This page features a list of all playable and non-playable characters from the 2011 video-game The Chronicles of Sonic the Hedgehog: I Am the Future. Playable characters include 9 characters from Outpost X, all of which are starter characters and characters from the other Freedom Fighter bases, which are all unlocked by progressing in story mode. Characters Larson the Monkey and Baxter the Ram have been added to the game with the permission of their respective owners.

Outpost X Freedom Fighters

The Outpost X Freedom Fighters are the main playable Freedom Fighters, each having their own, unique weapons. Sonic, however, is the only playable character of his own gameplay. In short, the characters are.

  • Baxter the Ram - Baxter is a green, male ram and leader of the Outpost X Freedom Fighters. He possesses super-human strength and charismatic leadership skills. He is a stoic. Baxter belongs to seventhsun .
  • Sullivan the Hedgehog - Sullivan is the grandfather of Silver the Hedgehog, the right hand man of Baxter and second in command. Solomon wields a sword called Flare Blade, which he uses for combat.
  • Larson the Monkey - Larson is a monkey born in Downunda. He immigrated to Outpost X and joined the Freedom Fighters there. He has an australian accent. Larson belongs to artist Drenholm.
  • Sky Prower - Is the grandaughter of Tails. Like him, she is extremely intelligent and thus serves as the team's mechanic, engineer and brains. She is only 11 years old.
  • Rosaline Rose - The granddaughter of Amy Rose, she is a skilled freedom fighter and tactician. She does not have a very high rank in the team but is still a respectful and brave young girl. She is a tomboy.
  • Turbulence the Sparrow - Turbulence is a brown sparrow and the team's aviator and air mechanic. He has a passion for flying and pilots the team's ship "The Sparrow".
  • Shadow the Hedgehog - Sonic's long time friend whom he met for the first time in Sonic Adventure 2. He has lived for over 50 years and has somehow changed to less hostile. Like his original self, he has a strong sense of justice and loyalty to his friends and loved ones. He sacrifices his life towards the middle of the story to save Sonic and the rest.
  • Spiker the Shark - Spiker is a huge, blue shark and the team's beatstick fighter. While he is not as smart as the rest of the team. he makes up for his insuperable strength. His weapon of choice is a trident.
  • E-1.000.000 F-3 - The very last robot created by Dr. Eggman prior to his death in order to help the Outpost X Freedom Fighters defeat Immarius. Though not from a great technology, it is very obedient and protects its fellow commrads.

Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic is a blue hedgehog, known as the fastest thing alive. He loves freedom and is always on the lookout for his next adventure. For him, saving the world is all in a day's work. In the game, Sonic finds himself in a devastated future, where he must help a team of Freedom Fighters save their world. Sonic's gameplay involves running at high-speed, something typical in his games.

Baxter the Ram

Baxter the Ram by seventhsun

Baxter is a character created and owned by seventhsun. He is a 18 year-old ram and leader of the Outpost X Freedom Fighters. In the game, Baxter is depicted as an iron willed, strong hearted individual who embodies all the virtues of a freedom fighter. He is admired by his fellow warriors for his bravery and his tactical skills. In spite of his young age, Baxter seems to be very mature and his orders are obeyed by everyone on the team. Nevertheless, Baxter is a compassionate ram who loves his teammates as his family and always puts above all the good of society even if this means putting his life in risk.

Baxter is one of the first characters to appear in the game. At first, he is hostile towards Sonic's arrival as it is later revealed that prior to the events in the game, Baxter had rejected the idea of bringing Sonic to the future for assistance. Later, the Freedom Fighters, seeing it as the only means of saving the future worked in secrecy to bring him from the past. Nevertheless, Baxter respects Sonic for being the first and only one to have defeated Immarius in the past and as time goes by, he earns his respect to a greater extent and eventually comes to love him as his team members. Unfortunately, by the time Sonic and Baxter have become close friends, Sonic saves Baxter's life and teleports him outside Immarius' tower during their final confrontation, never to see him again and presuming Sonic dead. In his older years, Baxter commemorates Sonic's friendship and honours him as a hero, a saviour of the future and most importantly, as a friend.

As a playable character, Baxter uses several weapons, some of which are exclusive to him, even though throughout the game's cutscenes, he is never seen holding any weapon. His weapon of choice is the Freedom Fighters' flag with their emblem on it, which he uses only once during the final story to break Immarius' arm. Because of his powerful horns, Baxter avoids using firearms and compensates for his great physical strength. Along with Sky Prower, Baxter is one of the most intelligent members of the team, although instead of being an inventor, he is more of an intuitive strategist. Baxter is without weaknesses. His love for his friends was used by Immarius as an advantage to use Placido as one of his minions against them. Baxter is voiced by James Arnold Taylor.

Sullivan the Hedgehog


Sullivan is the grandfather of Silver the Hedgehog. Unlike him, however, he does not possess psychic powers. Instead, he fights using primarily a sword named Flare Blade. For gameplay purposes, he also uses firearms. His design is based on a concept art for Silver the Hedgehog by SEGA during the making of Sonic the Hedgehog. Physically, Sullivan is a white furred hedgehog with shiny marks similar to those of Silver's throughout his body, a ponytail, large boots, and gloves. He is the same height as Sonic. He is 17,5 years old. He is called "Sully" by his friends.

Like Baxter, Sullivan is serious and fearless in battle but is not always strict. He has a sense of humour which sometimes annoys Baxter. He is ambitious, determined and strong-willed. His teammates are like a family to him and he struggles for what is best for them. He has a strong sense of morality. He sometimes doesn't take things very seriously and likes to joke around, but never gets his eyes off from what he really seeks. That is revenge from Immarius for his best friend Placido as well as freedom. Sullivan is also good friends with Larson and Shadow.

Aside from the little firearms that he uses, Solomon's pride is his sword, the Flare Blade, which is made out of a material similar to that of fire. Although small in size, the sword has the power to inflict fire-based attacks and deal massive damage when right combos are inputed. Sullivan's exclusive weapons have a futuristic theme, being composed of high technology, possibly as a reference to Silver, his grandson coming from the future. He is voiced by Jim Walker.

Larson the Monkey

Main article: Larson the Monkey

Larson is a monkey born in Downunda. He immigrated to Outpost X and joined the Freedom Fighters there. He is a character created and owned by Drenholm.

Sky Prower

Sky Prower is a yellow, female kitsune and grandaughter of Miles "Tails" Prower. She is one of the few female freedom fighters of Outpost X and the youngest one, being only 11 years old. In spite of that, she is the team's mechanic and engineer. A genious inventor like her grandfather, a master of weaponry and machines. She is the one responsible for constructing most of the team's weapons. Physically, Sky wears a black and red suit with multiple cybernetics and equipment, a vest, grey gloves and big, bulky boots and a cap. Like Rosaline, she is a tomboy.

When Sonic first meets Sky, he immediately remembers of Tails, whom she recognizes as her grandfather, who taught her the art of engineering. Sky and Sonic become good friends even though Sky rarely battles. She is a good friend with E-1.000.000 F-3, whom she repairs when injured. Sky's personality is very similar to Tails'; she is always optimistic and eager to help. For every member of the team, Sky is like their little sister, always under the protection if everyone. Gameplaywise, Sky's weapons mostly consist of laser, electricity and electric-based weapons. She is voiced by Amy Pallant.</span>

Rosaline Rose

Rosaline Rose is a 15-year old pink hedgehog, tactician and granddaughter of Amy Rose. She is one of the 2 female members of the team. Rosaline bears a resemblance to her grandmother. She has longer hair than her, wears a red hairband, a purple ripped blouse, short black trousers with a brown belt, brown gloves and brown military boots.
 Rosaline is one of the most serious and cautious members of the team. Her best friend is Sky, whom she treats as her little sister. She is very good with firearms. She is fast on foot, agile and lightweight.

Rosaline first appears together with the rest of the Freedom Fighters in the first chapter of the game, seen battling against Immarius' army. Later on, she and Sonic head to Downunda to recruit the Downunda Freedom Fighters. Sonic finds getting along with Rosaline much better than with Amy. The two are very co-operative on their mission. Originally, she is indifferent of Sonic's arrival in the future as she believes that Sonic is incapable of defeating Immarius. In the end, however, she learns to repsect him and believes that there is actually a way to defeat Immarius and save the future. Rosaline is voiced by Kari Walhlgren.

Turbulence the Sparrow


Turbulence the Sparrow is a 16 year-old sparrow and member of the Outpost X Freedom Fighters. He serves as the team's pilot, air commander and aircraft engineer.  Unlike most male characters, he wears clothes. He wears a brown pilot's jacket with brown gloves and a brown belt. He wears a pair or brown goggles, which he only puts when he is flying. Occasionally he wears a helmet. He wears large black boots and a pair of brown gloves. He is a skilled pilot, despite his young age. He and Sky are best friends because both share a love for building things. With the help of of Sky, Turbulence built "The Sparrow" an airship which consists of parts from a ship. 

Turbulence is an aviator and as such he has a more free spirit. He loves flying and in general is more care-free than the rest of the members. Turbulence does not interact much with Sonic until the final story. Nevertheless, Turbulence and Sonic become good friends as Sonic admires Turbulence's flying skills and even parallels him to Tails. As a playable character, Turbulence can fly, glide and jump highest than any other playable character in the game. All of his exclusive weapons are steampunk themed. Turbulence is voiced by Benjamin Diskin.

Shadow the Hedgehog

Shadow the Hedgehog is the real Shadow the Hedgehog who has lived for over 100 years in the future, ending up in the same timeline as the
S T H - Artwork - 9 (Shadow)
Outpost X Freedom Fighters and teaming up with them to battle against Immarius. He is the oldest of the Freedom Fighters, the only one to have met Sonic (first time in Sonic Adventure 2) and the only one to have fought Immarius before. Shadow doesn't have much of an authority in the game, rather than being a simple freedom fighter, a subordinate of Baxter. Nevertheless, he is deeply respected and even feared for his reputation, courage and age. Shadow retains all of his original Chaos powers, which he has advanced throughout the years.

Shadow's appearance over the last 100 years hasn't changed much. Changes involve his damaged shoes and some bandages in his arms. His attitude hasn't changed much either. He has still kept his promise to Maria to protect the planet she loved so much as wel as the promise to his friends 100 years ago with whom he fought together against a common enemy. Still, Shadow is a beast when in battle and uses many firearms, possibly because of his weakened powers. 

When Sonic first meets Shadow in the future, the two have a very touching reunion. It is later revealed that it was Shadow's idea to bring Sonic to the future since he knew that Sonic was the only one capable of defeating Immarius, Shadow is arguably Sonic's best friend from the beginning of Sonic's adventure. The two share their experiences under the night sky and Shadow provides him with all the information he needs to know during these 100 years. Later on, it is revealed that Shadow is dying due to his old age. He is the first to willingly offer himself to guide Sonic to Sector Z, the first Freedom Fighter base. During their escape from the Gravitus, the heroes become trapped by a self-destructing Gravitus. It is then that Shadow decides that his time is up and that it is Sonic's turn to take over and finish what the started 100 years ago. He uses Chaos Control to teleport Sonic and the rest away from the site sacrificing himself in the name of freedom. He thanks Sonic for all he did for him and the world and accepts death happily as freedom, knowing that the world now rests in Sonic's hands and that he will not fail.

Spiker the Shark


Spiker is a 25 year-old blue shark. He has a very deep, beastly voice that makes him sound like a monster but on the contrary, he is a gentle giant who always protects his fellow allies. In battle he can be ferocious, festive, furious and monstrous but deep down he is very kind and loving towards his friends. What Spiker lacks in brain he compensates with his superhuman strength and his powerful jaws that can fit an entire Gravitus soldier and rip him to shreds.

Spiker is blue, muscular, with strong, bulky arms and small and short legs. He wears a ripped, black skirt with a ripped black blouse and bulky, metal, spiky bracelets in his wrists and shoulders as well as black, fingerless gloves. His shoes reflect his childish attitude. He also wears a specially designed breathing apparatus which supplies him with water (not shown on the drawing). Spiker is also able to use intricate firearms as shown in the game. He does have some of his own weapons as well, including a trident, which he uses for melee attacks. 

In the game, Spiker appears to be very friendly toward Sonic from the start. Spiker offers to take Sonic to the Northern Tundra Freedom Fighters. During the final story, Spiker is shown to be fighting bravely against a myriad of Gravitus in attempt to back-up Sonic's infiltration into Immarius' base. Spiker is voiced by Billy West.

E-1.000.000 F-3

E-1.000.000 F-3 is the very last robot created by Dr. Eggman prior to his death. As a model of the 1.000.000 series, F-3 is Eggman's most powerful autonomous robot ever built. Eggman designed it to be able to defeat Immarius and gave it to the Freedom Fighters to save the future. He is built of the parts of E-123 Omega. E-1.000.000 F-3 has a variety of versatile weaponry in his arsenal since it was built as the ultimate war machine. He is emotionless, since he is a robot, but in spite of being lifeless, he is very loyal to the Freedom Fighters and does whatever it takes to protect them. He is always referred to as male.

Physically, F-3 resembles a highly advanced E-102 Gamma. Its original colour was orange with blue and black markings, all which have worn off with time, leaving it a rusty grey colour. It is considerably taller than any other member of the team and possesses the most weapons, namely a gatling gun, a flamethrower, bazookas, snipers, grenade launchers, lasers, rocket launchers, missiles etc. He is also quite fast, much faster than eny other of Eggman's previous robots, with the exception of Metal Sonic. However, it is weak in terms of physical strength.

E-1.000.000 F-3 guides Sonic to Soumerca. The two are good friends in spite of it being created by his arch-nemesis. Nevertheless, Sonic acknowledges Eggman's last good to humanity and gets along with F-3. F-3 in general is emotionless but not without judgment and a sense of good and bad. It is the only robot created by Dr. Eggman to be pure hero. E-1.000.000 F-3 is voiced by Jim Ward,

Northern Tundra Fighters

  • Frost the Walrus
  • Aurora the Albatross
  • Euphasius the Krill
  • Sir Black White Penguin

Downunda Freedom Fighters

  • Buster the Kangaroo
  • Wombat Stu
  • Tabitha the Koala
  • Aqua the Sea Dragon

Sector Z Freedom Fighters

  • Paws the Cat
  • Clementina the Rabbit
  • Borealis the Opossum
  • Euesthesia the Hind

Soumerca Freedom Fighters

  • Umbriel the Jaguar
  • Rainbow the Peacock
  • Strong the Gorilla
  • Bobby Bobcat

Kingdom of Mercia Freedom Fighters

  • Rufus the Raccoon
  • Argyle the Crocodile
  • Pandora the Mantis
  • FX-999 RD

Non Playable Characters

The following characters cannot be played.


Main article: Immarius

The main villain of the game.

Placido the Wolf

Placido was once the best Freedom Fighter there was, working for Outpost X, and a very close friend to Sullivan and Baxter. In order to get rid of him, Immarius lured him with a sword he created using his dark energy and took control of him, ultimately turning him against his allies. Placido is a male, grey wolf. He wears a black cloak with bulky boots similar to those of Silver and gloves. He is arrogant and proud of himself. Placido is a bonus unlockable character in multiplayer. He is unlocked 30th upon completion of the game's story 100%. He has the same weapons as Sullivan, making his a semi-clone of the former.


Alcibiades is an anthropomorphic echidna, the current guardian of the Master Emerald, or at least what's left from it, and resides in the Isle of the Angels, formerly known as the Angel Island. Sonic and the Outpost X Freedom Fighters head to him to give them the power of the Master Emerald. Alcibiades is a tall echidna with lilac fur and mohawk-like bangs, clad in a blue and white tunic with shoulder-pads and flaps by the waist. He also wears a brown belt and boots with a pouch hung from the side. Alcibiades is a wise echidna, having much experience as well as Chaos related powers. He is energetic and quite strong. He is also a prophet. Alcibiades is strict but always discusses about when there are certain problems that must be solved, although he does not always like new ideas. He is skeptical and strategic. He is one of the last echidnas in the world, as Immarius has exterminated most of them. He is the last guardian of the Master Emerald. While Alcibiades may seem old, he has incredible physical strength due to being exposed to Chaos energy from being the Guardian of the Master Emerald. He also has the ability to predict the future, though it might not always be accurate. In spite of his old age, Alcibiades is seen fighting against an army of Gravitus and is even present during the final battle in the final story. He is voiced by Tom Kane.

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