This page features all of the Stages in the RPG, adventure, platformer game The Chronicles of Sonic the Hedgehog: Legend of the Golden Epics. Stages are devided into two categories in terms of gameplay. The first are Classic Stages. These are basically Adventure Fields where classic RPG gameplay takes place. This can occur in a number of ways, either for story progress or by random encounter. Enemies can be found and challenged in the map. Players can also acquire items from the shop, collect items and talk with townspeople. There are 40 Classic stages overall.

The second are Action Stages, which are played in a similar manner to the stages in all previous Sonic games, most notably The Chronicles of Sonic the Hedgehog: Rise of the Heroes. The gameplay is, as opposed to the RPG gameplay, real-time. Up to 4 characters are playable in both stages simultaneously. In Action Stages however, the other characters can be controlled by the computer or not be in the stages at all. Action Stages can be accessed either from the Classic Stages or from the menu select. There are 23 Action Stages overall. Bosses fall in both categories.

Stages and Bosses are listed here in order to appearance in the game's Story. This page is not yet finished. As such, some sections may be incomplete. The page will be updated regularly.

Classic Stages

Green Hill Zone

This is the game's first stage and serves as the Tutorial. It is not very big, it has the characteristic green valleys, a lake, canyons and plam trees. Albion is located at the outskirts of the valley. Sonic is the sole playable character here. Enemies include Dr. Eggman's Egg Pawns and Egg Gunners.

Angel Island

Angel Island is quite big. Notable sites include the Master Emerald's altar, the Mystic Ruins and Teotihuacan. It can be either the second or the third stage depending on the player's actions. The Cat Kingdom and Echidnopolis also appear but are not accessable. Certain sections of the Adventure Field are recognizable from Sonic Adventure 3: GX. Dr. Eggman's robots appear as enemies here, which can be fought in a random encounter.

Central City

The humans' capitol city. It is where the G.U.N. headquarters are located. It is very similar to the Adventure Field from the above mentioned game. Notable areas include the G.U.N. prison, the G.U.N. Headquarters, the park, the central boulevard, the beach and the train station. The central boulevard features various shops and restaurants, including the gate for the Action Stage Billboard Boulevard. You may


A jungle consisting of an endless marsh, out of which huge, extraterrestrial trees grow and form an intricate system of roots. On top of their sunlight hiding branches is a village of wooden treehouses. There is also a river canal which gives birth to a purple flora. The jungle is constantly dark. You can click here to see how it would look like in game.


A city founded years ago by the Children of the Stars. It is inhabited by a race that resembles Echidnas due to them having interbred with the Children of the Stars. Talamuzius resembles more of a village than a city. It consists of a walled city, with the Presidential palace at the centre. At the gate of the village, there is a port. Other notable areas include the aerodrome and the central square where there is a giant statue of Dave.


A city that houses the most ruthless pirates in the seas of the Nexus. It features large harbours with pirate ships and a city made of wooden houses. The centre of Mavragonia features the Congress, a big dome like construction where important decisions are debated and made.

Captain Metal's Fleet

Consists of 3 large ships, each fully equiped with state of the art weaponry and infantry. Captain Metal awaits at the third ship, where he is battled.

Varsimoe - Outskirts

On the outskirts of the city of Varsimoe is a forest with ancient and discarded mechanical gadgets such as springs, cogs and robotic statues. Sonic, Tails and Zonic meet Sutamin here for the first time.


The city of the Jomon. It is a steampunk village with large trees and vegetation. It is located between a forest and a wasteland. The city features an aerodrome for blimps and a temple that holds the secrets of the Jomon's past. To see how it would look like, you may click here .

Veteran City

A massive metropolis consisting of multiple white skyscrapers and floating vehicles. Veteran City is revealed to be the home town of Zonic, which is

Veteran City would look like this city on the album of Two Steps from Hell

also very close to the Zone Prizon, where he works. As an Adventure Field, is quite large. Notable areas include Casparoza's library and the Congress, which is located at the tallest skyscraper of the city. Throughout the story, the protagonists frequently visit Veteran City because it offers them full support on their journey. You may click here to see how it would look like.

City in the Sky

An enormous city that floats the sky. It is built on a huge, red aircraft that has loosely the shape of a bird. It is well equipped with an aerodrome and a harbour for flying ships, defense towers as well as cannons, turrets and humungous turbines. The city is divided into numerous quarters, each one loosely divided by iron walls. The city has streets which permit citizens to walk normally, but some sections are without ground and allow for floating vehicles to travel easier.

The City in the Sky would look like this flying city, from a Final Fantasy game.

Sonic and co visit the City in the Sky in search of its wealthy dictator Lord Sidewinder in order to get a Chaos Emeralds he has. Lord Sidewinder resides in the tallest skyscraper, which is located at the anterior border of the aircraft.


Another floating continent. It is composed of a series of small, floating islands, rotating around a much larger floating continent, covered in a series of dense clouds. There lives a dragon tribe known as the Xazars, who are hunters and not as dependant on technology as the previous peoples. The land has little vegetation; it consists of rocky plains and mountains. Sonic and his friends visit this land to solve the conflict between them and Lord Sidewinder.

Cold Canyon

An ice themed location. It is not explored in depth by the heroes but head there after pursuing a spacecraft whose troops stole the Chaos Emerald, later revealed to be that of Kid Cruel's. Cold Canyon is a jungle covered in everlasting snow. In spite of its extreme climate, it does have some flora and fauna which benefit from its harsh conditions.

Zone Prizon

The Zone Prizon is a prison where the most ruthless and notorious masterminds are imprisoned. The prison is located near the Twilight Cage. Zone Cops work there in keeping everything under control. As an Adventure Field, is it quite small and only takes place in interior areas. In Story Mode, Knuckles, Julie-Su and Finitevus escape from here after rescuing Mighty and Charmy from captivity, where they are held there for suspicion.

Regal Relics

A relatively small kingdom, consisting of medieval towers and castles of eastern architecture, which is ruled by a mind controlled Shade. A notable characteristic of this kingdom is its rich vegetation, due to being close to a forest. Knuckles and his team visit the Regal Relics in attempt to rescue Shade. You may click here to see how it would look like.

Planet Wisp

Planet Wisp is a tiny planet that orbits the main planet of Nexus. It is home to the Wisps, the same race that Sonic and his friends met in Sonic
Tumblr m3hdcuCd2m1rtgkazo1 500

Planet Wisp

. The planet's environment remains largely the same as it was in the previous games. Remnants of construction sites can still be found in some areas of the adventure field. These are now used as bases by Paragogue's army.

Black Nova

A satellite that orbits Planet Wisp; it is constructed entirely by steel. It features an operating base with a tall control tower. Large, floating chunks of land float around the satellite where more, smaller bases are constructed that resemble spacecrafts. Because the place is very dark, the satellite contains numerous searchlights.


A high-tech city built in the sea. It consists of numerous small islands, each connected by a series of large bridges and highways. The islands feature small sized cities with skyscrapers. All of them connect to the central island, which features the main city. The adventure field takes place during night time. As such, the city is illuminated with lights.


A city located near a desert. It is built near a large river. Its buildings are massive and resemble somehow eastern architecture. You may click here to see how it would look like.


A desert; it is the Adventure Field equivalent of the Action Stage Scorching Sands. It serves as one of Paragogue's many bases of operation. The desert is fortified with many high-tech pyramids.

Tachyon Terminal

A station which enables passengers to travel very fast into various locations of the Nexus. It is so large that resembles a city itself. Long rails, aerodromes, heliports and hangars surround the outer perimeter of the station. You may click here  to see how it would look like.

The Beginning

The very first colony that the Children of the Stars, a.k.a. the Echidnas founded in the Nexus approximately 6000 years ago is known as The Beginning. It is said, according to legend that Dave landed on this spot on board his Monolith. The colony grew and eventually became the largest and most powerful city in the Nexus. Nevertheless, when the Echidnas stopped visiting the Nexus peoples, the city fell into decay and was ultimately abandoned. The Beginning now spawns various megastructures covered in vegetation and submerged under a shallow lake. Deactivated Jomon can also be found here and there. Underground is located a high tech research facility, which is afterwards revealed to be part of a massive mothership hidden below the surface of The Beginning. The player has access to this facility.


A metropolis located near a shore. It is where the Battle of Sarrytian takes place between the allied forces and Adrasteia's army, lead by Paragogue. Sarrytian is later revealed to house the tomb of Dave the Echidna, in an underground mausoleum. It is also Lord Sidewinder's birthplace.

Paragogue's Flagship

An enormous battleship that floats in the sky; it is surrounded by multiple other airships. The main flagship is pyramidal shaped. Paragogue awaits inside as the Boss battle of the stage.

Astral Colony

The Astral Colony is a city that is found on a very small planet that orbits the Nexus. It is where the Astral Beings reside, the oldest inhabitants of this dimension and the ones who watch over the Nexus. The colony features characteristic pyramidal towers made of stardust. The interior resembles a palace, with stardust and jewels decorating the hallways. Sonic and his friends head there to get answers to their questions following Adrasteia's sudden revelation. You may click here to see how it would look like.

Photon Colosseum

A massive, high-tech colosseum. where countless spectators come to watch contestants participate in dangerous games. Sonic, Tails, Dr. Eggman, Shadow, Big and Amy end up there when they are abducted by mercenaries. They are forces to participate in life threatening battles against robots. Luckily they are rescued by Fang, who takes them through the underground chambers of the colosseum to Kid Cruel's ship. You may click here to see how Photon Colosseum would look like from outside.


A futuristic city that is home to some underground caverns which among their multiple metals, one can find the Krama, a unique metal compound that is capable of killing Adrasteia's steel body. Like Veteran City, Zerathon is a metropolis and is heavily fortified. The heroes battle with the allied forces here against Adrasteia's army. To see how the underground caverns of the city would look like, click here.

Ark of the Stars

An arbitrary name for the very first starship developed by the Children of the Stars, with the guidance of the Astral Beings. It has the appearance and shape of a planet, though its diameter is significantly smaller than that of the Space Colony ARK. 4000 years ago, approximately, the starship was abandoned and left deactivated under the earth, where currently Central City is built. When Knuckles and Locke activated the defense units at the battle of Angel Island, this triggered a reaction mechanizm which caused the starship to be temporarily reactivated and appear suddenly at the skyline of Central City. Because of its appearance, everyone mistook it for a planet that had appeared out of nowhere.

The Ark of the Stars originally served as the Star Children's main transport vehicle for travelling between worlds. Its planetoid shape made the Nexus people to believe that the Echidnas were gods and hailed them as such. Numerous ancient accounts and prophecies are connected with their arrival on their ship. During Chapter 8, Sutamin uses the 7 Chaos Emeralds to summon it from Earth in order to be used as a conduit to infiltrate Adrasteia's mothership in the final battle without being detected.

Ora Terminalis

Adrasteia's immense mothership. It is found at the Ouroboros constellation. It features an entire city, several hangars and other, small spacecrafts floating around it. It is heavily armed with thousands of cannons, laser beams and turrets. It's main weapon is the laser cannon that works with the Albion technology. The name translates to Final Frontier in Latin. You may click here to see how it would look like.

Planetary Utopia

This is the final destination of the heroes' jouney. It is a place where planets are created by the earth, forming extremely tall trees that harbour growing planets. You may click here to see how it would look like. As an environment, it features rivers, meadows, jungles etc. The Planetary Utopia is the home of the Legend of the Golden Epics, which is sealed inside an ancient, underground temple, guarded by 11 Gates.

Action Stages

Balloon Valley

The first Action Stage, it is located at Green Hill Zone. It takes place in a green valley with a myriad of air balloons in the sky. They serve as stage
Wallpaper ZoneBSZ

Balloon Valley

gimmicks. The stage is only accessible to Sonic in the Story mode but once completed it can be accessed with any character. It is relatively easy.

Billboard Boulevard

Billboard Boulevard takes place in Central City. The stage takes its name from the central boulevard, which is full of vehicles and busy citizens. The stage is suitable for characters who utilize speed such as Sonic or Blaze, because it features many speed packed highways with speed panels. Characters such as Tails and Rouge, who can fly above the city's skyscrapers while Power type characters such as Knuckles and Sutamin will have to go through narrow roads to beat enemies. Billboards serve as stage gimmicks here. Dr. Eggman's robots and Kid Cruel's Coconut Crew appear as stage enemies. Overall, the stage's layout resembles 00's Boulevard from Sonic Adventure 3: GX.

Night Jungle

Night Jungle takes place in The Nexus. It is a purple jungle, with humungous, extraterrestrial trees, upon which a city of wooden treehouses is built. These trees hide the sunlight. Below, there is a marsh and a system of roots created by the tall trees. The stage is located at Qua'dor, the heroes' first destination in the Nexus.

Warlords' Fortress

This stage is located at Mavragonia. It is a pirate themed city and is played in night time. The player starts from the busy harbour, continues to the outskirts and ends at the city centre, where large, medieval structures such as towers are located, including a large dome. You may click here to see how it would look like.

Sensation City

A luxurious, casino themed city owned by the notorious Kid Cruel. There are many skyscrapers decorated with colourful, neon lights here, as well as a carnival infrastructure. It also features many areas which require puzzle solving to be passed, such as gates. While it appears to be a harmless city that attracts many tourists, especially young audience, it houses the mafia, also led by Kid Cruel. Sensation City is the sixth stage in the story and is played by Espio, Mighty & Charmy ad Vector.

Minefield Meadows

A wasteland located at the outskirts of Varsimoe, the Jomon city. One has to get passed the Minefield meadows to reach the mines where the Jomon work. The stage starts from the minefields, which are located on the inner perimeter of the mountain. There is a large pit in the center of the mountain. Afterwards, the player continues through a base built on the outer perimeter of the mountain. The stage's Goal Ring is located at the end of the wasteland, which is filled with minefields. You may click here to see how it would look like.

Sky Metropolis

An Action stage based on the City on the Sky Adventure Field. It is a beautiful stage, owing to its incredible view and great detail with which the city is designed. Plays will travel in various parts of the city in this stage, namely the harbour, which houses floating aircrafts, the wings of the ship with its massive turbines, the underground interior and of course the city centre. Speed is a necessity here, as it contains many hidden paths for speed type characters. Action packed sections are also included in this stage where players must fight against enemies.

Cloudy Continent

This is an Action Stage version of the Adventure Field Xazaria. The stage starts off from the sky, with a track consisting of many rails, which eventually take the player around an enormous cloud. From there, the player continues to the peripheral islands that rotate around a much larger chunk of land, which is inside the dense cloud. Towards the end, the stage becomes engulfed with thunder strikes and heavy rain.

Cold Canyon

An ice themed level. It is basically a snow covered jungle. There is also a frozen lake where some enemies are encountered and fought. As the stage progresses, its starts to look more like canyon and less like a jungle. The canyon is again covered with frost and features various hollow caves and tunnels, where stage enemies are located. Preferable for power type characters.

Gigantic Grove

A forest themed level. It features super tall trees and vines, many rails, as well as many routes to take.

Regal Relic

A kingdom that is situated nearby the Gigantic Grove. As an Action Stage, it is comprised of multiple catacombs and towers, where enemies are fought. You may click here to see  an image from, to get an idea of how the stage would look like.

Satellite Speedway

This stage is the action stage equivalent of the adventure field Black Nova. It takes place on a cyber satellite with searchlights and control towers. The player has also access to the large, floating chunks of land that float around the satellite and have bases constructed on them. Stage enemies include Dr. Eggman's robots and Kid Cruel's Coconut crew. 

Oceanic Kingdom

A water themed level. It takes place in a city known as Aquosis, built in the sea. It is a high-tech metropolis built on a series of small islands, each

Image from Final Fantasy

interconnected by a series of highways and bridges. The player is given a wide option of characters to play this stage in story mode. The stage takes place during night time. Captain Metal's crew serve as stage enemies here.

Scorching Sands

A desert themed level. It is comprised of a series of high tech pyramids, which serve as Paragogue's base of operation. The exterior is heavily guarded by soldiers, tanks and laser turrets while the interior features numerous research facilities. Large aircrafts can also be seen floating in the sky. You may click here to see how it would look like.

Lost Chronicle

This stage takes place inside Knuckles' mind. Knuckles experiences the time back when The Beginning was being constructed. This stage, unlike most stages in the game, is slow paced and has sad and calm music, much like Lost Impact. Because the stage takes place when the city was being constructed, it features multiple, half-built, ancient megastructures such as ziggurats and temples as well as multiple Echidna residents. In the story of the game, Knuckles is the only playable character.

Aquatic Sanctuary

This stage takes place in the modern state of The Beginning. Hence, some sections are recognizable from Lost Chronicle. After 6000 years, the ruins of the city have been covered in vegetation and submerged under a shallow lake. The most suitable characters to use here are speed characters, especially Sonic, Shadow or Metal Sonic, since they can run on water. The stage combines the elements of the ruins of a once powerful civilization with those of a forest in water.

Tachyon Terminal

An action stage equivalent of the Adventure Field Tachyon Terminal. It is basically a futuristic station of railways, spacecrafts etc. Speed type characters have an advantage in this stage, as it features multiple speed relying sections. Here is where Sonic is betrayed by Zonic.

Haywire Heights

A stage very similar to Sky Metropolis; it is the City in the Sky during the invasion of Paragogue's army, in the midst of a battle. Most of the stage's layout is therefore similar to Sky Metropolis, with some few adjustments. Multiple buildings and segments of the city are destroyed and there are many enemies present. It is also more difficult than its previous counterpart. The stages takes place during a sundown.

Pterygoid Planet

An Action Stage of the Star Children's planetoid spaceship. Because it was deactivated for so many centuries, the exterior of the starship is covered in vegetation, forming a forest. Under the forest, there are remnants of metal structures such as bridges and towers. There is also a river that runs along the surface of the ship. This causes the heroes to mistake it for a biological spacecraft upon walking on its surface. As a stage, it features gimmicks such as rails and falling platforms, similarly to Sky Sanctuary. Ancient statues and Jomon appear as common enemies.

The inside, however, is completely different. Instead of a forest, the inside of the spacecraft features ancient corridors and chambers heavily equipped with defense units. The player must defeat many enemies and solve puzzles to proceed to the chambers and eventually reach the cockpit. Again, gimmicks include falling platforms, since the spacecraft is very old.

Cosmic Rush

This is a space themed level. It takes place on the outside of Adrasteia's mothership, Ora Terminalis. Notable sections include the heavily armed hangars, the exterior metropolis built on the upper part of the mothership, the vast wings, which project miles laterally and the peripheral starships that fly close to the mothership. The stage features many different routes for the player to take depending on the type of character they use e.g. speed, fly or power.

The Construct

Another space themed level that is very similar to the pervious one. It takes place again on the Ora Terminalis. This level, however, is much more difficult that the previous one. Some of the areas in this level are the same from Cosmic Rush, with some new additions and changes. Because some segments of the mothership are collapsing, the player takes different routes than before and must battle his way through many enemies and solve puzzles to open gates and destroy defense mechanizms.

Final Utopia

This stage is part Adventure Field and part action stage. This means that throughout the stage, the gameplay will change to RPG or vice versa. It is the longest stage in the entire game, excluding Starlight Shimmer. It is an action stage equivalent of the Planetary Utopia Adventure Field. As seen in in this picture, most of the stage takes place in an unusual forest - jungle where planets grow from the earth and create supertall trees. Some of the stage's sections actually let the player climb on top of these trees and planets. There is also a very large river. Only ancient Echidna robots and Jomon appear as common enemies here.

Starlight Shimmer

The final stage in the game; while technically an Action stage, it serves as the Final Boss of the game overall. The player takes control of Super Sonic as he races against an Astral Being across different dimensions. Your goal is to beat the Astral Being in the race within a time limit, after passing a specific point. You must collect rings to retain your super form, as usual. In the meantime, the player must dodge obstacles such as meteorites, radiation or debris. Sometimes, the Astral Being itself will attack you indirectly, so you need to avoid these attacks as well. As Super Sonic, you rely mostly on speed, although you have the ability to perform some attacks. There is also a gauge on the bottom left corner of the screen, which allows you to execute various techniques such as super speed, time control etc.

The race takes place throughout various dimensions. At one time, the player travels through bright planets and skies with floating islands and ruins. Then, the player may warp to a dimension with black holes or a dark sky with thunderstorms etc. You may click here, here and here to see some examples. This race is known as the Race through the Stars, according to the Golden Epics, and is part of the last prophecy, according to which he who will race through the stars will unlock the Legend of the Golden Epics and heal the Nexus. In contrast to most final bosses in games, here the player does not rely much on attacks, but speed. Nevertheless, Starlight Shimmer is not an easy stage to complete.


  • King of Qua'dor - Classic - The King of the Qua'dor clan. It is the first Boss and is therefore quite easy.
  • Captain Metal (I) - Adventure - Metal Sonic upgraded into a pirate. He fights using his newly acquired powers.
  • Kid Cruel (I)- Classic - Kid Cruel does not fight directly, but instead battles through his minions, the Coconut Crew.
  • Henchmen - Classic - 3 battle guards who rule tyrannically the Jomon. They use various sorts of weaponry.
  • Lord Sidewinder - Classic - Lord Sidewinder battles himself along with two of his body guads. The battle consists of two parts. Sidewinder attacks not only with physical force, but also with weapons and preferably with magic. His body guards deal much more damage than him.
  • Egg Magister - Adventure - A gigantic robot piloted by Dr. Eggman himself. He is fought in an avenue in the City on the Sky by Sonic.
  • Kid Cruel (II) - Adventure - Here, Kid Cruel pilots a machine, similar to Dr. Eggman's. Coconuts appear in the battlefield as well to thwart the player's actions.
  • Egg Kaiser - Classic - Another robot by Dr. Eggman; it bears resemblance to the Egg Magister. It is played in RPG gameplay.
  • Shade - Classic - Shade is fought as a Boss, alongside three of her minions. Her attacks are the same as when she is playable.
  • Egg Aquila - Adventure - A robot piloted by both Dr. Eggman and Kid Cruel. As its name states, it resembles an eagle.
  • Captain Metal (II) - Classic - Same as the previous homonymous Boss battle, although more difficult and played in RPG form. You can play as Captain Whisker here.
  • Paragogue (I) - Classic - Paragogue's attacks are mostly magic attacks. He is fought alongside his henchmen.
  • Paragogue (II) - Adventure - Paragogue is fought inside his flagship. He uses magic attacks.
  • Maxima's Desciple - Adventure - A giant robot, member of Adrasteia's robot army.
  • Dr. Finitevus - Classic - He is fought alone. The player uses only Knuckles. His attacks are much stronger than his playable counterpart.
  • Sutamin - Classic - Sutamin becomes an unrecognizable, heavily armed robot once he puts the replica of his face that attacks Sonic and co. Being Dave's own creation and closest companion, Sutamin would serve appropriately as his spacecraft's last guardian.
  • Adrasteia - Phase I - Classic - This is an RPG battle against Adrasteia herself. Her attacks are very powerful and she fights along two of her henchmen.
  • Adrasteia - Phase II - Classic - Here you take control of Super Sonic and confront Adrasteia alone in an RPG battle. Her attacks are now even more powerful and her life gauge is doubled than other Bosses in the game. Nevertheless, Super Sonic's commands also deal huge damage, making this Boss easier than the previous one.
  • Adrasteia - Phase III - Adventure - An action boss; you take control of the 3 Super hedgehogs and battle against Adrasteia's new form. She has merged with the planet sealed inside the starship of the Children of the Stars, forming a relatively small planet with mecha flora and fauna. As you control the three hedgehogs, you fly around the atmosphere of the planet while destroying her cores that keep her alive.
  • Adrasteia - Phase IV - Adventure - Now, you take control only of Super Sonic and approach the heart of the planet, which is a massive, mechanical tree that harbours the Albion technology. It is heavily fortified with flora and fauna, all equipped with Albion technology cybernetics. Your mission is to destroy the tree. This is the final boss in terms of adventure gameplay.
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