This page features a list, as well as a short description of all the levels in the 2011 video game The Chronicles of Sonic the Hedgehog: I Am the Future. The levels of the game are divided into two major categories. One for the Freedom Fighters and once for Sonic. All of Sonic's levels have two Acts and a Boss battle while the Freedom Fighters' is usually one to three long Acts, with some missions and a few Bosses.

The levels are written in order to appearance in the game's storyline. Some are accessable only by Sonic while others only by the Freedom Fighters.

Story Levels


Zelion is the very first stage for Sonic. It is not accessible to the Freedom Fighters. Zelion appears to be Central City 100 years in the future. It is a ruined city, much like Doom City from the prequel. Zelion's most common characteristics include collapsed buildings, dilapidated roads and highways, where you can run in supersonic speed, debris and a dark, cloudy sky that reflect the gloomy atmosphere. The stage features two Acts. These are Happening City and Devastated Drive. There is no Boss battle in this stage. Gravitus appear as common enemies here.

Sonic arrives at Zelion through time travel instigated by the Freedom Fighters' time machine. Without Sonic knowing, he finds himself 100 years in the future. He decides to investigate the area to see if he can get some answers to his questions about where he is.


Valcon is the first level for the Freedom Fighters and is not accessible by Sonic. The stage is one of Immarius' many bases. The stage features a Mission and no Boss. It also serves as a tutorial stage. The stage mostly takes place on the interior part and is quite easy, as it features few enemies. The base also features many metal rooms and hallways, as well as bridges and control towers. Players also get to the exterior part of the stage, where it is guarded by enemies. Solomon, Spiker, Larson, Sky and E-100000 F-3 are playable here.

Story wise, we are never informed of how or why the heroes got there because of the game's cold opening.

Great Forest

As its name states, it is a forest themed level. It serves as the second level for both Sonic and the Freedom Fighters. For Sonic, the stage features two Acts. Great Ent and Feral Forest. Both Acts are very similar to each other. Feral Forest takes place in a darker section of the forest. It has more Gravitus than the first Act and is slightly more difficult. The Boss is Placido the Wolf. He is a very easy Boss since he is the first one, and can be defeated by using the homing attack on him 6 times.

As for the Freedom Fighters, it is an open area, with various trees, vines, swamps and grassy fields. The player will also travel in some locations from Sonic's version of the stage, including the Great Ent. The stage features various enemies to beat. However, there are no vehicles to board on. The Boss here is also Placido the Wolf. You can choose with which character you will battle him. You can click here  to see an image of how the stage would look like.

Training Room

This stage is accessible only by Sonic and is located at the Outpost X facilities. The stage features two Acts and a Boss Battle. It features multiple gadgets, machines and amplifiers, where people train themselves via a digital program. Cyber Chamber, the first Act, is a digital cyberworld similar to that of Cyber Circuit. It features multiple, digital towers where Sonic can run at high speeds and can enter various cables and wires, which take him into various locations. Sonic will also have to open various gates and activate bridges by pressing a series of buttons in order to continue. Some sections of the stage feature zero gravity and floating cubes in a digital abyss. The second Act, Virtual Network is quite similar to the first Act. The Boss is called Testing Robo.


The stage features 4 Acts and 2 Boss Battles for Sonic, while for the Freedom Fighters, it features a stage, a Mission and a Boss. The stage is a city of ruins, once a beautiful kingdom, where a giant Lion Statue is located, which tells the future for each traveller who seeks to know his destiny. You can click here to see an image from DeviantART.

For Sonic, Hallowed Ruins is the first Act of Eloch. The stage is similar to Kingdom Valley. It is a green valley with ruins of an abandoned kingdom, covered in grass. The stage features long bridges, temples and many pits. Gravitus can be found as common enemies here. The second Act is called Lost Sanctuary. The stage is very similar to Hallowed Ruins, except that it takes a different route. The stage is mostly surrounded by abandoned temples and ruins, rather than a green valley. Sonic will also travel inside the temples and some of them will collapse during gameplay. The third Act is called Red Valley. It is a distorted version of Hallowed Ruins, where it also takes place. The Gravitus have taken over the entire place and commenced bombarding it. The stage features a dark, red sky, with many cliffs and pits, where Sonic can pass through by riding on rails. Gimmicks include various large pieces of ruins which fall on Sonic, as well as many enemies. The fourth Act is called Tricky Turnpike. It is very similar to the previous Act. The two Bosses you will battle are the Gravitus Guard and the Gravitus Buster.

As for the Freedom Fighters, the stage is mostly ruins. Players travel in a wide, open valley with various, large, abandoned palaces, which are covered with grass and plants. The area is loaded with Gravitus. The stage itself features many hazards such as falling rocks, falling bridges and many more. Players will also travel inside the large temples. There is also a mission and the Boss Battle against the Gravitus Guard.

Isle of the Angels

For Sonic, it features two Acts while for the Freedom Fighters, it features 2 Stages, a mission and a Boss. The Isle of the Angels is actually Angel Island, 100 years in the future. It has crashed to the ocean due to the absence of the Master Emerald's energy. The island also seems to be abandoned or having a very small population. You can click here to see an image from DeviantART.

Green Realm is the first Act of Isle of the Angels. The stage is pretty much based on Angel Island from the prequel. It features many diverse locations such as oceans, fountains, rocky ridges, forests, jungles and beaches, as well as cliffs. Sonic will encounter many gimmicks, enemies and other obstacles in this stage and will also be able to grind. Angelic Springs, the second Act, starts off from a rocky cliff. It features many waterfalls and springs, as well as beautiful forests. The stage features many ancient ruins from abandoned Echidna cities, some of which are submerged under water.

For the Freedom Fighters, the stage is very similar to that of Sonic's, except that it takes a different path and has many locations to explore. Players pass through a variety of environments such as oceans, fountains, rocky ridges, forests, jungles and beaches, as well as cliffs. It features many Gravitus to beat even though storywise the island has remained intact by the Gravitus for a long time. Like Sonic, the Freedom Fighters also have a stage themed exactly as Sonic's version of Angelic Springs; a location near a cliff, with multiple waterfalls, rocks and forests. The stage gives the player a majestic sensation. It features many hidden areas where players can find components of weapons to build their own. The stage is loaded with Gravitus. The Freedom Fighters' mission is to destroy 5 of Immarius' large ships. To do this, the player can either shoot it from close using their weapons, or by entering some turrets, which is easier and more effective. Players must first find the battleships in the skies. There are many enemies is this stage. It takes place on a distorted version of Isle of the Angels. The Boss fought at the end is called Gravitus Sentinel.

Gravitus Fleet

An exclusive stage for Sonic. It takes place aboard the battleships of the Gravitus, high up in the dark skies. The first Act, Sky Rush, stage takes place on Immarius' fleet of airships, flying in a cloudy, brown sky above the Isle of the Angels. Sonic runs on high speed through each fleet. The stage features many hazards and gimmicks, including speed boosts and rails. There are also many gaps where the player might fall off. The second Act, Atmosphere Terminal, takes place on a higher level of the sky. Here, you may also end up in the interior part of the mothership. The stage is a reminiscent of the Gravitus Squadron stage from the prequel. The Boss is Immarius himself. It is the first time they meet each other in the game's events. You may click here to see an image from alphacoders.

Outpost X

A stage exclusive for the Freedom Fighters. It is also an Adventure Fields. As a stage, it has some sections which are the same from the Adventure Field. It takes place during an ambushed war between the Freedom Fighters and the Gravitus. Outpost X is the heroes' base. Hence, the level features multiple scattered structures, abandoned towers and even an underground canal. The Gravitus here have brought all kinds of weaponry including tanks. The stage is played twice and is quite long. It also features two missions. One, where you will have to defeat 65 Gravitus and the other where you will have to destroy one of the Gravitus' attack unit. Afterwards, you will battle against the Gravitus Obliderator, a tremendously powerful war machine.

Space Colony ARK

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The Space Colony ARK, which has crash landed on the Earth.

Sector Z

This is the first of the 5 Freedom Fighters' bases Sonic and his team visit. It is a semi abandoned port, serving as a base. Naval Fortress is the first Act of Sector Z. For Sonic, the stage takes place on an abandoned, metal port, with some broken ships. It features many bridges and small bases. The Goal Ring is located just outside the large, abandoned ship. It features many items which serve as obstacles. The second Act is called Hidden Harbour. It is very similar to the first Act. The main difference is that is takes a different route. The Boss fought in the end is called Gravitus Terminator. Shadow is the first ally with whom Sonic travels here. You may click here to see an image from DeviantART.

For the Freedom Fighters, the stage features a long Act, a mission and a Boss battle. The stage is very similar to that of Sonic's. It features a very long, metal port, with some small structures and various abandoned ships. In the first Act, players can only take control of Shadow, as he passes through various maze-like locations, inside and outside the ships. The stage features many hideouts and passageways, as well as obstacles and gimmicks. As for their Mission, the player must defeat 65 enemies, scattered throughout the level. It features several vehicles which can help the player. Other Freedom Fighters, which are encountered first time in this level, are playable in this mission and the Boss.


Downunda is the base of the Downunda Freedom Fighters. It is an australian desert themed level. For Sonic, the stage features 2 Acts and a Boss. The first Act is called Faraway Oz. It features orange mountains and canyons, as well as some small grassy areas. The sky is clear blue in this level. It doesn't feature many gimmicks nor enemies, making it an easy stage. The second Act is called Arid Plains. This act features a more industrial theme than the previous Act as the player enters the vicinity of the Freedom Fighters' base. The stage is more of a combination of a savannah wasteland and a mechanical city.

For the Freedom Fighters, the stage is also themed as an Australian desert, very similar to that of Sonic's. However, most of the gameplay takes place on rocky gorges and abandoned bases. It features multiple Gravitus enemies, big and small, as well as multiple hideouts and passageways to take. Rosaline Rose offers to guide Sonic here so initially she is the only playable character in the story. Afterwards, 4 more characters are available to play as. The stage features a mission, to detonate 5 bombs and a Boss, the Gravitus Knight.

Mt. Greyhorn

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A mountainous region and home to the Greyhorn Alliance.

Northern Tundra

This stage is a combination of a tundra and an ice themed level, as its name implies. It is the base of the Northern Tundra Freedom Fighters. Frigid Fields is the first Act of Northern Tundra for Sonic. The stage starts off from a grassy area, a tundra. Afterwards, the player progresses into an icy valley, with mountains, lakes and cliffs. There are not many obstacles in this level but many Gravitus. The second Act is called Arctic Acropolis. This stage takes place inside the Freedom Fighters' base, below the ice. This stage features many gimmicks such as rails, and many hazards such as cliffs and Gravitus. The Boss is Gravitus Yeti. You can click here to see an image.

For the Freedom Fighters, there are two normal stages with no mission. The first stage takes place outside the base, beginning in a tundra, then ending up in a mountainside with snow. The second stage mostly takes place underground in a labyrinthous base. This stage is very similar to Sonic's as it features many gimmicks. It also features many hidden areas. Spiker the Shark is the Freedom Fighter who goes along with Sonic in this base. Hence, in the first stage, he is the only playable one. In the second, 4 more Freedom Fighters are playable. The Boss is called Gravitus Yeti


The Soumerca Freedom Fighters' base is located deep within a huge, dense jungle. For Sonic, Marsh Jungle is the first Act. It takes place in a tropical jungle, surrounded by swamps, lakes and tropical trees. There are multiple gimmicks in this stage, including rails, turtles and large trees. he second Act, Tremendous Treeway, mostly takes place in a section of the jungle where there is an abandoned base, presumably that of the Freedom Fighters. Sonic also runs super fast on top of huge trees and bases built on top of them. The Boss fought is the Gravitus Moth. You can click here to see a picture.

For the Freedom Fighters, the stage is mostly the same as Sonic's both Acts together, combining the marsh-like jungle with the tree base. The stage features many hidden locations as well as Gravitus as common enemies. In the game's story, E-100000 F-3 guides Sonic to Soumerca so in the stage, only he is playable. Afterwards, 4 Freedom Fighters are unlocked and accessed. The stage also features three missions. The first one is to protect the Soumerca base, which is done by activating all of the shields nearby and defeating incoming enemies. The second one is to defeat 40 enemies while heading to the enemy's base and the third mission is to destroy the Gravitus base. The Boss fought is the Gravitus Moth

Gravitus Reservoir

An industrial factory themed level built near a wide river where the Gravitus are keeping all the water supplies for various purposes. For Sonic, it features two Acts while for the Freedom Fighters, it features a normal stage and a mission. Bionic Barrage is the first Act of Gravitus Reservoir. The stage takes place on a series of canyons, where various pipes, dams, walls and titanic wheels are constructed to reserve water in the canyon. The stage mostly takes place on the edges, where the factories, wheels and dams are built. It features many gimmicks and hazards. Wild Waterway is the second Act of Gravitus Reservoir. The stage is very similar to Bionic Barrage as it features locations of dams, walls, pipes and towers. While playing the level, many locations will automatically break, ending up in various slides which lead to a lake. You can click here to see an image from DeviantART.

For the Freedom Fighters, the stage is the same as Sonic's. Most of the game takes place inside the factories and the huge wheels. The first Act is a normal stage with no mission. The second Act features a mission, where the player must destroy 5 giant machines which keep the dam active and contain water. In the game's story, Larson the Monkey and Sonic, while heading to the City of Men, pass from here to destroy the base and provide the people with ample of water. Along with Larson, Solomon is also playable after following the heroes here and joining them in their mission.

City of Men

A metropolis, which serves as the human's largest and longest standing base against Immarius' reign. Sonic has two Acts and a Boss battle. The first Act is called Downtown Highway and the second Route 106. The stage features multiple highways where Sonic can run at high speeds, as well as multiple, narrow roads. There are many Gravitus here. You can click here to see an image from DeviantART. The Boss fought in the end is Gravitus Draco, a robot resembling a dragon and is fought on a series of skyscrapers.

The Freedom Fighters' level is based on Sonic's version of the stage. The player starts off from the poor neighbourhoods and then progresses to the centre of the city, where the skyscrapers are located. The sky is mostly dark and there are tons of Gravitus to beat here. As for their mission, the player must defeat 65 Gravitus enemies. Some of them are very large and need a lot of time to defeat while others are small and appear in masses. At some parts of the stage, the player will not be able to continue unless they defeat a number of enemies. Humans will also aid the player here. Larson the Monkey and Solomon the Hedgehog are playable in Story mode here as they guide Sonic to the City of Men.

Kingdom of Mercia

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The final stronghold of the Freedom Fighters. A great battle is set to take place there against the Gravitus.

Final Story Levels

Gravitus Utopia

This is a one Act level, playable only with Sonic. It takes place in Immarius' headquarters. It is an enormous, dystopian metropolis, fenced around a heavily fortified wall. You start off from this point and travel through the city's dark skyscrapers. You will have to get passed multiple Gravitus bases ad eventually reach Immarius' control tower, which is located in the centre of the city. This tower is very tall and emmits a characteristic red colour. You will then have to climb all the way to the middle of the tower, where the only entrance is. Then, you will proceed inside the tower until you reach the Master Emerald, which is located in an underground chamber. The stage is quite long and has many segments which require Sonic Boost. You can click here to see how Immarius' metropolis around the control tower would look like.


A stage where only the Freedom Fighters are accessable Here, you can play as any Freedom Fighter you choose and even form a team. The stage is not linear like most of the stages but instead, as its name states, it is a vast, sandbox area where you will have to defeat 100 Gravitus enemies in total. The battle takes place on an arid plain during the final battle. The sky is dark red with enemy ships battling against the heroes' ships, as well Dr. Eggman's who has come to help the heroes. In the background, Immarius' immense walking metropolis can be spotted. During your mission, various characters will help you such as humans and other scattered fighters. The battlefield features some ruined structures, possibly the remnants of a base, where you can take shelter, collect rings and ammoes.

Viral Velocity

The final stage for Sonic. As Gravitus Utopia, Viral Velocity is pretty much a similar stage. Viral Velocity takes place inside Immarius's castle, in both the interior and exterior part of the castle. The stage begins in the exterior part where the player takes control of Super Sonic and guides him throughout the castle while flying and dodging at attacks. After a short while, Super Sonic transforms back into Sonic and the player takes control of him for the rest of the stage, where it is the same gameplay as all of the previous stages. Here, Sonic passes through a titanic city of skyscrapers, rails and towers. Afterwards, Sonic ends up in the exterior part and heads for the tower. There is no Goal Ring in this stage. The player must reach the final gate of the tower to complete the stage. There is also a time limit.


The Freedom Fighters' stage is named Finale and is exactly the same stage as Sonic's. The gameplay remains the same for the Freedom Fighters. The stage is massive. Players start off from the exterior part of the stage, where the bridge is guarded by various Gravitus. Players continue inside the metropolis, where they must take cover behind buildings and defeat an immense number of Gravitus, and end up back to the exterior part, where they must reach the tower. The stage is very difficult due to having many Gravitus to defeat, most of which appear simultaneously and are very large. The stage has not Goal Ring, instead, you must reach the final gate to the tower. You can click here to see the final chamber at the top of the tower where the final confrontation between Sonic and Immarius takes place. This is where Viral Velocity and Finale end.

Final Boss: Gravitus God

The Gravitus God is Immarius, floating in a vast, distorted world called the Nexus. He is fought in a similar way to Alf Layla-Wa Layla. The player controls Super Sonic as he chases after Immarius in the Nexus. Immarius will deliver multiple attacks. Some of them are projectiles, some of them are physical attacks and some of them are

The Nexus

nearly unavoidable. Immarius will throw rockets, he will grab rocks from the universe and throw them at Sonic, attack with multiple sword swipes and shoot projectiles with his flame core. Some of his attacks are incredibly fast, such as his sword swipes, whereas some of them are in slow motion.

At some points, the camera changes and Immarius summons a huge, blue, humanoid creature, possibly his true self, from his flame core, and will attack at the player with titanic laser beams and punches while Immarius attacks on himself.

The player must also collect rings in order to retain his Super form. The Gravitus God is not necessarily huge, but
Geist aka Fear (GameCube), 2005

One of Immarius' attacks is to summon huge creatures from his flame core.

is very difficult to defeat. The player can also press the dash button to dash as supersonic speed, which can help Sonic avoid many attacks. To defeat the Gravitus God, Sonic must reach Immarius by dashing. Once reaching him, he must input a series of buttons displayed on the screen. Then, Sonic will automatically attack his core and Immarius' life gauge will decrease. Super Sonic can also shoot laser beams, which enables him to destroy some of Immarius' projectiles and attack him directly.


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