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The Chronicles of Sonic the Hedgehog: Legend of the Golden Epics is an action role-playing and fan made videogame, developed by Sonic Team and published by SEGA. The game is directed by Juely, who also directed both prequels. The Chronicles of Sonic the Hedgehog: Legend of the Golden Epics is the third and final instalment of The Chronicles of Sonic the Hedgehog series and retains its predecessor's dark and epic tone.

The story is set to take place immediately after the events of Sonic Adventure 3: GX and will involve Sonic and his team embarking on a journey to an interdimensional world in attempt to uncover the Legend of which the Golden Epics tell. The game is a mixture of Adventure - platformer and classic RPG. Juely has stated that it would be the last Sonic game before a reboot of the series. The game was released in November 21, 2014  for the Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and Wii U, 4 months prior to its scheduled release and coinciding with the European release of Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric.

The Chronicles of Sonic the Hedgehog: Legend of the Golden Epics
Sonic Team
Action Role-Playing, Adventure, Platformer
Release Date(s)
Jaguar European.png November 21, 2014

Jaguar american.jpg November 21, 2014
Jaguar flagen.jpg November 21, 2014

Jaguar Australian.jpg November 21, 2014
Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Wii U
Crush 40, Thomas Bergersen, Nick Phoenix
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Following the events of Sonic Adventure 3: GX, Sonic and his friends, with the help of Professor Pickle, discover that the Albion technology's true


Two Steps From Hell - Blizzard (SkyWorld)-0

Blizzard by Two Steps from Hell, would serve as the game's trailer music.

purpose of creation was not for the advancement of technology itself but served as a compass to another dimension, which the Echidnas visited millennia ago and got known as the Children of the Stars. With the Golden Epics as their map and the Albion technology as their compass, Sonic and his crew venture on a journey of epic proportions in a distant world in order to uncover the mysterious past of the Echidna civilization and the Legend of the Golden Epics.

During their journey to the Nexus, the World that Connects Worlds, Sonic and his friends will meet new allies and enemies and come across various mysteries such as the Echidna civilization's hidden past, the sudden appearance of a planet like structure in Central City's skyline and the sudden disappearance of G.U.N. soldiers following its appearance.

The game's story explores the relationships between technology and nature and how one can affect the other with man as the epicenter. It also focuses on forgiveness and generosity as seen in the epilogue of the game where Sonic, in reference to writer and poet Khalil Gibran, says that generosity is not giving someone something that he needs most, but giving him that which you need more than he does. The story's premise is loosely based on true events.


Main article: The Chronicles of Sonic the Hedgehog: Legend of the Golden Epics/ Story/ Part 1
Main article: The Chronicles of Sonic the Hedgehog: Legend of the Golden Epics/ Story/ Part 2

The game's full story is written on these two pages. Prologue till Chapter 6 are on the first link while Chapters 7 till Epilogue are on the second link.


Gameplay of The Chronicles of Sonic the Hedgehog: Legend of the Golden Epics is divided into two parts; Adventure and RPG. Adventure is very similar to the previous instalment's gameplay The Chronicles of Sonic the Hedgehog: Rise of the Heroes as well as Action RPG's gameplay. The player takes control of a character in a 3D environment and their objective is to reach the Goal Ring, which is usually found at the end of each level, by defeating enemies, obtaining rings and power ups. Upon completing the level, the player is accredited according to their score, which increases according to the players' progress. Each character has a set of moves unique to him. Up to 4 players simultaneously can join or they can be controlled by the computer. Adventure stages usually take from 7 to 15 minutes to complete and are located in Adventure Fields. There are multiple items in Adventure stages such as vehicles, which assist the player to surpass certain points in the stage, upgrades and red star rings, which unlock bonus content.

In Classic Role-Playing gameplay, the player is given or creates their own party of characters, which can range from 1 to 23 playable characters, and explores environments termed Adventure Fields. Adventure Fields feature various gimmicks such as hidden power-ups, townspeople where the player can interact and gain important information, Shop, puzzles which need to be solved in order to progress etc. The most notable gimmick are enemies, which can be encountered in a random battle, that is they are found scattered in the map and are not obligatory to fight or normally when they serve Story purposes or Bosses. When encountered, the player are drawn into a battle and their objective is to diminish their life points to 0. The gameplay is turn based as are most classic RPG games. Here, up to 4 different characters can be controlled, either by the same player or by others. Characters' abilities and level may be upgraded by earning experience points, which are gained by using the character frequently in battle.

In Battle, numerous commands can be selected. Fight has numerous attacks which the character will execute, Magic has attacks which require a certain cost, Items will allow the character to use items they acquired during their exploration and perform certain actions such as Heal, Special will allow the character to execute a special attack which requires a cost of points and must be loaded. Special Attacks are performed individually. Each character has a list of Basic and Special attacks but must be unlocked as the game progresses. POW Moves are the most powerful attacks. They are performed either individually or partnered, sometimes even with 4 characters. These attacks requires lost of points to be conducted. Finally, other commands include Flee and Summon, where the player can summon a creature for assistance. One notable contrast with the rest RPG games in the market is that this game does not involve difficult or complicated gameplay with statistics or power meters etc. Instead, it is targeted for a younger audience. In general, the RPG gameplay remains loyal to the initial instalments of the classic RPG series Final Fantasy.

Bosses are battled either Adventure or RPG mode. Bosses, like Adventure stages, can also be selected from the menu once cleared. The Story of the game progresses as the player clears more Adventure and RPG stages. Additional gameplay elements include puzzles, which serve as little minigames or riddles. The game features 3D CGI animated cutscenes, as well as in game dialogue scenes where the player may sometimes be given the option of selecting the answer, altering the game's progress.


All in all, the game features 23 playable characters (24 in RPG) and a number of other non playable characters. The player starts off with few characters and as the story progresses, more characters that are encountered throughout the game will join the party.

Playable Characters

Image Description
Sonicrun 2006.png Sonic the Hedgehog - The protagonist of the game, Sonic is the fastest thing alive and the one who has constantly been thwarting Dr. Eggman's evil schemes. This time, Sonic gathers a group of his greatest companions in order to venture to the Nexus, the World that Connects Worlds and uncover the secret behind the Legend of which the Golden Epics tell. He is the fastest character and a basic one for novice players to choose.
Rivals knuckles running.png Knuckles the Echidna - Knuckles is the Guardian of the Master Emerald and one of the last remaining Echidnas, following the Battle of Angel Island. He joins Sonic and the team on their adventure to find Shade the Echidna, who was banished there by Dr. Finitevus and to learn the mysterious past of his ancestors' legacy. Knuckles is the strongest character to begin with. He uses the Brotherhood's Sacred Treasures for all of his attacks.
S T H - Artwork - 9 (Shadow).png Shadow the Hedgehog - The Ultimate Life Form created by Dr. Eggman's grandfather nearly 50 years ago aboard the Space Colony ARK. Having regained his memories and resigned from G.U.N., Shadow remains thruthful to his friend's promise to protect this planet and aids the humans on their mission to solve the mystery behind the sudden appearance of a planet in the city's skyline. Shadow uses his Chaos powers for his attacks.
Tails The Fox.png Miles "Tails" Prower - Sonic's loyal and childhood friend. He usually accompanies Sonic in most of his adventures. As a master mechanic, Tails constructs the Blue Wind, with the help of Dr. Magic, with which Sonic and their group will travel to the Nexus. Tails is a character that can easily be mastered by any player.
Zonic.jpg Zonic the Zone Cop - A mysterious individual that goes by the name Zonic. He resembles Sonic to a great extent and works as a policeman of the Zone Prizon, where the most ruthless criminals are banished and held behind bars. Zonic is later revealed to be Sonic's other self in this dimension and joins the team to help them find the Legend of the Golden Epics and in return, to find the fugitive of the Zone Prizon. Zonic does not possess Sonic's speed. Instead, he solely relies in firearms and intricate, futuristic weaponry. He proves to be a very faithful companion to Sonic.
Amy 41.png Amy Rose - Amy is Sonic's self proclaimed girlfriend. Despite sometimes being a nuisance to Sonic, the two are very close friends and constantly help one another. Amy joins the team in attempt to impress Sonic and ultimately win his heart. Amy uses her Piko Piko Hammer for most of her attacks and, like Sonic, lacks many projectiles.
Joman2.jpg Sutamin the Jomon - An extremely ancient robot, one of the first artificial life forms ever created and part of the Jomon tribe, created millennia ago by the Children of the Stars when they first colonized the Nexus, the World that Connects Worlds. Sutamin is the prototype of the Gizoid, he is the tallest character in the team and made of Albion technology. He is rusty and has a mechanical bird on his head that sometimes whistles. He wilfully joins the team after Sonic rescues his tribe from oppression and in return vows to help him accomplish his goals. He is in search of his face, which he has lost. Sutamin has a wide arsenal of weaponry, including a razor sharp katana.
Happy-new-new-silver.png Silver the Hedgehog - Silver is a psychokinetic warrior from the future and a good friend of Blaze the Cat. He appears later in the story and aids Sonic and his team in their mission. Silver's attacks are based off his psychokinetic abilities, which are unique to him. He can also summon a huge psychic dragon as one of his POW moves. Silver also possesses the ability to forsee the future some seconds before, which comes useful in battle, as well as his telepathic abilities.
Blaze06.png Blaze the Cat - A pyrokinetic feline, Silver's best friend and sidekick. Blaze joins Sonic and co along with Silver in order to unlock the secret of the Golden Epics. Her attacks are all fire related. She has many projectiles, is agile, fast and versatile.
Julie-su.jpg Julie-Su the Echidna - Knuckles' faithfull ally; following the events in Sonic Adventure 3: GX, Julie-Su and Knuckles became closest friends. Julie-Su originally served Dimitri until she decided to take matters into her own hands and save the Echidna tribe. In the game, Julie-Su accompanies Knuckles and co on their journey to the Nexus. Julie-Su's main weapon is her Plasma gun, which enables her to shoot projectiles and transforms into a wip.
Rare SEGA Rouge the Bat Lrg.png Rouge the Bat - Rouge is a G.U.N. secret agent, working for the humans. She is Shadow's second closest friend. Rouge hears of the Legend the Golden Epics tell and believing it to be some sort of treasure, she joins Sonic and co from the start, making her one of the original members of the team. Rouge's attacks involve kicks and close range attacks. She also uses bat bombs as he magic attacks.
Shadowth espio.png Espio the Chameleon - Espio is a member of the Chaotix Detective Agency and probably the only one who takes his job seriously. He boasts incredible ninja skills as well as the ability to become invisible. Espio uses many close range attacks. He also uses shuriken, nunchuks and daggers.
Rr8208.png Charmy Bee & Mighty the Armadillo - Charmy is a 7 year old, easy going bee while Mighty is an explortive and adventurous armadillo. The two are members of the Chaotix Detective Agency. In terms of gameplay, the two battle as one character, Charmy constantly flying by his side and serving as nearly all of Mighty's projectile attacks. Many of their moves require them to co-operate.
Sonic-Free-Riders-Vector-artwork.png Vector the Crocodile - Head of the Chaotix Detective Agency, a cheerful and good hearted crocodile, Vector is assigned a mission to track the whereabouts of Kid Cruel, a simian mafia mastermind and his Coconut Crew. Vector uses his arms and jaws for his close range attacks. He uses several objects such as his bubble gum as projectiles. He has a special POW move with Espio, Mighty and Charmy, the Chaotix Recital.
CreamCheeseSH.png Cream the Rabbit & Cheese the Chao - Cream joins the team at the start of the story in secret because her mother prohibits her to go on such a perilous journey, so she sneaks inside the spacecraft, along with Cheese, unnoticed. Cream solely relies on Cheese for her attacks. She can also summon other Chao to help her.
1000px-Whisker 0216 ok.png Captain Whisker - Captain Whisker leads a crew of pirates. After having been banished to this dimension as an evildoer, following the events in Rise of the Heroes, he accidentally comes across Sonic and the two unwillingly form a pact to have their own goals accomplished. Deep down, Captain Whisker does not hold a grudge on Sonic but instead is goodhearted and as the story progresses, he proves a valuable member to the team. Whisker uses his powerful arms as melee attacks and many firearms, including a sword. As his magic attack, he may summon his crew, mostly for defense.
Big 4.png Big the Cat - An obese cat from the Mystic Ruins, Big's everyday life consists of eating, fishing and sleeping, all done with his best friend Froggy by his side. Big joins the heroes unintentionally and eventually accompanies them throughout their journey. His moveset consists of his incredible physical strength, his umbrella and his fishing rod. He is assisted by his friend Froggy in some of his attacks. Big is the best defensive character of all the roster.
Robotnik 42.png Dr. Eggman - Sonic's arch-nemesis but also one of his greatest allies. This time, Dr. Eggman is as determined as ever to get his hands on the Legend of the Golden Epics and dispose of Sonic from Earth. However, as the story goes on, Dr. Eggman and Sonic will soon have to join forces one last time to save the Nexus and return back home. In contrast to previous games, Dr. Eggman does not pilot the Egg Walker. Instead, he moves constantly by foot and attacks with firearms. He also uses some close range punch and kick attacks.
Nack Archie Profile.png Fang the Sniper - Fang the Sniper is one of Sonic's oldest enemies. He sports an outlaw look and attitude and wields multiple firearms such as his Magnum 4 pistols, bombs, snipers and a gatling gun. When Fang eavesdrops about the Golden Epics, he immediately informs Kid Cruel, his boss, who decides to go seek for the Legend of the Golden Epics himself. Fang appears quite early in the game's story but does not become playable until Chapter 9.
Dr Finitevus 1.png Dr. Finitevus - An evil echidna scientist, who years ago was transformed into an albino psychopath as a result of Chaos radiation. Prior to the events in the game, he tried to dispose of the entire Brotherhood of Guardians and get the Enerjak suit to ultimately take control of the Angel Island and reign supreme. After his plans where foiled by Knuckles, Finitevus was banished to the Nexus where he awaited the heroes in order to fulfil his plans once again. Finitevus forms an alliance with Knuckles and guides him to his destination since he knows this world very well, as well as many secrets from the Echidna civilization. Finitevus is the magician of the team. He uses his dark chaos energy to create shadowy beings and attack directly.
111px-Sonicchronicles shade.jpg Shade the Echidna - Knuckles ventures into the Nexus, along with his friends to find Shade, who was banished by Dr. Finitevus prior to the events of the game. Shade uses powers derived from the armour. She also uses her Nocturn Blades for close ranged attacks. Most of her POW moves require either Knuckles or Julie-Su to be conducted.
Omega1213.png E-123 OMEGA - Shadow's best friend, Omega is the last of the E series robots created by Dr. Eggman, who eventually turned against him. Omega's attacks involve the most firearm weaponry of any other character including blasters, gatling guns, flamethrowers, rockets etc. Omega appears very late in the story, appearing in Chapter 6, although he makes a cameo near the beginning of the game.
Chaos 1.png Chaos - In the end of The Chronicles of Sonic the Hedgehog: Rise of the Heroes, it was revealed that Cheese the Chao was none other than the Goad of destruction himself. Chaos is a very unique character, as he can upgrade during gameplay into his other forms. His ability to shapeshift allows him to use multiple ways to attack his enemies. Chaos does not appear in the story until the very end in Chapter 10, as such, he appears the most late than any other character in the game. Even so, he does not become playable until the story is finished. He is therefore unlockable.
Ikik.png Kid Cruel - A simian gangster mastermind who leads the Coconuts, a monkey army. As a mafiozo, Kid Cruel has been involved in a number of crimes, which Team Chaotix is called up for to investigate. He owns a casino themed city where he also resides. Kid Cruel learns of the Legend of the Golden Epics thanks to his subordinates and sets off to get it. Kid Cruel is not playable in Adventure stages, only in RPG stages and only after inputting a secret code while selecting Dr. Eggman as a character in the character selection screen once Story Mode has been completed.

Non Playable Characters


Tomingthon is an Echidna hybrid from the Nexus city of Talamuzius, which is one of the first destinations of the heroes and holds valuable information about the Echidna civilization. Tomingthon has the position of a marshall and is frequently appointed in missions. He is the first ally they make when they arrive to the Nexus. Tomingthon can be found in the Adventure Fields many times. He also helps the heroes on several occasions during the game.

Professor Pickle

Professor Pickle joins Sonic and his friends on their journey to the Nexus and is one of the first forming members of the team, as well as the only human. He possesses a profound knowledge on the Echidna civilization and is the one who deciphers the Golden Epics in order to lead them to their destination. Professor Pickle does not fight, but always follows the heroes, even in the most dangerous circumstances.

Lord Sidewinder

A powerful villainous aristocrat and oppressor who rules a city in the sky. Sidewinder first appears in Chapter 3 but is first mentioned in Chapter 2.

Lord Sidewinder

Sonic and his team head to find him after learning of his connection with the Jomon tribe and his possession of a Chaos Emerald. While having a malicious and grotesque appearance like that of a snake, he eventually aids Sonic and his friends in their struggle to defeat the evil Paragogue. Sidwinder's appearance remains more or less the same as that from the comics. The only changes he has undergone are minor and include changes in his attire. He wears a red and black aristocratic robe, below of which he wears a formal costume, which is adorned with snake symbols. He also wears a monocle. Lord Sidewinder is 137 years old, making him the second oldest character in the series in terms of age, first being Sutamin, who is more than 4000 years old.

Everbard Lune

Everbard Lune is Zonic's pilot and mechanic. He is a white furred cat who wears a jumpsuit, a pair of black boots and fireproof gloves and goggles. He appears frequently in the story when he pilots Zonic's aircraft and takes the heroes throughout various locations. He sometimes appears in Adventure Fields too.


The game's main villain. At the beginning of the story, very little, if not nothing is hinted or mentioned about him. Paragogue first appears in Chapter 3 where he makes a small cameo in Veteran City's council as a respected member of high authority where he greets Sonic with a handshake. Later in the game, Paragogue is revealed to be a villain, working undercover in order to steal the Albion technology and rule the Nexus. Paragogue's true appearance is revealed in Chapter 6. He appears to be a native of the Nexus but his face is constantly covered with a mask. He possesses magical powers and resembles a scorecer. He wears a tall headgear that resembles a crown and an armour. In Chapter 7, it is revealed that Paragogue is actually not the main villian but a decoy.


A creature of old age hat resembles a human. He runs the World Library in Veteran City, where Sonic and co go to gather valuable information about the Nexus and the Golden Epics. Professor Pickle passes most of his time in this library, trying to decipher the Golden Epics with the help of Casparoza's books.

Captain Metal

When Metal Sonic was destroyed in The Battle of Angel Island, he was banished to the Nexus, where his parts where found and reassembled. Metal Sonic was reprogrammed to Captain Metal, a fearsome mercanery, who was put in charge to guard the seas. Captain Whisker seems to have a vendetta against him as he is in possession of something very valuable. Still, it is unknown who recreated him and for what purposes. Sonic and Captain Whisker fight against Captain Metal and his crew at least twice as a Boss battle.


One of the members of Kid Cruel's Coconut Crew and closest associates. He acts as a subordinate to Kid Cruel and Fang's

Gong standing on the right.

co worker. He is a very small and round shaped chimpanzee. Like all members of the Coconut Crew, he wears a jumpsuit with a belt and mutliple tools. Unlike the rest of the members, he is the most intelligent one. Near the end of the story, he joins the team in order to unlock the secret behind the Legend of the Golden Epics.

Swash and Buckle

Two robot pirates and members of Captain Whisker's pirate crew. The two serve as comic relief characters and are rarely seen apart. They first appear in Chapter 2 when they are seen in Captain Whisker's ship. While they are not very intelligent, when working together, they are quite strong. When Paragogue becomes a threat to all of Nexus, Swash and Buckle join their forces with Sonic and follow Captain Whisker's orders.


Team Chaotix's talking computer, which constantly accompanies to make sure they do everything accordingly.

Relic the Pika

An archaeologist and friend of Knuckles, she works in Angel Island and is appointed temporary guardian of the Master Emerald while Knuckles is absent. She has a robot servant named Fixit. Relic appears only in the Prologue and has a silent cameo in Chapter 8 and in the Credits.


The true main villain of the game, introduced at the end of Chapter 6. She is named after the Greek goddess of revenge.


Main article: The Chronicles of Sonic the Hedgehog: Legend of the Golden Epics/ List of Stages

Stages are devided into two categories in terms of gameplay. Classic stages and Action Stages. Classic Stages are basically huge Adventure Field maps where RPG gameplay takes place in a classical manner. In Action Stages, the gameplay is the same as in The Chronicles of Sonic the Hedgehog: Rise of the Heroes. Bosses are of both categories. There are approximately 30 Classic Stages and 23 Action Stages.


Adventure Mode

This is the main mode of the game. Here, the player progresses through the story of the game. Up to 4 players can play simultaneously. You can either continue from the point where you last saved or start a new file and play from the beginning. The game's storyline is, unlike any other game in the franchise, very long and may take up to several weeks to complete. Once the player completes the game's story, he is given the opportunity to either continue playing, visiting any location and playing any stage with any character, having his data saved, or start from the beginning. Various prizes are awarded o the player upon completion of the game's story, including hidden characters.

Stage Select

If you do not want to move around Adventure Fields and simply play an Action Stage, head here to select your character and stage. Multiplayer is included. Bosses are also found here.


Here you can see several awards that you have earned upon completion of a mission, and how to get them. There are many challenges that require you to either explore and find items in Adventure Fields or complete an RPG battle with certain requirements. Prizes may be equipment, upgrades, concept artwork etc. There is a special prize upon completion of all Challenges in the game; you can see it on the Unlockables section.


Here you can connect online and play with any player throughout the globe. There are special stages in the online that you can play in.


Here you can view stuff you have unlocked during the game's progress. Bonus content includes deleted scenes, gallery, movies, music, profiles, in-game records and statistics.


You can adjust some technical features of the game, such as data, screen brightness, music etc.


The conception of the game started before even Sonic Adventure 3: GX was finished. Part of the beginning of the story of the game is featured in the true final story of the former game, which the player must unlock, where the actual purpose of the Albion technology is revealed, setting the beginning of The Chronicles of Sonic the Hedgehog: Legend of the Golden Epics. Writing of the game began in April 24, 2014 and was completed in August 24, 2014. The game was originally going to have a more magic and phantasy themed approach, but that was changed in the final version of the game to make its tone closer to that of its prequels.

Developers placed great emphasis on the game's story, because they believed that the story is the driving force of the gameplay. Compared to the storylines of previous Sonic games, the story of Legend of the Golden Epics is very long and is intended to keep the player interested. In addition, they paid attention to the story's moral and ethical messages, especially in the ending. New characters were introduced to make the plot more complex. Sutamin , an ancient robot of the Jomon, Zonic the Zone Cop and Kid Cruel, both of whom had appeared previously in the comics, as well as Pika the Relic, who has a very small and unimportant role in the game.

Big, but lesser importance comparatively to the story and the character development, was given to the gameplay and the graphics. The gameplay mixes traditional RPG with that of adventure and platformer similar to its predecessors. Thomas Bergersen and Nick Phoenix from Two Steps from Hell were hired to compose the musical score for the game's story, while Crush 40 composed the game's theme song and the music for the stages. The game's trailer also features a track from Two Steps from Hell's Skyworld album, called Blizzard.

The game draws inspiration from various wallpapers, animes and manga, but was mostly inspired by musical tracks that fitted with the game's atmosphere, the Archie comics and observations from nature. The concept of the Children of the Stars visiting and colonizing a faraway land, founding civilization and developing technology was inspired by actual, historic events. In the end, the game was released much earlier than it was scheduled, which was Spring 2015.

Unlockable Content

When the player clears Story Mode, they unlock Chaos as a playable character in both RPG and action stages. Kid Cruel is also unlocked but is only playable in RPG gameplay. By collecting red star rings found in stages, players unlock concept artwork, music, character pofiles and deleted material, all visible in the Extras. When the player completes the game 100%, including all of the Challenges, they unlock a very limited demo of the upocoming game SEGA vs. Capcom with only 6 playable characters and 1 accessable stage. These characters are Akira, Selvaria Bles and Sakura for SEGA and Ryu, Chris Redfield and Morrigan for Capcom. Once the player unlocks it, the game immediately starts with a fight, as the characters are put randomly and automatically by the computer. The demo only plays 1 fight.


The Chronicles of Sonic the Hedgehog: Legend of the Golden Epics
Aggregate Scores
Aggregator Score
Metacritic 85/100
Gamerankings 74.08%
Review Scores
Publication Score
Eurogamer 9/10
Famitsu 35/40
GamesRadar 7/10
Game Trailers 8.6/10
Gamespot 7.9/10
IGN 9.0/10
Nintendo Power 10/10
Destructoid 9.2/10

The game received very good reviews and was highly anticipated among the public. The highest ratings came from Nintento Power, which gave the game a perfect 10, citing the game's profound story, great visuals, sophisticated character development and maturity that would keep the older Sonic fans of the Dreamcast era interested. Famitsu gave the gave a 35 out of 40 noting its similarities with the gameplay of old-school RPG games in conjunction with an adventurous narrative and action packed stages. Most critics praised the game's music, stating that it is one of the best in the series, something that the Sonic franchise has retained over the years. IGN gave the game a 9 out of 10, praising its overall presentation and devotion of its developers, as well as the vast adventure fields and the freedom the player was given during gameplay and exploration.

On the other hand, there others that were more critical on the game. GamesRadar gave the game a 7 out of 10, which is considered a mediocre mark while Gamesrankings put the gme a 74%, praising its exhilarating gameplay, but criticizing its confusing game mechanics and controls. The camera system also received some criticism, which sometimes acted inappropriately. The lowest reviews came from the Xbox One version of the game, which contained some minor glitches and slightly longer loading time than the other versions.

All in all, Legend of the Golden Epics was met with positive reactions from critics and fans alike, in spite the fact that it received the lowest scores from the 3 games in the Chronicles of Sonic the Hedgehog series, but still high enough to be called one of the best Sonic games in the modern era, following Sonic Unleashed, the Riders series and Sonic Generations.


  • Writing of the game's story began on April 24, 2014 and finished on August 24, 2014, exactly 3 months, before undergoing several changes.
  • Adrasteia's name during development was Maxima.
  • Paragogue's name, the game's phenomenic main antagonist, derives from Greek παράγωγος, which translates to derivative.
  • The Sonic game with the most playable characters in the series, a total of 24 (including Kid Cruel, who is only playable in RPG battles).
  • As written above in the Unlockable content section, upon clearing the game 100% in everything, the player is awarded with a demo of the upcoming SEGA vs Capcom game, also developed by Juely. This demo has very limited features and only plays 6 characters on 1 stage.
  • The story's premise is loosely based on true events.

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