abruptly and helps the team escape by taking them to Kid Cruel's shuttle.

Classic: Photon Colosseum (Sonic, Tails, Amy, Shadow, Rouge, Big, Dr, Eggman, Fang)

Fang takes them to Kid Cruel's ship. Inside, Kid Cruel greets them and tell them that they must necessarily work together in order to find their way home. The ship then flies off to Veteran City.

Meanwhile, group 2, lead by Sutamin, heads first to Mavragonia.

Classic: Mavragonia (Sutamin, Silver, Captain Whisker, Blaze, Cream, Charmy & Mighty)

Afterwards, having gathered allies from Mavragonia, the team heads to Varsimoe.

Classic: Varsimoe (Ibid)

(Talk to the locals to get information about Sutamin's past).

At the same time, group 1, lead by Dr. Finitevus, traverses Qua'dor to reach Zerathon.

Classic: Qua'dor (Knuckles, Dr. Finitevus, Espio, Vector, Shade, Julie-Su, Omega)

One Wave Tower

One Wave Tower would look like this tower from Dubai.

They manage to get the tribe of Qua'dor on their side and continue to Aquosis.

Classic: Aquosis (Ibid)

(Go to the One Wave Tower to talk with the president of the city).

The story then continues from where groups 2 and 3 left. They return to Veteran City, where they are informed about Adrasteia's plan to invade Zerathon, the city that harbours the Krama. The teams call upon their allies to form an army and prepare for battle against Adrasteia's forces. Once they reach Zerathon, they meet with Knuckles and the rest. Sutamin orders the Jomon to descend down to the city's underground where the mines are to dig for the Krama. Dr. Finitevus, Omega and Julie-Su accompany them. Sonic and the rest make the final preparations before the battle.

Classic: Zerathon (Sonic, Tails, Amy, Shadow, Silver, Blaze, Dr. Eggman, Fang, Espio, Charmy & Mighty, Vector, Cream, Blaze, Big, Captain Whisker)

(Somewhere in the city, you will encounter Everbard Lune. He will tell you that Zonic has gone to Adrasteia's starship and that he is worried because he cannot communicate with Zonic. Zonic has lost his mind and is after the Albion technology. Everbard pleads Sonic to go rescue him. Sonic promises that he will go rescue him). 

Moments later, the enemy airships pierce the skies and attack ferociously at the allied forces. The heroes fight back.

Classic: Zerathon (Ibid)

Boss 16: Adrasteia's disciple (Adventure) (Ibid)

In the midst of the battle, Knuckles goes to the underground levels of the city to help the Jomon get the Krama faster. Once he reaches the underground levels, he witnesses many destroyed Jomon.

Classic: Zerathon (Knuckles)

(You may click here to see how the underground levels of Zerathon city would look like).

Eventually, Knuckles encounters Dr. Finitevus holding the Krama in his hands. Knuckles has by now realized Dr. Finitevus' true intentions. He reveals that it was him who destroyed Tails' spacecraft at the start by placing secretly a bomb inside it while the team was at Telamuzius. He now plans to kill Knuckles and conquer the Angel Island. Knuckles and Finitevus fight.

Boss 17: Dr. Finitevus (Classic) (Knuckles)

While the two are fighting each other, Julie-Su appears to aid Knuckles. During the fight, Knuckles attempts to throw Finitevus down the cliff. Finitevus manages to grab himself from the cliff, narrowly escaping his death. As the cliff begins to fall apart, Finitevus prepares himself for his death but Knuckles gives his hand and rescues him. Everyone is shocked by Knuckles' actions, including Finitevus himself. Knuckles tells him that his honours do not allow him to kill him. He takes the Krama and goes up, along with the Jomon and the rest while Finitevus recollects his thoughts.

Knuckles, Julie-Su, Omega, and the Jomon reach the surface to meet with Sonic and the team. As the allied forces are on the verge of defeat, all of a sudden, Adrasteia's army of robots retreat, while some of them deactivate. The moairships then fly away.

The allied forces call for an urgent meeting where they form a plan to attack Adrasteia's mothership in the Ouroboros constellation. Sonic, along with some of his team will infiltrate the mothership and confront Adrasteia, killing her with the sword made of Krama and get the Albion technology back, rescuing Zonic in the process. However, in order to approach the mothership undetected, they will need a vessel that will be unnoticeable.

During the break, the heroes are approached by Professor Pickle, who, having managed to decipher more of the Golden Epics, reveals them a valuable information. The Star Children built a starship with the guidance of the Astral Beings during their time in the Nexus. This starship

The Ark of the Stars (image from Final Fantasy XIII)

would enable them to travel from here to Earth with ease, using the 7 Chaos Emeralds as power. This starship was designed in the image of a planet, so when they would descend from the sky, they would be considered as Gods by the Nexus people. Their starship remained in Earth and after several millennia, it was forgotten and left defunct. But somehow, when Knuckles and Locke activated the defense units of the Angel Island back on the Battle of Angel Island, the starship was reactivated and ascended in the skies, floating above Central City's skyline. Somehow, there was a connection between the Angel Island's defense units and the starship. The Children of the Stars built very intricate defense units that would protect their starship for those who would use it carefully to visit the Nexus again. This explains how the people who visited it, such as Dr. Eggman, Kid Cruel, the Chaotix and the G.U.N. soldiers vanished and ended up here, because of portals acting as defenses. Professor Pickle also tells them of someone known as "The Creator", who came down a metal planet and allegorically created this world, as before his arrival the Nexus was uninhabitable because of an intergalactic war.   Prof. Pickle then addresses to Sutamin, who by now, has gathered information from the Beginning, Varsimoe and the Golden Epics about his roots. Sutamin searches deeply into his thoughts and remembers that he is the most ancient of the Jomon. He was built by Dave himself as one of the
Two steps from hell- Casablanca-0

Two steps from hell- Casablanca-0

Casablanca by TSFH, would be Sutamin's theme

first Jomon and became a very close friend of his. Sutamin is the one whom Dave entrusted to become the leader of the Jomon, and according to the Golden Epics, the leader of the Jomon has the ability to summon the Star Children's starship at will using the power of the 7 Chaos Emeralds. Now, Sutamin is determined to summon the Star Children's starship from Sonic's worlds and to use it as a conduit to approach Adrasteia's mothership undetected. However, the heroes realize that they only have 6 out of the 7 Chaos Emeralds. That is, until Captain Whisker takes the 7th Chaos Emerald out of his pocket, only to reveal that he had had it since he found Sonic on his deck. That was the reason why Sonic and Tails teleported away from his ship with seemingly 1 Chaos Emerald. Whisker gives the final Chaos Emerald to Sutamin. Then, Sutamin activates his ancient powers and teleports the starship of the Children of the Stars from Central City's skyline to the Nexus. At Central City, the citizens watch as the planet makes a powerful vibration, then a sound and disappears. The starship then appears in front of the heroes, who congratulate Sutamin.

Now, the team must go inside the starship to deactivate the defense units and reach the cockpit to activate it.

Classic: Pterygoid Planet (free)

Once the first team has deactivated the exterior defense units, Sutamin, Sonic, Tails, Big, Shadow and Captain Whisker proceed into the interior with the Chaos Emeralds to reach the cockpit.

Action Stage 19: Pterygoid Planet (Sutamin, Sonic, Captain Whisker, Tails, Big, Shadow)

The 6 travel through the planetoid spaceship, defeating the guards and reaching the cockpit, where they find a clay mask on an altar. Sutamin mistakes it for his lost face and attaches it to his head. However, the mask is only a decoy and transforms Sutamin into an unrecognizable

Ally of Justice Thousand Arms, an official Yu-Gi-Oh! card; Sutamin would transform into something like this upon wearing the fake mask.

machine. They realize that Sutamin was intended to be the final guard before one could pass to the cockpit. The team reluctantly fights against Sutamin.

Boss 18: Sutamin (Classic) (Sonic, Tails, Shadow, Big, Captain Whisker)

Upon being defeated, Sutamin's fake mask disintegrates and he regains his consciousness. He realizes that this was not his true face, but a defense mechanism implemented by the Children of the Stars. They were very capable of constructing powerful defense. With the final guardian of the Ark now defeated, The six proceed to the cockpit, where they use the 7 Chaos Emeralds to activate the Ark of the Stars, after nearly 13.500 years of inactivation.

Chapter 9: The Last Encounter at the End of the Horizon

The final battle against Adrasteia is ready to begin. Sonic and his friends will battle alongside the Allied Forces at the Ouroboros constellation in attempt to bring down Adrasteia, get the Albion technology and rescue Zonic. When everything seems to be going according to plan, Adrasteia reveals the truth about the Children of the Stars and her past and transforms into a monstrosity that threatens to destroy the entire Nexus. The fate of the world now rests at Sonic's hands.

Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Shadow, Sutamin, Silver, Captain Whisker, Blaze, Amy, Cream, Big, Espio, Charmy & Mighty, Vector, Fang, Omega, Rouge, Dr. Eggman, Julie-Su, Shade, Dr. Finitevus, Professor Pickle, Kid Cruel and the Coconuts are onboard the starship of the Children of the Stars, where they are accompanied by the star fleet of the Allied Forces. They head to the Ouroboros constellation at the end of the horizon. There, they witness from afar Adrasteia's immense mothership, surrounded by other, much smaller spacecrafts. It has the size of a continent, with an entire city built on top of it. The starship approaches the mothership while the fleet of the allied forces takes cover behind a series of floating space rubble. Because of its planetoid shape, its passes through the defenses undetected and reaches a deck where Espio, having turned invisible, jumps at and proceeds to destroy the defense units that hinder the attack of the allied forces.

Classic: Ora Terminalis (Espio)

(You may click here to see how Ora Terminalis, Adrasteia's mothership, would look like.)

Once Espio successfully destroys part of the defenses, the alarm goes off and the allied forces attack from all directions. The battle begins. Sonic, along with some of his friends make their way to the mothership to confront Adrasteia themselves.

Action Stage 20: Cosmic Rush (Sonic, Silver, Knuckles, Julie-Su, Rouge, Blaze, Espio, Vector, Omega, Dr. Eggman)

Sonic is hearing a voice in his head, which directs him to one of the mothership's power plants. There, he finds Zonic and the two have a fight.

Boss 19: Zonic the Zone Cop (Classic) (Sonic)

During the middle of the fight, Zonic reveals his true name as Witackous Spark; he comes the future and intends to destroy the Albion technology for unclear reasons. Because Sonic is hindering his intentions, Zonic must dispose of Sonic as well. Sonic realizes that Zonic has been driven insane by the Albion technology for some reason. At that moment, troops bust into the room. Sonic and Zonic reluctantly work together to escape and find the rest of the team.

Classic: Ora Terminalis (Sonic, Zonic, Silver, Knuckles, Blaze, Rouge, Vector, Dr. Eggman, Julie-Su, Espio, Omega)

The team reach the room where the Albion technology is. There they find Adrasteia waiting for them, who demonstrates them the mothership's ultimate weapon, a cannon, powered up by the Albion technology. As the cannon fires, it pierces through the allied forces' star fleet and illuminates the entire constellation. When she attempts to fire it once again, the beam is powerfully reflected by the Ark of the Stars, which is empowered by Super Shadow, destroying part of Adrasteia's mothership. Shadow then orders everyone to abandon the starship so he can reach Sonic and his friends and give him the Chaos Emeralds, at the cost of colliding the starship with Adrasteia's mothership.

In the meantime, Sonic and the team battle against Adrasteia.

Boss 20: Adrasteia (Phase I) (Classic) (Ibid)

After the starship causes significant damage to Ora Terminalis (Adrasteia's mothership), the Allied Forces courageously attack with all their remaining forces. The rest of the heroes head to the Ora Terminalis to help out Sonic and his team.

Action Stage 21: The Construct (Tails, Amy, Cream, Big, Shade, Dr. Finitevus, Captain Whisker, Fang, Sutamin, Charmy & Mighty, Shadow*)

(*Shadow appears later in the stage)

In the midst of the fight, Adrasteia severely wounds Witackous (Zonic) by shooting at him at the right hemisphere. Shadow and the rest appear and give Sonic the Chaos Emeralds to transform into Super Sonic.

Boss 21: Adrasteia (Phase II) (Classic) (Super Sonic)

During the fight, Adrasteia says that she was once one of the Astral Beings before she got banished. She tells them that when the Children of the Stars came, they stole a planet that was very valuable to the Astral Beings and hid it inside an artificial spherical starship, constructed by the Albion technology, to travel between dimensions. Now, Adrasteia intends to reclaim this planet. At that moment, she activates the Albion technology, causing the mechanical superficial layer of the Ark of the Stars to disintegrate, revealing the planet that was inside. She then merges with the planet and starts to enlarge rampantly. The Ora Terminals slowly begins to disintegrate as well as its fallen pieces slowly attach to the enlarging planet. The heroes evacuate the Ora Terminalis.

Classic: Ora Terminalis (Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Cream, Big, Sutamin, Dr. Eggman, Vector, Espio, Charmy & Mighty, Dr. Finitevus, Julie-Su, Shade, Captain Whisker, Rouge, Omega, Blaze, Fang)

Super Sonic, Super Shadow and Super Silver confront Adrasteia, who has fused with the planet that was hidden inside the Ark of the Stars. To defeat her, they must approach her and pierce her heart with the sword made of krama.

Boss 22: Adrasteia (Phase III) (Adventure) (Super Sonic, Super Shadow, Super Silver)

While Super Shadow and Super Silver keep Adrasteia busy, Super Sonic enters the atmosphere of the planet to find Adrasteia's heart and pierce it with the sword of Krama. However, once he enters the atmopshere, he is met with very strong resistance from the planet's flora, which has transformed into metal because of the Albion technology. When Super Sonic is on the verge of being killed, the Astral Beings appear to help Super Sonic recover his strength and provide him with spiritual support to defeat Adrasteia.

Boss 23: Adrasteia (Phase IV) (Adventure) (Super Sonic)

Super Sonic defeats Adrasteia by piercing the Krama sword to her heart and retreives the Albion technology. Then, the planet explodes to release golden stardust that spreads over the world of the Nexus and heals it from evil and discord, fulfilling the first prophecy.

Back at Veteran City, the heroes have now gathered all 7 Chaos Emeralds, the Albion technology and the Golden Epics. The 4 Golden Epics fuse together to form 1 Golden Epic. Professor Pickle decodes its content to find out that the location of the Legend of the Golden Epics is at the place where planets are born. Captain Whisker offers to take them there with his ship.

Later, as they are making the final preperations before their journey to their final destination, Sonic pays a visit to the hospital to see Witackous. Sonic brings him some flowers, which moves Witackous, prompting him to confess to Sonic the whole truth. Witackous comes from the future. When he was little, his father, a prominent scientist at that time, was a researcher of the Albion technology and its secrets. It was him who wrote the 4th tome of the Golden Epics, based on his meticulous research on the Albion Technology. Eventually, his father fell victim to a conspiracy which sought to steal the Albion technology and its secrets written in the Golden Epic and use it for ill intentions. Witackous followed his father's footsteps and tried to retreive it. However, at some point of his life, he was on the verge of being killed when Sonic himself rescued him, and many others in the process, ultimately risking his own life in the process. Nevertheless, the attack left Witackous with a severe cerebral damage, causing him to lose half of his brain. Because his survival was uncertain, scientists proceeded to the very first brain transplant in history, transplanting Sonic's right hemisphere to Witackous'. That is how he could communicate with Sonic and knew exactly what he was thinking and where he was.

In the end, Witackous survived the operation but had lost everything from his life. His family had been killed because of the Albion technology and his health was declining. As years went by, Witackous slowly obtained Sonic's memories and reached a point where he literally started becoming Sonic, such as his fur turning from brown to blue. He was kept at a facility where scientists experimented on his brain. Witackous would eventually escape, but would be hunted down by the scientific community and for his knowledge on the Albion technology. Unable to continue his life in that manner, Witackous pledged a sorcerer to help him. He transported him to the Nexus, where he would be safe. To hide his identity, Witackous changed his name to Zonic, because of his similarity to Sonic, and got a job as a Zone cop at the Zone Prizon.

Sonic asks him why his father researched the Albion technology since everything that is happening now had already happened in the future, so the secret behind the Albion technology had been unveiled. Witackous replies that the establishment had erased every trace of the truth, so his father was determined to uncover it. Witackous confesses that he had been blinded by hatred and that he believed that the downfall of his life and all his sufferings were because of the Albion technology. He feels remorse for using Sonic to achieve his goals and threatening to kill him and regrets for everything he has done. He now understands that it was Sonic to whom he owes his life. Sonic forgives Witackous and tells him that he is troubled by what Adrasteia stated about the Echidnas actually stealing the planet that was valuable to the Astral Beings. They were told by the Astral Beings themselves that they helped them build the starship, so there is no consistency.

Witackous sighs and tries to sleep. Sonic feels bad about him and tells him that they are about to uncover the Legend of the Golden Epics by travelling to the place where planets are born and wants Witackous to come with them to see it. Witackous is amazed by Sonic's kindness and agrees wholeheartedly to come with them.

Chapter 10: The Place Where Planets Are Born

By using the 7 Chaos Emeralds and the Albion technology, the heroes travel to the place where planets are born, where the Legend of the Golden Epics is hidden according to the Golden Epics. But before they can pass the final gate, the last guardian of the Legend challenges Sonic to a race against the stars, which will fulfill the second prophecy.

(You temporarily take control of Sonic and you can go to any adventure field you like to do anything. When you are ready, go to Captain Whisker's ship. Once you depart from Veteran City, you will not be able to return back until the completion of the game.)

Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Shadow, Amy, Rouge, Sutamin , Blaze, Cream & Cheese, Espio, Omega, Mighty & Charmy, Vector, Shade, Julie-Su, Big, Silver, Dr. Eggman, Dr. Finitevus, Fang, Zonic , Captain Whisker, Professor Pickle, Everbard Lune, Swash, Buckle, Kid Cruel and some of his Coconuts board Captain Whisker's ship and fly to the place where planets are born, while Tomingthon and Lord Sidewinder remain at Veteran City.

(You may click here to see how Captain Whisker's ship would look like.)

(You may click here to see how the Place Where Planets Are Born would look like.)

The heroes reach their destination using the Albion technology as an astrolabe, where they witness planets being created by the earth. They continue by foot.

Action Stage 22: Final Utopia (All playable characters)

(This stage is partly an action stage and an adventure field, RPG level.)

They find a large, ancient, sealed gate. Once they use the 7 chaos emeralds to unlock the gate, they are attacked by ancient guards.

Classic: Final Utopia (Ibid)

Two Steps From Hell - Reanne (Colin Frake On Fire Mountain OST - 2014)

Two Steps From Hell - Reanne (Colin Frake On Fire Mountain OST - 2014)

Reanne by Two Steps from Hell, the heroes transcend the ancient, underground Echidna ruins

Once they defeat the guards, the gate opens and the heroes go inside. The passage leads them to a massive underground base covered in vegetation. As they go deeper, the base's structure transitions into that of an ancient sanctuary, with multiple catacombs and long hallways with huge, Echidna shaped pillars. This temple is pressumed to have been constructed by the Children of the Stars, while the more superficial floors that resembled a base by the later Echidna generations.

Along their way, the encounter 11 gates, which require a puzzle or riddle to be solved in order to continue their journey. These are the Gate of Fire, the Gate of Water, the Gate of the Wind, the Gate of Earth, the Gate of Light, the Gate of Darkness, the Gate of the Ancients, the Gate of Illusions, the Gate of Legacy the Gate of Wisdom and the Gate of High Wisdom. The gates are created as defenses that block the entrance to the final chamber, where the Legend of the Golden Epics is hidden. Blaze and Omega solve the riddle for the Gate of Fire, Vector and Captain Whisker solve the Gate of Water, Tails and Cream the Gate of the Wind, Julie-Su, Big and Espio the Gate of the Earth, Shadow and Rouge the Gate of Darkness, Silver and Shade the Gate of Light, Kid Cruel and Gong (one of his Coconut soldiers) solve the Gate of Illusions, Fang and Dr. Eggman the Gate of Legacy, Amy and Professor Pickle the Gate of Wisdom, Everbard Lune and Sutamin the Gate of the Ancients. The Gate of High Wisdom can only be solved the Guardian of the Master Emerald himself or a descendent of the Children of the Stars and it requires two people to operate a contraption that will open the gate. For this, Knuckles asks the help of his former adversary, Dr. Finitevus, to solve the last puzzle together, as they are the only ones that satisfy the conditions. Dr. Finitevus agrees and the two Echidnas open the Gate of High Wisdom.

(Gameplaywise, some of the puzzles are actually mini-games or RPG battles that require the player to solve them.)

(You may click here to see how the Gate of High Wisdom would look like).

Past the Gate of High Wisdom, the heroes enter a chamber where there they must discard all their weapons to proceed, including the Albion technology, since sacred places forbid them. The chamber is vast, with many Echidna statues lined in order, serving as pillars to support the roof. There is a large statue of an ancient astronaut, presumably that of Dave. The statue is surrounded by an altar that has 28 panels around it. According to the Golden Epics, each must place their palm on the panel to activate them in order to proceed. Unaware of what follows next, each places their palm on a panel. They notice, however, that there are 28 panels, but only 27 people. Then, Cheese transforms into Chaos, using the power of the 7 Chaos Emeralds and activates the last panel. As everyone place their palms on the panels and the chaos emeralds on the slots, the entire temple reawakens, mechanical sounds begin to be heard and everybody lose their consciousness and collapse.

They all wake up at a strange, heavenly piece of land floating in a dimension, with various ancient ruins. There, they are approached by an Astral Being, who identifies himself as the final guardian of the Legend of the Golden Epics. He challenges one of the heroes to a race in the stars and if he loses, he will allow them to proceed further. Sonic accepts the undertaking. He transforms into Super Sonic and Witackous gives him his helmet so he can see through the powerful rays of the stars. Super Sonic flies off as the rest watch and cheer for him.

Action Stage 23: Starlight Shimmer (Super Sonic)

(While not technically a Final Boss, this is the final confrontation against the Astral Being that holds the key to the Legend of the Golden Epics. As Super Sonic, you fly through space and different dimensions, as you collect rings to maintain your super form and avoid obstacles. Your objective is to surpass the Astral Being. He will sometimes attack you, indirectly of course, but you also have the ability to deliver attacks. There is a time limit before the race ends. This is a very different final boss than any other final bosses in previous games, as it focuses on Sonic's trademark ability: speed.)

Super Sonic surpasses the Astral Being, ultimately winning the race and fulfilling the second prophecy, according to which he who would race against the stars would heal this world and be granted the Legend of the Golden Epics. Everybody is teleported back to the chamber where the panels were. The final gate opens and the heroes walk through it.

Epilogue: Legend of the Golden Epics

Upon defeating the final guardian, the Legend of the Golden Epics is finally revealed, allowing light to be shed to the past of the Echidna civilization. With Adrasteia defeated, Witackous redeemed, before succumbing to his injuries and the truth about the Legend restored, the heroes return back home whilst promising that their descendents one day will visit the Nexus, just as their forefathers did.

The path leads through the roots of a massive tree and into a vast forest. As they continue along the path, they witness remains of buildings that are covered with vegetation. (You may click here to see how it would look like). The forest has trees and plants that have never before been seen in Earth. Deactivated Jomon can be found here and there. On the road, Sutamin finds his long lost face. The path eventually leads a temple, close to a river. The temple has an altar, where a myriad of roots converge. They walk close to it to see deep inside the roots, a large, broken capsule, from which all of the roots emerge and disperse to form the vast, surrounding forest. Where is the Legend of the Golden Epics, everyone wonders. They look around them, trying to figure out what is the meaning of this forest. Then, Blaze remembers about an allegory from the Golden Epics. They told of someone known as the Creator, who came down from a silver planet and created this world anew. Before his arrival, the entire Nexus was uninhabitable, following a devastating intergalactic war. The Creator used a "spell" that could create life and that was the reason he was given that name.

The heroes put the pieces of the puzzle together and conclude that the Creator was a personification of the Children of the Stars, who visited this place in their starship that resembled a planet. Thanks to the Albion technology, they had built devices that used some sort of liquid that could create flowers and trees. As years went by, they perfected this device so that they could create flora. When they arrived here, they witnessed the devastated land because of the intergalactic war and used their powers to recreate the trees and the forests and the seas of the Nexus. This the inhabitants of this world had never seen and they therefore called the Echidnas Gods.

The Children of the Stars became very attached to the peoples here; they were the founders of their civilization, they taught them sciences and art and even built entire colonies. But when time came, they would depart and go back to Earth and after some years would pass, they would revisit the Nexus. This continued until one day, when they did not reappear and the Nexus peoples were waiting for them. They are waiting until this very day for the Chidren of the Stars to come, such was their love for them.

Dr. Finitevus explains that at that time, the Echidna civil war began, which resulted in the Argus incident and left a large scar on the Echidna civilization. This was the reason they never again continued their interdimensional travels. However, before they left for the final time, the Echidnas left something very valuable for them to the Nexus peoples as a promise that they would come back one day to visit them and take back what they had left. Sonic says that the Echidnas would not have left something that the Nexus peoples needed, but something that the Echidnas themselves knew they needed the most. Because if it were valuable to them, they knew that it would mean more to the Nexus peoples. That is what generous people do and that is what the Children of the Stars had done.

So what was that which the Echidnas needed the most to give to the Nexus peoples. After the Echidna civil war, Mobius had received great
Artificial Intelligence Complete Score - The Blue Fairy

Artificial Intelligence Complete Score - The Blue Fairy

The Blue Fairy by John Williams; the Legend of the Golden Epics is finally revealed

damage and most of all, the Angel Island. They blamed the Albion technology for this. Therefore, what they would need the most after such a devastation would be something that would create life. That was the reason that Edmund, one of the most prominent scientists at that time and first Guardian of the Master Emerald, started working on that miraculous device, so that he could counteract the evil that the Albion technology would do and bring things back the way they were.

The Children of the Stars left this device, which had the form of a large capsule, in the altar and sealed it with the strongest way and had the Astral Beings constantly watch over it. Nevertheless, during these 15.500 years, the capsule broke, the liquid spread to the earth and because of the rain and the sun, flora flourished to all parts of the Nexus, creating life everywhere it flowed. This forest is a result of 15.500 years of the effect of this device. This is the Legend of the Golden Epics.

Witackous finally loses his strength and lies down. Sonic and the rest take him by the river to rest at his request. He tells them that because his father wrote the 4th tome of the Golden Epics in the future, he had a chance to read some excerpts. He tells that that what Adrasteia told them about the Echidnas stealing that planet is false. The Astral Beings, fearing of Adrasteia's evil power, decided to hide their planet by sealing it inside the Ark of the Stars and giving it to the Echidnas, so that they could travel between dimensions and visit the Nexus at their will, because they were the ones that could be most trusted to undertake this task. Adrasteia never managed to find it. That is the truth.

Two Steps From Hell - Will We Ever Meet Again

Two Steps From Hell - Will We Ever Meet Again

Will We Ever Meet Again by TSFH; the adventure is over and the heroes return home

Witackous also tells them that this forest provided the Nexus peoples with good health. He then addresses to Sonic and expresses his remorse for everything he has done to him and his friends. Sonic tells him that they had a great time together and was very happy to meet him and become friends. With these final words, Witackous redeems himself and passes away peacefully. The heroes build a small raft and place his body on it. They leave the raft to flow on the river according to the ancient customs of the Nexus peoples, so that the raft may symbolically reach the place where their creators came from, and as a result, their own homeland. The heroes take a last look at the vast forest before leaving.

(You may click here and here to see how the forest would look like.)

With Adrasteia finally defeated, Witackous redeemed and the Legend of the Golden Epics revealed, peace and harmony is once again restored to the hearts of everyone and to the Nexus as well. Back at the first colony, the heroes are getting ready to return home. Everyone from the Nexus has gathered to bid farewell to Sonic and his friends. They give them gifts as a token for everything they've done for them and hope that they will see them once again. Lord Sidewinder and Tomingthon are also there to say goodbye to their friends. Dr. Eggman receives Metal Sonic's pieces to reconstruct him. Shade decides to remain at the Nexus along with Tomingthon and Everbard Lune. Sutamin bids farewell to Sonic and the team and hopes to see them once again while Captain Whisker and the crew joins the heroes. Knuckles tells that they will return someday and their descendents after them. They board the spacecrafts that had remained from the time of the Children of the Stars at The Beginning and fly off to Earth. (You may click here and here to see how the ships would look like at the time of the departure.)

The last cutscene shows Sonic waking up at his planet (the place where he wakes up would look something like this). He looks at the sun, takes a deep breath and takes a moment to think back on their adventure. He then spots Tails, Knuckles, Amy and Cream, calling at him. He places Witackous ' helmet on the ground, exactly at the site where he woke up and runs towards them.


Two Steps From Hell - Orion (2013)

Two Steps From Hell - Orion (2013)

Orion by Two Steps from Hell; music for the credits, in-game cutscenes play

FIN; A picture with The Golden Epics, Sutamin's face, 4 Chaos Emeralds and Zonic's helmet.

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