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This page features the first 6 chapters of the story of the RPG, action, adventure fan-game The Chronicles of Sonic the Hedgehog: Legend of the Golden Epics in detailed description. It is written by User:Juely. The game's story is considerably longer than any other story of the previous installments due to being an RPG game, which relies largely on its story. It is divided into 10 Chapters, a Prologue and an Epilogue.

The story follows the epic adventure of Sonic and his companions in a world known as the Nexus, the World that Connects Worlds in order to uncover the Legend of the Golden Epics. Throughout their journey, they meet many new characters, some of whom will be their allies, visit many


Two Steps From Hell - Blizzard (SkyWorld)

Blizzard by Two Steps from Hell

wonderous places and discover the secrets that revolve around this world and its distant past.

Due to the page's huge size, Prologue till Chapter 6 are written here, while Chapters 7 till Epilogue are written on a seperate page.

Prologue: Prologue to a New Adventure

This is the first chapter of the game. Sonic makes his final preperations before setting off to the Nexus by visiting numerous familiar places such as the Green Hill Zone, Central City and the Angel Island. He visits some of his friends to either join him on his journey or to say goodbye to them.

The story takes place immediately following the events of Sonic Adventure 3: GX, where Sonic and co discovered that deep within the Albion artifacts lied an astrolabe, which the Echidnas had constructed and placed secretly inside the Albion technology. The astrolabe, according to the scriptures of the Golden Epics, is said to guide the traveler to a world much different than ours, which the Echidnas had visited millennia ago, first by Dave in his spacecraft, the Monolith.


Sonic visiting Green Hill, his homeland

Sonic meets Tails in the later's laboratory at Green Hill Zone, where Tails informs Sonic that he is in the final stages of constructing a spacecraft, with the help of Dr. Magic, that will allow them to journey to their destination safely. The three have a brief conversation about their expectation in their forecoming journey and about Professor Pickle, who is kindly assisting them in decoding the scriptures of the Golden Epics. Since they still have some time before they depart, Sonic decides to go visit some places before they leave in order to gather some more of his friends and say goodbye to others.

Classic: Green Hill Zone (Playable Characters: Sonic)

(Classic indicates that this is an Advnture Field. In this mode of gameplay, the player explores a map and can interact with townspeople etc. There are enemies scattered in Adventure Fields which trigger RPG battle. Green Hill Zone is the first of such stges and serves as the tutorial. As Sonic, you can freely explore three maps in any order before you return to the ship. These are Green Hill Zone, Central City and Angel Island.)

Sonic arrives at Cream and Vanilla's house, which is situated near some cornfields in the meadows. It is afternoon and the sun is falling. Cheese and Chocola are playing outside the backyard while Cream and Amy are helping out Vanilla gather some fruits from a tree. They greet Sonic and welcome him inside. Gemerl offers him some tea and they have a conversation. Sonic tells them of his plan to head to the other world the Golden Epics speak of. Amy enthusiastically volunteers upon hearing it so that she can impress Sonic and ultimately win his heart. Cream also want to join them, but Vanilla forbids her as she is too young. Sonic and Amy depart and bid farwell to Vanilla, Cream, Gemerl and the Chaos.

Classic: Green Hill Zone (Playable Characters: Sonic, Amy)

Action Stage: 1 Balloon Valley (Playable Characters: Sonic, Amy)

(Next, you can either choose to go to Central City or to Angel Island. Here will be written that they first visit Angel Island. To get there, you must first play the Action Stage Balloon Valley. It is a tutorial stage for Action Stages.)

Classic: Angel Island (Playable Characters: Sonic, Amy)

Sonic and Amy arrive at the Angel Island, where they first visit the altar. There, they find Julie-Su and Archimedes who inform the two that Knuckles has gone briefly to the ruins of Teotihuacan and they are temporarily guarding the Master Emerald. Sonic and Amy head there.

Classic: Angel Island (Playable Characters: Sonic, Amy)

Sonic and Amy get to Teotihuacan, the golden city which was destroyed some while ago after the Gravitus invaded the island. It has now been abandoned by life, covered in plants and flora and submerged in water. Large pillars and ruins are what remain today in reminiscent of a once powerful civilization. They find Knuckles standing there in deep thought gazing at the sky. The three discuss about their plans; Knuckles' desire to bring back Shade from the Nexus, who was banished by Dr. Finitevus and capture him as he is still running loose. He also believes that his journey there will provide him with a deep undertanding of his ancestors' past. Hence, Knuckles joins the team and the three return to the altar. You may click here to see an image from DeviantART of how the ruins of Teotihuacan would look like in the game.

Classic: Angel Island (Playable Characters: Sonic, Knuckles, Amy)

Back at the Angel Island, Knuckles talks to Julie-Su and Archimedes. Julie-Su agrees to accompany them. Archimedes will remain here along with the Fire Ants to protect the Angel Island. Knuckles tells the team that he has someone in mind capable of temporarily guarding the Master Emerald and ensuring everything in the Island remains safe. They head to find her.

Classic: Angel Island (Playable Characters: Sonic, Knuckles, Amy, Julie-Su)

Knuckles, Sonic, Amy and Julie-Su find Relic the Pika along with her robot friend Fixit at her base. Pika agrees to substitute Knuckles until his return in guarding the Master Emerald and helping out the Fire Ants. The four then return to the surface and head to Central City.

Action Stage 2: Billboard Boulevard (Playable Characters: Sonic, Knuckles, Amy, Julie-Su)

When Sonic, Knuckles, Julie-Su and Amy arrive at Central City, the humans' capitol city, they witness what appears to be a small planet

Official artwork from Destiny (game)

floating above the city's skyline. To learn about this planet's sudden appearance, the four head to gather information from the townspeople. First, they find Big the Cat in a restaurant, who has been hired as a cook. Big tells them that he does not know anything about it but they could probably ask Dr. Eggman, who is being held imprisoned in G.U.N. prison.

Classic: Central City (Playable Characters: Sonic, Knuckles, Amy, Julie-Su)

When they go to the Mall to buy supplies for the journey, they encounter some monkey soldiers, who are causing havoc.

Classic: Central City (Playable Characters: Sonic, Knuckles, Amy, Julie-Su)

After they defeat them, the monkeys escape. Espio then appears right on time to explain them that Team Chaotix is currently investigating along with the Government their actions and they appear to be connected to that planet above the city. He assures Sonic not to worry about it as they will deal with the problem.

Later at the G.U.N. prison, the team meets with G.U.N. Commander Abraham Tower, who after greeting them, takes them to Dr. Eggman's cell. Sonic and Dr. Eggman have a discussion about the mysterious appearance of that spherical structure in the city's skyline. Eggman claims to have no involvement whatsoever in this case and advices Sonic to look things from a different perspective than the usual. After that fruitless interaction with Eggman, Sonic and the rest talk to the G.U.N. Commander once again who tells them to come later to speak with Commander Hugo Brass, who has been investigating the case. After leaving, just outside the premises they encounter Rouge the Bat. Rouge is informed about their plans and joins the team upon hearing that the Legend of the Golden Epics might be a treasure.

Classic: Central City (Playable Characters: Sonic, Knuckles, Amy, Julie-Su, Rouge)

In Heroes' Memorial Park, the team finds Shadow, who does not wish to join the party, but to remain here on Earth and protect it. Afterwards, they head to Prof. Pickle's laboratory at Central City. Pickle welcomes them in and they have a discussion about what will follow next. He tells them that he has managed to decipher very little from the Golden Epics, but they will need the Chaos Emeralds to open a portal to the other side, as well as the Albion Technology. Finally, he tells them to go visit Albion for further information about the incident with the floating structure.

Classic: Green Hill Zone (Playable Characters: Sonic, Knuckles, Amy, Rouge, Julie-Su)

At Albion, they witness a huge pit in the ground and conclude that the spherical object must have appeared from within the ground. Without being

The ruins of Albion

able to draw any more conclusions, they return to Tails' laboratory.

Classic: Green Hill Zone (Playable Characters: Sonic, Knuckles, Amy, Julie-Su, Rouge)

Sonic, Knuckles, Amy, Rouge, Julie-Su and Professor Pickle get to Tails' laboratory. Tails announces that everything is ready to go and asks if there is anything else Sonic wishes to do before leaving. (From this point onwards, you will not be able to return back to Sonic's world until the story is completed. Make sure you do everything you need now, and come back to Tails when you are ready). After making the final preparations for the journey, the heroes depart in the Blue Wind (the spaceship's name) and head to the Nexus.

Chapter 1: A Missive from the Ancient Ones

Upon arriving at the Nexus, the heroes find themselves in a jungle, where its inhabitants are not very cordial to guests. Soon, they are saved by a race that strikingly resembles the Echidnas. The truth about the Echidna civilization's past lies within their legends.

Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Rouge, Julie-Su and Professor Pickle arrive at the Nexus. Their spacecraft first lands in the middle of a dark jungle with huge trees and swamps. Because they see woodes houses built on top of the trees, they decide to go out and explore the environment. (You may click here to see how the jungle would look like).

(You will have to build a team of 4 players, one of whom must be Sonic. The other 2 will remain at the ship along with Professor Pickle to guard it.)

Action Stage 3: Night Jungle (Playable Characters: Sonic, Knuckles, Tails, Amy, Julie-Su, Rouge)

In the jungle, they encounter some creatures, the inhabitants of the village, which lead them to their king. These creatures do not speak but make noises to communicate. The king learns of their presence and sends his minions to the Blue Wind to steal whatever they can and kill the visitors.

Boss 1: King of Qua'dor (Classic) (Playable Characters: Sonic, Knuckles, Tails, Amy, Rouge, Julie-Su)

Classic: Qua'dor (Playable Characters: Sonic, Knuckles, Tails, Amy, Rouge, Julie-Su)

They quickly return to the space shuttle and try to defend it. When they become too many in number, three unknown warriors appear on hoverbikes and cause the creatures to flee in fear. The three masked warriors take off their helmets and reveal themselves to be Echidnas. They bow to Knuckles in complete awe and respect. Knuckles wonders what is happening and tells them to give him answers. The three warriors offer to take them to their city in Telamuzius so that their questions be answered, to which the heroes agree.

As they are heading to Telamuzius, they find Cream and Cheese aboard the Blue Wind, who had snuck in and hid inside the ship since she was prohibited by her mother and wanted very badly to join them.

When they arrive at Telamuzius, they witness a massive crows of Echidna citizens who have gathered in the streets to celebrate Sonic and the team's arrival. The crowd keeps calling out the name Phoebus. One of the warriors introduces himself as Tomingthon and tells them to come with him to meet the President. When they get to the entrance of the palace, Tomingthon informs them that the President is not ready yet to meet them and advices them to go see the city and talk with the townspeople.

Classic: Telamuzius (Playable Characters: Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Cream, Rouge, Julie-Su)

The team gathers information from the townspeople. They seem to be treated like gods, and Knuckles is referred to as Phoebus. The only useful information, however, the get is that the citizens here are all descendants of Dave the Echidna, according to an ancient myth. They then go back to the President's palace, where Tomingthon is awaiting for them outside. They go inside and meet the President.

From the President, they learn that this is the Nexus, the World that Connects Worlds. Approximately 15.500 years ago, an ancient astronaut named Dave visited this planet in his spacecraft, the Monolith, while exploring the cosmos. Dave spent many years here and eventually founded the city of Talandosia, where he introduced the Echidna civilization to the inhabitants. When Dave departed and returned to Earth, he told of his expeditions to the Echidna scientists and wrote a book about them, which would eventually become the first tome of the Golden Epics. Eager to learn more of this world, the Echidnas used the Albion technology to build spacecrafts and visit the Nexus. Because the Nexus people were much inferior to the Echidnas, they saw them as Gods and called them the Children of the Stars, because they came in huge spacecrafts from space. Over the years, the Echidnas founded civilization and colonized the entire planet. They founded cities, advanced technology and built the first artificial lifeforms ever recorded in history. For these actions, they were considered their Gods and passed down to Legend, with Dave being their first founder. As time went by, the Echidnas did not stay for long; they would go back to Earth and then visit the Nexus frequently. However, their visits ended abruptly one day. This was approximately 13.500 years ago, when the Echidnas last visited the Nexus and never returned again. Since that day, the Nexus people have been waiting for their return with the hope that they never forgot them.

Legend has it that during their final visit here in the Nexus, the Children of the Stars left a huge Legacy to the Nexus people as a promise that they would one day return, under the leadership of Phoebus, and take back with them what they left. This is a prophecy foretold in the Golden Epics. This legacy that was left here in the Nexus became known as the Legend of the Golden Epics and to date, remains a total mystery weather or not it is true or just a myth.

The reason why the people here look so strikingly similar to Echidnas at Earth is because of interbreeding. It is not known why the Echidnas stopped visiting the Nexus so abruptly. It is also not known what is the Legend of the Golden Epics nor where it is. While all of this discussion is unravelling, a mysterious, cloaked figure is eavesdropping from behind a pillar. The Presidents gives directions of the heroes, telling them to go visit the Astral Colony for more information. That is the place where the protectors of this world live.

The heroes head back to the ship, much to the villagers' dismay, hoping to see them once again. Tomingthon bids them farewell and the ship flies away to the sky.

On their way to the Astral Colony, something goes devastatingly wrong. The ship explodes and disintegrates, causing the heroes to separate from each other and scattering all the Chaos emeralds far away, along with the Golden Epics and the Albion Technology.

Chapter 2: A Hedgehog Named Zonic

In this Chapter, Sonic struggles to be reunited with his companions after their spacecraft disintegrates, causing them to separate from each other. Two new characters are introduced here; Sutamin, an ancient robot that holds the key to unlocking secrets of this world, and Zonic, a hedgehog that looks exactly like Sonic, as well as an old adversary of Sonic, who joins the party.

Sonic wakes up at the deck of a sailing ship. As soon as he opens his eyes, he finds Captain Whisker and his crew. The two start off a fight but Whisker stops Sonic and tells him that, while he could easily kill him right now for abandoning him in the battle against the Gravitus (see here), Whisker offers Sonic a truce so that he will help him find a spyglass that he is after. Sonic accepts and agrees to help him, in hope that he will find his team.

Later, Captain Whisker and his crew arrive at Mavragonia, a pirate city. Captain Whisker intends to persuade the congress to give him back his ship to go find the spyglass. He orders Sonic and his crew to get supplies and ammos for their next journey. Sonic, however, goes to explore the city to get any useful information.

Classic: Mavragonia (Sonic)

(You may click here to see how Mavragonia would look like).

Among the townspeople, Sonic finds Tails. Tails explains he doesn't know what caused the ship to suddenly explode but they must hurry to find the Chaos emeralds and the Albion technology. Sonics tells him that he formed a temporary alliance with Captain Whisker. They head to find him.

Action Stage 4: Warlords' Fortress (Sonic, Tails)

The two arrive in front of the Parliamentary building and distract the guards to get in. (At this point, you will have to solve a puzzle). When they finally get in, they witness Captain Whisker being ridiculed by the auditorium believing him to be crazy, until Sonic steps in and persuades the congress to be granted his ship. In the end, the congress accepts to give Whisker his ship, only so that they watch him fall victim to Captain Metal. Sonic expresses that Whisker is very capable of defeating Captain Metal and will prove them wrong. The congress bursts into laughter and humiliates him further while the three depart to fulfil their mission. Tails asks Sonic why he stood up to Captain Whisker, to which Sonic replies that he does not tolerate injustice, plus he reminds him of Dr. Eggman.

Meanwhile, Sonic and Tails prepare to sail off in Captain Whiskers' ship, along with his crew of pirates. As they are leaving the harbour, Sonic notices a Chaos Emerald shine from afar in the dock. He urges Whisker to give him a boat to go back and take it, but Whisker denies and threatens him if he does anything that disobey his orders. Later, it is taken by a mysterious cloaked figure.

The ship soon comes face to face with Captain Metal's fleet. Captain Whisker orders an attack.

Classic: Captain Metal's Fleet (Sonic, Tails)

Boss 2: Captain Metal (Adventure) (Playable Characters Sonic, Tails)

Sonic battles against Captain Metal, whom he recognizes as an advanced reconstruction of Metal Sonic. He manages to get the Chaos Emerald from Captain Metal but not to defeat him, as he retreats. Captain Whisker tells him that was Captain Metal, the most fearful pirate of the seas. They go after him. During the night, Sonic and Tails form a plan to escape from Captain Whisker using a boat, but they are caught by Whisker's crew. Captain Whisker apprehends Sonic when all of a sudden, he and Tails vanish right in front of them in a flash.

The story changes to Team Chaotix, who are investigating the sudden appearance of a planet on the city's skyline as well as an old incident regarding Kid Cruel, a mafia mastermind. They are led to Kid Cruel's funfair themed city and pursue him.

Action Stage 5: Sensation City (Espio, Charmy & Mighty, Vector)

Kid Cruel

Team Chaotix reaches the central premises, where inside Kid Cruel awaits. Kid Cruel reveals them his plans. He intends to head to the Nexus and get the Legend of the Golden Epics in his newly built spacecraft. When the Chaotix goes to apprehend him, the Coconuts open fire and Kid Cruel escapes.

Boss 3: Kid Cruel (Classic) (Playable Characters: Espio, Charmy & Mighty, Vector)

Team Chaotix quickly defeats the Coconuts and chase after Kid Cruel in their own shuttle. Kid Cruel heads to the planet, which, according to insider knowledge, serves as a gate to the Nexus.

Sonic and Tails teleport into a forest, possibly because of Chaos Control. However, they only had one Chaos Emerald instead of two. They explore the forest.

Classic: Varsimoe - Outskirts (Playable Characters: Sonic, Tails)

While in the forest, they meet yet another warrior, on a hoverbike, after saving them from some forest creatures. He takes off his helmet and reveals his uncanny resemblance to Sonic. He prepares to leave but when his hoverbike malfunctions, he decides to go by foot. Sonic and Tails follow him to have their questions answered. (You may click here to see how this character would look like).

Classic: Varsimoe - Outskirts (Playable Characters: Sonic, Tails, Unknown )

After catching up to him, the figure introduces himself asZonic the Zone Cop . Zonic is not Sonic, but his other self in this dimension. He explains that in the Nexus, everyone has a counterpart called alter ego from the world Sonic comes from since this world is another dimension that coexists with all other parallel worlds. Hence, Zonic is Sonic's different expression in this dimension. He is a Zone Cop at the Zone Prizon guarding the Twilight Cage. Sonic tells him that they came here in search of the Legend of the Golden Epics and then proceeds to tell him what he knows about the Golden Epics. At that moment, Zonic gasps but tries to hide any suspicious behaviour. Zonic tells him that he is searching for a fugitive of the Zone Prizon. Sonic tells him that he will try his best to help him catch the fugitive. Since Zonic's bike got destroyed, he has arranged for a colleague of his to come and pick him up, but that will require one whole day. While they are talking, a strange looking robot statue is seen in the background, to which they do not give any importance. The trio heads deeper into the forest to investigate. The robot statue looks at them and follows them in secret.

Classic: Varsimoe - Outskirts (Playable Characters: Sonic, Tails, Zonic)

Sonic, Tails and Zonic become lost inside the forest. It is filled with tall, ancient trees and ancient gears and gadgets embedded in the ground.

Sutamin's design inspired by the Jomon terracotta figurines

Sonic notices the same statue they saw some minutes ago, again with its staring expression. As they come close to see it, the robot blinks and stands up to its feet. He introduces himself as Sutamin of the Jomon , an ancient tribe of robots, the very first artificial intelligence ever created by the Children of the Stars. He offers to guide them to their nearby city, to which the three agree.


Two steps from hell- Casablanca

Casablanca by Two Steps from Hell, would serve as Sutamin's theme

Sonic, Tails, Zonic and Sutamin arrive at Varsimoe, the city of the Jomon. It is a city built of steampunk technology in a forest and is crowded in Jomon. Sutamin tells them to come with him to the city's shrine to show them something very important. (You may click here to see how Varsimoe would look like).

Classic: Varsimoe (Sonic, Tails, Zonic)

Once inside the shrine, Sutamin tells them about the Jomon according to the ancient paintings in the shrine's wall. The Jomon were created some 15.500 years ago by the Echidnas that colonized the Nexus. They created the Jomon as the first artificial lifeform using Albion technology to help them create this world. They were the prototype of the Gizoid and were very well respected. Every time the Echidnas would return to Earth, the Jomon were left in charge to protect the Nexus inhabitants. Other myths say that they were created as a gift fot the Nexus peoples. But when the Echidnas stopped visiting this world, most of the Jomon were disregarded and fell into disrepair. The remaining ones continued to function and serve the Nexus peoples, until they passed into slavery and forced to work in the mines to excavate for a very precious metal. He asks Sonic to help them rise against this tyranny and regain their freedom.

Meanwhile at Earth, Omega and a group of G.U.N. soldiers are investigating the ruins of Dr. Eggman's Metropolis. All of a sudden, the ground shakes and a huge spacecraft emerges from underneath. At G.U.N. prison, Dr. Eggman manages to escape and heads to his spacecraft, in an attempt to go after the Legend of the Golden Epics.

Later that night, Sonic, Sutamin, Tails and Zonic head to the mines, to destroy the sphere that is holding the Jomon under control.

Classic: Varsimoe (Sonic, Tails, Zonic)

After destroying the sphere, the Jomon regain their freedom. However, as the sun rises, reinforcements arrive to stop them. Sutamin calls upon the Jomon to rise against their oppressors and defend their city.

Action Stage 6: Minefield Meadows (Sonic, Tails, Zonic, Sutamin)

During the battle, Blaze appears and assists them.

Boss 4: Sidewinder's Henchmen (Classic) (Playable Characters: Sonic, Tails, Zonic, Blaze, Sutamin)

With the Jomon clan free from oppression, Sutamin thanks Sonic and his friends for all their deeds and offers to help them on their quest to find the Chaos Emeralds an the Legend of the Golden Epics. Just in time, Zonic's ship arrives to pick him up. Sonic, Zonic, Tails, Blaze and Sutamin board the ship where they meet Everbard Lune, Zonic's feline pilot and fly off.

Chapter 3: The City in the Sky

When Sonic learns of the possession of a Chaos Emerald by the evil Lord Sidewinder, he and his team ventures into the City in the Sky to get it back.

Sonic, Tails, Zonic, Blaze, Sutamin and Everbard Lune arrive at Veteran City, Zonic's home town. There, Zonic takes them to Casparoza's library.

Classic: Veteran City (Playable Characters: Sonic, Tails, Zonic, Sutamin, Blaze)

At the library, the team meets Casparoza, the librarian. Zonic tells the team that he occasionally visits the library to indulge in books, as he is a bibliophile. Casparoza tells them that here, they can find any information they need from his books. The team gathers any information available concerning the Golden Epics. Aside from what they already know, they learn that the Golden Epics are a guide to the Legend, but to unlock it, they need the 7 Chaos Emeralds. They also learn that the first tome was written by Dave, chronicling his exploration in the Nexus, while the second and third were written by the Echidnas of Albion millennia ago.

Afterwards, the team heads to the Council to meet the prestigious leaders of Veteran City, among them Tomingthon. There, Zonic tries to convince

Veteran City would look like this city on the album of Two Steps from Hell

the Council to lend their help on Sonic so that he can regain the Chaos Emeralds and return home. In the end, it is Sutamin and Tomingthon who persuade the council to help them thanks to their admirable loyalty to Sonic and his friends. Sonic also mentions about the Albion technology possibly having fallen into the wrong hands, which disturbs the council and forces them to take drastic measures, knowing of how dangerous it is.

During the break, Tomingthon approaches Sonic and his friends to inform them that there has been a detection of a Chaos Emeralds at Lord Sidewinder's possession. Lord Sidewinder is a wealthy aristocrat who rules a city that floats in the sky. Sutamin tells the team that Sidewinder is responsible for the subjugation of the Jomon and their enslavement and wishes to put an end to him. They head to find the Chaos Emerald at the City in the Sky.

The ship lands at the City in the Sky, a vast metropolis soaring through the blue skies of the Nexus. Zonic tells the team that he must depart, as he has some business to attend to at the Zone Prizon and will return shortly after to pick them up, while the four head to investigate the city.

The City in the Sky would look like this flying city, from a Final Fantasy game.

Classic: City in the Sky (Playable Characters: Sonic, Tails, Blaze, Sutamin)

In the city, the team finds a lost Amy Rose, who joins the party. At that moment, the city is attacked by an army of dragon warriors causing mild havoc. The five head to Sidewinder's tower.

Action Stage 7: Sky Metropolis (Playable Characters: Sonic, Tail, Amy, Blaze, Sutamin)

Sonic, Tails, Amy, Blaze and Sutamin arrive at Lord Sidewinder's tower, were they are met with strong defences.

Classic: City in the Sky (Playable Characters: Sonic, Tails, Amy, Blaze, Sutamin)

(Here you face 4 enemies in RPG gameplay)

Upon defeating the guards, the five confront Lord Sidewinder himself at the top of his tower. Before the battle, Sonic tries to persuade Sidewinder

Lord Sidewinder

to give them the Chaos Emerald without having to fight over it. Sidewinder on the other hand, acknowledging the potential of the Chaos Emerald refuses to hand it over and the two sides fight.

Boss 5: Lord Sidewinder (Classic) (Playable Characters: Sonic, Tals, Amy, Blaze, Sutamin)

During the last minutes of the fight, Zonic busts inside the tower by breaking a window and points a gun at Sidewinder's head, demanding the Chaos Emerald and to seize his actions against the Jomon. Lord Sidewinder tells them that were it not for these constant raids by the Xazars, the dragon warriors, he would not need so much of this precious metal that the Jomon excavate from the mines to build his flying city, because they continuously leave many ravages that require repairs. Sonic offers a deal to Sidewinder that if he goes to the Xazar empire and stop them from ever atacking his city again, he will give him the Chaos Emerald and will stop his oppressive rule against the Jomon, to which Sidewinder reluctantly agrees. Once the six get out of the tower, they head to the aerodrome, where Everbard Lune awaits in his ship.

Classic: City in the Sky (Playable Characters: Sonic, Tails, Zonic, Amy, Blaze, Sutamin)

(Your destination is the hangar. To go there, you must pass through the city center and find a way to get to the lower levels of the city).

Sonic, Tails, Zonic, Amy, Blaze, Sutamin and Everbard Lune depart from the City in the Sky and travel to Xazaria, a series of floating mountains surrounded by beautiful clouds. There live the Xazars, a nomadic race of dragon warriors. The team heads to explore the land.

Action Stage 8: Cloudy Continent (Playable Characters: Sonic, Tails, Amy, Zonic, Blaze, Sutamin)

By talking with the natives there, the heroes learn of a powerful dragon that terrorizes these lands, which feeds on metal. To prevent it from harming them, they hunt for metal, especially the one used by Lord Sidewinder to build his city. The heroes then plan to defeat the dragon, which is the source of all problems.

Classic: Xazaria (Playable Characters: Sonic, Tails, Zonic, Amy, Sutamin, Blaze)

(Talk to the locals, they will tell you where to find this ferocious dragon. Beware, however, as some of the locals here will attack you).

When they locate the dragon, Sonic spots a Golden Epic stuck between the dragon's claws.

Boss 6: The Great Xazar Dragon (Adventure) (Playable Characters: Sonic, Zonic, Amy, Blaze, Tails, Sutamin)

After defeating it, they acquire the Golden Epic and are celebrated by the Xazars for their triumph. The team returns to Lord Sidewinder to get back the Chaos Emerald.

Classic: City in the Sky (Playable Characters: Sonic, Tails, Amy, Zonic, Blaze, Sutamin)

Returning to the City in the Sky, the heroes head back to Lord Sidewinder's tower, only to find him surrounded by his bodyguards. Sidewinder refuses to hand over the Chaos Emerald and orders them to leave immediately. Suddenly an explosion occurs, which throws everyone on the ground. When the smoke clears from the room, they witness a large aircraft from the windows. The room is invaded by Egg Pawns and Egg Gunners and then, Dr. Eggman appears and steals the Chaos Emerald that has fallen from Sidewinder's hands to the floor. Sidewinder quickly regains consciousness, grabs a gun and shoots at Dr. Eggman (though he misses), causing him to accidentally throw the Chaos Emerald down the tower. Eggman orders his robots to go after it while Sidewinder orders his troops to protect the city. Sonic and the rest chase after Dr. Eggman.

Classic: City in the Sky (Plyable Characters: Sonic, Tails, Amy, Zonic, Blaze, Sutamin)

(Hurry and find Dr. Eggman. He must be somewhere close to the tower.)

Once they find Dr. Eggman, Sonic goes after him in a 1 on 1 battle.

Boss 7: Egg Magister (Adventure) (Playable Characters: Sonic)

In the middle of the fight, another spacecraft appears yet again and releases its troops, which steal the Chao emerald and depart. Dr. Eggman and Sonic cease their fight and head after this unknown spacecraft. Sonic and his team head back to the aerodrome, where Everbard Lune awaits.

Classic: City in the Sky (Playable Characters: Sonic, Tails, Amy, Zonic, Blaze, Sutamin)

Once they reach the aerodrome, the team departs in Zonic's ship and pursue the spacecraft, ending up in an an icy land.

Action Stage 9: Cold Canyon (Playable Characters: Sonic, Tails, Zonic, Amy, Blaze, Sutamin)

After exploring the area, they come across Dr. Eggman's spacecraft and the other spacecraft which stole the Chaos Emerald. The team heads inside the spacecraft to get the Chaos Emerald.

Classic: Cold Canyon (Playable Characters: Sonic, Tails, Zonic, Blaze, Amy, Sutamin)

Inside the spacecraft, they battle against an army of monkeys until they find and confront Fang the Sniper. Once they defeat him, Kid Cruel makes his entrance and after revealing that he is holding Professor Pickle and Cream the Rabbit as his hostages, he launches an attack against Sonic and the team.

Boss 8: Kid Cruel (Adventure) (Playable Characters: Sonic, Tails, Zonic, Amy, Blaze, Sutamin)

Sonic and his friends beat Kid Cruel, get the Chaos Emerald, rescue Cream and Professor Pickle and rush to their spacecraft, only this time to be stopped by Dr. Eggman and his robots, who also seeks the Chaos Emerald and Professor Pickle.

Boss 9: Egg Kaiser (Classic) (Playable Characters: Sonic, Tails, Zonic, Blaze, Amy, Sutamin)

With Dr. Eggman's robot destroyed, the heroes return to their space shuttle and escape from Eggman and Kid Cruel, to return safely to Veteran City.

Chapter 4: The Unholy Alliance

In this chapter, Knuckles reluctantly forms a temporary alliance with an old enemy of his so that both can find the Chaos Emeralds and the Legend of the Golden Epics, while searching for their missing companions.

The story switches to Knuckles and Julie-Su, who are being held captive at the Zone Prizon for suspicion of criminal acts. Zonic comes in and after looking at them, tells his colleagues that they are not the ones he is after but nevertheless they interrogate them. Knuckles mistakes Zonic for Sonic and tells him to stop goofing around and help them, until Zonic leaves the room. As Knuckles and Julie-Su are being walked in the corridor, a black shadow appears and in a blink of an eye, disarms the guards and knocks them unconscious. The black shadow is revealed to be non other than Knuckles' most formidable opponent, Dr. Finitevus. Without hesitation, they quickly escape from the Prizon together.

Classic: Zone Prizon (Playable Characters: Knuckles, Julie-Su, Dr. Finitevus)

Before they leave the central gate, Knuckles turns back to go rescue two of his friends, who are also being held captive there. Julie-Su goes with

Dr Finitevus 1.png

him while Finitevus, reluctantly turns back with them.

Classic: Zone Prizon (Playable Characters: Knuckles, Julie-Su, Dr. Finitevus)

The three find and rescue Mighty the Armadillo and Charmy Bee. They also acquire their confiscated weapons and escape.

Classic: Zone Prizon (Playable Characters: Knuckles, Mighty & Charmy, Julie-Su, Dr. Finitevus)

The team escapes into a nearby forest, where they are safe. Once they stop running, Knuckles immediately demands answers from Finitevus. Dr. Finitevus replies that he simply wishes to help him find his friends and the Chaos Emeralds, because without the Chaos Emeralds, neither can return home. Mighty asks why they should trust them, to which Finitevus replies that he knows these areas like the back of his hand and can easily guide them to wherever they wish to go, including the Legend of the Golden Epics. Moreover, he has a profound knowledge on their ancestors' past because he had access to all their Mystery Schools and can decipher their ancient language. He then tosses a Chaos Emerald to Knuckles, which he had obtained from Mavragonia. The two form an alliance and continue their way through the forest.

Classic: Varsimoe - Outskirts (Playable Characters: Knuckles, Mighty & Charmy, Julie-Su, Dr. Finitevus)

Mighty notices that the forest contains many monsters that seeks to attack them. Finitevus tells the group about Paragogue, a man of great power who, according to conspiracies, intends to build a secret army and take over the entire Nexus. Paragogue is a mastermind like no other. For this reason, it is very important to gather the Chaos Emeralds as fast as they can before they fall into the wrong hands. These monsters that they have encountered so far obey to his will. Charmy asks how they are going to do that. Finitevus says that when he was a young scientist that worked at the Albion labs, he was accidentally subjected into incredibly high doses of chaos radiation. It is because of this chaos energy his body has absorbed that he can track down the Chaos Emeralds. This was also the cause of his albino transformation.

Knuckles interrupts him and sets as his primary goal to rescue Shade, whom Finitevus banished here during their last encounter. Finitevus, in order to not break the alliance, does not bring any objections but merely tells Knuckles that to find her, the must first ask the citizens here about her.

Classic: Varsimoe (Playable Characters: Knuckles, Mighty & Charmy, Julie-Su, Dr. Finitevus)

At the city, they encounter Silver, who is searching for Blaze. After investigating the planetoid structure in Sonic's worlds, the planet made a noise, which created a powerful shockwave and teleported them here. Silver talked to the locals and learned that she passed from here.

(Talk to the Jomon; they will tell you that Sonic passed from here, along with some of his friends. They will also show you the direction he took. Knuckles asks information about Shade. The Jomon say that Shade is known as a ruling figure in the Regal Relics, but they better stay away from there). Knuckles and the team head to find her.

Classic: Regal Relics (Playable Characters: Knuckles, Julie-Su, Mighty & Charmy, Silver, Dr. Finitevus)

(Talk to the locals to find out where Shade's palace is. Among the locals you will encounter Rouge, who will indicate the palace).

Inside the palace, the six encounter Shade sitting on a throne. Knuckles tries to reason with her to convince her to come with them, in vain, however, because Shade is mind controled by a spell and has forgotten of her memories. Mighty notices that she is not wearing her usual armour and that she has a Chaos Emerald with her. Shade orders her minions to attack them but Finitevus uses his warp rings to teleport the team elsewhere.

They are teleported in the city. Silver uses Telepathy to delve into Shade's memories only to uncover that she has been possessed by a spell cast by Paragogue. Finitevus knows this spell. It is a powerful spell of mind controlling and to dispel her spell, they will need a remedy which is concocted by a very rare and special plant. Finitevus guides the heroes to a nearby forest where the plant can be found.

Action Stage 10: Gigantic Grove (Playable Characters: Knuckles, Rouge, Silver, Mighty & Charmy, Julie-Su, Dr. Finitevus)

In the forest, the team finds Big the Cat fishing carefree. Big joins the team after learning that all this time he was not at the Mystic Ruins, but elsewhere. Finitevus finds the plant and concocts the remedy. Once ready, they rush back to the palace where they face against Shade.

Boss 10: Shade (Classic) (Playable Characters: Knuckles, Julie-Su, Rouge, Silver, Big, Dr. Finitevus, Mighty & Charmy)

Once defeated, Shade is given the remedy and regains her memories. They get the Chaos Emerald and quickly escape from the castle. (You may click here to see how the castle would look like).

Action Stage 11: Regal Relic (Playable Characters: Knuckles, Dr. Finitevus, Julie-Su, Silver, Rouge, Mighty & Charmy, Big)

The heroes reach a safe place. Silver uses again telepathy to search into Shade's memories to uncover if Paragogue is indeed the one behind this action. Not only does Silver's ability confirms this, but he also learns through Shade that Paragogue's next movement is to strike a city in the sea known as Aquosis. Knuckles proposes they head quickly to Aquosis to warn the people there and see if there is any Chaos emeralds there.

Chapter 5: The City in the Sea

This is the chapter where Sonic's team and Knuckles' team meet each other at Aquosis, a city built in the sea, after learning that Paragogue is intending to attack the city. However, after the battle, Paragogue's true intentions are revealed to be much more dangerous than considered before.

Sonic, Tails, Zonic, Amy, Blaze, Cream, Sutamin, Everbard and Prof. Pickle return to Veteran City where they visit the library together with Professor Pickle. Professor Pickle explains to them about how Dr. Eggman entered this world and how he abducted him to guide him to the Legend. Pickle opens a tome of the Golden Epics and reads an excerpt out loud. It tells one of Dave's many expeditions in this world. According to the passage, Dave visited a planet that orbits this larger planet, which is home to a race of flying squid-like aliens, which he had never seen before. These creatures were very friendly and helped him on his expeditions.

Tails concludes that Dave is referring to the Wisps and recommends they head there to gather any useful information. Zonic tells them that since Tomingthon is going there for a special mission, they may accompany him while Professor Pickle stays here to complete the deciphering.

Planet Wisp

Upon arriving at Planet Wisp, the heroes meet with Yacker, who tells them that their planet has been a sight of some unusual monster soldiers that seek to build a base here, referring to Paragogue's minions. He also tells them that they should speak with the locals for further information.

Classic: Planet Wisp (Playable Characters: Sonic, Tails, Amy, Zonic, Blaze, Sutamin, Cream)

They find Espio and Vector, who give the team valuable information about Kid Cruel and his intentions. Vector urges the team to search for a Golden Epic that has possibly wound up here.

Classic: Planet Wisp (Playable Characters: Sonic, Zonic, Tails, Blaze, Amy, Cream, Sutamin, Vector, Espio)

(You will find a base being constructed by Paragogue's minions close by. Defeat them and get the Golden Epic, then go back to the village to talk to the locals. They will tell you that they saw something like a shooting star the other day pass from here. The shooting star crashed at an artificial satellite that orbits the Planet Wisp known as Black Nova. Go talk to Tomingthon and head to Black Nova.)

The heroes arrive at Black Nova, a spherical satellite that houses a small city and orbits around Planet Wisp. There, they find Shadow. Shadow tells them that all of a sudden, the mysterious planet hovering above Central City made a sound, which caused a powerful shockwave. After that, Shadow lost his consciousness and woke up here, presuming that the planet somehow teleported him here. The heroes divide into 2 teams of 5 and explore the satellite.

Action Stage 12: Satellite Speedway (Playable Characters: free, up to 5)

Official image from Yugioh 5Ds, Black Nova would look somehow like this

Classic: Black Nova (Playable Characters: free, up to 5)

The team finds the next Chaos Emerald but before they can return to their ship, they encounter once again Dr. Eggman and Kid Cruel, along with their respective armies, now having formed an alliance to get their hands on the Chaos Emeralds.

Boss 11: Egg Aquila (Adventure), (Playable Characters: Sonic, Tails, Shadow, Amy, Blaze, Cream, Zonic, Sutamin, Vector, Espio)

They battle against Dr. Eggman and Kid Cruel's robot, until they successfully defeat it and return safely to Veteran City.

Back at Veteran City, Professor Pickle shares his discoveries with the team. According to a prophecy foretold in the Golden Epics, Phoebus, a descendent of the Children of the Stars will appear and will race against the stars of the universe. His shining trail will mark a new beginning for the Nexus, in which all evil will be extinguished and the peoples will restart their civilization.

At that moment, Zonic receives a call from Zone Prizon, informing him that the fugitive is heading to Aquosis, a city built in the sea. Sonic and his friends decide to come with him to Aquosis.

Upon arriving at Aquosis, Zonic goes to speak with the authorities about the fugitive who is on his way here. Afterwards, they meet with Knuckles, Shade, Dr. Finitevus, Julie-Su, Big, Rouge, Mighty, Charmy and Silver. Finitevus warns the others that Paragogue's army is on its way to attack Aquosis. The authorities secure the city and prepare for battle. Shortly after, the two teams have a brief discussion about their experiences.

Not long after the fortification of the city, the enemy's ships are spotted from the horizon. It is Captain Metal, leading an army of battleships that commence bombarding the city. The heroes take battle stations.

Action Stage 13: Oceanic Kingdom (Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Shadow, Rouge, Silver, Blaze, Zonic, Sutamin, Cream, Big, Espio, Julie-Su, Vector, Mighty & Charmy, Shade)

In the midst of the battle, Captain Whisker is standing from afar, at a high location, watching as the two sides battle each other. He decides to make


Two steps from hell- King Louie Kablooey

King Louie Kablooey by Two Steps from Hell. Would play each time Captain Whisker appeared on screen

a surprise entrance to go get the spyglass he's after from Captain Metal. He orders his crew to charge at the enemy and all of a sudden, he appears before Sonic and the two once again fight together against their common enemy. Captain Whisker and the heroes proceed to Captain Metal's armada where Captain Metal awaits for the final battle.

Classic: Aquosis (Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Shadow, Rouge, Silver, Blaze, Zonic, Sutamin, Cream, Big, Espio, Julie-Su, Vector, Mighty & Charmy, Shade, Captain Whisker)

Boss 12: Captain Metal (Classic) (Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Shadow, Rouge, Silver, Blaze, Zonic, Sutamin, Cream, Big, Espio, Julie-Su, Vector, Mighty & Charmy, Shade, Captain Whisker)

After defeating Captain Metal, Captain Whisker retrieves the spyglass. Zonic then proceeds to arrest Captain Whisker, declaring that he was the fugitive that had escaped from Zone Prizon. Before Captain Metal falls into disrepair, he mutters some ominous words, signaling the coming of Paragogue. The heroes notice that Captain Metal was actually Metal Sonic and had an Albion artifact attached to him. Whoever sent Captain Metal to seize this city was the one who had the Albion artifacts at his possession. It is possible that Paragogue is Metal Sonic's superior and is that is true, then he must be after the rest of the artifacts. Then, Zonic receives another call. Veteran City is under attack. There has been a coup d'etat by someone from the Congress.

Back at Veteran City, the heroes devise a plan. They will split into two groups. One will remain here to combat the invaders while the other group will go find Paragogue. After a brief discussion with the authorities, they learn that Paragogue was in fact an undercover operative and member of the Senate, who is heading at an inauguration, held at the city of Talandosia for a newly discovered device. The first team, comprising of Julie-Su, Blaze, Zonic, Captain Whisker, Amy, Mighty & Charmy, Big, Silver and Rouge remain at Veteran City. Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Shade, Sutamin, Shadow, Espio, Vector, Cream and Dr. Finitevus head to Talandosia to find Paragogue.

Chapter 6: Coming of the Chaos

Most of the team has now been reunited, with surprisingly more members having joined the original team. Following the defeat of Captain Metal and a coup d'etat in Veteran City by a member of the Congress, the heroes split into two teams; the first will remain in Veteran City and combat the enemy while the second will go and find the perpetrator behind the coup, who is after the Albion technology.

The first group comprising of Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Shade, Sutamin, Shadow, Vector, Cream, Dr. Finitevus and Cream arrive at the city of Asmodian, where Paragogue is reported to be.

Classic: Asmodian (Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Shade, Sutamin, Shadow, Cream, Vector, Espio, Dr. Finitevus)

(You may click here to see how the city would look like.)

They find Paragogue inside a large conference hall, where people have gathered to witness the presentation of the Albion technology. Paragogue reveals his true identity and his army swarms the entire place.

Boss 13: Paragogue (Classic) (Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Shade, Shadow, Sutamin, Cream, Vector, Espio, Dr. Finitevus)

Paragogue manages to steal the Albion technology and escape from the city. The heroes go after him.

Classic: Asmodian (Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Shade, Dr. Finitevus, Espio, Cream, Vector, Shadow, Sutamin)

Eventually, they reach Paragogue's base, which is situated in a desert.

Action Stage 14: Scorching Sands (Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Shade, Dr. Finitevus, Shadow, Sutamin, Cream, Espio, Vector)

(You may click here to see an image from alphacoders as of how Paragogue's base would look like.)

Once they reach the core of the base, they encounter Paragogue, who uses a Chaos emerald to power up a machine that shoots a powerful, perpendicular light beam to the sky from the apex of the pyramid. He then unleashes even more of his soldiers to defeat Sonic and co while he escapes yet again.

Classic: Erimus (Sonic, Shadow, Dr. Finitevus, Espio, Cream, Knuckles, Tails, Vector, Sutamin, Shadow)

The heroes manage to reach the exterior compartment of the base. In the sky, they witness the battleship of Dr. Eggman, which approaches them. Dr. Eggman himself appears from the battleship to take the heroes to The Beginning, the Echidnas' first colony, where Paragogue's subordinate is operating. Eggman states that Paragogue's master, whose identity is currently unknown, intends to use the Albion technology to conquer this world. Thus, the group boards Dr. Eggman's battleship and together they head to The Beginning.

Meanwhile at Veteran City, the rest of the team fights off the invaders.

Classic: Veteran City (Silver, Rouge, Big, Mighty & Charmy, Amy, Zonic, Blaze, Whisker, Julie-Su)

After successfully clearing the city, Zonic urges the team to quickly hurry to the The Beginning. While at first the rest doubt him, Zonic insists that there is something very important going to happen there and takes the team to the Tachyon Terminal, a station that enables ultra fast travel in various locations of the planet.

Classic: Tachyon Terminal (Ibid)

Zonic and his team reach the Star Children's first colony known as The Beginning by taking the interstellar space transport. Once there, they meet with Sonic, Shadow, Dr. Finitevus, Espio, Cream, Knuckles, Tails, Vector, Shadow, Dr. Eggman and Sutamin. After foring three groups of seven, each team heads to investigate the area in order to find any traces that lead to Paragogue.

Classic: The Beginning (Knuckles, Dr. Finitevus, Julie-Su, Big, Rouge, Mighty & Charmy)

Knuckles and his team end up in an area with ancient ruins that resemble those of the Angel Island. Bewildered, Knuckles asks Dr. Finitevus for answers. Finitevus replies that this place used to be where Dave first landed with his Monolith. As such, it was where the very first colony of the Echidnas that came from Earth to settle here, known as the Children of the Stars, was found and became one of the largest cities of the planet. These ruins here are remnants of their once glorious civilization. Finitevus tells Knuckles that in order to understand, he must delve into the deep past of the Echidnas and see for himself. Finitevus then uses his magic abilities to transport Knuckles' mind into the past, back when the Echidnas where constructing this empire.

Action Stage 15: Lost Chronicle (Knuckles)

Sonic's team also reaches an area of ancient ruins, submerged under a lake, also part of the Echidna's first colony. With the period of time, the entire colony was submerged under a lake and covered in deep vegetation.

Action Stage 16: Aquatic Sanctuary (Sonic, Zonic, Tails, Sutamin, Silver, Amy, Whisker)

Classic: The Beginning (Shadow, Espio, Vector, Dr. Eggman, Blaze, Cream, Shade)

(You may click here to see how the remains of the first colony in The Beginning would look like.)

The third group eventually finds and fights Kid Cruel and his Coconut Crew once again. During their fight, they unpurposely break a large chunk of wall of an ancient ruin, only to find out that it leads to a secret passageway under the earth, which they investigate.

Classic: The Beginning (Shadow, Fang, Espio, Vector, Dr. Eggman, Shade, Cream, Blaze)

Meanwhile, Knuckles' group detects a Chaos emerald nearby while Sonic's group finds yet another entrance behind the wall of an ancient ruin that leads underground. Eventually, the three groups end up in an underground facility and find each other once again.

Classic: The Beginning (Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Shadow, Rouge, Silver, Blaze, Amy, Cream, Big, Espio, Mighty & Charmy, Vector, Fang, Dr. Eggman, Zonic, Sutamin, Dr. Finitevus, Shade, Julie-Su, Whisker)

Once they reach the very interior of the underground facility, they are confronted by an entity who introduces herself as Adrasteia. She reveals her intentions in getting the Albion technology to awaken her mothership, conquer the Nexus and reign supreme. Paragogue is revealed to be one of her lackeys to learn of the presence of the technology and bring it to her. Adrasteia then activates the Albion technology and the ground begins to shake.

To be continued...

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